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  1. You can already give starting percentage handicaps to players. This already happens in Squad Strike.
  2. If anything, PoR is the one that needs touching up the most.
  3. You can't really title your game "Conquest" if it's about an internal conflict, since you aren't conquering anyone, just quelling rebel groups within your empire. I've always fantasised about a Mario game where you control the Koopa Troop, so a FE game controlling the villains would be right up my alley.
  4. I don't think it's a trope per se, it's just pandering (which was known as tokenism back in the 90's).
  5. There's two left and we probably aren't getting the next one until E3.
  6. That's not the same as using the power of friendship as a means of beating a villain. As an anti-social person, I can't agree.
  7. Further to my earlier answer: The heroes defeating the villain with the power of friendship is complete and absolute bollocks. Especially when those friends are just average joes with no power or influence.
  8. As a European, E3 is always a digital event. Anyway, some Metroid Prime 4 news would be nice.
  9. I feel the books are far superior to the films, and I'd say that the Goblet of Fire is best, with Half-blood Prince second.
  10. Is this FE Heroes? If so, you should get a staff member to move it to the sub-forum dedicated to it. Otherwise, I have no idea what you're on about.
  11. Having Con dictate a units' AS instead of Strength sucks, so no.
  12. Depending on the age of consent in Fodlan, it may be legal.
  13. I think everything under that blue line is a new post since you last visited the thread.
  14. There's a skill in Awakening called Acrobat that negates all terrain penalties, including those of water tiles.
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