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  1. Just joking. The teleportation is usually associated with Fliers and Orders skills.
  2. Of course, wouldn't want Fallen Tiki to be powercreept. I'm looking forward to a prf C slot that gives +2 Mov if he's solo and Canto. We have armors that are fliers (Edelgard), infantry that are cavalry(Alm and Yuri), now it's time for Armors that are cavalry. Speaking of which, I'm thinking the new Fafnir could be on next year's Fallen banner. As far as Mythics go they would still need to release his base version.
  3. Random thought, maybe they'll give Balthus 4 star Quick Reposte. From the trailer he has Instant Axe and Brazen Atk/Def (which is already available on Ares). War Master has QR as a mastery skill, so there could be a reference to that, like how Brazen is a reference to his King of Grappling skill.
  4. I thought so at first, but it looks like an Axe version of Instant Lance. They really shafted him IMO. How are you going to have the "King of Grappling" without grappling. This is why I wasn't expecting these guys until Book 6. Also watch Aelfric be a staff unit and not a Beast. From Gatekeeper's attack animation Aelfric was wielding a Tome so there's that. I'm surprised by Hapi and Contance's tome colors. Hapi is a dark mage which is more associated with red tomes. She's basically a ranged Brave Eliwood, and a damn good demote. I already knew she wasn't going to have good speed before they showed the combat and stats, but she's great regardless. Slaying and built-in Time's Pulse is nuts. Yuri looks crazy too. This banner is super bait, that I might bite if the Legendary Hero Remix goes well for me. WTF, I called Hapi a demote (I knew it was too good to be true), but it doesn't say she's available at 4 star. Isn't this going to upset people since this isn't a CYL or Fallen banner?
  5. There is one, but it's on page 4 right now. It been a while since anyone's interacted with it.
  6. It's funny how Nifl can appear as a random enemy. She literally showed up next to Muspell on my first run. Of course her Domain of Ice and his Dragon Wall made things a little more complicated.
  7. VG has been cursed all year for me. It's either I'm on the popular team and get last couple of hours multiplier screwed or I'm on the less popular team and can't get that type of luck. I guess the summer VG wasn't too bad with Ashe's team somehow beating Mercedes at Same, then Caspar slaying the goat. Ironic that Marianne might break the curse, but Ephiram is here somehow.
  8. Looking at the banner from a title perspective, it's funny how it's a Geneology banner, but it's just the harmonized lead as a Thracia character. Like how the bridal banner was FE6, but the harmonized lead was the only one from another game. Although it's weird how Nanna is only considered as a Thracia and not both like Leif is.
  9. I'm not looking forward to dealing with H!Leif in pvp modes. You could deal with H!Mia using QR or just being faster than her, but this guy will always be annoying.
  10. Oh god, same hell with Gatekeeper vs. Marianne. And according to the score trackers it's going to be that way for the rest of the day or until the last few hours. I need to be wary of this in the future, because sitting on so many flags and not being able to spend sucks.
  11. Thunder Armads is going to have a refine before regular Armads at this rate...
  12. Aha! I get to dust off an old unit. @GuiltyLove The cheese continues. Here's the one-turn clear. @SatsumaFSoysoy Similar execution to my first clear I see, but you completed the map sooner.
  13. Pff this is an easy one-turn, time to bring out L!Leif. Miracle on Micaiah and Guard on the Lance Cav... Guess I have to play this normally. Still I'm trying to use CYL!Marianne, Harm!Dorothea, Harm!Catria with Velouria support. And... Verouria can't kill the Healer. I'll have to find someone else.
  14. Ah I can finally +10 that Tailtiu I've had sitting around. She's been sitting at +9 because I couldn't decide between +Atk or +Spd, then Ophelia came and so on.
  15. Got Harm!Dorothea and Duo!Lif (-Atk+Spd of course) without too much hassle. YOLO summoned both V!Henriette and Duo!Hinoka so that was amazing. The CYL banner however, continues to be a pain. 2 off focus 5 stars in the 80 summons, and I had to spark 2 of the focus characters and pick another from the other banner. I feel like I should just stop even though it's at 5.25%, I can just feel the off focus coming. Sorry Gatekeeper maybe sometime in the future.
  16. As long as you're getting through fine it doesn't matter too much. Chapter 19, that's the map where you have to protect Claude. Honesty that map is a real pain, this is where a 1 or 2 turn clear is probably the best. And I think chapter 21 is going to be pretty annoying without some good fliers.
  17. Sounds like you're having a rough time if not properly utilizing the Flier classes. Definitely get Death Blow on units like Seteth, and farm strength boosters if Swift Strikes or anyone's combat arts aren't one rounding enemies. In-house Ingrid is kind of weak, but she can be patched up. Dismounting with Alert Stance+ and the innate Avoid+10 that the Master flier classes have makes for great dodge tanking. Archers are relatively scare from what I remember. On most maps you can Stride/Warp, delete the Archers, then canto back to safety.
  18. I'm a little lost on Grima's inclusion on this list.
  19. Fates versus Sothis, but I don't get to Ophelia cheese it like I did back in the day. I was scared that my Fates units would suck, but L!Corrin did some work. Rinkah was also great, finishing Sothis with Wrath Bonfire.
  20. W!Cecilia could be a decent Far Save unit. Special Fighter and Barb Shuriken can get some Iceberg nukes. OG Cecilia: Tome of Order /w Triange Adept Refine Fury or Atk/Spd Solo Lancebreaker for Brace Hector Savage Blow It's a good build to hit and run Far Save Hectors. She even has a good match up against Bramimond. There are other colorless units that may cause issues like healers that she can wall or kill in player phase.
  21. Tome Cavalier Cecilia? She actually pretty good, being able to break through Brave Hector who might have a Save skill with Lancebreaker. On dark season defense her color advantage against all but one of the Light season Mythics is pretty good too.
  22. He'll have a rough time, but Flowers and Summoner support can help. In the higher tiers Duo Lif really ruins Ike's viability and he's likely to return on the upcoming Double Special Heroes banner. You're better off using Flashing Blade seal since it's easier to meet the speed check than attack check, and Heavy Blade is the only option for non Infantry/Armor.
  23. Man Sharena is having it rough. Maybe she'll get a seasonal to get people liking her again, because she just there for the most part. And wow didn't know that our F2P goddesses Eir and Peony scored so low. That's what happens when your story gets hijacked I guess.
  24. Have they ever included a unit on the Legendary/Mythic banner that was released the month before? I'm guessing not, because the November banner has pretty good value to me and adding CYL Marianne there would be really nice. September's third colorless should just be someone like Sara or something, and October is full. Of course this is subject to change.
  25. In addition to the Forging Bonds I wonder if they'll do the "Hear From the Heroes" thing they did last year. The introductory one came out before the banner last time, so maybe it's not happening.
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