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  1. I am slightly eh on the idea of Three Houses characters getting seasonal banners so close to their game's release. I'd rather try to get to know the characters before I accept whatever TH characters IS (or Heroes developers) want to force down our throats. Also, it took Echoes forever to get any alts, much less seasonal alts. Yeah, I don't care that Echoes is technically a remake of an older game, for most of the Western world Gaiden may as well not have existed and even for people who did know of Gaiden pretty much none of the characters had a personality anyway.
  2. On the one hand, I was hoping to have a reason to skip this summer banner so I can save up more orbs. On the other hand, I'm really sick of the same Heroes OCs getting multiple alts in a short amount of time. Also, not a single non-OC? Really? Yes, I get that the OCs are relatively popular, but they're not so popular to justify having all of New Years to themselves, and if this leak is true, summer. Methinks one of the developers may have a hard-on for them.
  3. I heard the silhouettes dropping may be an automated thing that they don't control manually. Shrug.
  4. Actually, I heard over in gamefaqs that there was a decently big earthquake over in Japan. That might have some relation, maybe.
  5. Hmm. I know we already had a FEH channel less than two weeks ago, but I wonder if this is an indication that we're getting another announcement or something tomorrow that the trailer will be attached to. A few summer special events, maybe?
  6. If I squint, the female silhouette looks like it could be Oboro. I'm hoping for people I don't care about, though, because I want to save my orbs for Sigurd, Julia, and Ike. And a better summer Tana.
  7. You could most likely get away with not building certain units. For example, I have 3/6 Camills and I actually don't use any of them because I just don't really need her much. But anyone who has a unique gimmick is a must. Even if you don't like Micaiah, her regular form and dancer form are the only two units that have double effectiveness against horses and armors AND hit resistance, so is always worth building up. Caeda and Clair are likewise worth building if you can get +atk on them, because they have double armor and horse effectiveness too. All DC units are worth building to some degree, and every unit with effectiveness against dragons is also worth keeping around. Units you don't like as much or want to invest in can be built as a specific counter to one thing as well. My regular Chrom exists solely as a dragon killer, with his +atk and the death blow I gave him a long time ago, for example. And Xander doesn't get to do much nowadays unless there's a lot of green units and I need DC to take out archers and daggers. In contrast, Deirdre -- a unit I invested more in -- is more versatile and is both a magic tank and a dragon killer. You can have a small team of "multi-function" units and many other units who do one thing, but do that one thing well.
  8. I'll hold my judgment on Rokkr Sieges until we actually see what it's like, but if they do it right it could be fun. But Rokkr Sieges seem to be rotating with or outright replacing Grand Conquest (and has a time limit), and IS seems to have a hard-on for arena-esque scoring systems for their other new modes. So unless a new mode came with no time limit and scoring strings attached, much like SA lets you do the maps whenever you want with no penalty, I wouldn't be all that excited about SA being replaced. You're right that SAs and CCs are not perfect the way they are, as were Blessed Gardens. It would be nice if they'd give us an option to start from where we left off if we can beat the first four maps consistently but the fifth map is difficult. They could even take away the units that were used to clear the previous four maps to simulate a player already having cleared those maps. These are all good suggestions that IS could take. I'm actually okay with chain challenges kicking you out if you lose all of your teams, since they do give you 2-3 teams for longer maps. And I do agree that there are definitely other people besides you who have an issue with them, it just doesn't seem to be as disliked (or as divisive) as voting gauntlet or AR. I just feel that there's no net benefit in removing SAs and CCs, since they're not a time sensitive mode with a scoring system. It's basically there and shouldn't affect anyone. I can't give you more specific advice without seeing your team or what you're doing, but what I do is that I build every single unit I get. Even the 5-stars with the crappy natures, the 3- and 4-stars that are super outdated and without refines, the units that I hate with a burning passion. They all come in handy so whenever I need someone to do something specific, they're there to do it. I think I was able to beat one of Legendary Lucina's higher leveled battles by dusting off my Xander, a character I dislike and a unit I hadn't used now that I have better red cavaliers, but he was the DC tank I needed to clear that map successfully. My Henry also kills things dead for me in several CCs and other maps, despite being a really bad unit, because I built him anyway. I know you're kind of picky about units and don't like to build units you hate, but there are characters with very unique niches who can do things with minimal investment, and so building everyone you obtain to the minimum is helpful.
  9. That would be great if they would move the orbs to a better mode. But let's be honest. Do you see any new, better modes in FE lately? Even the Blessed Gardens rewards being moved to Allegiance Battles is technically a downgrade because instead of getting full rewards with no strings attached past beating the map, now you get 1 less dew, 1 less orb, and less feathers if you don't get at least 950 points. Not to mention that the mode basically requires you to have one of Legendary Alm or Legendary Roy to score well. And even if I have Alm, not everyone was lucky enough to nab one. And yeah, technically people who wish VG would go away are being selfish as well. However, reason they don't get called out while I'm calling you out now is because very few, if any, people here have expressed the same issues with squad assault and chain challenge as you have. Most people seem perfectly fine with it, and at worst the mode existing does not seem to make their Heroes experience worse. And, unlike VG, the orbs and rewards from it are permanently there while VG requires you to join and play if you want to get the rewards. Honestly, people wanting VG gone is still selfish, but it seems comparatively less selfish when you see more people having an issue with the mode as opposed to like ... just one person. I mean maybe you're just not that good at figuring out strategies? I'm not trying to be rude, but as I've stated multiple times before I do not merge any of my 5-stars and even so I've still beaten every single squad assault and blessed gardens and chain challenge that's been released not long after their release. The only ones that have taken me a bit longer were chain challenges back in the day. And the only one I used a guide on was book 1 chain challenge 11+12 with the obnoxious time limits.
  10. Merely having squad assaults and chain challenges in the game at least guarantees you can at least get the orbs later when you're better or find a functional team. Eliminating them means you're getting rid of an entire source of orbs, especially at a time when IS is getting stingier in general about free orbs. And again, there are people who enjoy the squad assault and chain challenge modes. I like chain challenges because I use them as a source of HM and SP grinding when I don't like the day's GHB. Wishing a mode gone that other people are fine with that isn't actively hurting anyone and is easily clearable using f2p units and has valuable resources like free orbs because you don't like it because you're not good at it is the definition of selfishness.
  11. Why would you actively wish for the removal of modes that other people may be enjoying and one if the few ones to still give orb rewards just because you personally are not enjoying it? You don't even need any merged units to clear them. There's nothing wrong with just leaving it alone if you really hate it rather than wishing that it'd be gone for everyone. I don't wish AR was gone even though I hate it with a burning passion, because other people enjoy it.
  12. I prefer A Leif. Either way, I just find it hilarious considering how people still dismiss Alfonse as being a "benchwarmer" and yet were drooling over Lif enough to catapult him all the way up to top 10 in guys.
  13. I just find it somewhat hilarious that all of those Lif voters actually voted for Alfonse.
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