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  1. Well, at least Zephiel showed up. He is +spd -def, but hey. At least he showed up.
  2. I got my first Python from the new summoning revival banner. Naturally, he is -atk.
  3. Clearly Nino asked Jaffar to go with her and he couldn't say no.
  4. WINTER SOTHIS POWERCREEPS WINTER FAE WHY Other than Sothis, I wouldn't mind pulling on this banner at some point. But I can't spare orbs unless I get a good winter Eirika. Marth and Elice getting a duo is good, though, Marth of all peeps should get one.
  5. I see a Xander silhouette on the right. Not really happy about that!
  6. Picked up a summer Lilina on today's banner, that's pretty good. I didn't have her. Her nature's acceptable, too.
  7. @Zeo While I like the idea of Matthew and Leila being being Chad's parents, doesn't Binding Blade take place 20 years after Blazing Sword? Chad doesn't look like he's 20. It'd also make him older than Klein. Lugh and Raigh are 13 and Roy is 15. Pretty sure I remember those character ages being officially given somewhere.
  8. I had some weirdness the last few days where I pulled a Lucina, a Julia, and a random Yarne over the revival and the Thracia banners. This morning got another Julia, this one +res -def! I'm happy with that. Okay, now I'm REALLY going to save orbs for Christmas Eirika, since the Thracia unit I care most about in this current batch is a GHB. (Although depending on stuff, I may come back to break my pity on the banner.)
  9. Honestly, I just hate fairies in general. Even the "evil fairies" are too cutesy for me. This book's entire aesthetic is everything I grew out of when I was seven. In all fairness, book 3's aesthetic was something I left behind when I was in my teens. But yeah, I'm personally not digging this aesthetic. I don't have an issue with anyone else who likes it, I'm just personally very meh on it.
  10. Most people would be annoyed to some degree that someone they believe cares about them very much can't tell them apart. And if you didn't get to do actually do anything with that person because they thought someone else was you, it'd be even more annoying. That's not being a spoiled brat.
  11. Jill at least has a better shot of being added into the game than my favorite character, Tormod. At this point, I'm also losing hope of Rath being added too, but he at least has a better shot. Also, it's just my luck that my favorite Awakening child and mother are both the only ones missing of all the Awakening children and mothers So, I mean, it sucks for everyone who's missing favorite characters in the game.
  12. Just poking fun at the fact that you said all the OCs "float down here", but Takumi and Lyon also float down there. Also Faye and Bride Lyn, whom I missed the first time around.
  13. Plot twist: they refuse to do Farfetched Heroes this year because they don't want to put in an Anna alt.
  14. I think by "versions of Ike", they're talking about PoR and RD versions. Brave and Valentine's Ikes are still PoR Ike.
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