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  2. what an asshole cold father Killing the closest and nicest allies, nice Ü
  3. I will need this image in my review of the game later when i describe this route, please keep posting it Rain with the facts as usual
  4. Ya know, sex makes you betray your allies, or something He says that while his strongest subordinate is a woman and so is the enemy leader lmao and didn't you say you didn't care about her anymore? Who the hell wrote this? This is Conquest tier almost lol Well, we are going in killing our own family lol lol
  5. Apparently these affect the little aerial missiles. TIL. So fun fact, I actually hadn’t been using these all game. I really should have been, coming back from that battle using them and getting S-rank first try. But of course, these are the classics.
  6. 9. Is there a RPG maker program or similar for rpg maker?
  7. Okay new here, been playing with Febuilder and I have questions. 1. Is it possible for multiple class change routes, as an example say a knight into either a general, or great knight with a Knight's crest, or into a paladin, or general with a master seal? 2. Can you have more than 3 class up choices? 3. Aside from a limit of the 255 character limit, can you set randomized units or generic units? Like having commanders and each commander has a team of 5-7 generic units that can all class up and have their own items and stats? 4. Is there a way for multiple commanders on the world map, like sending Erika to her mission and then switch to Ephraim an do his mission? If so can you designate different units to each? 5. Where can I find the different patches for Fe8 like the skills system and others? 6. Where can I find free portraits, animations and more? 7. How do you add different types of shops like say a repair shop, or a recruiter, and is it possible to make a weapon forging shop. 8. Can you have multiple level flags, like alternative routes?
  8. In previous events, midterm results have only shown ranking order, not how close any of the characters are to each other.
  9. Sounds like a very difficult situation. Here's wishing your father well!
  10. Yesterday
  11. I can agree with that. I just "feels" more natural as well.
  12. Just realize i could've responded with this as well Interesting anime indeed. It's a great way of handling her experience with alchemy. I hope Sophie 2 ends up doing the same.
  13. Ryza 2's skill tree for learning new alchemy is better than going through all the branches to learn a new one.
  14. Upgrade your stats. Deploy anti-air flares. Use EMPs. Shinonome's a bonus condition character for this and she has sentries. The more of this, the better. Missile Rain. Demolition Blade. I'd replay the mission myself but unfortunately i am too strong. Indeed Based Marin Kitagawa. Like deadass i think this is the most expressive anime character (not in a movie) i've seen in a long time.
  15. Vote 4 for Chrom! For the final three, if we don't get mid-term results, I'm thinking 1 Azura, 1 Hilda, 1 Maiko (or Tsubasa's sister). EDIT: If it looks like 1st is a lock with F!Byleth and Adult Tiki has a shot at winning, I may cast two of those votes her way. If it's still a close call for second, I'll spread out my votes.
  16. The problem isn’t that my characters aren’t strong enough, it’s that it absolutely floods the field with tanky enemies and those little aerial missiles that go straight to the terminal to the point where taking a small amount of damage is like… not possible?
  17. It's been a month since my last update, so of course I've been playing some games. Sonic 3D Blast Dissidia NT Final Fantasy Paper Mario Dark Star Edition Pokemon Red
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