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  1. Oh great. Another 6+ months before I get a new chance at Felix. 3+ before he might be on a seasonal, but I am not holding my breath for that. I love the Church characters and was rooting for them to be added eventually, but... It's like Intsys took one look at CYL and decided to completely ignore the actual placing. Fhaerghus Four? Guess they are just three to Intsys. I've been getting my hopes up almost every month and at this point I think he just isn't going to be added. At least not before the game dies. Sorry, I had to vent a bit. Gonna try for Flayn and maybe a copy of Seteth or two.
  2. And there go my hopes for a Takumi+Tiki Harmonized Alt. Come on it would have been so cute and everyone would have lapped it up. We could have just handwaved Takumi's presence on this banner by saying he has dragon blood and gets possessed by a dragon or whatever. Oh well, I will probably still try for the duo and F!Grima, but not too much. We might actually get a Three Houses banner this month and Felix should be on it (though with the way Intsys has been treating him, I could see him left out yet again).
  3. Aaah Takumi! This is what finally makes me break down and spend money on this game. I should've known. His outfit looks great and they are really doubling down on his whole association with death... Which is sad, but also cool. Also good to finally add a new merge to him. I don't care if I am the only one that still uses him, this Resplendant is explicitly cartering to me and I couldn't be happier!
  4. Takumi all the way. Even if he is almost certain to lose. After that it'll be Dimitri or Tiki (though I assume she'll lose too)
  5. It's been a long time since I played, but it must be in one of those early chapters when the birds are introduced.
  6. The hawks defintelly do engage in piracy, but they only ever attack Begnion ships out of revenge for the Serenes Massacre. That's why Tibarn is disdainful about the Ravens actual piracy, because they do it solely for profit.
  7. A tsundere doesn't have to always 100% display all the traits at all times. But when you look at Takumi's Japanese My Room dialogue, he really reacts like it, he comes this close to saying he likes Corrin only to turn his head aside and go "No, it was nothing!" while clearly embarassed. He also has multiple moments like this in his supports where he wants to say something or confess something but breaks off due to embarassment or says it more vehemtently to cover up. Felix meanwhile has multiple moments where he is clearly concerned or more emotionally atrached than he lets on, but covers it up with anger. Like he is clearly concerned about Dimitri's state post-ts, but voices it as "Do something about that thing, I can't look at it."... while then proceeding to stare at "it" for an entire month. It's also the japanese voice actor really selling the pouting and obviously affected tone in a lot of scenes. He can only thank Sylvain after he already turned around to leave in their A+ support and still has a huge blush on his face and is very hesitant to say it. Basically both of them have a lot to their characters that goes beyond the archetype, but the main feature: Hiding affection or concern behind angry outbursts or pretensions of disdain, is still there.
  8. Takumi and Felix: Bring on the tsundere boys. Flayn and Sakura: Bring on the cinnamon rolls. Lorenz/Ferdinand and Maribelle: Bring on the high nobility.
  9. Not sure about the one on the right having short hair. It could be tied in a fancy hair knot.
  10. Was waiting all this time for Felix to get released before making another update, but it seems that will take even longer, so here we go: So 38 new 5*s between now and September (not counting the ones I got and foddered inbetween)
  11. Disappointed to be waiting even longer for Felix, but it is what it is. If he had debuted on this banner, he would have colour shared with Lysithea anyway, so it's probably for the better. My biggest fear is they'll make him a shitty GHB unit, like they have done to popular males in the past. Still got Solon to check off for White Cloud villains, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. Anyway, I am contractually obligated to try for Anette, as she is one of the cubs. Lysithea is also one of my most frequent recruits, so I want her as well. I however do not want to go below 200 orbs in my orb stash in case they pull a fast one and the next 3H banner is in early April or something. Poor Ferdinand. I am not the guy's biggest fan, but it's obvious he got screwed over.
  12. This is a win-win for me. If Altina wins I get a great unit, if Sothis wins I grt Time's pulse. Best possible outcomes to me so far.
  13. If Altina doesn't win the gauntlet, I'm gonna have to pull for her here, but I already have L!Roy, so this isn't appealing. Bonus doubler could be nice I guess, but it's not what I am aiming for. As for the Mythic, if it is indeed , that'd be another place to invest orbs. Colourless would seem likely and I ain't too hot on merging my Frima further. So yeah, not exactly an ideal banner for me either way.
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