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  1. Clearly an apology for fucking you over the last few banners?
  2. I'm having fun, although I do wish draw back or reposition would pop up more times! Somehow everyone has their unique weapon.
  3. I mean Today's the 11th, which implies that Rutger's revival and one of the Halloween banners should've returned. Unless my game is bugged, neither has happened, so the calendar is a day off. And yeah, I get that the calendar runs through DST time change, but in all fairness the majority of the calendar's timespan does not cover DST.
  4. Hmm, I do believe the calendar might be a day off regarding certain events. Or am I mistaken?
  5. >new Bound Hero Battle >Alm and Faye AHAHAHAHAHA OMG WHAT
  6. The fuck man I got promoted to do an update and now on the update screen it's giving me a communication error Over. And over. And over again.
  7. Yeah, I have no idea where all this luck came from. I guess the game sensed that I was not happy about getting to 4.25% on Performing Arts and was REALLY not happy about Duo Heroes or Halloween in general. So it decided to give me the Hector I actually wanted, the banner unit I actually wanted, and some extras.
  8. Hey, I have this problem too. Time to complain to the devs?
  9. Holy fuck I pulled a Brave Eliwood on the hone banner. HOLY FUCK HE'S +ATK -RES. BETTER THAN MY NEUTRAL ONE. What do. EDIT: Uhh, second ticket on the Halloween banner netted me one +atk -res Kaden. EDIT2: HOLY FUCK GOT A BRAVE HECTOR ON A NOT-FREE BLUE. DECENT NATURE TOO. ... Did the game feel bad for getting me up to 4.25% on the Performing Arts banner and giving me nothing? EDIT3: ... This is ridiculous. I just pulled Halloween L'Arachel. She's even +spd -def. HOOOOOOW. I am going to be supremely unlucky for like. The rest of the year.
  10. I want Tormod in the game the most of all the PoR/RD characters. Unfortunately I don't foresee him anytime soon ;/ But we really should get some non-laguz popular Tellius characters in the game too. And not fucked over like Haar was.
  11. You could probably merge something into the +atk to cancel out his bane at least. Since +atk is still good on Virion, just not DA BEST anymore.
  12. Ugh, my Virion is -HP. But his refine is actually good. Guess I need one that is not -HP.
  13. To be fair, all the popular guys have less alts than their corresponding popular girls. Five alts for a single dude is a lot for a dude. Also, fair enough on Lilina. But I'm not going to begrudge Mia and Nephenee for getting a single alt because they at least didn't have one before. I still think they could've picked someone else besides Lilina for that second summer alt if they were just going to shove her in as Hector's excuse for a fifth version.
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