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  1. I'm not super big on Karla's face, it almost doesn't even really look like her to some extent? But yeah, Senri Kita's Karla is just super hard to beat.
  2. Can someone remind me how I can change which setup I want for my aether raids defense team? The game automatically set my anima defense team to my chaos defense team and I don't want that, but I can't seem to figure out how to change it to the setup I want.
  3. I think Ascended Idunn and Ascended Laegjarn are competing to see which of them will be my most often pulled Ascended unit. I'm not exactly complaining because they're both really good units with really good fodder, but I'm baffled. And the game still doesn't know what a focus unit is. Guess I won't be getting an Awakening Harmonic unit yet.
  4. Legendary female Corrin ... was legit awful! My Awakening roster is also not very good, so it was especially a pain. But I did somehow beat it on my own. Legendary Lucina and her existent speed stat was the key here, Legendary Chrom couldn't keep up and got doubled by everything. I also had to give Spring Selena miracle so she could bring down f!Corrin's HP to a low enough point where fallen male Morgan could blow her up, while not completely dying in the process because fuck Negating Fang. Hel in contrast wasn't nearly as obnoxious, but my Archanea roster is stronger. Brave Marth, Harmonic Caeda, Harmonic Tiki, and Phina stomped.
  5. I'm older than 30 and technically still here. So.
  6. Fuck Assault Troop's very existence. We didn't need armors that could move 3 spaces. Isn't the whole point of them that they get higher BST for less move? Why not just give all the movement types a BST boost if this bullshit is allowed to exist? (Yes, I know AT's inheritance is limited and on a single unit right now. The single unit who has it ABSOLUTELY DID NOT NEED IT TO POWERFUL AND IS A STATBALL.)
  7. I think my game has forgotten what a focus unit is. After the absolute fiasco that was the Brave banner rerun, with a shitload of 5-stars and 4-star specials but not a single focus unit, the FE7 banner gave me Ascended Idunn and regular Lyn on my last circle (with the exact same natures for both that I already had, wtf) and ... uh, not a single 4-star Kent was pulled the entire time. I'd also pulled weird off-focuses on previous pulls like Selena, Shinon, and Mia. At least this one DID cough up an Ascended Florina earlier so I could choose someone else with my spark. (Normally I wouldn't go for the Heroes OC if I didn't already get the other 5-stars on the banner, but ... I just hate Sain that much.) Then on the few pulls I did do on the summer banner, the game decided that it'd give me fallen Hardin instead of Claude.
  8. I don't disagree with this at all. But the other half of the problem is that it's usually the same characters who get spammed rather than a variety. I'm less annoyed with Elincia because she's only ever gotten one other alt in the second year of the game and doesn't double up on either of her colors and she really should've been on the child banner over either Mia or Ilyana. If they wanted to pick some Tellius girl who doesn't have any alts or one very old dated one and hasn't shown up recently I think I'd have less issue with it. But really, it's basically like we see the same Tellius girls over and over again and I'm kinda sick of seeing Micaiah, Mia, Ilyana, and Sanaki now. I'm also sick of Altina now, which didn't even occur as a possibility to me because she's not even an actual character. On this front Heroes has really not improved at all I guess. In the days of "Fateswakening spam", it was really more like "certain characters get spammed over and over again" ... and that's still it today, just for different games. Like ... Jugdral in particular gets the seasonal dearth pretty bad because the game seems to "reserve" Jugdral only for very specific banners. Themes that are more "serious" like ballroom dancing and a holiday that's very specific to Jugdral only.
  9. I remember not being too fond of Micaiah back in the day, and to be honest I'm still not super big on her. That said, my biggest issue with her is probably an extension of RD itself. Part 1 always felt pretty weak to me, it came off as the writers trying to capture the general essence of the entire PoR game and failing to do so because they were working with less chapters, barebones supports, and less overall character development. If I ever saw her as Mary Sue-ish back in the day, it was because my standards for good characters were a lot higher. Not sure if it's a compliment to say I no longer see her as Sue-ish partly because the bar is so low nowadays, but I do agree now that she's not a Mary Sue. Just a character I feel wasn't explored to her full potential. I'm not going to write up a full essay of my various issues with Micaiah and RD generally here, but I will say that my opinion on Micaiah improved because of Robin, Corrin, Byleth, and just the shittier writing of following games. For whatever issues I had with Micaiah and her writing (and RD's writing), it felt like every new game after that did it much worse and I could appreciate what they did do with Micaiah rather than what I felt they didn't go far enough in.
  10. Honestly, Elincia getting an alt is fine. She's only ever had a single alt, a dancer back in year 2, that had nice art but is pretty much outclassed in everything at this point. (That said, just being able to dance still gives her more use than other outclassed units.) If there's a "problem unit" on this banner, it's Micaiah. She has a dancer alt too, but also got a prf weapon, she was the lead of a duo alt with a prf weapon, and got a legendary that's still good. Also, her summer alt is colorless like her previous two alts. And yeah, I know that she's popular being CYL 3 winner and all, but it's not like we're getting flooded with Celica alts and SHE won CYL 2. I feel like they could've picked a different theme besides Tellius queens, and while I'm not surprised to see the three house leaders I'm not exactly happy to see them either ... especially with all of their busted ass prf skills. Let's either go back and retroactively give all the other characters with prf skills those skills in previous alts, or here's a better idea: not every alt of a character needs their assigned "personal skill" on every alt. It's fine.
  11. Ugh, did they really have to screw over Elincia that badly compared to the rest of the banner? She doesn't get a prf weapon, doesn't have a prf skill, and her other skills aren't even that good. At least her art is good and she still gets the conditional brave effect ...
  12. Oh, right, I did miss that the first time around. These "conditional brave effects" weapons are kinda bullshit, they get the full mt of personal weapons while getting another good effect on top of a conditional brave effect. Literally they could refine Reinhardt and Olwen's Dire Thunder, stick them with just a lull skill as the personal refine, and they still wouldn't break the game with all the broken brokenness shit going on nowadays.
  13. I ... legit have a problem with Altina being here. This is a character who basically exists in the past tense in her own universe, who never really had a definite, canon personality, who as far as I know wasn't even listed in CYL even after she was added into the game so we can't even gauge her popularity. She has a base form (which is fine) and a harmonic winter alt with Sanaki (which worked, especially with Sephiran being in the banner too). But this ... I'm a bit less okay with. REALLY wish they could've picked someone else. It's bogus that Altina gets to exist in Heroes more than Seephiran and Deghinsea, who were actually characters in the home game, because female. As much as I wouldn't want another Sanaki alt and think summer would be a bad fit for her anyway, I think I would've actually preferred her over Altina. Because at the very least it'd be the three beorc rulers at the end of Tellius with the three rulers of Fodlan instead of two Tellius queens and a posthumous empress. That said, I kind of don't want ANY of the three Tellius queens being in a harmonic with Edelgard, so I guess the one I give zero shits about taking the plunge works out best for me anyway. I just hope Elincia has a prf too. I'll rage if she doesn't.
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