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  1. Thanks for the tip. I'll just save them for if one of my units isn't cooperating with a guide.
  2. Three chapters left, three games to go, and Book IV will be a complete Fire Emblem verse package !
  3. There's a couple of seasonal units that I accidentally gave the wrong weapon refine to and some other units I want to normalize. I thought I had it all figured out but when actually at the screen, I got overwhelmed by all the possible options.
  4. If you ask me, Male Corrin and Felicia are one of the sweetest, most canon pairings in the entire game. Her deep loyalty to him and his willingness to care for her show themselves in all three routes.
  5. I was on Team Lysithea, then I joined Team Edelgard to avenge Lysithea. Now I'm stuck with it.
  6. Let's see...Kid Icarus (Palutena's reveal), Earthbound, Fire Emblem (Robin & Lucina's reveal), Castlevania, Persona, and Dragon Quest
  7. 10. Byleth9. Claude8. Marianne7. Dorothea6. Alois5. Lysithea4. Ignatz3. Mercedes2. Linhardt1. Ashe
  8. I would axe everyone who refuses to wear a mask because of "rights" or whatever in order to bring back the victims of the pandemic. A lot of cringey memories for good ones. Sacrifice Lucas for a character of my choice in Smash Axe some random bad anime to bring back Hamtaro I think that's enough carnage for one post. -- "A soul for a soul."
  9. Men: 1) Stahl: Brave Apothecary (Colorless Bow Infantry)--Sasashima Suisei 2) Ashe: Lord of Gaspar (Lance Cavalier)--Yamada Kotaro Women: 1) Robin: Brave Grandmaster (Levin Sword Infantry/Flier)--Tobi (2) Elise: Brave Flower (Green Tome Flier)--Kozaki Yusuke
  10. Okay, so I just got him yesterday and now I feel stupid for promoting my Nowi to 5* to help him through the Forging Bonds since both are Blue units, but the Hero Feather gods have shown mercy and by the time I get my Jorge to Lv. 40, it won't be an issue. After him, I'll only have Fae and Ross left to promote, and then I can get to my 4* healers. P.S. I'm giving Jorge "Shove" the first chance I get. He's begging for it!
  11. King Dedede is lying down, face-planted in the dirt, with King K. Rool costume parts surrounding him. He's on the way to getting up and is helped/cleaned up by four Waddle Dees. He marches over to King K. Rool, demanding they fight a fair fight. It starts up like a typical match in the Great Cave Offensive, but when the announcer yells "Go!" the camera zooms in on one of the Waddle Dees in the background running toward a treasure chest. In it, among other things, are a spear...and a simple blue bandana. The Waddle Dee picks them up, put the bandana on, and jumps. Waddle Dee Waddles In! Bandana Waddle Dee falls into the main stage in a transition to gameplay footage. He gives K. Rool a couple of spear pokes and other tricks. Then it transitions to a new stage: Castle Dedede. Once there, Bandana Waddle Dee shows off some additional abilities. He's also brought a parasol and beam wand to play with for some additional attacks. Then, several other Waddle Dees arrive on the stage., showing off a couple of alternate colors, costumes, and weapons being a regular Waddle Dee, Sailor Waddle Dee (who has a harpoon in place of the standard spear), Lumberjack Waddle Dee (an axe), Hardhat Waddle Dee (a giant wrench), Cafe Waddle Dee, (a kitchen knife), and Worker Waddle Dee (a shovel). Throughout the rest of the montage, the Waddle Dees show they have a mostly carefree fighting style. It almost feels like they're playing instead of actually fighting. In one clip, one of the Waddle Dees uses one of its grab and throw combos on Luigi in Dream Land, which shows that part of the animation is the Waddle Dee giving him a big hug, complete with a happy expression on its face, because it remembers him from Subspace and wuvs him. Ahem, Finally, Bandana Waddle Dee gets the Smash Ball and summons the almighty Waddle Dee Train from Kirby: Triple Deluxe. It's similar to Pit's Final Smash and the Dragoon item, but with an expansive vertical reticle, like "top platform of Battlefield" tall. The trailer ends with three of the Waddle Dees dancing to Kirby's extended classic victory jingle.
  12. I wouldn't quite go that far to say "at all". If you broaden the scope a little, you'll find that they fit quite nicely. That's part of the beauty of Three Houses and Heroes. Plus, a little of it I assume to mix things up a little on the map. Ingrid has strengths in swords and riding Ashe has strength in bows and axes in addition to a budding talent for lances. The latter two of which can help him ease into a flier role. Marianne has a strength in riding and a budding talent in lances, which coincide with two of the requirements to be a Holy Knight. Plus they have a Solo skill and Reciprocal Aid, so I'm pretty sure it's her. I will confess, I winged it for the blue mage infantry and just applied process of elimination. Ferdinand has a strength in lances and heavy Armor, both of which help hime excel at becoming a Great Knight. Also...
  13. So I couldn't help but notice that on the solo maps in the story, the generic units actually represent some of their classmates. Probably a little obvious (especially in Edelgard's case), but it's a nice little detail nonetheless. Path of Faerghus (Dimitri) Axe Armor (Dedue) Cleric (Mercedes) Sword Cavalier (Ingrid) Bow Flier (Ashe) Put Ashe in already, pls. Path of Almyra/Having Grown (Claude & Lysithea) Bow Infantry (Ignatz) Lance Flier (Marianne) Blue Tome Infantry (Lysithea) Axe Fliers (Claude/Hilda) Lance Cavalier (Leonie) Red Mage Cavalier (Lorenz) Axe Infantry (Raphael) Path of Adrestia (Edelgard) Red Mage (Dorothea/Hubert/Linhardt) Lance Armor (Ferdinand von Aegir) Sword Flier (Petra) Bow Cavalier (Bernadetta)
  14. Oh yeah! Dark Spikes Lysithea! They're even bringing back a "Brave Redux" hero, so that's nice. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a boatload of units to normalize so F2P solutions will be less of a pain.
  15. I'm (finally) getting my driver's license tomorrow, if that counts. 😏
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