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  1. You know, if I was told that someone on Heroes' development staff hated Leo because he's more popular than Xander overall, I'd totally believe it. I really can't think of any other explanation as to why he's so ... well, bad. Just, look at Henry, whose armored self has quite different and usable stats compared to his normal self. Besides, Leo doesn't have a weapon effect that justifies him being slow, like Micaiah being effective on 2 types on top of other ridiculous effects.
  2. I have Hana, Jaffar, and Kaze but I literally don't care about any of these. Maybe I should just flip a d8.
  3. I'd like Bruno to EXIST at this rate, it's like the story stopped caring that he existed. When are we getting him as a playable unit, if ever? He can even be the new book freebie.
  4. Well, since February is the anniversary month, it's possible that February alone is going to be really fucky. Or maybe it's a sign that after February, we'll be seeing 4 spots on the legendary/mythic banners instead of 3. If later months that are not February also start putting 4 characters on colors we'll get our answer, but I feel like if February's lineup is a mistake and they moved one of Gunnthra or Yune, they would've announced it already. Even if a given character is not on the current banner, don't they usually mention if someone's reappearance date has been changed at earliest opportunity?
  5. Young Marth kills Freyja like nobody's business. On infernal I had to get creative and stack ALL THE ATTACK on him so he could 1RKO that red tome flier. If it survives then Triandra will dance the flier and not suicide into Marth. Brave Claude also shot down things. Legendary Corrin was there, she was around to tank things when I needed her to, but this was mostly the Marth and Claude show with Peony dancing.
  6. Pulled my first Seteth and Shinon, although I am slightly disappointed by the lack of colorless orbs I'm getting. Also got a better Legendary Azura, which is always nice.
  7. So, uh, hold on a minute. Are Freyja and Triandra always going to return together, or do we just get ... THAT thing every time one of them reappears?
  8. Interesting. The main point is that Heroes has a lot of material for a few more books if they're really going for the Norse realms, it seems.
  9. Question to those who know Norse mythology better than I do. I know that there are a number of different realms (9, maybe???) and that we've already seen a few. Which ones are we missing?
  10. Because Helbindi isn't a curvaceous lady or even a conventionally attractive guy, so IS says get fucked. On the other hand, it seems that Laegjarn wasn't resurrected either. Although ... this also leans into Heroes writing team becoming cowards and not wanting to kill off characters anymore. Lif and Thrasir at least made sense because book 3 was all about life and death, but in book 4 it really feels like the writers being cowardly.
  11. ... I'm not gonna lie, it's kiiiiiind of disgusting how much they're trying to shove down the players' throats that "Look, look, Freyja is really good and you should feel sorry for her! YOU MUST LOVE HER!" with that last video. Villains and antagonists can have sympathetic beginnings while their actions in the ends are not justified. If Freyja was the same character she is now but looked like Hel and Surtr had a lovechild, no one would care about her. Also, didn't she literally say right before she "died" that she only wanted tools and never actually cared about Triandra and Plumeria? I remember there were some people who were not happy about Eir forgiving Hel at the end of book 3, and what the fuck is this?
  12. I hope gauntlets will be the colorless physical equivalent to swords (red), lances (blue), and axes (green). We don't have a dedicated colorless-only physical-attacking weapon type, with dragons and beasts coming out as a spectrum of colors.
  13. Oh, lol, I completely misunderstood that then 😛 Not releasing Freyr as a unit would be pretty weird, tbh. Gustav and Henriette make sense at least because they're the parents of the main characters, and Veronica and Bruno seem to be absent because their arc "isn't done".
  14. Freyr getting a regular version would be pretty bullshit though. I mean, while I don't like how over half of the mythic units are OCs and how we've gotten so many of them in a row, if Freyr really is the dream king he deserves to be a mythic more than the four dancer fairies. He and Freyja make the most sense to be mythic units from a story perspective.
  15. No, but Young Marth can deal with Freyja perfectly fine with special spiral and cavalry-effective Rapier, and what is Alfonse but Gacha Marth? 😛 But seriously, Alfonse is a big help when I need to tank Brave Edelgard. TA refine was totally worth it just for that.
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