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  1. I think one could split hairs and say that Ashnard's sole qualification for this banner is that his final boss form has a similar "evil flames" effect (I think) and that he's still channeling a power that WOULD drive him insane if he weren't already fucking insane. Just ... it's not great justification, but better than certain others.
  2. I feel like the idea of "Fallen Heroes" is just basically characters who, regardless of what their actual alignment and values are, have been driven mad by some power or are outright being possessed. By that definition, Dimitri and Orson would not really fit with the theme, I guess. And the Morgans too, I guess, since they were serving Grima of their own free will in the Future Past DLC. Ike was a literal "what if", still not sure if that was a good call or not. I don't know, I generally hate this theme.
  3. Honestly, as a more generic complaint these weapons and personal skills are getting way out of hand. I don't care how busted Fallen banners are in general, the fact that we've progressed this far in terms of weapons and skills is just fucking ridiculous. Having more stats to work with is one thing, but these guys also get stupidly busted weapons to go along with their advantage of having more stats than everyone else? Not on board with this, even if IS is a business and wants to make money. Characters like Edelgard and Dimitri would sell well just by virtue of people being obsessed with them even if they had an underwhelming skillset and no prf. And on the flip side, not sure if it's fair for other popular characters like Ike and Lyn and Lucina to have worse stats and prfs just because they came first when they might actually still be more popular than the 3H lords, we'll never actually know for sure!
  4. If it helps at all, I also think they're throwing too many Edelgards and Dimitris into the game at once. Even if their current alts are all justified, canon alts it's been established in the past that IS doesn't know how to space things out. At all.
  5. Didn't bother with abyssal, as usual. On infernal was able to beat the map with Guinevere, Shinon, and Soiree Reinhardt and Ishtar. Guinevere hard carried this team because she hit hard and could sit in front of any mage, and Shinon was nice for killing enemy fliers and that one archer near Sigurd.
  6. Huh. The weirdest thing just happened to me in Heroes. Apparently, while trying to download the patch, the game told me that my country is not supported, then logged me out of my account, and made me sign into it again. That's never happened before.
  7. Of the characters in the VG, Eirika is my favorite. However, I'm a little mad that not only hasn't she shown up but I'm barely getting any reds in general on that banner. And it wouldn't be fair to Marth or Innes, whom I also do like, if I didn't pick one of them since THEY showed up without any issues.
  8. Oof, sorry to hear that. You seriously got 0 Tana or L’Arachel the entire time? This banner is just mean in general.
  9. I free-pulled 4-star young Marth today, but it wasn't just any 4-star young Marth. It was the +spd one I've been hoping to get one day! Even if Marth is the only one I have from that previous banner, Marth at least seems to like me. ... Meanwhile, back in Magvel ... the red orbs continue to fail to show up. Or if I'm lucky I'll get one red orb like every three circles ...
  10. You know how the saying about bad apples go: a few of them spoil the bunch. Bad apples in the police department can make even the "good apples" go bad, through peer pressure and just becoming used to all the shit, or because all the good ones quit. It's also possible that the police department as it is designed is a "bad barrel" in which everyone who stays will go bad eventually. It's a term I learned in a psychology book that I hope I'm using correctly, but perhaps policing as it is -- with the way they're trained and how cops often "stick together" and how complaints against them are often dismissed or ignored and whatnot, cops' implicit or explicit racism and biases apparently being allowed to exist - might just make it inherently "bad". (And just so it's clear, I'm not saying all cops are bad or that the idea of police is terrible. I'm saying maybe we're doing something wrong in the U.S. with how we've designed our specific policing system.)
  11. Jeez. I feel like your earlier comment on desire sensor working on overdrive is definitely correct. I've gone several circles without A SINGLE red stone. I got Lyon as well, although mine wasn't 5-star at least.
  12. Are you honestly surprised by that? Once the developers decided that all the playable characters were going to be fuckable, a lot of variability in characterization goes right out the window. Of course we can't have any onscreen dudes who are misogynistic and scared off by strong women because female players would be turned off and that character will be much less marketable. Which is why despite hearing a lot about Duscar racism, we don't actually have anyone who's racist towards Duscar in our party. Nope, not even Ingrid since she knows that she's wrong to feel the way she does and her issue is more about her suffering trauma she hasn't moved past than being an actual bigot. Say goodbye to characters like Shinon who were unapologetic assholes, lol.
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