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  1. Only if you're playing on Normal difficulty. If you're playing on H1-5, those chapters don't exist.
  2. Let's check if I can edit stuff. EDIT: Totally can!
  3. So I'm supposed to get the crap beaten out of me, until I get a Final Smash that won't do much. I'd say that's pretty bad advice.
  4. The fact that it's Stamina (rather than a normal battle) and that I only have 140HP to play with, and there are three Dr. Mario's spamming pills at me. Also, Final Smashes are garbage in Stamina Mode as they don't kill the enemy like they do normally. So yeah, 0/10, would not take advice from again. Except for Agumon, I don't see what's wrong. Oh, and at least us Europeans aren't dumb enough to vote for Waluigi, who's a friggin' ASSIST TROPHY!!
  5. The Silent Hill HD collection already exists. You better hope that Dragon Age 4 doesn't flop then, because Bioware is going to get shut down by EA if that happens.
  6. They already messed that up as the remakes went : FE1 remake -> FE3 remake -> FE2 remake.
  7. So he's just going to play like Ryu and Ken do then? Not that I mind, since I find Ryu and Ken to be the easiest characters in the game to beat (unless they spam Hadoken, that is).
  8. Yeah, and a trained Soren is WAY more usable than Tormod. Tormod in 4-4 is a low second tier unit at a point where all your units should be third tier.
  9. Wikipedia lists both of those as remasters. TimeSplitters Trilogy HD, that's all I want.
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