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  1. Using that logic, 9/11 wasn't a terrorist attack, and I don't believe that it was anything other than a terrorist attack. .
  2. Since when did FE's 6-8 have voice acting? FE didn't start using VA's until Path of Radiance. Or is there an anime I haven't watched or something?
  3. So I know it's really late to ask this, but does the number of electoral votes depend on the size of the state? I just noticed that California has a lot more of them than any of the other states, and I am intregued as to why that is.
  4. Is it possible to do it in the thirteen days Trump has left? I would have thought that it would take a lot longer than that.
  5. Her speed growth is garbage, I'm forced to field her throughout the game and I don't respect her decision to save one kid, which then gets three other people killed! True, but you're the only one that made a thread about it. I really like Vika, but I wouldn't make a thread bemoaning the lack of respect people have for her, because I have better things to do with my life than defending fictional characters on the internet.
  6. It's the cost of the labour that is used to make the weapon heavier. Also, I guess you could make a heavier weapon to stop a better unit from doubling (and killing) an enemy, in order to allow one of your weaker units to get the kill EXP.
  7. Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, since his series effectively doesn't exist in Japan due to CERO's hardline stance on violence and gore.
  8. I hate Micaiah and have absolutely no respect for her whatsoever. All in all, I think you're way too serious about this. If Flayn were a real person, then fine, but she's nothing but a collection of pixels and polgons. The way you come across is as though you're "defending your waifu", and as a result I can't take you seriously.
  9. It wasn't in the script. It might not have even happened in the book, and thus, they didn't put it in the film.
  10. In some states the age of consent is 16 or 17.
  11. I do remember things. Is Patricia Arquette.
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