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  2. Does Glimmer actually beat Moonbow? Foes there have like around at least 40 for their lower of Def/Res, and their higher one is around 45 to 50 if not more. I am not sure Glimmer is good for that mode due to Def/Res also being inflated. Moonbow will deal at least 20 damage. Glimmer only does 20 or more if your Atk is 80 and you are hitting the lower of Def/Res.
  3. I expected the expansion pass costing as much as the normal pass (20 $ per year), but hoped for maybe only 10 $. Being more expensive than the regular membership is a joke for me considering it features as many consoles as the regular membership does (both 2). Furthermore I really do not care for Sega. I was only interested in playing Donkey Kong 64 and the Banjo duology, but it's absolutely not worth for me to pay 30 $ more per year for like a handful of games I am interested in. That was a really disappointing announcement I must say.
  4. $50 is a very big ask for not many games. I don't really care for any of the Sega games, so the only reason for me to get it would be the N64 games, and of those games, most of the ones I'd be interested in are ones that I already have: I still have my GameCube and Zelda Collectors Edition (and it works perfectly after all these years and multiple moves; the durability of the GameCube is amazing... remember when Nintendo used to make durable consoles and controllers?), so I can use that to play Ocarina of Time. I already have Mario 64 via 3D All-Stars; speaking of which, putting Mario 64 on Switch Online so soon after releasing a limited-time $60 barebones upscaling is a great way to make fans feel completely cheated. As if I didn't already feel bad about purchasing 3D All-Stars. Really, the only games on the list that stand out as games I might try (and this is being a bit generous) would be Paper Mario and Banjo-Kazooie, and I'm not going to spend $50 just to play two N64 games. By the way, on the list of N64 games on Nintendo's website, they state the release year of each game, and Sin & Punishment is listed as having released in 2007, even though it actually released in the year 2000 and took place in the year 2007. I honestly can't tell if that's on purpose as a joke or if it's a genuine typo and massive coincidence.
  5. To extend this analogy, since I played a little bit of Dragalia at one point, this only accounts for weapon stats. If the High Dragon weapons had some innate advantage that neither Agito nor Chimeratech weapons could match, such as, say, a boost to the amount of dropped materials from farming battles (I wanted to make it like an attack speed advantage or something but a couple Agito weapons already have that lol) which would fundamentally make the game’s progression way smoother and quicker. Which is a pretty similar effect to what higher move and Canto can achieve in 3H. Maybe not everyone would prefer a High Dragon then, but the argument for using it would be a lot lot stronger than it is currently. As for the standard point about dark Knight being harder to qualify for, I’m beginning to think when you say “more effort” you actually mean “more effort” as in “more physical effort generated by button inputs and more mental effort to decide when to set or tutor what goals”, rather than “more skill xp required” like the rest of us have been assuming. Because, admittedly, it feels a lot easier to get a Gremory when all you have to do is set reason and faith at the beginning of the game, then stick your finger up your butt and watch as the ranks happen… but as already pointed out that does not check out mathematically speaking.
  6. Still one of the best final dungeon BGM's...
  7. IIRC he ditched his mom in order to see the world and because he didn't want to take on the responsibility of the throne. ...Olivier doesn't give me the same vibe, but he was near the border, so maybe he had just left his country? I can't remember if army man was letting normal foreigners in. Bose seemed to be rather anti-immigrant at least. Or maybe he's just a regular guy and I'm overthinking it. Yes, his massive Passion must have thrilled everyone enough to make him rich, you're right. Benice waifu checklist: Bad in their game in some capacity, the worse the better Not very much screentime, but enough to be considered somewhat developed but is completely unmemorable and nobody else cares about them. She probably tics both off!
  8. What did Lewyn do again? I don’t remember… Well, it’s another would that also begins with a p— Very.
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  10. What you can spread on bread. K is for King
  11. @Shanty Pete's 1st Mate That game sounds intense. And I loved Papers Please. That's going on the old wishlist. This week I replayed Mario & Luigi Partners in Time. The one that wasn't remade for 3DS. It's been two years since the sinking of AlphaDream, and at this point it's fair to say at this point this series really is dead and buried. From the perspective of mid 2000s, these games can be seen as a downgrade to the console Paper Mario games. Instead of partners, each character is just Mario but with some stat differences, there's no character customization with badges, and starting with Partners in Time they became less and less reluctant to show us new worlds filled with never before seen characters and enemies. The plot of Partners surprised me though. Tonally, it's all over the place, but on paper it's a remarkably serious/edgy story with character deaths (though everybody is brought back to life at the end), and a macguffin hunt that dooms the world rather than saving it. The major conceits of time travel and battling with the babies could have been more fleshed out though. You're at your strongest when all four characters are together, and never is the player tasked with doing an entire dungeon with the party split up into pairs. You do have to split up often for puzzle solving, but you can always run from battles with guaranteed success, or take the time to wipe out all the enemies before splitting up. If I were designing the game, I would have kept the two pairs separated into their specific time periods for the first half of the game. That time would be spent hunting down parts to repair the time machine. Maybe design dungeons that you're exploring in both time periods at once, but the Babies' actions in the past will affect the Bros' present. Once the bros and babies are united, you can then have a major gameplay shift of fighting and exploring with all four characters' skills right around the point where everything would be getting stale. Partners was an early DS title. It has only one instance where the touch screen is ever used, instead choosing to take full advantage of the dual screens. In battle, you may have to keep track of what's going on on both screens in order to dodge or make full use of Bros attacks. Series composer Yoko Shimamura returns, but this is definitely not her best soundtrack, and likely the weakest of the whole series. The graphical design also lacks the expressive sprites and animations of the GBA predecessor. Mario and Luigi especially look off when moving separately from the babies or at diagonal angles. The overworld exploration also tasks you with relearning the previous game's partner abilities. There are only two new moves, the Bros Ball and baby cakes. And you can bet the tutorials for nearly everything are not skippable. It's also a short game - about ten hours long with virtually no side content save for two minigames. One with a rare badge reward, and the other allowing you to grind infinite beans. I also was annoyed with badge descriptions not giving you much information about how they work, and virtually never telling you if they will work when equipped on the Babies if you're fighting piggyback. Altogether this game could have used some more time in the oven. Still I enjoyed my time with the game - probably because of its merciful short length preventing the flaws from piling up too heavily. I'll admit that I miss this series, even if I was never too impressed with it beyond the original and the Bowser half of the third game. It was nice to have some sort of Mario RPG experience to help cope with the downfall of Paper Mario. Had AlphaDream been permitted to make other games in this style with a different nintendo IP - like Zelda or Kirby, we probably could have avoided the overwhelming series stagnation by the time it did hit the 3DS. Now we live in an era where the only Mario RPGs being produced come from Ubisoft. Mario + Rabbids is delightful in its own way, but the world needs more action commands. More slapstick. And more Bros attacks.
  12. How can one woman be so amazing?! Inb4 he's, like, a prince or something and is pulling a Lewyn. I mean, both of them are bards, and all bards are escaped nobility, right? My justification: Musicians don't get paid, how else could he afford nice clothes and use a fancy pistol?
  13. I don’t know what it is about the media in this universe, but Grace is pretty sus. Although she actually uses the journalist card well, having an actual obvious reason to be knowing everything, unlike a certain photographer. So Grace is only a little sus, I guess. Anyway I finished the prologue. I took Elie to the boss, thinking I might need her S-craft, but then the boss was really easy, probably the easiest of the boss fights in this chapter. Speaking of picking one party member, isn’t bonding, aka the bane of Shrimpy’s existence, a thing in this game? How does that work? I think I remember lightcosmo completely missing it, but that might have been in the next game, I think. You know, Trails from Zero is exactly what I would have imagined if you told me “Trails but in a different country with different characters”. This game gives me major FC vibes with the detective shenanigans, the group of rookie bracers special support section members, and the small start to the story as the world is very cleverly built, while the game is distinctly being its own thing, and I love it. Trails from Zero good. But she’s such a boring character! Oh, that’s fine then. Just wait until you free him from jail and later [spoilers, spoilers, and more spoilers].
  14. ‘Twas over liking Binding Blade, if I remember correctly.
  15. @Landmaster Nice clear with the goat beasts plus V!Veronica. If there was a Heroes character who should be a Mythic hero it's Freyr. @GuiltyLove Nice clears! It's still kind of surprising to me that they handed a powerful unit like Reginn out for free.
  16. Yeah, now that I think about it, I kinda think what I was hoping to say went over your head. For an easier to grasp example (and because I have been playing it a lot lately), the High Dragon weapons in Dragalia Lost. For how much work they are to get and improve, they end up not being that much of an improvement over the Chimeratech weapons, which are much easier to get and improve (note that for a High Dragon weapon to outclass a max-unbound Chimeratech, it needs 6 unbinds, which is a lot of work). Making matters worse for them, it's possible to skip straight to Agito weapons, which outclass them immediately, Going back to 3H, relative to Gremory, Dark Knight requires much more effort to qualify for... and the reward is extremely underwhelming despite this (2 extra damage does not exactly make a good case for Dark Knight). It's crap like this that leads me to have such a seething disdain for Dark Knight.
  17. Here's an outtake from 1.15, When experts of the future discuss the cultural impact of this series of vids, the only they'll know they were uploaded in the wrong order is this thread. I know they're too cheeky to look at the upload dates on them.
  18. Enjoy! I hope you love hummus as much as I do. And sleep well as well!
  19. No joke part of me wishes I had the smutty game. But I would need a job first so I don't have to link my parents' funds to it, the last thing I need for them is know about it. That, and I need someone to bonk it all out of my memory banks so I experience it all again with a fresh mind that will actually be surprised by it. It's not my fault anime is the true heir to the artistic traditions of classical Greece, Rome, India (its Hindu sculptures to be precise), the European Renaissance, Neoclassicism, and Western art still sometime thereafter but before the ~1920s, all of which enshrined traditional notions of beauty. Nor is it my fault that I have grown up developing an aesthetic response based on those antiquated notions, and which I can only alter so much. While by no means do I oppose and I in fact support the creation of modern appreciations of beauty that celebrate being fat or other things formerly deemed "imperfections of the human form" nor "imperfections" in everything else that isn't the human form. Back to the Renaissance for a moment, seriously: Tell me you couldn't see this David turned into flesh in an anime! He ain't no middle-aged hairy Western FPS dude! There are so many Japanese games to some degree about serving yoni to the linga, and a smaller, quieter following about games serving linga to the yoni. I've even seen a few games appear in broad daylight on gaming news websites that have hints of being primarily yoni-yoni IIRC, but no linga-linga. And, surprisingly, the subreddit was overwhelmingly guys 18-25 (and the game's artist/writer was male?), with a few older than that posting pictures of themselves next to their body pillows. Thats creepy, but while I 1100% accept the IRL social boundaries imposed by the inevitability that is aging (hence my feeling of ickiness earlier), why can't I re-envision the youth of years ago that has departed from me in purely fictional consensually f***ing anime boys that I sorta perhaps to a degree or extent speculatively it cannot be confirmed for certain wish I had maybe?!😭 A cri de coeur combining silliness, and also a lament at the alienating effects of time's ever-continuing flow which one is forced to accept. Reminds me of Cats, the musical about absolutely nothing but cats dancing and singing, and about what T.S. Elliot. the author of the collection of poems the musical-turned-nightmare-movie is based on, called -paraphrasing- the "Agony of Old Age and the Sweet Mercy of Death". ...I just wanted to get this out of my system.😅 I operate in binges and purges, metaphorical ones that is, I'm not for real ones at all. I should be watching that vid for a 28-ingredient medieval Egyptian hummus recipe instead. Then again, it's rather late, so I'll do that tomorrow then.
  20. YYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! @Eltosian Kadath I BEAT FUME KNIGHT FIRST TRY! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Christ, what a fantastic boss fight. This last DLC was probably the best of the three, although it's possible that the last bit (Memory of the Old Iron King) can still botch it, I suppose. I have decided to forgo the soul of Nadalia, but I did get Fume Knight 2: Electric Boogaloo. Fume is, hands-down, the best boss in the game so far. I don't quite get the hype around it being one of the hardest in the franchise, but that did not detract from it one bit. Finally, just onto Memory of Old Iron King, the Giant Memories, the spoiler, and I can finally be freed from DS2 after what will be roughly 165 hours, and move on to Trails in the Sky, which will also take me 165 hours, probably. ...What is it with me and finding notorious bosses to be comparatively easy, (Ornstein and Smough first try, Bed of Chaos 2nd try, Fume Knight first try, Manus 3rd try)* but finding dozens of deaths from ones that aren't considered to be really hard? (At least 40 deaths to Ruin Sentinels, 15 or so to Pursuer, four to Pinwheel, 10 to Lost Sinner, dozens to Kalameet, etc.) *No shade on any of these bosses, they're all really hard, but I haven't encountered the roadblocks I've seen others have.
  21. Mila is the first mythic I've made a second +10 copy of. So many teams use two dancers that it felt necessary for AR. And various other units I got to +10 recently.
  22. Re: Animal Crossing, notice that, per the fine text in the video, you need to have an active NSO expansion pass to access the AC-DLC. So, once your NSO-EP plan runs out, then unless you renew, you'll lose access to the AC-DLC. If you want the AC-DLC in perpetuity, you'll need to buy it on its own (IIRC it's $25). I have Animal Crossing, but I'm probably not even gonna go for the DLC - the game is so content-rich already. Anyway, I'm not planning to pony up for this service. I never owned an N64 growing up, so none of the titles portrayed feel like "must-haves". Sure, it'd be nice to give Paper Mario 1 a proper play-through, but not at that price point. As for the Genesis, yeah Sonic 2 is cool, but I already have the Sonic Mega Collection for PS2. What would it take for me to buy this? I'd have to see some games that really grab me, which I can't play any other way. The Pokemon Stadium games are the standout (imagine if they could link up to 3DS Virtual Console...), but also maybe Gex 64 (I had the generally-superior PS1 version, but I'll take what I can get) or Sonic CD. Maybe a DLC that I'd like to try, but that I'm not sure I'd need around forever, would sweeten the deal. Even then, $50 is a fairly big ask.
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