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  1. Apparently this is live now or something. https://vote6.campaigns.fire-emblem-heroes.com/en-us
  2. I just got 3 special 4-star heroes in one circle, what the fuck Two repeats, but at least one of them was new.
  3. Never underestimate IS shoving 3H into ALL DA BANNERS To be fair, Valentine's banners are generally a bit better at keeping a cohesive theme. But still. Jeralt fits into the theme just as well as Greil and Rudolf did. I'm legit surprised we didn't get Genealogy at all for this yet though.
  4. Clearly someone is bad at picking up on facetiousness over the Internet
  5. To be fair, I keep on seeing Olivia even though I know it's Leanne.
  6. I'd be more excited for Harmonic Azura if Leanne were in the lead. Regular Leanne refuses to show up for me, so having at least one version of her would be cool, but the secondary unit of a harmonic/duo pair is barely a unit. Maybe I'm just bitter because Lysithea was the lead in hers and Lute's harmonic when I dislike Lysithea and like Lute (and never got her base form). But at least Lute had an alt before. Also we don't need any more of that Gray Waves shit Also, why does "desert" count as a seasonal/special banner? What's so special or seasonal about a desert? I basically live in one. It's very meh.
  7. True, lol. Inigo and Severa are in such a weird spot with Laslow and Selena being in since launch, but not really being "them". But I do expect Inigo and Severa to basically be a shoo-in for an Awakening banner. Eventually. They're popular even now, IS be smoking something really strong if they never release them.
  8. I legitimately find this banner super not exciting, tbh. We've got ourselves a third Nailah, instead of the nonexistent Volug (is Nailah even that popular to begin with?) and Xane joining Dorothea in the "two seasonal alts before regular version" club, and ... another Azura.
  9. Hel is a weird choice for Florina, but her art looks so much better and she looks badass. A shame that her stat line will forever be wonky though.
  10. Somewhat pertinent to the topic for today. (Can't believe it's already been a year, fuck.) I thought it was funny, at least.
  11. Better than what they did to Takumi and Anna, with them getting only teleportation skills for their prf refines and not having a base effect that helps in combat. Or the Robins and Corrin, who only get effects supporting others and no benefit to them whereas current support units also can buff themselves. Or Leo getting an effect that runs on his def, which is a lolzy 25 at base and 29 even with the boon.
  12. Man, every weapon refine makes me feel bad for the characters who got their refines first. Hana and Tobin's weapon refinements had the base effect of "effective against armors" and nothing more. Silas gets an additional effect as the base just because that's what powercreep is nowadays. Not even weapon refinements can save old characters because the new ones just get shiny new powercreep due to getting their refines later anyway.
  13. The new Sacred Stones banner didn't have anyone who would've been on my top ten, I guess. Only the first four are in any order, I guess. 1. Tormod 2. Stefan 3. Laurent 4. Saleh 5. Artur 6. Shin 7. Dayan 8. Fred 9. Amalda 10. Ilios (not!Olwen, don't know what his official name is) 11. Elice 12. Nyna 13. FE4!Claud 14. Midir 15. Scathach 16. Muarim 17. Scarlet 18. Coirpre 19. Janaff 20. FE4!Arthur It was way too hard coming up with 20 of these guys. I wanted to stop at like 10.
  14. His sprite also makes him look like a literal zombie/revenant. Glen would've been okay, because if I recall correctly Glen is decently liked. Riev is, uh ... he's basically Veld or Validar without the same amount of plot relevance and I can't imagine most people were itching to get him in? Or remembered he existed, tbh? I forgot he existed.
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