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  1. Lol, really? So that's either one of three explanations: 1. Almedha and Soren were separated from Ashnard first, and then Almedha was separated from Soren later. Somehow. It's still plausible, but a lot more convoluted. 2. The writers forgot what they wrote and changed the numbers unknowingly. 3. Whoever wrote the script was REALLY bad at math.
  2. In all fairness, I think I've heard that some children may have different shades of hair color (or an outright different hair color) when they're young. Pelleas and Soren don't have the same hair color, but they both have rather dark shades. So if baby Soren's hair color was just some darkish shade that wasn't explicitly green or blue, I could see it. Or Almedha at that point really was that desperate that she latched onto the first thing that she thought could've been her son. Maybe deep down she knew that Pelleas may not have been her son, but she just wanted to believe it so badly. After she accepts that Pelleas is not her son, she seems to have no issue recognizing Soren so maybe when she was less desperate she was able to see more clearly.
  3. Is it at all possible that Soren wasn't a literal baby when he and Almedha were separated, but closer to 2-3? Does it explicitly say that Soren was still an infant at the time? Although I don't remember the entirety of the script, I recall Almedha saying that Ashnard lost interest in Soren when it became obvious he had no special powers ... how long would it take for him to realize that, I wonder. The second option is that writers are just REALLY bad at math and don't think these things out, it would explain SOOOOO many issues in all the games.
  4. Nice, Takumi honestly needed a Resplendent. Although I couldn't tell that he was supposed to be Hel just by looking at his outfit. But I find this hilarious because m!Robin and Takumi are the first two Hel Resplendent Heroes, and back in the day I ally supported them 😛
  5. I mean, I like some of the OCs. Alfonse and Veronica are okay. I liked Bruno well enough while he existed. Helbindi, Lif, and Thrasir are also cool. But again ... so many OCs just did not live up to the hype and really didn't need to be in the story. I wanted to like Fjorm and all of her siblings, there were just too much of them and they did too little for me to care about too much. Eir's good as a unit, but I'm still not 100% sure what she really did in book 3. The fairies are just ... ugh. We really didn't need four of them when considering how little they individually contribute to the plot, and all of them seem to have a sob story about having a terrible past -- like IS themselves knew that they weren't gonna be able to do much with them so they tried to make the players care for them with the laziest method ever. Cutting Mirabilis and Plumeria while focusing on Peony and Triandra (who are apparently sisters), and making them a foil of sorts to Freyja and Freyr as siblings who stand for opposite things, may have been better. And Sharena, who apparently played with these girls, continues to be overshadowed by her brother. Sharena getting the last two chapters to herself, if that happens, won't make up for being neglected for pretty much the majority of all four books.
  6. My main issue with the OCs is that right now there are too many of them and most of them are pretty irrelevant. Books 1 and 3 were pretty decent about their total OCs, but book 2 and book 4 are pretty guilty of overloading their stories with too many OCs where most of them are irrelevant. Like ... you wouldn't have had to change anything of importance if you cut or merged one of Gunnthra or Hrid. And the story could be easily rewritten to not include Mirabilis and one of Triandra or Plumeria. And, like ... Anna and Sharena have been part of the story since forever, and even then they barely get anything to work with as characters. Book 4 is probably the most Sharena has had to do, and unless she somehow becomes super important in the last two chapters while Alfonse disappears, it's still mostly been "Alfonse doing smart things. Everyone else exists." The game's just not good at handling its numerous OCs. I wouldn't have such an issue with them if Heroes knew what to do with all of them rather than half-assing most of them.
  7. Whoa, Fallen Julia and Say'ri on red? And Midori on the skill banner before them? Does this mean that male Kris is skipping way ahead in the line for the red legendary/mythic banners pool? Because if that's the case, they seem pretty caught up on all four colors, with two characters yet to be run on everything but colorless, who may or may not reuse Bernadetta this month if it's not the mythic color. Interesting.
  8. So. I just got pity-broken by Ylgr on the Genealogy dancer banner. THAT WAS A THING THAT HAPPENED. No Soiree Nephenee or Genealogy dancer for me this year, I guess ;/
  9. Honestly, if IS wants to only take the list partly into regard, screwing over the male characters in comparison to female characters because they're afraid dudes won't sell even when they're more popular than the girls, then IS has tunnel vision and are dumb. Like, at this point they've done banners with primarily male characters. I'm pretty sure if IS gave us a popular FE7 dude with a good kit, they'll sell pretty well even if it's just because of the skills. I really don't get why they insist on shooting themselves in the foot by giving a lot of demotes "meh" skills. It makes people want to pull less, not more, if one of the characters is a dud.
  10. @Humanoid I actually found this f2p guide with a shitload of skill inheritance on youtube. Thankfully I was able to clear it on my own so I didn't have to use it, but for people who couldn't clear abyssal and really want those 20 codes, I found this one. If you have Brave Camilla, there's this one. EDIT: Derp, that one with Camilla was infernal. Sorry.
  11. Legendary, yeah. Although I have Fallen female Corrin as well. Anyway, she definitely is crazy good. Tanks shit with her face and takes a very long time to die. She was able to live through quite a lot with healing support from Hot Springs Sakura in Abyssal.
  12. Holy fuck, I actually cleared abyssal on my own without a guide. Used Legendary Corrin, Legendary Azura, Hot Springs Sakura, and Ophelia. None of them were merged. Corrin basically tanked shit while Ophelia cleared the way as much as she could. Sakura was able to break a wall, which proved to be super important when Marth started to charge, and Azura danced and tanked some shit.
  13. You know, I only really pulled for f!Corrin because I wanted her fodder for my other characters, but man. She puts in so much work, I definitely want one to keep for the long term. I already have two, but neither have particularly great natures, so I'm definitely going for more when she comes back.
  14. It would've been nice if they could've focused on other aspects of Gatrie besides his women thing. Even if he ultimately means well, his persistence towards women who don't want to have anything to do with him (such as following Thrasir around just to get a glimpse of her) comes off as pretty disrespectful towards their boundaries.
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