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  1. It's not completely over his eye but it's pretty close, really taking that Nailah cosplay to the next level. When I saw him I realized how he shares similar traits to her having purple hair and dark skin.
  2. These type of desert theme banners are seemingly going to have one character that's sort of a representative of the area, like Tharja last year. So maybe we' get out 3rd Igrene if they continue this trend. Probably not since they just literally released a copy pasted Ouch Pouch on a banner unit. It would be weird to powercreep it so soon.
  3. You say this but Duo Sigurd wasn't in the top 10, they were close at 12 though. Azura is kind of popular I guess, but knowing the player base Fallen Edelgard and CYL units are going to dominate the ranks. Even Duo Peony who's also broken was at 13.
  4. Oh boy the Azura apocalypse is back, and her Legendary version is getting a remix in a few months. Not going to lie when I saw the long-haired silhouette Karla was the person that came to mind, but it was kind of random. Interesting that this is how Deen is added, I guess you do meet him in a desert so that's fitting.
  5. I'm curious as to what is suppose to happen here? I'm not saying it's a bad opinion, but the issue it addresses doesn't seem to be on that large of a scale. Maybe a straw poll would be more appropriate to gauge interest? Three Houses is already finalized, so it is what it is. I guess if there was another game similar to it, that game should have better management and deliver a better end product. Games seemingly cutting content for DLC is a growing issue.
  6. Last year's was on Feb 1st, which was after CYL. So probably something similar this year.
  7. Valkyrie Cherche- They haven't given my girl anything, and I'm scared of some potential Nowi Duo. She can have the high Atk/Def low Spd/Res stat line. Skögul Matilda- Another shafted character. The overclasses from Echoes were pretty cool, unfortunate for how they were implemented there. This class had 9 mov, so potentially Lance L!Sigurd. Warmaster Byleth- This isn't necessarily a CYL thread, but if he does win at some point I'd expect this kind of alt. I like the design of the class, but since we pretty much aren't getting Brawling in FEH he would wield axes. He could be an axe version of Alm with the Tempest built into his weapon.
  8. @Dylan Corona As always the general preface is either "It depends" or "What are you try to do with her?". You will want to invest in her Atk and Spd so that her offensive nature can be relevant and keep up with the new units that will come out in the game. You need atk to do damage, and spd to double so you can kill stuff at the end of the day. If you want her to be purely support the extra Res is good, but I don't think that's what you're really going for. Her Res without the boon is probably good enough to debuff what she needs to anyways. That being said I think the second build looks generally better, Atk/Spd solo so that her offense is competitive, Sabotage Atk for her support and also suitability, Atk/Spd Rein is good for both offense and defense, and Atk/Def solo to help with melee units which mostly hit defense. This seems like a good build for general single player content, but for more competitive modes an offensive special like Moonbow will be better, especially since you didn't go with +Atk. There's also Desperation/Dive-bomb as more offensive B slot options. The first build with Sturdy Impact is good in Aether Raids so that she can annoy the opponent and possibly become a Wings of Mercy beacon, obviously she doesn't want Noontime here.
  9. Add more ways of acquiring skills. I dislike mundane grinding in games nowadays. In the 3DS games you would put your unit in the subpar class (Dark Flier, Great Knight) just to get their skills and reclass your unit into the class you actually want them to be in. Then in 3 Houses Death Blow from Brigand is so over centralizing, even if I don't want that unit to be in an Axe specializing class it's in my best interest to get go through that process. No cheap mechanics like ambush spawns. Surely there are ways to make the game challenging without being too unfair like with Conquest. Improve the balance among classes. 3 Houses kind of tries to give classes their own unique thing, but when you can put anyone in almost any class, it just becomes pick the one that kills the best.
  10. Marianne winning last year was huge! I don't think I'm too concerned with the top winners this time around, pre-timeskip Bernie getting #2 back in 2020 would have been kind of funny, I might throw a vote her way since one of my buddies likes her. Otherwise the usuals for me are Cherche and Python. I've been liking Leif and Altena so I'll throw a vote for them, also Ophelia and Annette. From last year's results it looks like Chrom, Bernie, and both Byleths have the highest odds, and I don't see this changing much out side of Bernie and M!Byleth getting passed. Either way it look like 2-3 Three Houses characters, even though I like the game it would be cool to see some others here. There's Seliph who was practically tied with Chrom one year, anything can happen if people band together.
  11. I'm guessing this is on Hard? And a previous save file is out of the question. What classes are your units in? The only thing I can say is maybe sell some stuff, get Silvers and try to use your strongest characters only. The others can probably provide support through White Magic and Gambits. There's Impregnable Wall, for example, that's on one of those Black Eagle battalions.
  12. They're really trying to milk people dry at the end of the year I see. I was planning on skipping because I want Marianne to be a merge project and to get Yuri off the rerun, but this spark is super baity. Maybe they could have given everyone the spark, but FEH Pass subscribers get an extra one at 20 more summons or something. Which competitive modes are the extra summoner support stats not available? I know it's in AR, but I haven't payed attention or tried to use it to my advantage in other modes. I wonder how many people will be committed and actually leave? Someone on my friends list that was quite invested dropped the game after FEH Pass was announced. I know I'll stay off of Reddit for a while since it's probably super toxic over there. I'm not sure how to feel about this. I was already subscribed anyway so this doesn't change a whole lot, maybe I'd get baited into summoning more, but at least the horror scenario won't be there any more. I think everyone should get that benefit, because it sucks trying to get your favorite just to waste a lot of orbs and ruin your mentality. On the other hand this change doesn't technically "hurt" the game, but it will leave people dissatisfied.
  13. That is intentional. IIRC they said they would add more rewards as time goes on. If you think about it the rewards are a probably too good for such a short refresh period, and also you aren't pressured to get 1000 points immediately.
  14. Engaging with political talk on the internet will always have issues. The basis of politics is arguing for one point of view over the other at the end of the day, and some people will be blatantly bias for their point of view. It's pretty rough when you think an organization will try to be neutral and not be biased.
  15. @Imuabicus For the first question Flayn is force recruited, but leaves if you join Edelgard. I think Armor Hilda and Grappler Raphael is the better choice. Since Raphael has such high HP, he can tank hits pretty well with a shield, and the Grappler/War Master nuke will be appreciated. Valkyrie Marianne can have her heals improved by a Heal Staff so that shouldn't be a big deal, then Flayn can provide the rest of the healing. If you really want to try and use Lorenz, the Dark Knight route is an option, also he gets Frozen Lance that can be good even as a Paladin with Fiendish Blow. As a Paladin Lorenz is in a similar situation as Raphael, where he can take hits because his HP is pretty high. Can you swap the movement training based on your rules? Leonie could focus on Flying first, then swap over to Marianne for Dark Flier, then back to Leonie? You mentioned replacing someone with Flayn, how many units do you plan to use? Byleth, Claude, in house characters, Flayn, and Seteth adds up to 11 units, where you will be able to deploy up to 12 by endgame.
  16. There's this post that talks about ch 13, the op posted this link that shows the triggers for enemy movement. Your friends can try to approach the map based on how the enemies will start to move. It's really unfortunate what that map does to people's runs. For the Silver Snow final boss, it's just gambit to break the shields and nuke with combat arts or quad brave weapons. If they didn't set themselves up with that stuff, it's kind of rough. Hopefully in either case your friends have save files that they can go back to to optimize things better. Things like equipping gambits, because I've seen newer players ignore them, and the game ends up being harder than it is.
  17. I'm curious about the TT unit. I would like to actually invest into one of these Christmas armors.
  18. The example you tried to use isn't transitive to my point or what I was trying to portray. Probabilities out side of 100% and 0% aren't absolute, so of course saying 90% is basically 100% is ridiculous. A probability in practical terms is simply a tool to provide "reasoning" behind an action. Since it's near impossible for things to have either 0% or 100% probably, generally there has to be a "comfort" area for what you would call reliable. I think at least 80% is where the hit rate is somewhat comfortable, especially when there isn't much you can do to improve it. Going back to your example, you're mentioning a flat $2000/mo rate that has no probability tied to it. This is an absolute case where the 0% is not getting paid, and the 100% is getting the $2000. If probability was added to it, then the pay wouldn't be a flat $2000/mo, it would have some range applied to it like $1000 - $3000. Here the average expected pay would be $2000, but there is some chance it will be higher, or lower. Here it depends on what your "hit or miss" criteria is. Getting $2000 or more is a hit and getting $1999 or less is a miss, and there is a 50/50 chance of either happening, and this doesn't change. This is where the "unreasonable" expectation comes in. But in video games where the hit rate changes, where you can have a 90% chance to hit but a 10% to miss, I don't think it's unreasonable to believe that the attack will hit. Obviously there is a reason to doubt, the 10% miss chance, but on average you are more likely to have a good outcome. Unlike the 50/50 case where you get screwed half of the time. The true hit rates not being shown would actually make people less arrogant in believing that something that is chanced based at the end of the day is 100% in their favor, even though it technically is. I don't know the 2RN probabilities off of the top of my head, but if the game shows me 90% then I'll think 90% chance to hit, but 10% chance to miss. If I was showed the real numbers, say it was 92%, obviously this looks better, and I would have a more "unreasonable" expectation of the result. Even if a 70% is more favorable than it looks with 2RN, I'm not going to depend on that if there is a better way of going about the battle.
  19. Sure how about Soldier>Cavalier>Paladin>Holy Knight Ingrid. She could pick up Fiendish Blow along the way.
  20. I guess it's "lying" in a literal sense, but it's to the player's benefit at the end of the day. When you're playing these SRPGs and see 80%-90%, in your mind that should basically be a guaranteed hit, but with 1RN you will have the unlikely outcome happen more often than you'd like. Obviously when playing the game we aren't going to spend too much time worrying how dependable hit rates in the 70s will be especially when you probably can't do much about it early in the game. In a way I think 2RN or whatever method is implemented to make the RNG less wild, creates a more honest gaming experience. Intuitively hit rates 80% and up should feel comfortable to rely on, and even if a miss happens, surely another won't happen consecutively... right? Then there's the converse for 40% and below. And like you mentioned showing the actual hit rate will be convoluted because of the math involved that most people aren't going to be aware of. Showing the hit base hit rate, that you can calculate easily if you want is fine, and you're not going to be stressing over a 90% missing or a 30% hitting that much anyways.
  21. I'm curious about the Feud skills. The description seems pretty redundant to me. "If in combat against a red foe, disables skills of all foes, excluding foe in combat, and inflicts Atk/Spd/Def/Res-4 on foe during combat. During combat, disables skills of all red foes, excluding foe in combat." I don't now if I'm missing something here. Maybe this extends to Save skills from Red foes, but since there's no inheritance restriction according to GamePress, that would be kind of busted. I would think Green units wouldn't get this, but I guess the color triangle has been dead for a while. Also no cavalry restriction with potential anti-save is borked too since the main reason saves are need is because of the high threat range cavalry units.
  22. Veld is kinda busted in Summoner Battles. I guess the 7 Veld fans will have some pay off, there's even someone in my Friend's list with a +10 Veld.
  23. I'll have to try and not dread it too much. Like someone said earlier at least ranks aren't tied to it. The guy isn't safe either. This is going to be a wild 12 months. I'm not too far into the Play-by-Play video, but man Veronica unequiped Duo Lif prf, just to have a nice fun game. Meanwhile Alfonse brought saves and all sorts of try hard stuff. I'm the Veronica in this situation, that's why I'm scared.
  24. I noticed Ash had quite the features, and sure enough she transforms into a cow. She's even a light mythic that boosts attack, literally "I'm done playing with you" to Freyja. The sort by dancer option is really nice, I use one set of my favorites for those type of units already. I'm not too excited about the new pvp mode, and I can't really avoid it since the rewards are so good. I hope it's some thing that's limited time so that I don't have to engage too often.
  25. I'm curious who the main artist for the OCs will be for this book. It has been Kosaki every odd numbered book, then someone else for the even numbered ones. The big names that aren't previous Fire Emblem main game artists are Sencha and Cuboon. I'm doubting Cuboon, due to the NFT thing, and he's pretty controversial so I don't want the drama. Sencha's art is probably my favorite in the game so that would be cool, not the getting baited by every character part though.
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