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  1. Glorious +5 Speed thanks to having Speed Superboon and how the neutral numbers worked out. Lost 1 HP/Atk and 2 Res but I'd say its well worth it. Just need a Mila to fodder off to his A slot and I think he's basically perfect in being annoyingly tanky for AR-D.
  2. Man none of those are particularly amazing "must have" banners. I guess Peony and More so I can fish for more Mirror Stance 3? Changing Winds is mostly absolute already. Dread Isle is very "meh". Harmony at least has Annette and Lysithea. For the current upcoming spark banner: depends entirely on if I actually have orbs or not. Miiiight go for Shannan or Ced.
  3. TMS won't be happening now I don't think. Next Resonance Battle is a TMS/RD combo, good chance around that time a banner will have a TMS/RD combo unit. Or at least TMS units period because they've had exactly one banner and one freebie unit. Wish TMS wasn't included in that rotation, but here we are. Bleh.
  4. I think the arguments that it doesn't match Sigurd's hair are officially out the window now given the Cipher art here. Sheesh it almost fits perfectly particularly when you see the color in the Cipher art and then imagine a similar thing on the silhouette.
  5. Very rough sketch done by somebody on GameFAQs. We're like 90% sure its an FE4 banner because they randomly went back through some FE4 cast's dialogue recently and changed the spelling of a name very recently (and they would probably only do that when about to release a character that references that name or is in fact that character). Sigurd fits quite well, particularly since Deirdre has a very strong butterfly theme I'm not aware of any other characters specifically who have a butterfly theme, doubly so within FE4. Could be Arvis and Deirdre technically which would be... something to be sure. Also based on the name that was changed people are thinking Ayra will be another one of the characters on the banner.
  6. Soooo, on the previous discussion on "if" Male Corrin was likely or not: he's now guaranteed and is already in progress if not completed and just waiting for his release window. As you can see, they put the title after "Legendary Corrin". They only do that when there's going to be an alt with the same name. This was seen with Alfonse when the quests involving him changed from just "Alfonse" to "Alfonse: Askr Prince" right before his Spring alt came out. We've also seen this happen a few other times with a few other units right before their alt was released: they never include the title after the name unless an alt exists. Noticeably, Legendary Robin is still referred to as "Legendary Robin" for her mythic defeat accessory. However if that ever changes its fairly safe to assume that Male Legendary Robin is arriving that month.
  7. New B skill looks like it could be great for Ashnard. He's always going to get doubled, might as well make it 1.5 attacks instead of 2 attacks.
  8. Man Sorcery Blade went from being one exactly one unit to Sacred Seal. I think that shows how little anybody used the skill. Too niche for A slot.
  9. Banners are made 6+ months in advance based on what we found out in an interview before, with the VAing done last. Nothing to do with time on this one, artwork/stats would have been made roughly back at the start of January at latest, before covid really started spreading. They planned these four characters that far back. Now what it does mean, is that banners moving forwards could have a lot more VAing oddities depending on the various situations.
  10. I think the Say'ri thing was attentional to emphasize her foreign nature within Awakening. Which... kinda doesn't fully work because Walhart but the same thing could happen to her brother. idk, can anyone who speak Japanese tell me if she's speaking in a different tone/formalness level compared to the rest of the japanese VAs? If she is I'd say I'm on the money for the reason why she has no English voice. Disregard, missed notification about English VAing coming later. But yeah, weird banner. Full skip.
  11. Literally one unit in the entire franchise. Literally one in the entire franchise out of 100s of characters That I would pull for for non-meta reason on a bridal banner. And they make her a Duo Hero even. And pull this on me during the first time in 1.5 years I've been flat out on orbs due to Fallen Ike taking forever to come home. To the point I spent more money in the last two weeks on this game than I had during the previous 6 months combined. ... ~~~Don't care, too busy fanboying~~~
  12. Finally a good banner. Very glad I was starting to stockpile orbs, I want everyone but Corrin.
  13. I'm expecting them to be dragon units who's prf breaths all target def instead of res given that's what red (and I think black?) dragons hit in FE9/10. Still have adaptive damage naturally.
  14. Special Heroes, not New Heroes. Therefor, no guaranteed summon.
  15. Forget powercreep, Caeda is pure powersprinting with that weapon.
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