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  1. I imagine Manela as a Flying Healer, but she could be a Flying Dagger too. Hopefully a demote so she's easily mergable. We'll see if they add gauntlets in the next book. That's the big thing holding back Balthus's addition as well as the other Ashen Wolves. Same goes for base Raphael and potentially Caspar. I imagine Yuri as a Sword unit with his Relic giving +1 Mov. Then he would have a gimmick similar to Leila, so making him a Dagger would have some overlap. She should might be Red since Snake Spirit is likely for her and a Blue Brave Tome overlaps with Dire Thunder, but I guess the weapons that Soiree Reinhardt and Ishtar have exist. Colorless Brave Tome would be nuts, but there's plenty of broken stuff in the game anyway.
  2. Well the Rabbit Tome heals her I guess. They aren't going to give a free demote character something premium like Even Recovery(even though the odd version far outclasses it). I see people over on Reddit crying over NFU and NCD not being more available. Man the SoV and 3H implementation of stuff has been disappointing you. At least Tatiana and Marianne aren't some throwaway Infantry Healers. I guess Marianne could have been a premium Cavalry Staff unit.
  3. You still have to get to level 15 for certain skills like Axefaire on potentially Percy for example. This game isn't as bad with grinding for skills since your levels don't reset after you Second Seal into a class. Generally you want to get the kids by chapter 19 IIRC, because they will have the ability to be in their advanced classes from their Offspring Seals, and this will save you Master Seals.
  4. It's crazy to me that we're just now getting Jorge's rerun. I haven't been keeping track of other GHB reruns, but his sticks out to me because he came out during the CYL banner last year. And Frontline Snorlanx is back. Did the update even fix the balancing of that mode, because it's not a good look that the player base hasn't been able to get max rewards since the second iteration and on.
  5. Her not having armor is weird, but I think Alphonse broke it in the first movie. I wonder if they will make the armorless variant of Reginn playable since she has that special sword.
  6. Yeah it's called Fire Emblem: Heroes. You just have to "commission" the modders.
  7. Well cool that Corrin won. Sucks that I couldn't cash in the on the last hour multiplier, because I was napping. I guess I could be in the top 100 next round., but my cumulative score won't be as good.
  8. Here's my list of opinions on the gambits. I tried to fill out the rankings. Like something has to be 10/10 and something has to be 1/10. Speaking of this topic the main site still hasn't filled out some of the gambit info.
  9. I didn't exactly Fallen Edelgard cheese, because she would die if I dropped her in the middle of things. I had her camp on the defense tile in front of the Manakete. Eliwood provided Ability Doubler. L!Corrin and my own Ashera cleaned up the spawns at the bottom.
  10. She's my go to too, then Kid Caeda nukes her with effective damage. I saw mention of outdated builds, and Ashera also circumvents the issue modern bladetomes have which are lull skills. So she uses her allies' buffs, and there is no Brami in Astra/Anima season.
  11. As I'm reading her weapon "Oh cool she has a blade tome and can circumvent panic by leaching off of her allies", then she literally has Null Panic lol.
  12. Like Baron said it's just a stall tactic. I'll admit corner Surtr used to get me but once you know it's what people are doing you will be ready, and it becomes a free win most of the time. Sometimes people will have corner Seiros with Wings of Mercy because she will either stall or nuke something.
  13. That's what I'm saying too. Maybe Mila in the 3rd round will be rough if she has Bracing Stance 3 and Sabotage Attack, but they might tone her down.
  14. I mentioned the Inevitable End stuff, and if I didn't have resources to know about it before hand I wouldn't have valued Shurikenbreaker as much, and would have used up my Rescue staff. As long as there aren't any random curve balls, that a player wouldn't have a deterministic approach for, the difficulty should be fine.
  15. I guess they could give some Advanced+ tier enemies combat arts, I remember some Snipers in the Fhirdiad having Combat Arts. Generally they should have given the enemies more variety in weapons, like Killer and Slayer Weapons to encourage the player to pay more attention. Although with Fliers and their innate Avoid+10 and other evade stacking shenanigans, some of this become irrelevant. Every enemy having battalions would be obnoxious, and kill traditional enemy phase. The support battalions are a near necessity in Maddening, good luck dealing with these enemies that will one round any of your units otherwise.
  16. Ch 19 had an annoying mechanic, but the map wasn't too hard. What I think is dumb though was Inevitable End stuff at the end of Lunatic. I guess you can make your Corrin be able to kill Ryoma, and miss out on the chests, because that's intuitive to a player. Then the end game would be obnoxious if you did save your Rescue staff so that you could do some 2-Turn cheese. I definitely struggled through Conquest at times, but it's made to be challenging. It doesn't have too many unfair RNG mechanics, and start of turn attacking reinforcements.
  17. That's why seasonal banners are iffy. I got Catria after little over 100 orbs, but I like Shanna's art and I'm a little tempted to double dip. In my situation I actually want a bunch of the red seasonal that released recently, and that would be good value from a Double Special Heroes whenever that rolls around.
  18. I guessed as much that the issue was with the player data. The player data was loaded by people playing the game mode, but since they made some changes all of the old stuff had to be dumped. So when starting Intermediate/Advance there is probably some null value being passed back and causes your game to crash. Honestly keep it this way, because I'm not looking forward to facing Fallen Edelgards. I guess I'll need to invest in using Kempf or something. Remove one cancer (Save skills) introduce another.
  19. Yeah this artist's Resplendant Azura looks kind of weird too, but I like their other stuff. When I saw Catria, I was thinking "Didn't they just uninstall the game?". Funny stuff. Saleh comes pretty close with 28 base Res, but I guess this guy could have Conrad like stats. We can complete the weapon trio lol. This banner does incite me a bit, but I should wait after the Mythic banner before giving it a shot.
  20. That is the other character's bow. The ponytail is showing a little bit on her other shoulder.
  21. I'm guessing people just use the General Discussion thread for this now, but how's AA this week for people? It's a little early, but I'm rank 2110 with an average score of 749.7. I haven't been keeping track of the other Weeks, but I'm usually high 2000's and drop to 3000's at this point. I'm wondering if people aren't bothering with it as much because of F!Edelgard and what not, I didn't bump into one thankfully.
  22. Not too many ideas from my end. Shanna would interesting, she would finally get something after winning that voting gauntlet all those years ago lol. And her other sister can join alt hell for a while. If I get lucky enough with the Mythic banner later I might consider summoning on this banner if it is FE6, since my roster for that game is pretty weak.
  23. @Some Jerk Yeah my Hector struggled against Alm when he had Odd Atk Wave so I had to go in on turn 2. I had Ninian, Winter Jaffar, and L!Eliwood as support. The last few turns involved Ninian and Jaffar taking hits from the Bow Cav and Sword Wyvern while Hector moves one space at a time to eventually reach and protect everybody lol. "You may only bring one Sing/Dance" Otherwise anyone could use the free Lynja and 3 dancers to one turn this lol.
  24. So what is this? People pick characters for a run and kind of race against each other? Sounds cool, too bad I don't have the time these days.
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