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  2. tbh my advice would be to either not use Lyn, ('cause she is very bad because of her class as well) or not use Hector, (since he has decent enough stats now to be fine after ch. 24, and his promotion is so danged late that he won't be wanting for exp.)
  3. I've been feeling bad, and not really wanting to talk to anyone. So I'll just post a song I like, probably see everyone... whenever.
  4. Thanks, I've had a lot of fun doing this Trust me, I'm never this lucky, this is like a once in a lifetime situation god fucking damn it
  5. I honestly forgot about him, mostly because on most routes he joins later than Kaze, Felicia/Jakob, and Mozu. Although, if we get another fates banner, he would make a nice male character to go with Mozu.
  6. Cantus beamed happily at Karen and Noelle, glad that the pair had already seemed to have formed a bond. They already seemed so familiar and casual together. "While I do think that it would be regrettable to split Miss Karen and Lady Noelle up, our esteemed colleague Toki is the most likely candidate to locate our quarry, as he is the one who caught a glimpse of her and would know what we would be looking for, as in the dusk's light, looks can decieve. Why, that reminds me of the time I went camping with my wife and accidentally wound up sleeping next to some hibernating bears instead of the cave where we'd pitched our tent."
  7. Today
  8. Neither did I. I actually don’t believe it Rhea would do it. WHAT I DO BELIEVE is the reflex newborn have to breathe. Normally in childbirth you have the mother. 5 handmaiden to help her deliver with the doctor to help. I believe the nun in Abyss saw Byleth being Born and was Healthy but a take on this is Rhea could do it to Byleth to still have a vessal. The nun who recognizes Byleth in Abyss could ALSO BE ONE OF THE HANDMAIDENS.meaning she was a witness of Byleth birth.Besides Rhea would not allow said nun to leave the church to spread word of her experiments.She could banish her to abyss to still control the nun from spreading the information. Imagine a scenario where Byleth snd Jeralt returns to Garreg Mach and said nun is in the monastery and tells Byleth and Jeralt that Byleth was Healthy and About the crest it would make Jeralt find a doctor to remove the crestone. But they come back with the Heir of Adestria Faerghus and Leicester Alliance and this info is dumped on them while the church is sandwiched between all 3 Nation. Also the nun appeared in Abyss after Jeralt’s death and before Byleth merged with Sothis. Coincidence?
  9. Let's go Eligood! You can claim victory! "Victory?"-Eliwood.
  10. Received new joycons yesterday. They're splendid for made by third party. Finally I can play Super Mario 64 for real. Made a bit more progress. Beaten second Bowser and having 40 stars right now; means halfday done in regular story. I won't be able to get all 120 stars since there a few which are incredibly hard to get without good precession like eight red coins in Dire Dire Docks. I guess I'm the only one who dislike the water stages. The music is good, but the controls are awkward. Jumping on the sea monster from the water in the Hazy Maze was painful as glitchy.
  11. I'd take that with a grain of salt, seeing as Soren not only benefitted from transfers, he was also a beneficiary of bonus experience. I don't know about that - most of the magically inclined characters in Fates have issues. Also, they're usable by more classes, but I don't equate that with tomes being used by better classes.
  12. Played a perfect run of Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn.
  13. Because good gameplay and a decent story, given how barebones FE1 was. Too bad Desmume is even slower than PCSX2... Why is it called the Wolfguard and not the Sedguard?
  14. Well, you are clearly set in your beliefs here. I don't think there's much else I can add to this conversation besides one last thing. It's generally accepted that Rhea has some form of insanity going in, and her creating life using the crest of flames is pretty bad, especially if we consider that the 11 other experiments could have been all frail like Sitri. Or even worse, Sitri was the best of the bunch, and still had a weak physique, which implies that the first creations could have been even worse off. That said, if Rhea truly did not want to wait, she could have killed them off immediately. She had the time to create hundreds of experiments in order to bring back Sothis. But, Rhea only created twelve beings and knowing about Sitri's life and how over 1000 years only twelve of her kind were created, it seems to imply that Rhea let them live their lives to the fullest. Rhea has done some terrible things but even so, knowing all we do about her, I just don't think she killed Sitri in cold blood to create Byleth.
  15. I made this mockup a month ago with a spine included (though the guy I made it for never got back to me...). Hope you don't mind that I moved the logo to the center top.
  16. Five bucks says he'll tell you that you're a communist in some weird I remember last time I had to defend the concept of equity I was told that I was a commie
  17. Frank West out, Shantae in. Dante Chosen Undead Bandana Dee Scorbunny Arle Crash Bandicoot Sora Shantae Alex (Golden Sun) (Screw it, let's not pick Issac and add a villain) Sakura Shinguji Rayman
  18. Soren's been my most consistent one-rounder, honestly. Granted, I'm playing on normal, but he does a hell of a lot better at 1-2 range one-rounding than anyone but promoted Ragnell Ike, and that's mostly because Ike also has the speed to double everyone. And while tomes aren't as good as throwing weapons in Fates, they're usable on a hell of a lot better classes, so if you can get people with decent magic growths, you can do devastating work with them.
  19. Because chatting with me and Sooks is more interesting. Why should more people play Shadow Dragon?
  20. Banned because you know what I meant. And banned because Banned also because that interesting. Thanks for mentioning it.
  21. Sooks isn't the only one making innuendos today. Banned because I think none of the enemies in Rebirth 5 will attack your heron, by the way.
  22. True but baby cries and move when they are born normally which means he was born healthy. Again with Dorothea he actually doesn’t have a heartbeat in canon. In VW rhea says viewed Byleth as a it or Body for her mother to inhabit. Second in CF only Byleth Heartbeat happens 3 times 1: When Edelgard asked to accompany her to her coronation as Emperor. 2: When to chose to Kill or Protect her 3: When Byleth and Her kills Rhea the Crest stone Dissolved snd their Heart Beat for the first time as Human Byleth. And their Heart started to beat the moment Sothis took more hold in them giving them emotions. Again in VW also Thales states that the Crest Stone of Flames Prevents Emotion and Heartbeats. Aelfric even comment how Sitri never decayed after 20 Years. Thus proving that Byleth was born healthy. Babies Cries coming out of womb as reflexes since there finally breathing the outside world for the first time. Speaking of personal experience my younger siblings died a stillborn and he came out of the womb flappy and already dead. So yeah Byleth was born healthy otherwise the nun wouldn’t have said that and Rhea controls Abyss which is part of Garreg Mach. And for a question for anyone doubting this hypothesis. Sitri was the 12th vessal and Byleth was the 13th. Considering the average lifespan of a human is a 100 years old Rhea saw nothing but failure for about 1200 years. Is she really not as insane and inhuman as most claimed after burning Fhiriad alive to do this to a newborn without opposition?
  23. Berwick Saga fully voice acted. And an avatar so I can S-support Faye /s While I would want an english Berwick Port to the switch, that is completely unrealistic and is never gonna happen, so I'd want a faithful FE6 remake that gets rid of ambush spawns, an FE8 remake that nerfs Seth, or a new game that has very strong and unbalanced gameplay and a decent story. Why am I not doing my mountain of math homework right now?
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