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  1. @Diovani Bressan The Tanya in my version of Resonant Battles has the same skills as your friend (bottom image). However, the stats are not the same. Mine has: 69 HP 60 ATK 41 SPD 40 DEF 38 RES Which is essentially 1 less in every non-HP stat, and 2 less in HP. Your Tanya has higher stats as well as a different skill, maybe it depends on your max points and/or tier.
  2. I could understand Altina getting DC+brave effect on her weapon because she's a Mythic hero with a limited pull schedule and before Heroes barely had a character or design. Fallen Ike is a character in the regular pool. Sure, he debuted on a banner where apparently everyone was deemed too OP to demote, but still a regular pool unit nonetheless. There isn't particularly anything special or limited about him that couldn't also go for every other Fallen Hero. On the contrary, Hardin (who is admittedly Y2) got the same Gravidus as Camus instead of an alternate form of it to emphasize his "Fallen" ... ness. DC weapons don't need to get an effect as ridiculous as fallen Ike's Ragnell. The launch units don't need to break the game in half, but they should get something to keep them viable, especially when mages are getting blade times with refines.
  3. I ... totally forgot all of those existed. I legit don't know how.
  4. ... Huh, that was totally unexpected. I just pulled Eyvel off the summer banner. She's not Joshua, but she's got a decent nature and at least she's new. I guess I'm fine with this.
  5. I'd like Fae to get a refine, not sure which of she or Nowi needs it more but they should both get one anyway. And Fae's winter self got fucked over too, she's the only dragon armor without a prf. Actually, I think she's the only dragon unit introduced after a certain point who doesn't have a prf breath, what gives? Would like Ninian to get one too, I think she's the only other dragon released after launch without a prf (although she has the excuse of coming early in Y1). She might be stuck in dancer hell, though. Nowi being stuck in DC hell feels ... slightly odd, there's no reason why they couldn't give her another effect for her prf. And with Fallen Ike being a thing, there should even be a DC hell anymore.
  6. Thankfully, I do have m!Byleth at least. But I'll probably switch to Lorenz once I get him since he will obviously need the HM. That said, Lorenz will probably end up just sitting in my barracks after I'm done with him because I really do not dig that haircut. Or that speedo. Or those stats. I'll just build him as a hard counter to something green, he literally can't be worse than my -atk Summer Leo.
  7. Hmm, you guys notice that a good number of our freebies seem to have higher HP than most of their banner counterparts, but rarely enough to do anything useful with it? It couldn't possibly be because HP is one of the more useless stats and they don't want to invest in the more useful stats, right? Right???
  8. Lorenz's art is ... uh. It terrifies me. EDIT: Also, 35 speed is pretty generous on Sylvain, especially if it's neutral speed. He could've had like 31, which is difficult to do anything with.
  9. Right you are, I guess Sylvain is the second male green cavalry mage then. But it does not bode well for Leo that I totally forgot he existed
  10. Glad I'm not into 3H, so I can just take the orbs and skip the banner. But it's nice that Sylvain's a green mage cavalier. Aren't all the previous ones girls? Also, female Byleth with Rhea as a Duo. Means we should expect male Byleth sometime around Christmas or New Years, keeping in tradition with the avatars.
  11. Their fault for assuming "hurr durr girl always sell well" and not giving any of the dudes who did get in (except for m!Byleth) as good skills as their female counterparts
  12. The dudes of Blue Lions did very well in CYL4, if I recall correctly, so perhaps IS thinks THIS particular male-dominated banner will sell. Another theory I have is that the house will be Blue Lions-dominated, and we'll get Duo Dimitri+Dedue instead of a Harmonized Hero. Sylvain, Ingrid, Ashe, and Felix will be the others. I'm probably wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if this is what we get. Sylvain, Ashe, Felix, and Dimitri were all high-scorers. And their fault for putting Annette and Mercedes out so early but none of the non-Dimitri dudes anyway.
  13. Hmm, I don't know 3H that well, but from my limited knowledge of the characters the person on the right could be Ingrid, perhaps? I can't think of any other characters with a braid that long besides her, Guy, and Titania.
  14. So ... apparently the fairies like me, even if I'm still not that big on book 4. Despite not intending to pull on blues, I ran into a mostly-blue circle and decided, "fuck it, I got no 5-stars yet and I do want Chrom" Got a Peony with +spd -def. Like ... that's good on her, yeah, but I'd rather keep my neutral Peony instead since Veronica and Brave Lyn having natures messes me up at times when following guides, and she does well enough with neutral. Legendary Azura would've appreciated that nature more.
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