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  1. I also asssume this isn't just for the benefit of the Brave alts, but the alt selection in general. So if War!Dimitri is more popular, we are probably also more likely to see swimsuit/christmas/whatever alts of that version.
  2. Maybe they want to use the plain war phase designs for Legendary alts and something else for the Brave ones.
  3. They already said that the votes between the academy/war versions will be tallied together, so nothing has changed from the initial predicitions. My guess is they did the split to figure out which version to make alts of.
  4. Spending half of my votes on Felix (He's great and I want him in the game). The other half will be split between Takumi (all-time fave) and Dimitri (favourite Lord in the series after Micaiah, who already won).
  5. Me! I love getting pitybroken by her, because it saves me 20k feathers when merging her up further.
  6. They might very well have colour sharing though. Last Thracia banner had two red units, so Intsys might as well not care.
  7. I think Ashe would be a GHB rather than Sylvain, considering when recruited you still have to fight him first most of the time, like Lorenz. If they don't go with seperate House banners, I imagine by now they could include characters who had the most positive initial reactions right after release (minus the ones already in). So it could look like: Felix (Infantry sword) Lysithea (Red Infantry tome) Sylvain (Lance Cavalier) Bernadetta (Colourless infantry bow) Before anyone says Dorothea, she is well-loved in the west, but Japan is rather lukewarm about her, so she could be left for later. Either Felix or Sylvain would demote. As for GHB, it would likely be either the Flame Emperor or Solon, as they are the last two of the Act 1 villain squad.
  8. Went over to Team Veronica, because I missed using her. Tad disappointed about Dimitri's loss, but considering how little people care about VGs at this point it really isn't an indicator of anything.
  9. Yukata and Haregi just describe different types of kimono. Yukata are light summer kimono, while Haregi describe any type of formal kimono, which are usually more intrictately designed.
  10. Got Lethe, Ranulf and Selkie. If the tickets can give me NY!Selkie, I'll have all four colours bonus units. Otherwise I'll just use Leanne for complete beast support.
  11. RNG was finally kind enough to give me a map that was actually possible to beat. Flying Nino almost ruined things, but it worked out in the end. Still wish there were more restrictions on what units can appear so I won't have to face monsters like F!Tiki with such a clown brigade again. That's basically an auto-lose.
  12. Still can't beat the last map, because even stacked to the teeth with amazing skills won't help these gen wunners against any 3rd gen with decent stats.
  13. Going with Dimitri. Just hope the discourse will be mild.
  14. Dimitri is crazy popular, so any guess not including him is going to be off-base imo, unless there is some truly big mass rally going on that pales in comparison to everything we have seen before. He's already been counted among the most popular Nintendo characters of all time so I don't know why anyone wouldn't predict him winning. On the female end, I am actually not sure if Edelgard is a lock. Her character is pretty divisive all around and polls so far have ranked her quite below the other two lords. Of course there hasn't been a poll in America where she is much more popular over all. My personal prediction is that she'll around rank 5 until the intermediate results are released, upon which her fanbase will do a rally and maybe secure her the second spot overall with the first likely being Anna. As for me personally, my votes will be split between Takumi and Felix.
  15. Celica getting a Legendary alt is great. It was only a matter of time really, but I am glad she is finally here. Unfortunately I won't be able to pull for her, because of the company she keeps and my current orb count being compromised. Red: The worst. I already have all these boys, and while they have good skills, I am not dying for any of them. Blue: Actually pretty good. I already have Dimitri, but wouldn't say no to more of the boy. More Peony couldn't hurt either, especially if I got one with an Atk Boon. Naga I've been wanting for a while, so great colour for me. Green: Celica is beautiful and I want her, but I have zero interest in Edelgard aside from maybe as skill fodder, my Thrasir could use a fix for her Spd bane, but it hasn't been too much of a problem so far (I actually don't use her much). Colourless: Decent. I got like 4 F!Grimas in the past and don't ever even use her anymore, but Eir is always a great pull and I do eventually want to get Claude. I'm not pulling on this banner, but my free pull priority is likely: Blue>Green>Colourless>>>>Red
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