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  2. Even if so, there was no reason to ditch her in the introduction. Futo did nothing wrong. Anyways I'm glad I bought the deluxe edition because the increased amount of party members gives some nice variety.
  3. Marriage and at least a couple kids, but I know it's tough to make that work.
  4. So I managed to get summer Ingrid and Byleth/Rhea. Sadly, with a speed flaw and a attack asset and a attack flaw and Res asset respectively. Which isn't brilliant. Also have a Laevatein with an HP flaw and a Res asset. Any suggestions on how to build these three units? Ingrid already seems to be a pretty strong mixed phase unit out of the gate. While I am at it, I also managed to get the original Sothis and was wondering what would be a good build for her (Speed asset and HP flaw)
  5. Banned because thank you again and best of luck in continuing your CYOA! ๐Ÿ‘
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  7. Meesa Gonna Get Lucky - A Jar Jar Bink's Dating Simulator.
  8. I have female Byleth, but she's marrying Edelgard. I'll try to build up Felix's support with Ingrid, but if that doesn't work I'll just have to bench him. A shame since he's an excellent Swordmaster but tbh I was getting sick of all his kill steals anyway. Not to mention the fact that Jeritza's basically just a better Felix with access to magic and Canto. Would bringing Hanneman into battle to fight alongside Lysithea (instead of just making him an adjutant) help build more support?
  9. Banned because the feeling is mutual. And thanks! Hope you'll continue to enjoy it!
  10. ๐Ÿ‰ Huh. I did not know this exists. Neat! I'm fine, thanks.
  11. ...Are...you okay DragonFlames? Any problems you...you want to talk about buddy? Any good cults you...joined lately?
  12. I've spent 700 of my Ephemera 6 codes on the 5*s and Klein, but I haven't been sure who to pick for the last 100. Probably not Ares, but I'm pretty ambivalent between Sully, Lon'qu, and Kaze. Who have people been picking? Edit: Looks like between manuals and extra units, I have 17 4* Sullys, 10 4* Lon'qus, and 4 4* Kazes. So probably Kaze. Speaking of Ephemera manuals, I have no idea what to do with the Alm from a while ago. I could just feed it to my old Byleth M, I guess? Although it'd be nice if there's someone common who could make use of it, so I could merge them. You can make any character good, but some will take way more investment to be good, and some characters just have better stats or really powerful unique skills that others don't. It's always a question of what you're going for and how much you're willing to put in to get there.
  13. Meanwhile, I made some progress in Dragon Star Varnir. Even on Hard, I'm curbstomping most everything that the game throws at me (thank you, New Game Plus!), but there are a surprising (and alarming) amount of enemies that survive a hit (currently at the start of Chapter 4). In any case, I'm trying to use this playthrough not only to get more character endings (aiming for Minessa's or Laponette's next), but also to get the Dragon Cores I missed on my first run.
  14. Banned because thank you. Iโ€™ve really enjoyed reading your CYOA as well. Itโ€™s nice to be part of a community with so many fellow writers.
  15. you can use the fortune teller in Abyss to make sure Lysthela ends together with Heenmon, or Lindhart
  16. Banned because I'm happy for you!
  17. Fair point. I like using both of them, personally (Team Nep ftw!), but even I won't deny that Nepgya is just Nepgear without HDD. Good luck! ^^
  18. I am uncertain, but could there be a connection between the rom being a NKIT ISO instead of a regular ISO and the game not working? In most cases, the roms aren't detected at all as I think the file type is wrong.
  19. well Didn't have any reason to use her when i got Nepgear xD Yeah, but i need Learning for that... I will see what i can do with what you sent me ๐Ÿ˜‰
  20. I don't find "Sue" a helpful term anymore. Partly because there are plenty of characters who pull of ridiculous nonsense in-universe or who have the universe magically align frequently in their favour that we don't typically consider to be a Sue (*cough*Sir Galahad*cough*Luke Skywalker*cough*) but also, practically-speaking, it's been co-opted by a bunch of far-right dudes who just want a word to bash female characters with and that's just not my scene like a million times over. Those sorts of people are one of the big reasons why I just do not engage with the Star Wars fandom anymore. I feel like it's a term that's mostly lost its meaning/been perverted by a bunch of misogynists, so personally I'm content to let it just fall by the wayside and start encouraging people to elaborate on what they truly mean when they say, "X character is a Mary Sue."
  21. I doubt many people will read this given my last actual forum post was five years ago, but I wanted to provide a full sense of closure with the FE community.

    Most of you know me by the username "IOS". I was particularly active in the community from 2008-2011. After 2011 I would pop up every once in awhile, with my visits becoming more and more infrequent (though I have continued to lurk and kept up with YT videos from prominent creators to this day). I frequently used the FE community as a form of escapism from problems in my real life, and it lead to some extremely toxic exchanges with other members of the community. While I met and interacted with some great people, I honestly do not believe my contributions were at all a net positive to the community.

    With the gaming #metoo movement (which seems to have finally hit the FE community as of yesterday) I thought back to my own interactions with women throughout my time as a member, and while I certainly haven't done anything on the magnitude of what mangs has done, I held sexist viewpoints towards women during the time when I was most active, which bled over to some of my posts in this forum. Through going through my old posts, I saw one interaction from 2010 with a member where I insinuated I had a crush on her and that we "had a connection for years". While I passed this off as trolling at the time (and by memory she's actually older than me), I did not check first if the member was "in on the joke" or comfortable being blatantly hit on, which I believe may have made her feel uncomfortable. If this member does see this, know that I am truly sorry for objectifying you in this way, and that I am open to resolving this publicly or privately if it will help provide any form of closure for you.

    Another shameful moment I recall from memory is a "Female Mod" tier list being made in 2011 during my time here. While I cannot find the actual topic or any posts I made in it, I participated in an offsite group when it was made. While the intention of the ranking was to troll a former admin, and the ranking was supposedly based on "personality", distilling members of this community down to their gender was disgusting, and I am ashamed to have been part of the making of it. I also encourage anyone who was made uncomfortable by this list at the time to come forward publicly or privately if it would help provide closure.

    I started to delete my old posts about a week ago, ashamed of my past and wanting to completely disassociate from the community for good, but eventually realized that this was really just me running away. While I have not found any other harassment of female members in my PMs or posts, I would encourage anyone who I have made uncomfortable to speak out, on or off this site, no matter how big or small you feel the violation may have been. I will probably still delete my remaining old posts eventually, but only after the FE #metoo movement appears to have mostly passed.

    I will be lurking to monitor a response to this in case this movement has reminded anyone of any transgressions they've had towards me and then depart the FE community for good. No more "just popping in to say hi" or lurking. I will probably continue to play FE games on my own and use the main serenesforest page as a resource, but I need to move on, for good this time.

    Thanks to the friends I made along the way (you all know who you are). I hope you too use this time in the FE community to be introspective and think back to times where you too may have made individuals uncomfortable, and that you ensure you have learned from them.

    Again, I am not expecting many people to read this, but during a time when people are speaking out, if I have made you uncomfortable and are checking my profile thinking back to when I have been a perpetrator, know that I will listen and that I will do anything I can to atone. I'm not going to promote this post in any way. I don't want "props" for being honest or anything like that. I just want to make right any harm I may have caused.

  22. The biggest thing that jumps out at me there: why is Ignatz so high? He's quite similar to Ashe but you have three tiers between them, while pre-TS Claude absolutely hammers him and you have them close together. Hit+20 is cool but not that decisive. Manuela also feels too high. I can understand a healthy respect for Warp but there's no way she should be that close to Lysithea regardless.
  23. Ah, I see you're a person of culture as well. Anyway, my take would be: The Great Mercedes Bake-Off.
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