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  1. 64: Meowth Melee: Leif Brawl: Lyn/Ephraim, (A Gen 3 Pokémon) Smash 4: Serperior/Sceptile, Impa (Warriors) Ultimate: Decidueye, Elma, Jibanyan, Alm/Celica Fighters Pass: (Sword & Shield rep), Euden, Gooigi (Echo)
  2. By some miracle, I have done it again. This time actually with Tiki (Naga's voice)
  3. That's a really difficult question. On one hand, I like being able to make sure every unit gets some experience and supports without grinding, but I feel like larger deployments would make the battle either imbalanced, and/or be way too long, though I'm all for having one or two end/post-game battles where you can deploy basically your entire army (See Valentia's final boss, or Awakening's Priam Paralogue) to make it seem all the more epic. As for the size of the cast, I'm one of those people who has to have at least one unit in every Top-Tier class and still have some diversity/flexibility/replayability while still not having too many characters who are what I like to call "dead meat" units who are just kind of "there" just for the sake of adding to your army and add nothing to the story or world-building. Depending on the number of classes, I'd say anywhere from around 15-upper 40s is ideal.
  4. Let's see... Heresy Destruction of property Attempted murder
  5. Dang it! How dare I forget my Golden Deer good boi? 😣 Oh, I'm never going to live this one down. Also someone please delete my duplicate topic. I'm so sorry. By the time I posted it, this one already existed. I was only trying to help.
  6. ASHE IN HEROES AT LAST. 😍🤩 He's so cute!!! AWW!! Hold on. Does this mean EVERY STUDENT IS IN THE GAME?
  7. The new Summer banner. And unless I'm forgetting anyone: EVERY STUDENT IS HERE including Ashe at last!
  8. One Day at a Time (Sweet Jesus) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hz2L1v7Wkx8 Aerith's Theme - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIqKWLkm2-g In a Silver Garden with You - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkfuh71QAcE&t=101s
  9. The Laid-back Mage/Female Pop Star/Scientist: Me The Cautious Chef: Luigi The Cool Thief: Star-Lord The Kind Cleric: Rosalina The Energetic Male Popstar: Pikachu The Energetic Cat: Nowi The Cool Warrior: Abdallah The Stubborn Princess: Scarlet The Kind Flower: Peach The Energetic Mage: Mario
  10. As we see in the ending of Awakening, when Robin wakes up again, the Mark of Grima is gone. So it's perfectly possible that Robin may have been purified of Grima's blood after the final battle when they came back.
  11. Any Nintendo franchise sounds good to me, or at least any franchise represented in Smash Bros. would be fine by me.
  12. Really now? I guess if you can get past the opening (which I find to be an absolute assault on the ears), it can be pretty catchy. Although anyone who advocates the removal of "Through The Forest" and I probably have two very different tastes in music.
  13. Add: Super Block Land (Super Mario 3D Land/World) Reflected Laughter (Kirby Triple Deluxe) Route 119 (Pokémon Omega Ruby/Pokémon Alpha Sapphire) Battle! (Legendary Pokémon) (Pokémon Black/Pokémon White) Lief Army ~ In Search of Victory ~ Charge B (Thracia 776) Friendship and Adventure (The Blazing Blade) Truth, Despair, and Hope (Sacred Stones) Praise This Despair! (Shadows of Valentia) God Shattering Star (Three Houses) Crazy Motorcycle Chase (Final Fantasy VII) Battle Scene - Final Fantasy The Rebel Army (Final Fantasy II) Boss Theme - Final Fantasy III Battle 2/Fight Against Culex (Final Fantasy IV/Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars) The Dawn Warriors (Final Fantasy V) Maria and Draco Opera remix (Final Fantasy VI) You’re Not Alone (Final Fantasy IX) 「a n n i v e r s a r y]」(Dragalia Lost) Remove Excite Truck Flat Zone 2 HIS WORLD (Instrumental) Brain Cleaner Devil's Call in Your Heart
  14. I don't care that we already had a Three Houses banner for Book V. Just give me Ashe, already, please. Games Without a Book V Banner Book III Shadows of Valentia Book IV Tokyo Mirage Sessions Fates Awakening Shadow Dragon/Mystery of the Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn Binding Blade
  15. I can definitely see Chrom & Sumia, Abel & Est, Clive & Mathilda, Dorcas & Natalie, Greil & Elena, or any other couple with at least some support/canon behind it that hasn't already been paired in another banner (i.e. Sigurd & Deirdre in the Genealogy Dancers banner or Alm & Celica from the Echoes Valentine's banner) As for solo units, I'm really surprised that they haven't done Eirika and Lucina (and to a lesser extent Lissa) yet when they already have bridal gowns, as seen in other games and the TCG. Maybe Genny too, since her ending mentions that she got married. And I always joke about the flirty types (i.e. Sain, Jesse, Virion) getting wedding costumes just because they want to flirt with the other girls. Some theorycrafting for Bridal Eirika
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