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  1. Kanye would like a word with you. Fascinating- something similar actually brought about the name MacKenzie. TL;DR, the name was originally "MacKen-ye" but the English printing presses didn't have the Scots letter which made the "y" sound, so they used a Z instead. This stuck.
  2. "WA-HAH-HAH! I'mma gonna revive the dragon god!" "..." "LOSERS!" I'm down for it. But what makes someone a "bad guy"? Honestly, Fire Emblem plots are flat and generic. That's alright if the gameplay is still entertaining, but I wouldn't expect them to ever actually be clever, yet alone subversive.
  3. Thesis Antithesis. Synthesis. Not sure if this is sarcastic or not, but the evil cult using incest to revive their dark master is an actual cornerstone of Genealogy's plot.
  4. Can't believe this thread is so stuck up on "what is an avatar would probably be" rather than "what an avatar could be" as described by Jotari.
  5. I would adore an Oracles remake, and while in a sense it is sad the trilogy idea didn't work out, I think the end product might have been a bit more streamlined (for the better) as a result of just being two games. For me to write. @Benice had given me Saul, which was a very good option, but it didn't end up panning out fully.
  6. 'Ey, no problem. Oh hey the Oracle games. I gotta finish those- Link's Awakening is the best one so clearly the Oracle games should be right up my alley. I think that would have been a fairly funny idea- I had a more dramatic idea for that round but maybe it was better not to go through with it.
  7. Good. You do that. Yeah, it's a mechanically cool idea, although I do wish Ray had a flavor other than "not-Zero" to her. The cliffhanger part is a big whatever for me, Mighty No. 9 was clearly a game with grand ambitions for its series more so than itself so its plot points will only ever be resolved by fanfictions which have no chance of being written by people not in this thread. It was, I didn't get around to finishing my entry though. I forgive you.
  8. Ah, so nostalgia then? I get that. I still don't get why you replied, but I understand why you'd come back and read it.
  9. What are you talking about? It is your username which is missing an E that is the problem. I mean, the rap is okay, but I agree that a sequel would have been nice, just to see what would have happened. If the sequel wasn't all that great though, to heck with it. I almost prefer Mighty No. 9's health refill system to E-tanks, but otherwise I think its attempts to reinvent Mega Man took the completely wrong direction from the original pitch.
  10. C'mon man, it's not that cringe. Didn't even involve a fursuit.
  11. That was like the fourth line. Why are you even bringing it up this thread is like a decade old. It could have died peaceably. What even inspired you to check this? Why were you here to make this observation in the first place?
  12. Conglaturations. Just make 'em robots. The opposite of robot is robot.
  13. And there we have it! The winner is @Maof06. Friend, you may select the prompt for the next round! Updates to the opening post will be made once the new prompt is chosen.
  14. They are, uh...severe, to be sure. However, I think that's alright. They're like an extra challenge mode for the game.
  15. Do people still do segmented speedruns? I would be interested to see where they do so.
  16. "Do not pity me, WENCH. I am a prince, I do not need sympathy for Nohrian scum like you!"
  17. Yeah and they looked bad there too. Hm, fair points. If the primary use of such cutscenes is to generate trailers, though, they could probably find a way to not involve the avatar in them. This is especially the case if the avatar is supposed to be more Kris than Byleth- a supporting character rather than a main lord. Focus the cutscenes on lore bits or whatever- it's a possibility. Of course, that also assumes that supporting character avatars are comparably profitable to main lord avatars, which might be totally wrong.
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