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  1. Camilla is actually ahead of Leo in line for the throne, so Brave Camilla could be from that one hypothetical world where she doesn't dump her responsibilities onto Leo once Xander is dead.
  2. So, uh, legendary Marth and Merric killed the generic enemies they were against without much issue. Camus and Lorenz are the only ones left.
  3. Legendary Marth KO'd the enemy he was up against. The others (Legendary Tiki, Camus, and Merric) didn't really take any damage at all. So, I guess I picked wisely that first round? Also, random Lorenz.
  4. My free summon was Deirdre. No, I don't actually know what's going on right now.
  5. I think my Nino was 3-star too. I'm not completely sure because I wasn't paying much attention. But I did get quite a few other three stars on the other banners I pulled on. Picked Eliwood as my free summon. The first circle gave me two blues and three colorless, and I was not in the mood to risk pulling Camilla.
  6. I free-summoned Nino on the new daily banner. ... The WRONG Nino, mind you.
  7. That's weird. I mean, I'm not complaining, but it's still a weird choice. At least her normal form would use a different weapon from her seasonal form.
  8. I free-pulled a 5-star on one of the new daily banners. Unfortunately, it was a Beruka with an inferior nature to my current 4-star one. But hey, merge for that weapon.
  9. Decided to send Legendary Marth and Maria. Was this even a good idea, I wonder.
  10. Wow, this battle was so hard. On infernal I had to inherit an entire swap and axebreaker onto Lyon to beat the map. I'm also being sarcastic. In all seriousness, this wasn't all that bad once I decided to attack the right side of the map first instead of dealing with the center. Triangle adept Lyon with axebreaker can block the axe wyvern with his face and take out the bow cavalier at the same time, and that was all I really needed to figure out the map because Eir and Reinhardt could take care of the Death Knight while Lyon continued to be a human shield.
  11. My free summon was Xander. +def -HP is far more acceptable than +def -atk from last year.
  12. I think the thing with Micaiah is more that she has three canon outfits to choose from so it feels a bit strange to repeat them. Reinhardt and Olwen (like many characters) don't have a "canon" secondary outfit or appearance. Even Fallen Hardin's appearance contrary to his normal one is still canon.
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