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  1. Could I submit the Camus Archetype if so here she is but she doesn't get recruited until Lagdou Ruins Edelgard Von Hresvelg - Eisner - the Emperor of The Adrestian Empire was summoned here by(Final Dragon Boss) and forced to fight against your army but remains loyal due to the fact that (he or she) holds the man she loves captive(Byleth)
  2. Actually turns out I was wrong on the whole fetubers part but it was cancelled thanks to a lot of negativity I'll miss it. EN and Midnight Sun was how I got into Fire Emblem.
  3. Here's Cora - a manakete retainer chosen by the goddess of Serenia to watch over her daughter Emiri, she works alongside Crimson who tends to get on her nerves for how much Crimson slacks, is dutiful, prideful, and doesn't really understand human nature. Age: 17(17000)
  4. The love for Dmitri's whole "bad boy" is disgusting the dude killed children and enjoyed it. Claude's parents should have been Judith and Nader just change Judith's crest to the crest of Reigan. And make Nader the king of Almyra. Also I love Elibean Nights sad it's cancelled thanks to *cough cough* certain fetubers
  5. Kellam you could have kellam go assassin and get lethality then have him pass it down to Yarne also Yarne and Kellam support hilarious 10/10 Sadly I wanna say Gregor since if he isn't paired off he falls back in with the cult that imprisoned Nowi... But who are u pairing Cordelia with?
  6. Well since I was one of the manakete character's last time I guess I could do it again Character name: Corra Forum Name: Edelgard Hresvelg Targaryen Class: Manakete Affiliation: Protagonist Recruitment: If @Ice Dragon and @thecrimsonflash want to do this again around the same time they are or when you figure out the shapeshifting characters. Late recruitment around chapter 18 Other: High Strength, Ok magic, speed, and Dex, High def and res. I'll add her portrait later shoutout to @Waleed for making it.
  7. To the end of a Dream - I like how it somewhat offers a challenge and the theme is amazing. Grima - It was truly amazing and that theme but sadly it felt boring...
  8. Tharja x Henry Nowi x Donnel - Pass down Aptitude then reclass her to mercenary to get armsthrift her high luck will help Sully x Virion Olivia x Lon'qu Lissa x Stahl Miriel x Ricken Maribelle x Gaius Vaike x Cherche Panne x Libra
  9. Mine would be what if dragons/manaketes could coexist with humans, but there are those that think that humans trusting dragons will be the end of humanity. There is the Aeterna Empire which is where humans and manaketes reside and are ruled by the mysterious Empress Maeve. The Three Gods Church which is lead by the Archbishop Iset(this is a dude) who also provides missions to the students at the Imperial Training Knights Academy. There are 12 kingdoms that make up Banbha's land and the islands that surround it Perea, Achaea, and Judea(the border island between Fodlan and Banbha). Most people in Banbha worship the Three Gods: Anath - The Mother of All Life, her very breath brought life to the land. Isis - The Lady of the Skies and Stars, moved the stars to guide the lost and blew winds to send them home. Vulcan - Father of Weaponry and Fire, forged weapons for men and was even said to have forged the Hero Relics of Banbha. While others worship Thoth- The Father of Magic(Anima and Dark), it is said that he taught magic to humans. I plan on writing this into a novel or fanfiction. There are 4 main lords Nayuta - the son of two legendary knights Lucille and Osias was raised in Lanercoast Village, despite being a commoner he bears a Mysterious brand and holy blood.(No he isn't like Alm it's gonna be a twist) He is the class representative of the Phoenix class. Age: 17 Major (still have to find a name for it) Blood. Aryana - the youngest princess of the (don't have a name yet) kingdom, she is the second in line for the throne. She attends the school in hope of finding her purpose in life as unlike most people at the school who are the heirs to their houses and kingdoms, while she is not. Class Representative of the Dragon class, Bears Major Brand of Cianna Age: 16 Hiyori - the eldest princess of the (don't have a name yet) kingdom, Aryana's older sister. She is the heir to the throne and the Priestess of Flames, despite the fact that she wants to explore. Class representative of the Swan class, Bears the Crest of Flames, Age: 18. Ryota - a boy raised in a mercenary group to raise money to get him and his sister to the academy, Aryana's childhood friend who she claims is her "hero". Hides a terrible secret that only a selected few know about. Class representative of the Knight class, bears Major Brand of (don't have a name yet and is not related to Nayuta's). Age: 18 Nayuta - Sword Lord Aryana - Mage Lord Hiyori- Axe Lord Ryota - Lance Lord
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