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  1. Remind me to copy and paste these reactions when Ashe and Linhardt get in. πŸ˜‰ Ha ha! Jokes and personal wish fulfilment aside, It warms my heart to see other people so happy. 😁
  2. After a lot of back and forth with myself, I went with Alfonse, because I think he has the best dad of the bunch (of the ones I know of, anyway) Oh crud, I forgot about Quan being Altena's true father.
  3. Yes, in fact I got a political pop-up a few hours ago.
  4. Me: Cool. Also me: He's a sword cavalier--Now, what's Brave Seliph going to look like?
  5. Tom Nook. The developers think he's misunderstood and one of my favorite YouTubers made a whole video about it recently that got me thinking about it again.
  6. Sometimes that's all you do need to be. In fact, one of the reasons I like Ashe so much is because he's a "nice, well-rounded, and good person." Ashe: I genuinely enjoy helping people. It's a great feeling, making someone smile. Me:πŸ₯°
  7. I'm sure if I had the budget and crew, I could do it. The key is to retain to the spirit of the legends and inspire hope in the masses in these trying times, or otherwise. You must take the audience's hearts and never let go, and hire the sexiest British actors in the business! 😍 Heh, sorry, female bias.
  8. 😨 I am genuinely concerned that you have no soul. 😨😨 Nor you. As for me, I don't usually try to hate anyone, but basically the entire cast of Sonic the Hedgehog (well, with the exception of Eggman since we kind of have the same goal--"To clobber that there hedgehog", and I do genuinely find him funny at times), mostly by franchise association. Ever since I discovered it, the Genesis-era marketing has always left a bitter taste in my mouth. Like, every time I look at his stupid face, I feel like it's telling me, "NERRRRRDDDDDD!", but in a strange twist of fate, the incarnation in 2020 film of all things softened me up a little. I won't give SEGA my money, but I'd actually like to see it with someone sometime. Also, characters like Duke Nukem and Travis Touchdown; I don't so much hate them as I find them absolutely repulsive, someone get me a crucifix.
  9. Welcome to Smash, Min Min. (Official Art) P.S. Please make an Eight amiibo. I will buy it.
  10. This awesome! A New Pokemon Snap!? I'm so happy! 😹 Aw, there's a Squirtle riding on a Lapras?! And the Pichu and the Scorbunny! My heart is melting! 😻
  11. Phew. That, at least is a relief. The only thing I wouldn't want is an audience to read one of the stories and leave with the impression that those out of the straight, heterosexuality "deserve" not to have the same rights as everyone else. It's all about the story's message. Acknowledging discrimination is okay. Glorifying it is not.
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