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  1. I second this. The only reason I'm playing Heroes is because it's supposed to be a game that brings together all the FE characters from previous (and current) games. Which is why I'm less than thrilled with the deluge of OCs who are rarely anywhere near as fleshed out as characters from non-Heroes games, and the overrepresentation of female characters making it far more likely that any male character I like either gets screwed over as a unit or is outright delayed (or never added). My reasons for having issues with the gender split of the OCs is actually kind of not an FE issue. It's a general "how I view society and human beings' attitudes towards other people" issue, so I won't get into that here.
  2. I wonder if the Dancer Lachesis I pulled was foreshadowing that the next Resplendent would be drawn by the same artist.
  3. I wish we could get a little more rain where I am right now. This summer has felt hotter and longer than it usually does, and I fear we're going to be in a drought again if we don't get some form of precipitation in the winter.
  4. >Florida Why are you the way you are EDIT: So, to move on to another topic that's very relevant in the world nowadays: climate change and stuff. There is wildfire smoke from the northern part of the state lingering around in my southern area of the state. It's pretty fucking bad. Apparently, this is not from the fires near us. The sky outside is fucking gray.
  5. I get the weird feeling that a lot of the writers for FE don't understand how familial relationships work at all. Every time it feels like they couldn't possibly 1-up the creepiness factor on the avatar's dating options, they find a way to make it weirder.
  6. No, both the story sucks and the medium isn't conducive to the story they're trying to tell either.
  7. Not that I gave two shits about Otr anyway, but if he were a female character I wonder if that bad attempt at making the player feel sympathy would've suckered more (male) people into feeling sorry for Otr. This feels like the same dumb backstory drama they gave Plumeria and Triandra (and I felt nothing for them either). But yeah, Otr's backstory just feels dumb. It would've honestly made as much sense if he were Reginn's older half brother who was a bastard prince, and he resents her because she's the legitimate princess and got all the love and adoration and birthright of the kingdom.
  8. From what I recall from playing 3H, I think they still played Edelgard a bit too safe. On her own path, she's not really confronted with too many of the negative consequences of her actions. Rhea's also kind of portrayed as an inhumane beast that needs to be put down in Crimson Flower while Edelgard's battle against Dimitri has the Kingdom soldiers turning into Demonic Beasts while the player is never shown Edelgard using them in her route. I also think Edelgard's understanding of the Church being a lie, but never being forced to confront that also counts as coddling her. It would've been interesting to see how a character who was so blindly and arrogantly confident that she knew everything would react when presented with hard evidence that she was the one who knew nothing. Meanwhile, when she's the antagonist, the game goes out of its way to try to have other characters either try to understand Edelgard, want to spare her, express reluctance in having to kill her, and Edelgard herself getting a lot of "soft" scenes with the professor. Edelgard's as big of an offender as the Nohr siblings were, imo.
  9. Ha, you're probably right about that. Still baffles the everliving fuck out of me though. Guess I'm not insane enough to even begin to comprehend their thought process. But in all seriousness, you'd think people would be a lot more careful about what they put in their bodies. Perhaps we need to make warning labels bigger. Like, "you'll notice them before the brand name" bigger.
  10. Oi, I resent that remark -- along with the millions of people descended from non-Brits and regions never controlled by the Brits. We're American too, y'know What makes me the saddest about the state of this country is all the anti-science bullshit that's going around. Also, I legit don't understand why the same people crying about how vaccines are unsafe and will kill you are the same ones ingesting horse medicine and untested drugs for unrelated things. And bleach.
  11. Oh. You're having the same problem too, huh? I'm pulling a lot of 5-stars and special 4-stars. But very little zero actually focus units. It's literally insane.
  12. I think I'd rather just say that while FE has never been the pinnacle of storytelling, and while every FE has had great characters, good characters, and terrible characters, the most recent games being so heavy on self-insert avatars and waifus/husbandos has made the quality of characters and storytelling deteriorate to a noticeable quality. This probably is not so much of an unpopular opinion, more of a 50-50 split opinion, but I don't think IS understands how to write sympathetic villains anymore. Gone is the nuance, the understanding that while you can sympathize with villains' motivations or what they've been through, it's not a get-out-of-jail-free card to have their actions excused. The IS of today is so afraid that their waifubandos won't be popular if the players think they're horrible people that they try WAY too hard to make the "antagonist/dark path" really another type of "good" ... and fail miserably at it.
  13. I expected nothing, but somehow I'm still disappointed. Assuming that they're not changing up the 13-chapter formula (which, you know, why would they) they're going to cram a shit ton of story in the last two chapters and it's going to be rushed as fuuuuck. There really wasn't a point in the ~S U R P R I S E T W I S T~ of Otr and Reginn not actually being siblings. Even if Reginn reacted to it at all, it didn't change anything fundamentally ... well, except that Reginn is the only SUPER SPESHUL one of the three because of course she is. Don't even need to wait for the end for me to call it. Book 3 was the pinnacle of FEH's writing for me, and even then Book 3 wasn't all that spectacular anyway.
  14. ... My 4.5% pity rate on the Crusader was partially broken by Flayn, of all units. ... 😐
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