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  1. Baby Innes and Tana Baby Ephraim Baby Erikia Baby Lyon SS did have a few flashbacks to when they were younger, but I don't remember how long the twins were in Grado. Long enough that these could represent the first year?
  2. Edelgard Dimitri Risen!Chrom ...What colourless bow options do we have for this slot? GHB: Angry!Wyrs (they've directly referenced this in a Forging Bonds and its a Cipher card. It would be a hilarious option) Also if they wanted to pull something completely out of left field... Mist. She's able to hold onto the Fire Emblem because of her control of her emotions. If for some reason you let her attack The Black Knight in FE9 she's rather furious. Imagine a version of Mist where Ike was slain while she was holding the Fire Emblem.
  3. They don't do weapon upgrades like that anymore, most likely because of what it did to Eliwood. Next to impossible to make a sword calvary unit sell among the whales because he's probably better. Haven't done it in years at this point. It will be a Falchion under a different name so its separate from all of the other ones in terms of upgrading.
  4. Voting Priam, because I want chaos and watching the bickering about every single little line of dialogue he ever says about if he's actually descendant from Ike or not. Awakening doesn't have a lot of banners left in it, realistically just 2 full banners and a couple left out characters/seasonal fodder characters. As long as he's in the top 4 for Awakening units he should make it in this year assuming they stick to every game getting at least one banner. And then I can sit back with a bowl of popcorn and watch large portions of the FE fandom tear itself apart.
  5. That's why I said first playable Avatar.
  6. Its a Harmonic Duo, can't be in the same game. And it needs to be a Harmonic Duo for a set of games they haven't made a pair for yet. And ultimately it's impossible for Kris to be a nobody. He was the first playable Avatar, that automatically makes him more important than like.... 99% of the the 600+ Fire Emblem characters that exist. Certainly more of a somebody than Lene which an even smaller part of the fanbase knows about.
  7. Simple, Avatar + Avatar pairing. Despite what some circles like to believe, Kris isn't the most hated unit ever. Kris' banner sold not great but not bottom of the barrel as seen here: https://imgur.com/a/uDE4mzD. Very large portion of the fanbase that has no clue who Kris is because they're casual fans and never bothered to emulate Heroes of Light and Shadow and have only played Awakening/Fates/3H/Echoes, and thus they don't hate Kris. Its fairly reasonable to assume that an Avatar + Avatar pairing would be enough to offset some of the older fans who don't like Kris, particularly since technically Kris and Robin are from the same content and they could have some very interesting conversations about how things changed. If they wanted to crash the banner's sales they would add FE6 characters, as that was the banner that did the worst last year and didn't have anything around it to drive down sales (unlike Jill's banner who did poorly but had multiple major limited time banners around it among other things which meant people had no orbs to drop on her banner).
  8. If we wanted a more normal spread of characters, I think they could have done the following to make a good banner: Tharja M!Robin + F!Kris Katarina Etzel (Demote) TT: M!Kris Probably would sell better as well.
  9. I think this is the first hamonic banner with 3 games on it instead of just 2 (if that's not the case I'm sure I'll be bombarded with replies correcting me)? And its an Awakening themed banner with only 1 Awakening unit? Dorthea gets two seasonal alts before making it to the main summoning pool? Reins being tossed at us left right and centre? Debuff doubler weapons (which I'm sure F!Ike loves the existence of)? Very weird banner.
  10. Reginn has freaking canto in her weapon. Full 3 move returned. Its a [] effect so its going to be showing up more. And it specifically says it can proc multiple times with Galeforce. Hope you all can make your AR-D teams Galeforce proof as of tomorrow!
  11. Reminder with the guesses: next set of Harmonic Battles has FE 1/3 and FE4 as the focus. Neither game has a Harmonic Duo rep. Assuming the silhouette is of the duo one of those two should be from one of those two (three technically) games. Unless we're supposed to be getting a regular duo character in which case I got no clue.
  12. Well at least this means she's probably not threatening for a CYL5 slot. And Galeforce strategies for Astra season are a lot more open.
  13. Glorious +5 Speed thanks to having Speed Superboon and how the neutral numbers worked out. Lost 1 HP/Atk and 2 Res but I'd say its well worth it. Just need a Mila to fodder off to his A slot and I think he's basically perfect in being annoyingly tanky for AR-D.
  14. Man none of those are particularly amazing "must have" banners. I guess Peony and More so I can fish for more Mirror Stance 3? Changing Winds is mostly absolute already. Dread Isle is very "meh". Harmony at least has Annette and Lysithea. For the current upcoming spark banner: depends entirely on if I actually have orbs or not. Miiiight go for Shannan or Ced.
  15. TMS won't be happening now I don't think. Next Resonance Battle is a TMS/RD combo, good chance around that time a banner will have a TMS/RD combo unit. Or at least TMS units period because they've had exactly one banner and one freebie unit. Wish TMS wasn't included in that rotation, but here we are. Bleh.
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