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  1. He said he didn't like Micaiah due to her terrible speed growth and promotion times. @NinjaMonkey said he didn't like Micaiah due to her terrible speed growth and promotion times.
  2. Male is the default option, so I don't need to set anything. Besides they can always call me by my username.
  3. Still doesn't fix one of my major issues with her, namely her awful promotion times.
  4. I steal a certain streamers WR's all the time and he's fine with it. All WR's are meaningless anyway, and complaing over someone stealing them sounds utterly pathetic to me.
  5. Taking WR's from people is not against the community guidelines at all, so I don't know what you're on about.
  6. The thing that's dark and vile is the current state of the videogame industry.
  7. An option to pay real money for extra stat boosters/weapons etc.
  8. If you can use Ike then you can use Mist. Other than that, Soren and Pelleas.
  9. Looking at the average stats for both Kyza and Skrimir, Skrimir would win since his level 40 averages are better than Kyza's stat caps.
  10. The Sheikah are very long-lived compared to Hylians, and since the Yuga Clan are Sheikah who turned to Ganon's side, it could very well be the same person.
  11. They aren't going to cap their magic stat anyway, that's the limiting factor. That you clearly have too much time on your hands, time which would be better spent doing something more productive.,
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