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  1. I hate the "Character death for plot motivation" trope, as seen in most Ubisoft games. It's so overdone that I shake my head everytime I see the protagonist's family introduced.
  2. How is Alm "likely" to be featured in the future? Echoes is massively overshadowed by both Fates and Three Houses, which in effect makes him a nobody. Ike at least still has some relevancy due to being one of the FE reps in Super Smash Bros.
  3. Not necessarily. I have a Gracie amiibo card and all it does in New Horizons is give me a Gracie poster. Something similar might happen to Alm's amiibo, just giving the player something trivial.
  4. My point is that she's not dead, like the initial point claimed.
  5. No mention of Activision-Blizzard locking skins behind digital copies? Skins which will probably be available for purchase seperately, because it's Activision-Blizzard.
  6. "Gatrie is my religion" Seems about right...
  7. Except there's that once scene with Ashunera and Lehran at the end, that is assumed to take place long after the events of this game. Maybe they are soldiers who been hiding from the occupation force for three years and have only recently been found and captured. That would explain why they are soldiers and not generic villagers.
  8. Pokemon Western Cartoons are simply better (with the exception of anything Seth McFarlane has made).
  9. So your argument is that Duessel is better than Xander simply because Xander's game has different game mechanics than TSS? Well then, if the game mechanics are different, then I don't see how it is fair to compare the two of them in the first place. Also, if you managed to hack Duessel in to Conquest, I doubt he'd be much better than Xander is, if indeed he is.
  10. The enemy stats in Sacred Stones are laughable, even on the highest difficulty, so I don't see how you can do a serious comparison of the two and say that Duessel is much better than Xander is.
  11. I didn't specify his class since I figured that you won't be using him in any way other than a relationship partner (same as Dwyer). However, if you really want me to pick a class for them I'll go Great Knight for Jakob and Master of Arms for Dwyer.
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