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  1. Edelgard really beat Lif by only 200 votes? Wow, lame. If I'd known, I'd have voted half-and-half for Leif and Lif. I don't necessarily have anything against Edelgard, I'd be fine getting a neutral version of her. I just feel like Lif was a better option for AHR.
  2. Hm. I guess Kjelle is somehow even less desirable than Luke, who if I recall correctly wasn't at all desirable the last time this event (or even Find and Vote) ran.
  3. Yeah, I think I noticed Hrid saying that too and it is a tad weird. It's kind of weird how it's on Sharena's title though, it seems to be a very deliberate choice. But I can also accept that it's just the quirks of Japanese sibling ordering conventions.
  4. ^ Actually, now that you bring up the theory of Peony being Alfonse's sister, I was reminded of this thing: https://serenesforest.net/wiki/index.php/Sharena_(Cipher) In one of her Cipher cards, her title is apparently "elder princess of Askr". She's also the only princess of Askr (that we know of). While I don't know enough about Japanese sibling naming conventions to know whether it's be normal to call an only prince/ss an "elder prince/ss", it's interesting to note that Alfonse is not called "elder prince of Askr" in any of his cards. Sharena also had one card calling her "princess of Askr" so apparently the other card deliberately chose to call her the "eldest" princess of Askr? Who knows how canon Cipher is so this could all be a coincidence, but it's enough to make you wonder.
  5. Well, whatever happened to him between FE6 and FE7 I think it's safe to say that not only was he not part of Sue's life during FE6 proper, but it feels like he may have been in it for very little. Unlike Fir, who talks a lot about Karla and how she was an amazing swordsman and how much she wants to be like her mother, Sue never mentions neither mother nor father. She never mentions whether they were great warriors or how she misses them when they were gone and Dayan has become her life now. So I suspect Rath and his wife died very early in Sue's life, long before anything in FE6 had transpired. I suppose that could be an explanation for why Rath and Sue had no interactions, if that is the true implication. However, that should give Sue EVEN MORE OF A REASON to want to talk to him. EDIT: I also agree that I don't like Nina and her creepy yaoi fangirl-ness because she's fetishizing people who are real to HER. Please go and stay go.
  6. At first I was a bit disappointed that Rath didn't interact with any of the Sacaeans. Then I grew to appreciate that his conversation with Alfonse was at least insightful. And well written out. Still would've liked to see more than just Alfonse, but ... I mean ... at least it wasn't like Fiora's. Does someone at IS hate her?
  7. Two Raths (both 4-star). One Gerik. Free pull Genny on the Brave Banner. What the actual hell is going on. Give me more Raths, preferably one that's +atk or +spd
  8. Got a 4-star Rath! Not the best nature, but I mean ... it's a start. I have a copy. That's good enough for now.
  9. Kent+Sain duo sounds interesting, but might not be the best of ideas. Because only one of them would "technically" be "in" as a "playable" character. And so far they've only done duo alts for lords, it'd be odd for Kent+Sain to be the first non-lord pair.
  10. Wallace would've been a perfect candidate for insta 3-4 star injection into the pool if they were still doing that. I'm so mad they're not.
  11. I forgot to mention this, but I free-pulled a Brave Ike this morning/last night. Not complaining. I pulled all the reds I got on Elincia's revival banner, but I didn't get her. I want to go in a bit deeper, but with Rath coming tomorrow I really need to chill on pulling. Kind of ironic how I didn't get any of the Brave Heroes on the first Hero Fest banner, where I only have Eliwood, and yet pulled a freebie on each of the other. But I did need that Brave Celica, so again ... not complaining. @eclipse Your presence is requested you-know-where 😛
  12. He looks great! Is there full art for the others too?
  13. The same reason a Black Fang banner included Karla: absolutely none whatsoever. But considering that Rath and Heath were both my most wanted from FE7, I'll take it!
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