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  1. Does anyone else think that the hero relics are made from the goddess I mean think about it Sword of the CREATOR the goddess
  2. didnt ur whole topic about the whole romance and how u didnt care get closed why are u posting here if ur not pairing ur byleth good for u. Byleth is better than robin anyway.
  3. Same here i need timeskip Marianne , Dorothea, and Petra, matter of fact every black eagle besides Edelgard,and Caspar and I also need Annette, Mercedes,Ingrid, Ignatz , Dedue, Flayn, and Cyril.
  4. Byleth is the same age as the students in fact he's the youngest professor at the monastery what I find weird is romancing the teachers they're older than Byleth.
  5. 1st. Black Eagles they are the god tier house + Marianne,Ingrid,Sylvain,and Lysithea 2nd. Golden Deer they're characters interest me more than the BL. 3rd. Blue Lions I'm not really interested in them. they're boring
  6. This is not TRUE both marianne And lysithea can be seen in the battle
  7. Lemme me just say if Edelgard does kill Marianne I will warp myself into three houses and pull a Jon Snow Season 8 series finale on Edelgard.
  8. I like this and no this is not to bait people into writing walls of text about how bad fates is cause mine is Sacred Stones the story was boring and the characters needed more character development. But I did know fates was going to be a number one pick.
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