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  1. Has been the last post in this thread for the last seven hours.
  2. I have three new courses uploaded: Progressive Power-up Panic - CTW-7NQ-HDF, Big Mario's Multiplayer Desert - PNV-HM7-9SF and Progressive Propeller Panic - MRJ-YMT-KMF.
  3. No, Gremlins was fine, as was Gremlins 2. The Witches (1990) on the other hand...
  4. Clearly hasn't heard that Nintendo has said that they won't censor their games (unlike Sony).
  5. I don't buy digital if I can avoid doing so.
  6. It's still not worth using Thunder magic exclusively, not for just one chapter. Also, Calill can't use the most powerful Thunder tome, anyway, as she can only get a S in Thunder Magic.
  7. Has frequent issues with her internet.
  8. Do all NQT's think like this, or is it just you?
  9. Too bad it's the one that very few people care about, right? Still, congrats, I guess.
  10. This "advice" makes no sense seeing as Thunder tomes are not only weaker than Fire (and Wind) tomes, they are also less accurate.
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