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  1. Pretty much. I suppose most DC armours would work too, but the dragons just tend to have great mixed defenses, so it doesn't matter who the Rokrr is. I was able to permanently camp F!Tiki and Nowi/H!Myrrh next to the Rokkr, while the rest of the girls hammered the reinforcements down.
  2. Dragon Girls with Aether are you friends in this. Already have all the standard rewards and only keep playing for score now.
  3. It's strange how his character art looks so nice, yet his model is just horribly bland. Honestly, "Aside from my obsessions, I just want to sleep all day" is pretty relatable. I like him more than expected. Maybe I'll let him join the cool kids over in blue lions depending on what our recruitment limit is.
  4. Felix is doing it for me and I have seen many girls gush about the latter two. I have seen a LOT of girls going gaga over post time-skip Dimitri. Ashe also seems to get some attention in that departement though usually more of the mothering kind. Ultimately it all boils down to personal taste though and some peopleay just be turned off by the art style.
  5. It also didn't look too hard for you. Your girls just slotted in perfectly between the enemies and deleted them one by one in a perfectly timed motion. Poor Cynthia never stood a chance against these fliers~. I'll proceed with the Taku clear: @mampfoid @mcsilas @Landmaster @kirauza343 @ruruo @Azuris @Sasori @daisy jane Music: Like the Gale - Umineko no naku koro ni (Let's face it, this song screams Cynthia) After Gharnef, Cynthia steps up to try and continue the tradition of GHBs with reinforcements. Sadly, I just don't think she quite lives up to it. The stats on this map are just much easier to overcome, especially when there are no tanky dragons or armours to deal with. As a result, the Takus were able to one-shot everything and even tank a couple hits while steadily pressing forward. The only remotely scary thing to them was the Raven mage, but I only needed to inherit a breaker before Skadikumi was able to murder him without receiving any critical damage. Considering what these boys have faced before this, I am sure they welcomed the rather easy fight. Not sure when I'll upload the Princesses and Stars, since this weekend is simply going to be packed full with stressful stuff. I'll try to get to it when I can and hope to catch up with responding to all the other clears in this thread by the time I do. Until then!~
  6. Now I am all spooked out and it's not even Halloween. xD At the beginning you played it safe and I was a bit concerned you would be overwhelmed by the end, but Myrrh simply ate all those pesky green enemies and the rest weren't too much of a problem therafter. Nice tanking from Berkut. Those guys are as effective as they are scary too look at. Thanks! Let's hope they add these maps to a rotation like they did in the past. That way I could come back to this when I finally have a full Baby!Tiki-emblem!
  7. Another long gap between updates. Here I go: I finally reached 100. haha;; But to only have a net gain of 6 5* units in almost 4 months really shows how liberal I am with foddering them off to make my top faves better. Anyway, we'll see how this continues from here.~
  8. Well, I mean I gave a detailed explanation and argument for my case, but if you don't want to engage with that, that's fine too.
  9. And even with the flying pegasi, magic and all kinds of other creative freedoms with their "medieval" setting, the one thing they absolutely HAD to stay faithful to is the sexism? Sorry, but I really dislike this kind of argument. This isn't a historical treatise or even documentary, it's a fictional world created in the last years of the 20th century for a modern audience. When sexism is shown in old FE it's never actually a focus of anything in the story and pretty much just a random background fluff thing that vanishes everytime we get celebrated female warriors anyway. If you want to argue FE is just accurately representing the sexism of the time as a sort of force in the life of it's female characters, that's just not consistently true. There is no off-switch for the patriarchy in RL. So what's the point of implementing it in the first place? And representing the fact that women rarely join the military even today is also very farfetched to think of as the motivation for the game developers. Fact is, the low number of female units is just another expression of the 90s (and somewhat 00s) attitude towards female characters in video games as an after thought. It's as visible as Alm having to rescue every single female member of his army. That doesn't detract at all from the fact that Heroes prioritizes female characters solely on a money-based angle and treats them accordingly, while male characters get left in the dust.
  10. Glad you agree. 🙂 Yeah it's the most satisfying feeling. I felt really bad when I just couldn't beat it back then and now the tables have turned. As you said, the armour was especially infuriating. I couldn't help myself. Tiki and Tak-Tak do compliment each other very well. Takumi destroys everything from afar while Tiki protects him and baits the enemies to their doom. Oh that's definitely team kindhearted. So glad to see Sharena in the running again. This was a great sow, especially all the teaming up to take out guys you couldn't beat in one go. A close call for Louise but it only seemed to strengthen her. Sharena had quite the damage output. Overall you really didn't let the enemy intimidate you and actually made this map look pretty easy. Good Job!
  11. Finally some bunny ears that aren't unintentionally horrifying. Also those shades are dope.
  12. Oh man, they just had to bring out Brady and Nah when I am fresh out of (unsuccessfully spent) orbs. I have no choice but to skip out on this one. Sorry, Maribelle.. Though Nah being infantry red makes it less hard for me, since I couldn't face replacing my decently merged Baby!Tiki. Don't need to spent orbs for a dust gatherer, I suppose. Brady doesn't have too good a set, so I am really hoping he'll demote in a few weeks time. The sensitive son needs to join his moms and bro.
  13. Leif is indeed a great wall for an infantry sword. Yeah, I was unsure if it would wor out for her through the fight, but she managed to either kill the enemies right away or stay out of their way. I think telling her that is useless, she enjoys the fight too much at this point. haha;; Princesses worked great together, which was a relief with this map. Glad to have it thoroughly beaten now. xD And speaking of: @mampfoid @mcsilas @Sasori @kirauza343 @Azuris @daisy jane @ruruo @Robert of Normandy Music: Ghost Ship- from Grandia 1 (perhaps an odd choice of music, but I liked how the more sinister athmosphere fit with Gharnef, while the triumphant parts fit with the general feeling of glorious payback!) Tak-Tak helps the Tikis get revenge on this old bastard. I originally wanted this to be an all Tiki clear, but L!Tiki sadly still refused to show up for me, so the chance for that has now passed (considering Intsys doesn't re-add the old GHB maps anymore). Having three units with dragon effective attacks on this map definitely helped a lot, even if two of them being red limited my options a bit. F!Tiki was the mvp here, taking on lots of different enemies. Sunkumi shot up the left side, while Og!Tiki made sure he wouldn't get hurt. It was sweet to see how easy a time the Tikis had with this map and especially satisfying to murder Gharnef with F!Tiki. Now that's what I call a thorough payback. Hope you enjoyed!
  14. Thank you, yeah their mobility is truly wonderful. I am sure he is, considering he is currently living the dream of being a potent fighter. Sorry to hear about your continued lack of Leanne. I hope you can get her off this banner or the next one she appears on. Very nice team. They worked extremly well together. Alm and Celica obviously had a blast, while Nino played a vital role at many points. Even Azura got her kill in. Not a single move was wasted on this map. There was a point were you looked almost overwhelmed by the enemies, but the team pulled through admirably. Well done! Impressive. Raventome!Camilla is a real boon for this map. She cleared away so many of the pesky archers. Ophelia was of course overwhelming with her magical power. Nothing stood a chance against her. Siegbert had some close calls but you could see just how much power was behind his blows, especially with Galeforce making him go on a spree attack. A very well deserved victory all around!
  15. Thanks. It's definitely nice being able to plough through most enemies so well on player phase. Enemy phase is dodgier for them, but we also get cool moments like you mentioned. The green twins had to take a step back today and let the dragon girls do most of the job. It's funny how those two solved almost all problems simply by standing there. The enemies did NOT have a good time with them. Of course the boys still helped secure kills via buffing and sniping. Overall a very good clear that showcases the power of dragons. haha
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