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  1. Bandana Waddle Dee Waluigi Geno Dixie Kong Impa Krystal Serperior Lyn Viridi Alph/Brittany/Charlie (Full promotion to Echo of Olimar) Noah (Xenoblade Chronicles 3) Mio (Xenoblade Chronicles 3) Dr. Eggman Zero Chun-Li Alucard
  2. Look at hiiiiiiiiiim! Ahem. I don't care what anyone says, I'm calling it Season 5, and I am ready.
  3. Oh no, it's not that. I quite enjoyed it. It's just that the family budget only allows for so many games during the Holidays, and between Smash DLC, Origami King, Three Houses, Pokémon, and Kirby; there are bound to be a few releases that slip through the cracks.
  4. This'll be my third (not counting the AoC demo) following Hyrule Warriors and the original FEW.
  5. The hair and skinny ribbons give it away. It makes too much sense... (From her and Roy's B-Support): Larum: "Our love is eternal, and can never be broken!"
  6. Actually, if you look closely at Ingrid, she seems to have a water/ice thing going on. Mercedes has light, Dedue has a bit of Fire effects, Sylvain's spear appears to have both Light and Dark? Ashe has a bit of Wind I guess. The only one I can't think of one for is Felix.
  7. Ever since amiibo were announced, I've been wondering how one could incorporate them into Pokémon games. One idea I've had is the amiibo Leader: a class of Trainer based on various Nintendo characters. Of course, they can all be battled without the use of any amiibo after completing the main story, but if you go to the League, scan an amiibo (allowing you to battle a specific Trainer whenever you want, regardless of in-game progress), and win a themed battle, you'll earn some bonus cosmetics pertaining to that character in addition to the normal badges and prize money. The Teams:
  8. I doubt it will. This kind of thing happens all the time.
  9. Shadows of Valentia. I had to constantly keep using the most powerful spells and illusories and then spam heal my units, only 4 of whom were in any shape to fight by the time I got to Duma: Alm, Celica, Silque, and Kliff. I don't think a single boss has left me so exhausted. I really wish I was aware of Celica's route softlocking at the Tower, so I could've grinded them a bit more. Cynthia in the original Pokémon Diamond too, but I was just a kid who went in a tad underleveled and I don't even remember what happened. But with Brilliant Diamond, I'm going to make sure things are different. I will sweep the floor: Garchomp and all! I've grown up these past 15 years since we battled last.
  10. I think what most people like about Ike immediately is that he's one of the more relatable protagonists in the series. He's the first Lord to not to have a royal bloodline, which makes the fact that he can hold his own with the rest of them all the more impressive, because he is a strong, straightforward, determined, open-minded, ripped dude who wields a two-handed sword like it's nothing who accomplishes all of the things he does because he and his friends fight for a better world free of corrupt usurpers, evil gods, and racism. We also get to see him grow in both Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, so he gets that extra bit of character development. He even got into Smash Bros., which says a lot in and of itself. "I fight for my friends?" anyone? "You'll get no sympathy from me." Bonus: "I like Ike" was already part of the American zeitgeist that brings upon nostalgia of a simpler time in the political climate. It's really fun to say too.
  11. Here comes Frederick's squad! Everyone loses to Frederick.
  12. Call it pure fantasy, but my ideal version would be that Kirby stands alone on edge, then suddenly, "Divine Bloodlines (Remix)" kicks in and he turns to see Richter Belmont and everyone else who wasn't in the opening cutscene*, who says, "Don't worry. Leave the rest to us." The group led by Kirby then travels through a mix of worlds, gameplay styles and puzzles to rescue their allies one destroyed puppet/monster at a time, all while looking really cool. *That would be these guys. 👇
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