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  2. I've somehow managed to grab Fallen Ike and Mirabilis with tickets only. Along with a random second legendary Julia. That's ... pretty damn lucky. Speaking of Julia, FORGING BONDS AUTOEQUIP PUT THE MUSTACHE ON HER WHY
  3. So In addition to Fallen Ike, I pushed my luck on the legendary a bit further and got a duplicate legendary Julia. And just now, I got Mirabilis on a free ticket. ... She's +spd -HP though, lol
  4. Elincia's technically a queen in RD, but even her Hoshidan Festival alt insists on calling her a princess. So we don't actually have a "Queen" Elincia in the game yet. EDIT: That said, Camilla never actually becomes queen in Birthright or Conquest, and the only time she could be a queen is by marriage to Revelation male Corrin so I call bullshit on her
  5. Me: I can't resist going for all the reds because fairy dancer is nice even if I don't like them Also me: Fallen Ike is the only Ike I'm not going after Fallen Ike: shows up on a ticket Also Fallen Ike: -atk
  6. The same way you kill death herself, apparently
  7. The only character who doesn't have max HM right now is Legendary Lucina, who I just got off the legendary banner on June 1. Everyone else has 6000 HM.
  8. If they actually do this, I ... might not complain too hard about this, but only because Veronica and Bruno are SUPER overdue. That said, they better not cheapen out on one slot for a character of the game that's being spotlighted along with them, like how Peony basically Tanya off the banner. I'd still like a male character as our token freebie for book 5, and if it's totally Bruno that works out really well.
  9. I'm going with this, but with the added caveat of having less OCs in general. The majority of them are barely relevant to the book they originate from, there's really no reason why we need so many of them, and few of them even play a role in the later books. There's no reason why book 4 needs so many fairies or why all three of Helbindi, Laegjarn, and Laevatein have to exist or why Fjorm needs so many siblings. Book 3 did it the best, having only Eir (the freebie), Hel (the big bad) and Lif and Thrasir (the two other relevant enemies).
  10. I've honestly given up on book 4 lol The general aesthetic of it is something I stopped liking back when I was seven and the plot's not really intriguing for me, so I'm pretty much just waiting for it to be over. Book 3 was also nice about not saturating the game with a fuckload of OCs, I really appreciated that. Book 4 just decided to do the thing Book 2 did with regards to characters, though.
  11. I admit that maybe "so many characters" wasn't the right choice of words, but you can still have 75% representation and still be missing "a lot" of obvious characters just because the FE cast even one game can be huge. Including all of the playable characters still left, you could still churn out two full banners from it, assuming that they don't decide to add in important NPCs or villains, and that could end up pushing it to three new banners.
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