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  1. Clearly Niime will get Apocalypse when she's added into the game five years from now. Or maybe they forgot it existed, I dunno.
  2. I'm also of the opinion that if you care enough about something you don't know about to make a comment about it, then you care enough about it to do a little research. Pretty much anything you need to know about FE is on this website that we're all on. I'm not asking you to research something difficult and out of the way, it'll probably take a minute or two if you know where to look. Having an opinion is fine and all, but it doesn't look favorably on anyone if they also come off too lazy or uncaring to do their own research ... like ever. I don't expect people to know everything about FE. I expect them to look it up on SF itself, though, if they care enough to have an opinion about it. Sometimes, the point of being a friend is to realize when they are in the wrong. Defending your friend when they're in the wrong because they're your friend doesn't make you a good friend, it makes you an enabler.
  3. Depending on how one phrases the first impressions opinion and said reputation of the user, it can be a problem in certain situations. Not an excuse. You cared enough to post a first-impressions opinion, therefore you can look it up yourself or keep your opinions to yourself. You're not required to post every little thing that passes through your mind.
  4. Guys, you're all forgetting the most important thing here. We are literally on a fucking Fire Emblem website. Don't know who someone or something is? Look through Serenes Forest dot net, one of your best sources of FE information, hold the whinging. There's no excuse to not use the source you are literally on as you type stuff.
  5. Yo, I heard over on gamefaqs that apparently the fourth VA isn't supposed to represent Roy, but Alfonse ... who coincidentally has Roy's VA in English.
  6. Interesting that they've decided to add in three of the most recent brave heroes, I suppose their time was coming. But no seasonal units on this banner, which I suppose means they are phasing those out. (Which sucks.) However, I'm not sure if personally this is a good banner for me. Aside from blue, which I don't want to pull on at all (even if I need a better natured Y!Tiki), each color has at least one stinker on it.
  7. Wow, the only one I have is Loki and I am NOT joining her. Guess I'll just roll a d6 or something.
  8. I am seeing an extreme lack of mention of South Korea, a democracy that from what we currently know did a pretty damn good job flattening its curve, in this thread. If we really must get into a pissing match about democracies being more or less able than China to control a pandemic (which I'd rather not because it doesn't actually help us), why the fuck aren't we talking about South Korea? All the more reasons to test as many people as we can.
  9. So apparently that Osian I got a few days ago couldn't wait for his banner to drop and decided to show up early for me, lol. Free pull didn't give me anything. A bit of a shame, because I'd like Shannan, but I have other things as a priority for now.
  10. I want Eliwood, Rebecca, Lloyd, and Florina to get Resplendent alts someday (even if I'm very unlikely to buy the FEH Pass). Florina's art is kind of meh (not the worst, but not that great either) and her stats need help. The former three are still okay units, but their art is worse than whatever was going on with Sophia. Likewise, Mist getting a better default portrait would be nice, as well as +2 to all stats. (Although I think her stats are kind of a lost cause anyway.)
  11. Oof, that just gives me more reason to believe that some future banner I wanna pull on is gonna give me squat XD;
  12. UHH? I'm getting quite the weird streak in pulls. Yesterday, got a flying Nino (+res -spd) that I didn't mention. Also, got green Olwen (+HP -spd) as a free pull back on her banner that I didn't mention. Also got Claude and Osian from the BHB banner. And now I free pulled a Nah. A Nah that is +atk -spd. On my free pull for the revival banner. Like, I'm not complaining but this is so weird. I wonder which future banner I care about is totally gonna give me crappy luck.
  13. Spring Bartre's heroic ordeals is a challenge? I just planted him in front of everything that was not Tsubasa (Soiree Reinhardt took her out) and he annihilated everything. He didn't even need to be level 40 to do that, since I'm pretty sure the first challenge of the day gives you stat boosts anyway.
  14. I +10 nothing. But I build everything to some degree.
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