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  1. If you're going to adopt a human form you might as well go the full mile.
  2. It also grinds horribly against the Hoshidan naming aesthetic. At least Asugi sounds Japanese and Rhajat sounds... coherent.
  3. That's because it only works as a tertiary or lesser character trait, it's unhealthy when it becomes the focal point (or one of them).
  4. Parallel dimension exchange program where they GHB boss for a different summoner!
  5. I've got a long-winded block of text for gameplay so I'm putting it in spoilers Story: Your Lord is a Troubadour Lord and she is the sole protagonist. There are a few supporting characters but there's no avatar. The game has three arcs. Arc 1 sees a coup instigated while the prince is away helping the neighboring kingdom in a war against the enemy kingdom. Main character wants to prove herself so that father will declare her his heir (she has a younger brother) and volunteers to aid the resistance. The two have a tense yet caring relationship: he allows her to go out on vigilante missions but forbids her from picking up a weapon. The other houses call it strange. The coup was instigated by moles from the enemy kingdom. Arc 2 sees main character volunteer to join the war effort after a spat with her father. He still won't name her the heir and insists that she start looking into marriage, so she loses her temper and disowns her family. She auto-promotes to Tier 2 and can finally use a weapon at the start of the act, and in the latter half her father sends her the Tier 3 promotion item as a sign of wanting to make amends. (She's keeping in touch with her mother and brother discretely, but he eventually catches on.) She works alongside the allied country to take the war to enemy soil, but is unnerved by some of their rhetoric... there is a lot of bad blood between the two kingdoms from past disputes. Still, she'll fight on to represent her own kingdom. Arc 3 begins right after they take the capitol and wipe out the crown. During "peace negotiations" which she is not a part of she witnesses a group of allied kingdom soldiers ransacking the fallen kingdom's citizens and routs them. She is then branded a traitor and arrested, but her co-captain from the allied kingdom sneaks them out and tells her to run, while he covers her escape. Her army flees back to her country and her father meets her at the border, where they reunite and reconcile. With their atrocities clear and relationships soured, their kingdom goes to war with their former ally. The game ends with one kingdom in ruin, another crippled but purged of its war hawks, and her home kingdom lightly damaged. Main character's relationship with her father has been repaired and he offers her the house, but she declines. Instead, she wants to atone for her mistakes by helping with the reconstruction of what was once the enemy kingdom.
  6. I feel like this topic is more for pairings that have some grounds in canon, a separate topic might be better suited for brainchild ships. Now then, I'll throw my two cents in... Fir x Sin. Most people would sooner associate them with Noah and Sue, but I find they have better chemistry with each other. There's some awkwardness, but they have a better handle on it than Noah and Fir do. It's also great for Sin's character arc of becoming more open to the world beyond his tribe: he meets someone with one foot in Sacae, one foot out, and learns to appreciate how she differs from what he knows. (Plus, Sin could totally pass whatever test of manliness Bartre sets him up for.)
  7. I'm gonna put my responses in spoilers to keep this short As others have said make you're better off making your own patch and playtesting it or taking it to a more discourse-friendly area than ranting about it here. (And reformat your arguments to make them easier to follow past your initial points.)
  8. The moral of that story is that you're all thinking too deeply on a headcanon that even its creator acknowledges as nonsensical.
  9. It also isn't explicitly directed at Rath, only the last line is. It's just a blanket statement about her personality and behavior. Short of Nintendo bearing down and outright canonizing pairs I'm not convinced about canon for characters who can be freely shipped in-game.
  10. Changing positions is fine if you're smart about it, but some of them aren't. Pent and Wallace are forced into facing a chance of death (low as it may be) before you can reach them. Likewise, changing enemy equipment or even classes is also fine in small doses. Giving everything a reaver weapon in Heath's chapter and turning most of CoD's physical enemies into mages is stretching it. Also, FE7 doesn't really add chapters on Hard mode, it just has a second campaign... which is nearly identical to the first aside from POV, two chapters, and the second has a few exclusive extra chapters and characters while the first does not. Like, why? They could have had Eliwood and Hector co-lead in a single campaign and it wouldn't have made a difference.
  11. I don't think adding chapters to the higher difficulties is the way to go, and if you mean altering chapters so that they play differently I don't think FE7 is a positive example in that regard. (Looking at you, Cog of Destiny.)
  12. FE12 arena had a unique level-up RNG in that it bracketed the number of points you get by your growth total. I'd like to see a game that tries using that system for all level-ups, just not that game. I would also like to see a game where instead of being a generic accessory giving a fixed Defense boost, shields offer percent-based damage reduction and can only be equipped with certain weapons. Armored classes would receive permanent physical damage reduction as part of the armor package instead of having zero strengths and multiple weaknesses.
  13. Any character who's the butt of an object of thirst joke. Tharja, Camilla, Linde, Bernadetta (those creepy feet copypastas) you get the idea.
  14. I don't really agree that +/- 15/20 stops being impactful later on, it depends on how much hit/avo scale with stats and what options there are to inflate them. That being said I would like to see them try percentage-based hit mods as a means to counter hit/avo inflation. Those flat +Hit/Avo bonuses might look small on their own, but they add up. But having some of them be percentage-based? The impact scales to whatever the hit rate was to begin with, so already low hit chances are bottoming out at negligible to zero so easily. Granted I'm mainly thinking of terrain with this in mind. Yeah I'm not really a fan of rank-based triangle mods or even rank-based bonuses tbh, it's a lot more little numbers to keep track of.
  15. While Berserkers as we know them appeared in FE5 the first Berserker class appeared in FE3. It was a reskinned Hero, appeared in the desert map and dropped a Master Sword. And with the highest playable Str/Skl/Spd caps and innate Pursuit/Adept, it wouldn't be unreasonable to call FE4 Swordmasters the game's Berserker equivalent.
  16. Raptors. Like, a cross between the birds of prey we know today and their theropod dinosaur ancestors.
  17. If we're going to have weapon triangle-less games become a recurring thing then I'd like to see them try removing the triangle altogether. Axes are no longer their own category: the shorter axes are grouped with swords while the poleaxes are grouped with lances. With it would come appropriate class compression, such as Swordmasters and Berserkers being one and the same (like in FE4), Heroes filling the shoes of Halberdiers too and Wyvern Riders being the mono-lance class line. Plus, no more crying about a lack of throwing swords when they now have hand axes!
  18. I rate him the same as the person above. He's certainly more usable than Wendy but his combat remains unimpressive and he's outclassed by all the other sword infantry that come before and after. No killer weapons hurts, his speed isn't that impressive and he gets weighed down by the heavier swords. I wouldn't recommend him unless you want to use him or if you're ironmanning and got Dieck and Rutger killed.
  19. Children meeting fathers who are no longer alive is a recurring theme for this seasonal banner. See: Ike and Mist with Greil last year, and Lilina and Roy with young Hector and Eliwood the first year.
  20. Introducing Blue-Eyes Alternative White Lyn and Obnoxious Cordelia Paragon! What? Don't look at me, Resplendents seem like retrained versions of Yu-Gi-Oh monsters to me. (And I swear the stat boosts better not be paywalled...)
  21. Reclassing should not reset your level and I am not a fan of the current skill acquisition system. I'd rather have characters get personalized skill sets through levels (and see some of the bit skills cut - looking at you +2 Stat skills). Promotion tiers depends on the length of the game; you can have three tiers but what's the point of them if you only get to use them for the last 3-5 chapters? The only other way I see it working is like the Radiance duology where it lets the cast have a sense of power continuity. (I'll not speak on the execution, we know how flawed it is.) That said, you could easily redefine the power curve of a two-tier system by raising the stat scales and level cap; and if you're not careful the promotions will feel like they give either too much or too little. Overall, two tiers is the safer bet. I'm fine with rigid or branching promotion, in fact I'm even fine with Jugdral's rigid branching system. If you can't think of two branches for every class it's worth the thought! However, I don't like the idea of branching and three tiers because then you end up with a bloated number of Master classes. If this was a thing I would advise limiting the branching to the first promotion only. Three Houses might as well have been this.
  22. It depends on how far it stretches your suspension of disbelief. People are willing to overlook unrealistic things to an extent, but at some point an alarm trips in your head to tell you that something is just plain wrong.
  23. Mystery of the Emblem is a good standalone game but it's a bad sequel. The remakes don't fix this. Boots are the worst statbooster. I'd rather have a mid-game cleric Est who brings me a Celerity staff. We are not going to have proper LGBT representation as long as it has to coexist with the avatar and in-game shipping.
  24. Weapon rank is the best system, it imposes a requirement on being able to use strong weapons that's gained consistently. If it could be improved, then it would be having the 3H talent system come back and maybe having some diminish on returns for longer chapters so you can't turtle and bumrush to higher ranks. DS reclassing is like this in general, at least for promoted units, to an extent. It's certainly convenient to not start in E-rank hell but it's nonsensical for someone who's never touched a sword or bow to instantly get C-rank for switching to that class. Is why I call them EZBake Snipers. Yeah that's another little thing, they need to stop overloading steel on -hit and +weight. I'll even say that silvers should have more hit than irons.
  25. I was thinking give them terrain with a higher movement cost than 1, like Peaks, with the elevation justifying the extra effort to cross them. They're already a fly-or-bust terrain outside of bandits in the GBA. Indoors, I see no reason why they shouldn't have a 1.5 tile cost floor or be like RD. Narrower areas and doorways would penalize them even harder. Weather is rare among the series but if it returns it should hit fliers the hardest, or hit them exclusively. On the once-a-game lava maps, stress from the heat could make it harder to cross and should forbid them from stopping over it. If you're feeling crazy, give ballistas a 3-tile zone where flier movement is drastically reduced because they're so scared of the things.
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