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  1. Another SOV banner after 500 years and it doesn't have my man Luthier on it. Guess he's never gonna be added. *sigh* On another note, I am slowly losing interest in Heroes as it feels more and more like a chore. My plans are now to save until I have 500 orbs and then drop the game until more of my Three Houses favs are added. Seeing as the next banner is guaranteed to be Farfetched, I imagine it'll be a while.
  2. Agreed, though I feel Dimitri at least had enough meaningful connections with other characters throughout his route, so it didn't feel like a complete Byleth show. Still salty that they had to be the one to give him the final push to regaining his senses.
  3. With Byleth? I thought the A support was okay (excluding S, because Byleth is too much of a wall to make any of those work), but her tragic backstory in B only highlighted how schizophrenic her characterization is. You get this really extreme tale of abuse and afterwards you can immediately go do a support with another character where the game tells you to laugh at her again. It makes it hard for me take her seriously. It's primarily the fault of the support system, but since Bernadetta isn't a main character, that's where most of her character is developed. And I am also, again, not fond of how much the game pushes the "be the one to heal her pain" angle.
  4. Really happy to Dimitri and Felix so high up. They are both great characters who deserve the attention. Not surprised to see Edelgard where she is. They really should have commited on making her big bad/villain protagonist or super waifu instead of trying to have their cake and eat it too. I am not fond of seeing Bernadetta so high. As someone with anxiety myself, I really don't like how they portrayed her as either a moe blob or a joke character ("Look at her flail and shriek while happy music is playing. Hilarious! Isn't she so wacky and cute? Don't you want to heal her pain with your player love."). I don't want to imply people can't like her or relate to her, but personally I am put off. I am mostly happy with the rest of the placements, though I feel Dorothea should be higher.
  5. lThey pumped all their attention into Hector and forgot to leave anything good the others. L'Arachel is particularly shafted. I don't use Rally Skills, so this is looking like a complete kit replacement aside from.. SS2. This feels spiteful. There is no reason they couldn't have given her 3. I love her as a character, but seeing as I already have a bunch of green tome horses, she just doesn't seem worth the investment. I am feeling pretty bitter about it. sigh
  6. I only have Rinea, so I guess I'll join her despite not liking the character.
  7. If you look at their twitter, you'll notice their art before Heroes is actually pretty good too. It's not a matter of technical improvement, but likely the art was very rushed under a strict timelimit.
  8. Update Time: 23 new 5 stars is a pretty good rate for me.
  9. Yup, nothing to see here. My orbs are save. Hope Rinea at least brings good skills to the table.
  10. Great, if this is indeed Berkut and Rinea and the other two characters are of a similar caliber, they'll really make my decision to save for the next Three Houses banner an easy one.
  11. My personal order of priority for each house (With those who should be on the next banner in bold): Black Eagles: Dorothea > Caspar > Linhardt > Ferdinand > Bernadetta (Could also be Bernadetta given popularity) Blue Lions: Felix > Sylvain > Dedue > Ingrid > Annette > Ashe (After the last banner had two Black Eagles, I feel Blue Lions deserves two reps this time and one should be Dedue out of fairness. Felix or Sylvain could be equally likely, but I think it will be Felix due to his closer relationship to Dimitri) Golden Deer: Leonie > Lorenz > Lysithea > Raphael > Marianne > Ignaz (while I like Leonie and Lorenz more, Lysithea is more popular than either of them and I think she will be a priority) As for possible alts, I can only say what I want: Dancer!Dorothea. Also Dancer!Felix, because of all the hints that he actually loves it, but is too tsundere to admit to it. Valentines!Slyvain is a hopeful given.
  12. I picked Blue Lions first and never once regretted it. Those guys are my babies and I'll treasure them forever. I do like other characters from other houses though, so here are my highlights fir each of them: Dorothea: First off, I just love her design. She is super pretty and really looks like someone who is/used to be an opera star. Then there is her personality: While I am usually not that fond of golddigger types (Charlotte is over the top enough for me to enjoy her), Dorothea really makes me feel for her. She honestly fears not making it on her own in the long run and that if she doesn't find a soulmate she'll be left in the dust with nothing but her perishable looks. That's a really tragic way of viewing herself and her life (considering one of her dislikes is herself). Especially when she is such a loveable person otherwise, often looking out for others and always aiming to bond with them emotionally. (While not afraid to call out shitty behaviour) I had my eyes on her from tue beginning, but I love how sympathetic she turned out to be. Felix: I do admit to liking the tsundere archetype more than most people, so Felix already appealed to me for that reason. However, he is a lot more than that. The fact that he is understandably alienated from Dimitri after witnessing the others violent tendencies and vocally calls him out on it is really good. Seriously, I love Dimitri, but I hate it when some fans just put him on a "boo boo can do nothing wrong" kind of pedestal. Felix can tell what's gonna happen at some point and is in the right, even if his sense of betrayal makes him lash out more harshly than necessary at times. I also really love how he is a "Navarre archetype" that's not simply an edgy loner, but actually really vulnerable to the fact that most of the people around him idealise this concept of self-sacrifice as the ultimate virtue. He just really doesn't want to lose anyone else, while all his friends and family seem to be looking for the most ideal way to die and implicitly expect him to do the same. And it grates him so much, he'd rather just push them away entirely. Ironically, he just cares too much. Then he throws himself into his swordtraining, because it's the one thing he feels he has left for himself and most of the endings where he ends up a mercenary give off the vibe that he's just doing the only thing he can think of. Byleth can even mention how he reminds them of themself in the past: Someone who goes from battlefield to battlefield without a real thought as to why they are doing that or for what exactly. During tea parties and it supports, it becomes clear how he also loves things like cats, dancing, the opera, children etc. yet he hyperfocuses on this one thing to the exclusion of all else. I haven't seen his S-support with Byleth, but the common theme for his supports seem to be about teaching him to let others close again. I don't know, but I am a sucker for this guy, if you couldn't tell. Hilda: I haven't finished her route yet, but I really like this girl. She is deliberately lazy because she fears not living up to other's expectations if she tries. She is actually very powerful and smart, yet doesn't quite believe it. Claude does though, and I really like their interactions. Overall, I didn't expect to like her as much as I do now.
  13. Blue Lions, no question about it. It fels like it has about twice as much content as Black Eagels, which was pretty bare bones.
  14. Just poking in for a bit, because of course I couldn't miss this fight! Still supremely busy, but I managed to squeeze out enough time for the most important clear of them all: @mampfoid @Landmaster @Zeo @mcsilas @daisy jane @Sasori @Robert of Normandy @kirauza343 @ruruo Takus versus Takus Music: 1. Flowing Waters (Fire Emblem Fates) 2. Battle with the twin demons Lechku and Nechku (Okami) - the last one seemed fitting and the mechanical sounds they make during the fight do sound a bit like a puppet being wound up... Anyway guys, this is the big fight. The one I never imagined I'd be able to do with just the Takus. And look how far they and me have come. This honestly didn't take me too long to figure out. Skadikumi was the big star here, with just how much firepower he now has. I am so proud of him. The others more than did their part as well though. Nyakumi really took that hit like a champ and managed to rid me of that pesky healer, while Sunkumi annihilated anything I pointed him at and even OG!Takumi got some critical shots in. The end I was most proud of, because not only did I manage to outdo the AI evil Takus with my own, but also had normal Taku triumph over one. Really this clear, more than any of the others, shows that you can still achieve your dreams even when your fave happens to only get colourless alts with barely two weapon types between them. I am really happy I got to show this off. Not sure how much I'll be able to reply, so I'll preemptively thank everyone for watching and hope to see you again sometime early- to mid-September!
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