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  2. I have no idea what you're talking about, but thanks! Criado por Lucas Pope lol. In Spanish "criado" means "raised", so that was funky to read at first. Anyway, I don't know. Game's not that long, but I don't think it's "beat in one day" short. Probably'll take two, three, maybe four days.
  3. Yup, pretty much exactly what I thought it was. Hayashi wasn't lying when he said characters for FEW were held back for a potential sequel, but developing Three Houses inspired them to go in another direction. Persona 5 Strikers all over again. Well, either way, I'm not complaining. The crossover style warriors games bored me while Age of Calamity, Strikers, and Three Hopes have been a blast.
  4. I mean I have a lot of time on it so far but I'm only on chapter 10 of GW 1st cycle
  5. I guess let's just be optimistic and hope this was a "we can't justify two redundant crossovers on the same console" type of thing...
  6. Must be playing on easy, minimizing side battles and uh... not sleeping.
  7. Oh wow, why Leonie of all people? Lysithea, I can understand when she's given an additional recruitment opportunity in Crimson Flower and a story-heavy support conversation with Edie on top of that.
  8. The news that they were initially going to make an "FE Warriors 2" is interesting. I like Three Hopes, but I hope that comes to fruition some day too.
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  10. Actually not all that much. Lost interest, won't purchase: Tellius duology and their false billing with Micaiah. Won't play again: Fates Conquest and its atrocious story. Awakening for its lack of good gameplay. Might not play the original, but interested in a remake: Jugdral Played twice, enjoyed it: Elibe Binding Blade, Sacred Stones. Also Shadow Dragon for its value as the game that started it all. Will play again at some point: Three Houses. Looking forward to Verdant Wind next. But geez, as much as I'm enjoying the story, the whole thing is a slog to get through.
  11. I thought "we originally pitched a full Persona franchise crossover" was the most painful thing I'd read in a Koei interview. I was wrong. Oh well. 3H has a better roster to pull from than the original game's 3 focus games combined.
  12. Didn't take the bait, even if unknowingly. I'm proud of you Ruben. Think I can beat it today?
  13. And this is why I lost interest in purchasing the Tellius games (and Shadows if Valentia for that matter). Aside from the games now costing an arm and a leg. She and Ike really gives me the impression that RD pretends to be not b/w when it still is, especially with Ike.
  14. Yeah, I noticed some of the tables' Stat +X abilities were misnamed. Wasn't sure if that was a table generation error or something else. We might want to sort the classes into a standardized order, though, or separate them by tier or weapon type.
  15. I don't think you need to focus on the entire series at once. Keep the existing roster (Shadow Dragon, Awakening, and Fates) and add three new games to it (Three Houses, PoR, and Blazing Sword?), with those three games getting more focus in the story than the old ones. Assuming the franchise keeps going after that, each successive game could phase in more FE games to the roster.
  16. He is still the standard that all other super tanks are measured against, but he is much tamer now compared to before with so many more counters to damage reduction. He for sure did not need it back then, but having Resplendent stats now keeps him a bit more competitive with the newer generation of super tanks.
  17. Hello, I am not sure if this is the right spot to post this but I joined the forum mainly because I want to interview someone who worked on the Fire Emblem fates translation patch. I am writing my diploma thesis about videogame translation and I would like to make the Fire Emblem fates fan patch is a major part of my work. So I wanted to ask if someone has contact on anyone who worked on it. Here is a link to my discord server in case you do not want to post here: https://discord.gg/dykRPzCT Thanks you in advance for any replies.
  18. No. I was just done calling it one of my favorite games of all time, and its creator a genius (though the right word would be artist) that pushes the limits of the medium of videogames like few others. But I don't recommend it, no.
  19. I think the only reason to go for the latter is to use him as a Wings of Mercy beacon like Eir during Astra season, but if you have Leif: Destined Scion, he is way better with that role (double Life and Death with Miracle means he can take a huge amount of counter attack damage and survive; for Chaos season, you might also want to consider double Fury too since cav lines are more likely to die in one hit so they cannot provide counter attack damage) and he can Galeforce too.
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