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  1. Except Disney have apparently said that they are fine with Sora being in Smash. It's just a question if Sakurai wants to deal with the hassle of negotiating with them.
  2. I can't do the portrait, so I'll pass on this.
  3. I can't believe I forgot to mention Chapter 27 in PoR. The actual chapter itself is fine, it's just that if you want Nasir (like I do), you have to defeat the Black Knight in the second part of the chapter. This is easier said than done, seeing as the entire fight is limited to ten exchanges, and the entire fight is entirely luck-based, seeing as Ike needs to activate Aether at least once in order to win, and failure to do so means restarting the entire chapter (usually getting worse level-ups in the process).
  4. According to what I've read, all the changes to DK means that Bowser isn't the only viable heavyweight on the roster anymore. No, they don't.
  5. Awakening sold well, IS thought it was due to the "waifu dating sim" elements, so they included them in the following title. There you go, there's some sense for you. I know this isn't Wikipedia, but [citation needed]
  6. People liked it in Awakening, so why wouldn't they bring it back in the next game? It's not the same thing. Pairing up Kent with Lyn has no bearing on what happens in FE7 at all. Pairing two characters in Awakening, gets you a new chapter to play, and a new character to customise, and as one of those characters is a self-insert for the player, its obvious that the whole "waifu dating sim" thing is going to rear it's head.
  7. Is the last person to post in this thread.
  8. Until Awakening, only FE4 had that as a part of the actual gameplay, as all the other games had certain couples marry after the game had finished. The re-introduction of marriage as part of the gameplay is why the recent titles have been dubbed "waifu dating simulators". Put it this way: Shadows of Valentia didn't have the "waifu dating elements" that the two previous titles (Awakening and Fates) did, and comparatively didn't do all that well sales wise. So there is some justification there.
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