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  1. I'd say, about > $60-70 a month on the regular. Red flags definitely start to fly if you spend money outside of special promotions or a few subscriptions/start running into financial problems.
  2. I'll be voting for the same characters I always vote for; show them some love, them being Stahl, Morgan Robin (female), Ashe, Elise, Nino, & stupid sexy Kaze As for who I think will win, I feel like Chrom, Female Byleth, and Bernadetta will have this in the bag. 2nd Place male, however, has several good contenders: Byleth (although having 2 Byleths on the same banner would be a little weird), Felix, Yuri, Ashe, Dedue, and perennial favorites Robin and Seliph. It could be anyone.
  3. Ashe (Vanilla) Ignatz (Vanilla) Percy Dorothea (Vanilla) Alois Lonato Elice (Vanilla) Sylvain (Vanilla) Leonardo Kamui Mozu Kent Janaff Forde Sain Samson Ogier Xane (Vanilla) Jesse Geoffrey
  4. Reinhardt?! I'm laughing so hard right now! 😆 Aw man, I totally would give Chris Smith a raise for going above and beyond, even if it has to be you, Julius.
  5. I've been waiting for a way to sort all my dancers. Sorting will be so much easier. Called the Awakening banner + Yen'fay GHB. Only thing is I don't know how to feel about the Book VI Free-to-Play goddess being named Ash. There can be only one. 😜 But look at those ears--they're so fluffy! She's also our first Beast F2P Goddess, which is so cool!
  6. Awakening--Miriel (Red Mage), Kellam (Lance Knight), Vaike (Axe Fighter), Noire (Colorless Bow Cavalier), GHB: Yen'fay (Sword Fighter) Binding Blade--Noah (Sword Cavalier), Zeiss (Lance Flier), Cath (Green Thief), Elen (Cleric), GHB: Murdock (Axe Knight) Sacred Stones--Franz (Sword Cavalier), Vanessa (Lance Flier), Garcia (Axe Fighter), Neimi (Bow Fighter), GHB: Ismaire (Sword Fighter) Thracia 776--Selphina (Red Bow Cavalier), Glade (Lance Cavalier), Dagdar (Axe Fighter), Robert (Bow Cavalier), GHB: Reydrik (Sword Knight) Genealogy of the Holy War--Diarmuid (Sword Cavalier), Fee (Lance Flier), Arthur (Green Mage), Patty (Colorless Thief), GHB: Manfroy (Red Mage) Blazing Blade--Kent (Sword Cavalier), Sain (Lance Cavalier), Wil (Green Bow Archer), Renault (Cleric), Uhai (Bow Cavalier) Shadows of Valentia--Kamui (Sword Fighter), Est (Lance Flier), Atlas (Green Bow Fighter), Nomah (Cleric), Greith (Sword Fighter) Fates--Sophie (Sword Cavalier), Ignatius (Lance Knight), Kiragi (Green Bow Flier), Miitama (Cleric), GHB: Percy (Axe Flier) Three Houses--Leonie (Red Bow Calvary), Dorothea (Blue Mage), Ashe (Green Bow Fighter), Ignatz (Bow Fighter), GHB: Judith (Sword Fighter) Shadow Dragon--Etzel (Red Mage), Midia (Lance Cavalier), Ymir (Axe Fighter), Elice (Cleric), Samson (Axe Fighter) CYL 6--Chrom (Lance Fighter), Byleth F (Axe Cavalier), Byleth M (Colorless Mage), Bernadtta (Red Bow Cavalier), GHB: Abysskeeper (???) Fallen Heroes--Gunter (Lance Cavalier), Scarlet (Axe Flier), Lilith (Colorless Fáfnir), Greil (Sword Knight), GHB: Sumeragi (Sword Fighter)
  7. Finally, someone else who gets it! Ninja Elise let's GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Even if I didn't know that, it would still be awesome. The Hoshido/Nohr switch-up cards are some of the coolest I've seen in terms of concept. Same goes for Female Corrin btw.
  8. Make everybody classes that they are weak in i.e. General Mercedes, or ban all magic.
  9. I do quite like Freyja as a villain, and actually had Eitri (who I did not like all that much, primarily for just feeling like a poor man's imitation of what came before. I'm not a fan of when the Summoner is kidnapped or otherwise reduced to a bargaining chip to begin with, because that's supposed to be me, man, and I for one, find that manipulative) in my mind when pointing it out.
  10. Otr at least produced some good memes. "Now give me all your life savings for the glory of my brother Fafnir, who is super awesome."
  11. I'd like to see a Legendary regular Robin, and since the Smash trailer, I've been wishfully thinking for a Legendary Female Byleth that wields a lance, bow, or axe that flies. Oh, and staff Hoshido Noble Male Corrin.
  12. Speaking of Marth...here's a parody of sorts. Subaki: Perfect Prince (Halloween); Sword Infantry Based on Nohrian Festival DLC art https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/fireemblem/images/0/08/Subaki_halloween_dlc.png/revision/latest?cb=20160608070818 Weapon - Fauxchion (Mt. 14; Effective against dragon foes. At the start of every fourth turn, restores 10 HP.) HP: 45 Atk: 35 Spd: 30 Def: 33 Res: 26 Assist - Rally Up Spd+ Special - Aegis A - Swift Strike B - Wings of Mercy C - Def/Res Oath
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