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  1. Do you think you could post some facts from an outlet that isn't biased towards the left? I only ask because Politifact is biased towrds the left (according to what I've just seen), and I honestly don't trust it. Trust me, I lost nothing.
  2. None of which Larry Elder (who was the only viable candidate) was campaigning on. Considering that the Biden administration is letting in Covid positive migrants at the southern border and then transporting them to whatever state they want to go to, I don't think the government has a legitimate role in fighting Covid, since they are the ones helping it spread across the US. It's little wonder that the Supreme Court has told the Biden administration that they have to reinstate Trump's "Remain In Mexico" policy,, after the Federal goverment got sued by Missouri and Texas in a joint lawsuit..
  3. The UK should have annexed Malta like they wanted us to do. It was to avoid the massive amounts of US casualties that would have happened, had the US simply invaded Japan.
  4. Except the last two letters are wrong.
  5. The Geneva convention only applies to civilians and other non-combatants.
  6. It shows, given he can't even organise a tactical withdrawl of troops.
  7. I think that out of all the games I've played, Radiant Dawn handled it best.
  8. What states that there are any 'unused slots' to begin with? Just because Nintendo released one or two less Mii Characters upon a certain fighters reveal, it doesn't mean that they were supposed to be more. Anyway, all I'd want is Phoenix Wright, anything else I don't care about.
  9. So having a conservative opinion is against the rules is it now? When did happen exactly? Anyway, I was right about the whole 'defund the police = more crime' statement that I made, as the areas that have defunded the police (like Chicago) have had enormous spikes in the crime rate.
  10. I don't think that's unreasonable. Drive-in's aren't the place to be voting, polling stations are. I do concede that last year was a special case, seeing as the 2020 General Election took place during the worst of the pandemic, but that's not the case anymore. Just because a judge said it was alright in that case, doesn't mean it would be allowed in perpituity.
  11. Except they're actually giving people more hours to vote, which is the opposite of restricting voting hours.
  12. Drive-in voting has never been part of the election rules, and that one county decided to do that by themselves. They aren't allowed to do that, according to the Lt Governor. 87(1) SB 1 - Introduced version (texas.gov)
  13. Thing is, I've actually read the bill on the Texas Government website, and there are no restrictions at all. This bill actually increases the voting hours available to voters, requires the count to be livestreamed in areas with a population of 100,000 or more, and requires an official to watch over the voting process. There's nothing "restrictive" about this at all.
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