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  1. Why would you need to do that? The Black Knight doesn't have blessed armour in his final fight (aka the fight with him in the Tower of Guidance in Radiant Dawn) .
  2. Unlike Brexit, the wall will have to be paid for by generations to come, as maintenance doesn't come cheap.
  3. You consider building a wall across the US-Mexico border to be "a good use of tax dollars"?
  4. You clearly overrate Breath of the Wild. It's a 7 out of 10 game at most. Anyway, N64 > SNES> Wii U > GameCube > Switch > Wii
  5. Surely Giant Mega Man would make more sense for the Iron Giant, seeing as he's a humanoid robot?
  6. Pegasus Knights. Yet you like Pegasus Knights, which are just the same, but they fly.
  7. @IlbossIs there any reason why you made two threads, when you could have just made one titled "Favourite/Least favourite class"? Other than to clog up the forums? I don't. Anyway, Generals
  8. Path of Radiance is really unpolished, both in the gameplay and graphical departments. Hell, some of the playable cast don't even get their own unique in-game character model, which screams laziness on the part of IS. The story is forgettable and generic, and Chapter 27 is the worst chapter I've ever played in the series to date. In fact, the one and only reason I play PoR from time to time is if and when I want stat bonuses for certain units in RD. So yeah, in my opinion, Radiant Dawn is the vastly superior game.
  9. Marth is by far the worst lord I've ever used. He's so bad that I honestly prefer Micaiah over him (and we all know how much I hate Micaiah). At least she has a great magic stat to kill earlygame Horse/Armour units, Marth on the other hand has nothing that even compares to that. 1/10 Oops, I thought this was General FE, however I still stand by what I wrote.
  10. Thing is, Metal Gear Solid 5 released when the PS4 was still pretty new. In this example, however, we are talking about a potential Part 4 of the FF7 Remake here, releasing in 2025/6, which would be five/six years into the PS5's lifespan. At this point, why would Sony be releasing PS4 games?
  11. I'm still hoping for Phoenix Wright. As for the other one... I don't know... err, Reimu from Touhou?
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