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  1. Fire Emblem Justice & Pride https://feuniverse.us/t/fire-emblem-justice-pride-full-length-fe8-hack/5922
  2. Does it tho? I mean not necessarily them turning into a dragon but more so the person responsible for them being able to do so, he who cannot be named aka the Silent Dragon. It’s not Corrin who influences the story but the fact he’s their father.
  3. I'm actually glad we got the female counterparts for Ephraim, Hector/Eliwood, Chrom, and Alm over them because it allows for more diversity among the lords themselves. Female lords before Edelgard had always been seen as second to their male counterpart and never got to shine, this game could be their chance to do so.
  4. Micaiah is in the game as are Roy and Ike they're seen on the mural of the Emblems
  5. Tiki, mainly because I want to see her bond with Alear over both being Divine Dragons and maybe she gives them a Dragon Breath Engage attack
  6. Frammé is also the healer? This is an interesting concept and I wonder how it will tie in with her character story/development and class/combat/unit development. Also that Alear will have a class that allows him to transform into a dragon and use breath attacks or some type of transformation, I do hope that his being a Divine Dragon is important to the story... unlike some other god dragon lords I know.
  7. I'm upset Alear isn't wielding breath weapons despite being a divine dragon, like I just want a Divine Dragon lord who isn't wielding swords
  8. Yay….another Corrin except this time Mikoto is the dragon.
  9. So the lord is a girl and not a guy. So she’s basically female corrin
  10. I’m curious about the classes and the supports. Because it seems Malig or a new Wyvern class might be in the game
  11. I've always wondered this playing Genealogy of the Holy War, but what made having Major Blood so special than having Minor Blood? While I get only Major Blooded characters can wield the Divine Weapons of their respective bloodlines, it still never made sense to me storywise. Were they meant to be the next incarnation of the Crusaders to stand against Loptyr? or were they simply meant to signify who was important and who wasn't? I do like that three Houses kind of abolished this kind of weird mechanic as it doesn't matter if you have a Major or Minor Crest you can still wield your bloodline's Hero Relic or Sacred Weapon. But why didn't they just call them Crests then?
  12. As do I, mainly because I need a Hubert x Monica paired ending, Edelgard x Monica paired ending, and my all time fav Claude x Marianne AU pairing. Also, why did Edelgard have Petra come? She must have known how awkward and weird it would be for her to fight alongside the guy who killed her father.
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