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  2. Seiros was unmerged before this banner. The problem with Ulir only being +5 is the fact that I needed more copies of her than Dimitri (9) and Seiros (10) combined due to the fact that she actually has valuable skill fodder. I have 3 units currently waiting on Life and Death 4 (Brave Lyn, Legendary Julia, and Legendary Lilina) and literally every bow unit waiting on Deadeye. It's been a recurring issue with my shit-ass luck that I get significantly fewer of the new unit than I get of the two units that share its color when I'm actually trying to get large numbers of copies of them, what with 18 copies of Claude and 17 copies of Corrin to only 11 copies of Ashera, 10 copies of Bramimond and 9 copies of Mila to only 3 copies of Corrin, and 15 copies of Celica and 15 copies of Nagi to only 11 copies of Edelgard, these being the only Legendary/Mythic Hero banners that I actually tried to pull merges for since January of 2020 when I went into low-maintenance mode with this game. I could easily be convinced with these numbers that the summon rates for new Legendary/Mythic Heroes are lower than for the other two characters sharing its color.
  3. We have an unbiased source of information in the form of Maurice, who was too busy being a monster to be influenced by Rhea's version of history. He recognizes the Sword of the Creator as "the sword of the king!" Maurice was one of Nemesis's subordinates, so he would know if Nemesis had any actual authority. The Fragments of a Forgotten Memoir, written by an unknown Elite, also refer to Nemesis as "King Nemesis." The "King of Liberation" title might be an embellishment since Thales uses it in a sarcastic way, though Maurice asks if Byleth will "liberate" him with the Sword of the Creator. It might have originated as an ominous title that was mutated into a noble one by Rhea. Per a developer interview, Rhea claiming that Nemesis was a chosen hero corrupted by power was her way to get Nemesis's followers on her side, since his followers actually did believe him and the Elites to be heroes. So it's very likely Nemesis was considered a true king by his people, and he was in power for over 150 years so it's likely that he had reasonable leadership skills (and he as an Authority rating of A when you fight him).
  4. Ohhhhh ok. See i knew that it was first person in the other games but that was only because i know what Phoenix and the gang look like.
  5. Different character in the last two pics, "Sherlock Holmes but not really since we can't pay license fees and his Public Domain status is very in the gray zone right now but in Japan he totally is because different rules or something". In AA games, whenever outside the courtroom, you play in 1st Person.
  6. The investigation segments of AA are in first person, so Ryunosuke is only in the first image. The blond guy (and the alleged friend-eater) is the one and only Herlock Sholmes.
  7. Why does Ryunosuke have different hair colors? Or is the one at the top a younger version? I bought the Metroid Prime Trilogy on Wii U so no, that wasn't it. I just had a lot of issues with the first two Primes. Here's my review My reviews for the other Metroid games (and other games in general) are on my profile's "Reviews" tab, if you wanna check that out. Probably not. Like maaaaaybe if i'm bored but i don't do much fangames in the first place.
  8. That was back in March. On that subject, since I kept failing finding another job, I ended up signing for another apprenticeship in that government program I took last year. Which began today. Though it was more a short introduction, and won't properly start until next week or so.
  9. We have only 5 beast fliers in the game right now compared to 8 beast infantry and 12 beast cavalry due to the fact that Tellius is the only source of beast fliers from the main series. Not only that, but of those 5 beast fliers, only 3 of them are actually intended for combat, compared to 7 of the beast infantry and all 12 of the beast cavalry. If anything, it should be Janaff and Ulki (and Nealuchi, I guess) you should be feeling bad for, not Tormod and Muarim. Additionally, of the 5 of them (Tormod, Muarim, Vika, Janaff, and Ulki), Tormod and Vika have consistently placed higher than the other three in CYL, with Tormod beating Vika in CYL 4 and CYL 5 and Vika beating Tormod in CYL 1, CYL 2, and CYL 3. (Of the remaining three, Muarim consistently places 3rd, Janaff 4th, and Ulki 5th.) So even if you have a problem with Vika being picked first over Tormod and Muarim, it's not like she isn't deserving of the spot, being comparably as popular as Tormod, being a rare unit type, and arguably fitting the theme better due to being a raven.
  10. Imagine if PXZ3 had Cardcaptors, Sakura Wars and Fates now (Alongside Naruto as I was originally planning) Could that be because only 3 was originally made for the Wiimote? As for Metroid, I suppose I could play those to finish. But NEOTWEWY though...... You are a rare breed indeed, picking the first game as best. I'd like to hear why. (Would you try AM2R if you could find it?) I mean, at least call him a husbando. Oh you poor soul, Rev's the game where the enemies are stacked statwise in Lunatic. So they too would be disrespecting the scaling. Last I remembered the job you had had finished up, though there could easily something I did miss in the meantime.
  11. I'd say it fading to black anytime anything remotely "Advanced" happens is pretty bad. Such as Petra "training", we literally have a good few animations for swinging a sword but I guess we can't bother having the player actually see her doing that, so she's going to swing a sword off-screen, then appear standing stock still as if she was just standing around doing nothing afterwards is a pretty big problem.
  12. Mind telling more on that? Since I don't remember what you're talking about, admittedly.
  13. Normally hate, but with an exception I like: The "Obsessed with the player character" type (Outright Yandere or just constant worship of the player.) I feel like Faye manages to be an not-too bad (Granted, the Original Japanese version would have been awful for me.) version where it's played a bit more for Drama, it's held back by it's Japanese Script origins, but I actually like her, as opposed to Tharja who I very much only keep around due to her broken stats. (Because Clearly a Nosferatu user should have high Defense growths.) Normally like, but with an exception I hate: I normally like any kind of "Leader" character ( Roy, Mark and even Alm to an extent.) but Robin is just an awful version of it. All of these prior characters (With maybe the exception of Alm and even then I doubt it's easy to Alm solo) have their leadership be reflected in their games, you cannot beat their games solo realistically with just them. (Yes I know Mark technically isn't even a unit, but I doubt Lyn/Eliwood solo is realistic for FE7 for the average player.) Robin meanwhile, is literally the meta solo unit which is actually the easiest way to play his game, even disregarding his obnoxious Avatar Worship, Robin doesn't play like an Tactician leader at all, he gets Rally, (Way later than any other character gets Rally) but by that point you're almost certainly doing Robin Emblem. Also their actual in-story plans are less "Robin is smart" and more "Robin pulls a BS plan out of nowhere to look cool" (Such as that incredibly awful moment where they pull a Deus Ex Machina out of nowhere near the end involving the Fire Emblem and Basilo's "Fake" death, which is so BS the game has to right away pull a Diablous Ex Machina so there can be more gameplay in a double dose of awful writing.) Their "Leadership" is less Robin's actual skill and more yet another reason for characters to heap praise on them for existing.
  14. No context Ace Attorney: It turns out Backloggd as a function where it tells you how many of those games you've played; I've played four games from that list (Super Metroid, Fusion, Samus Returns, and Luigi's Mansion 3), though Super Metroid was the only one of those I played this year. I played five out of eight of your masterpiece club on the other hand.
  15. You really should've. Extremely. My first death was Niles. I lost like 7 units because of one single mistake. It felt very nice. Like I was Arran and I just killed Lang. Okay maybe I went too far there, I'm sorry I'm just glad I got away with not killing the run based on a technicality. ...Just in time, too. I 100% would've killed the run next map if Shrimpy hadn't softlocked himself due to that pesky key. Says who "Look guys look, a route where everyone is happy and gets along and everything is resolved nice and tidy and nothing bad happens!" "But what about Izana and Scarlet?" "Shut up." See, this won't happen to me, because I'll do the sensible thing and use the units that actually respect the power scaling of the game. ...You know, the generics.
  16. Interesting. So these are the revivals until May... I was actually working on a calendar for the weekly banners in 2022. I only did a list of the banners, without images: The banners starting on August 2022 could change, based on if they do another demotion. Edit: Looking at the calendar you shared, looks like the dates on mine are wrong starting on April. I should fix that in the final version.
  17. 'ey, lighten up. I know you're really annoyed about the imbalance of male-to-female heroes in the game right now, but I'm almost certain that was a joke directed mostly at me since eclipse and I are pretty tight and she knows I'll take it in good humor.
  18. Well then I'll say that the specific journalists/content creator mouthpieces I had in mind with my complaint were not people in your position. They had no personal stake, and typically no experience in the genre in question. They just saw the mechanics, the genre, and out came their hot take before release. And they're also just as welcome to their opinion, misinformed as it is. But I have to ask if we're going to paint with such broad strokes, where was the similar vitriol with Nintendo's last three mobile gacha games - one of which is also a pokemon game? I'll never understand how the internet decides which nintendo games you're allowed to criticize, and why.
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  20. Damn. Do you have two copies of Seiros+10 now? At least you got Ullr to +5, so it is something.
  21. It's the incarnation of the Fire Emblem in Fates, and so far the only incarnation to be a usable weapon (I've made my case for the Binding Blade, but the gem in the hilt of the sword is actually the Fire Emblem, not the sword itself; I'd say the Binding Blade really only counts by association). The Yato's main purpose is to be used in conjunction with the other legendary weapons of Fates (Siegfried, Raijinto, Fujin Yumi, and Brynhildr) in order to draw out it's full strength and end conflict. At least... that's what I understand of it, anyway. It's meant to bring about peace.
  22. I was bored so i decided to rank every game i played this year. This isn't a "best of 2021" list, the rule is if i played it this year, it goes on there. Unless i just didn't give it a score. Return of the king. Man why'd you leak Project X Zone 3 like that? Just @ everyone here. I am one of the few people that thinks the Metroid Prime Trilogy is rough as the first two games are just alright and the third one is actually very good. Actually i binged pretty much the entirety of the Metroid series while you were gone. Super i had played back in April but i didn't play the rest until after Dread's announcement. Zero Mission is actually now my sixth favorite game of all time. All that's left now is The Forbidden Metroid Game (i'm not playing Hunters or Federation Force, as they are spin-offs) but i'll focus on some other games first. I mean, i've played other games during this time but Metroid was definitely the highlight. Nice nice. I myself am waiting for my second dose on the 13th.
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