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  1. Dimitri got what he wanted, to defeat Edelgard, so he don't give a fuck what happens later I guess Between Seiros and Corrin, who's the likely winner over there?
  2. Better than Veld at least Or maybe not, because more people have clearly heard of Solon than they have of Veld. Either way lol Ohhh fuck I just realized. With Marianne AND Ingrid being blue this backlogs the Legendary banners on blue even more. Marianne could've just had Blutgang here, IS.
  3. Rejoice IS finally learned not to make a 3H banner that doesn't have two girls or all lords I'm okay with all of the characters that they picked, but I think I'm still gonna skip. Kind of want other things more than this. Although ... all of these four are pretty popular, so it feels like a bit of a wasted opportunity to not sneak someone less popular like Ignatz or Raphael in this banner.
  4. Oh, so Valentine's Hector might be due for a refine. I hope that they don't ignore the prf-less seasonal units though. Pretty much all of the first year units need serious help, some of those weapon effects are super outdated. Maybe it's possible that IS will just mass refine inheritable seasonal weapons during Golden Week or something.
  5. It'd be funny if Freyr was dark, because then the queen of nightmares is light and the king of dreams is dark. Anyway ... Freyr is a reasonable option, but the only thing that makes me less certain about that is who he'd be sharing with. Would they really have him with Lucina on his debut? Just looking at the other units, green would be a good guess on where the next legendary would be, but I can't actually think of who'd they put there XD But as long as we're on the topic of Freyr, it took us until about June or July (forgot the exact month) for us to get Hel, after book 3 ended in November. Mirabilis debuted on a New Hero banner before her. So I guess as long as Freyr shows up around the same time he's technically not that late. Surely they wouldn't just ... not put him on a banner, right? It's not like they have so many beast units who are not Freyr to choose from in general either.
  6. FINALLY After four long years I've finally pulled Valentine's Lilina! This is an ... interesting year for Valentine's Heroes, honestly. 3/4 of this year's units (including six Alfonse, three of them 5-star), free pull Duo Alm, and free pull Lilina. Wonder why Valentine's seems to be my season this year.
  7. I don't know who I should go with now. I wouldn't mind getting any of them personally but then I think about EVERYONE having a Seiros or Duo Lyn and I just -- Maybe I'll just go for Dimitri as the "new and more manageable than the above two" pick
  8. Micaiah and Sothe ran away from the altar and Seiros
  9. I'd rather that they give us a free summons banner like CYL, where we're given all 8 top options and we're allowed to choose the one we want. The gauntlet can still exist as a fun thing, just not as the thing that decides who's on a banner or what everyone gets as a freebie. The legendary remix banner proves that they can put 8 characters on the board at a time, so they could've done this. They just chose not to.
  10. Halloween Nowi? This, uh, opens up a bunch of possibilities. No DC, dancers, or Dire Thunder though. Guess they're just fucked.
  11. If you have regular Silque, especially with +def or +res, she could make good use of it. In other news, Legendary Leif seems to hate me because I still haven't pulled him and I'm not getting a lot of colorless orbs either. Claude is playing keep away too. At least Mila showed up earlier.
  12. Annand is Erinys's sister. I think she was originally called Mahnya.
  13. So I ended up picking Bride Micaiah. I don't really know why, since I'd be okay with getting Seiros (didn't get her last month) or Ninja Lyn or a second Corrin or Dimitri. I guess it's because Micaiah's the only one I threw a shitload of orbs at on her double special heroes rerun and not only didn't get her, but didn't get a 5-star at all. Maybe I'm salty about that.
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