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  1. Rate my weird luck on this banner I suppose: Was exclusively aiming for Micaiah. Free Pick - Micaiah Start - 703 Orbs Snipe Green, if no Green Blue, if no Blue Red Dimitri - 641 Left Kaden - 603 Left Sue - 593 Left Dream!Male!Corrin - 578 Left Ophelia - 517 Left Brave Eliwood - 512 Left Brave Eliwood - 497 Left Flying Nino - 483 Left Berkut - 469 Left Owain - 464 Left Kana - 415 Left Brave Eliwood - 347 Left Yarne - 327 Left Rhajat - 309 Left Brave Eliwood - 182 Left Brave Micaiah - 80 Left Brave Micaiah - 6 Left 5* Orb Cost Average: 41.35 Orbs Focus Unit/Pity Breaker Ratio: 6/11 Highest Amount of Green Orbs on a Banner: 3 Unique 5*s: 13 5*s From List I Had Before Pulling: 5
  2. Micaiah and Eliwood are the clear winners to me, both being anti-meta units with other upside. Camilla looks... borderline worthless frankly, basically discount/flying Brave Veronica. Alm looks great but is a great unit in a very heavily contested role: will probably be excellent at first but slowly drop off over time. I have 550 orbs and counting. I'm seeing how many Micaiahs I can pull.
  3. Dat Ursala art. Don't think I'm pulling for any, but still.
  4. Don't think its Elinca: besides her already being on a summer banner (yes the kimono one or w/e counts as a summer banner)... said banner is going to be out at the same time as this new one. No way they try to sell a seasonal for the first time while having the old one available as well. That's just splitting that character's fanbase's orbs instead of trying to cover more ground. Bad for business. Anyhow, right could be manakete, or that pointing bit could be part of a hair accessory. Too tall to be Nowi, and both Tikis already have summer outfits. Beyond that its fair game for the manaketes... though probably not Fae or Myrrh either. Could be Idunn, could be Kana, could be Nah. Left is "almost literally anyone as long as they're slim". EDIT: Screw it, going to guess Alm and Faye.
  5. Good art, fantastic weapon + C skill combo. A slot certainly not bad, B probably gets swapped out but its decent filler.
  6. Given how many seasonals we have left this year, Three Houses will most likely get the remaining 2-3 normal banners left in 2019 spread throughout the year. Some of the other slots that would normally go to non-seasonals are going to CYL3 and Farfetched Heroes 3, and then most likely Book 3 Villains 2-man banners as that's probably wrapping up before Dec. I'm going to assume only one GHB/TT unit actually for the lot of them. And I'm not so sure they'll get any Legendary/Mythic units yet, those don't follow patterns as closely.
  7. I kinda want more Sigurd merges, but I'm holding out for Dancing Micaiah and then Brave Micaiah. 325 orbs saved up and counting! Did do the free pull + 4 orbs for the one other red in my summoning circle, no dice.
  8. Raven has a prf though. I mean, the stat spread looks pretty good but end of the day... Raven and Linus have an excellent prf. She does not. She's basically upgraded Legion.
  9. Already partly covered by others, but L.Ike is the only character who can have Built in DC + Radiant Aether + Special Spiral. Throw in the Breath of your choosing and it gets downright nutty how much sustain he can have despite his low Res stat. Starts reaching the point where you basically needs to 1SK him because if he retaliates he's going to heal most of it back every time. Now, the DC only prf weapons could probably start being looked at for minor refines, but as is L.Ike still has a unique build that nobody else can quite duplicate.
  10. Gunnthra is absolutely worthless skills wise. The other two girls though: helloooooooo more T4 skills including Swift Sparrow 3.
  11. My base arena team of Nowi, Fae, and Adult Tiki are running wild in this mode. Just a slaughter fest. Ahoy Warding Breath + Aether (or Wrath + Aether in Fae's case).
  12. One I'm familiar with calls Shanna Shanna. From what I remember its still fairly stiff, and when I see people talking about the translation its still referred to as being stiff. Maybe its more the game dialogue itself then?
  13. @Cirosan and crew: just out of curiosity, would you all consider doing a translation of FE6? I read the Q&A on the front page so I know about the interest in programming/SPRG Studio/Berwick Saga/etc from various members of the team. Certainly don't mean immediately but sometime down the road. FE6 is in a place where it has a fully functional translation patch that's nowhere near as rough as the original FE5 translation patch was, but has a problem of being extremely stiff as they went heavy on the literal side of the translation and ends up coming across as rather boring to read with only part of the fault lying with the original writing. It could probably use a translation that takes minor liberties to try to figure out the characterization of the characters and give the game a bit more life and since there is already a heavily literal translation it should reduce some of the bellyaching about "b-b-but my literal translation, y u no gib it too me" complaints that you ran into with FE5. Could even advertise it as such out of the gate (call it a localization instead of a translation) and based on how many GBA FE hacks there are the actual process itself should be much simpler I'd imagine. Very much enjoying FE5 still, now bashing my head against 4x because boy did I run through the healing items in the previous chapter.
  14. This one was pretty easy even on Inferno. Took my +1 Fallen Corrin (DC, Null C-Disrupt, Attack Smoke, Warding Stance Seal), moved her into bushes after Rally Atk/Spd was applied. L.Azura danced for her, F.Corrin moved up within range of everyone. Almost everyone died. Next turn F.Corrin got a bit healed by Eir existing on the team, F.Corrin finished off one unit, L.Azura danced her and then Eir repositioned L.Azura away. F.Corrin moved up to the top of the map killed one unit, last unit suicided on her.
  15. You do know if/when they remake it, it will get the Echoes treatment and have completely revamped dialogue, possibly additional characters added, as well as bonus maps added right? There is no such thing as a 1:1 translation. Not one that's good because things don't translate 1:1 between languages. Particularly in a game like this where they flat out screwed up one of the lines of dialogue and tell you that everyone else auto-retreats with Leif. Time to get over that idea. Its never going to happen. Even if/when Project Naga finishes Tharcia they will have altered dialogue as well.
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