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  1. I'd be more excited for this if there was more gameplay shown.
  2. *uncomfortable I know you're an ESL, but come on...
  3. Well done on the Supreme Court for overturning Brandon's vaccine mandate. It's nice to see that some people in the US Government have working brains, because I'm convinced that Brandon doesn't have one!
  4. England was a republic between 1649 and 1660, when the monarchy was restored.
  5. It would have helped if they hadn't released it so close to the release of Super Mario Galaxy.
  6. American is not a language, American English is. Besides, in YGOTAS, Bandit Keith admits he's actually Canadian.
  7. So why are you typing in English then?
  8. 1. Get rid of the dating sim elements - I don't play FE to play as a matchmaker. 2. Limit classes again - Having anyone be whatever class they want strips units of their uniqueness. 3. No avatars
  9. That's why I said that she's stand out like a sore thumb.
  10. Pokemon Bank is only compatible with the 3DS titles. Pokemon HOME is what you'll need instead.
  11. Shinon can only fight Beast Laguz in 4-5, because he's allied with them, along with the rest of the Greil Mercenaries, in Part 3. A Pegasus Knight in Daein would stand out like a sore thumb given that Daein doesn't use Pegasus Knights in their army.
  12. I don't play competitive Smash, but I don't see any difference in the controls between this and Melee/Brawl/Smash 4. I play on a Gamecube controller, by the way. That's a well-known idiom here in the UK that I first heard when I was ten years old. Sorry it hasn't made it to your part of the world.
  13. A poor workman always blames his tools. Or in this case, the controls.
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