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  1. The year is 1437. The continent of Weagrand has seen countless conflicts mar its lands, across its fre countries and nearby isles. While the past is seldom recorded to a comfortable degree, the history books have seen the rise of the main offender in the current era, the Halsprian Empire. Through war and conquest, the country of Halsyn did consume Orevst and form the empire as it is now. With its Great Emperor Jelvrien at the helm, their future seemed bright. Prosperous. Grand. But time and age saw fit to remove him from the picture. His son was far from the great man his father was... While Jelvrien dreamed of uniting scattered people and leading them towards a better future, his son, Jrevin, saw war as nothing more than a game. Soldiers were pawns for the board, pieces to be moved about. Conquest was a stepping stone to beating the game, to winning. So mad was he that his council of knights, the High Tower of the empire, saw fit to remove him. All ten of its members gathered for a usual meeting of war, and with blades drawn, swiftly, the emperor was no more. His members of council were struck down. No one was to know of his passing... Because while he had cared for only war, his knights cared for the people. Halspria was a shadow of its former self, long ruined by a war against a country-- Bravia-- that they could not have won under Jrevin's command. Now, though... The knights had one last gambit before they could turn their sights on their mad master's target of play. His daughter, the princess, now Empress by right, needed to be put down as well. No member of his royal family could live were they to see a brighter future-- this they believed with all of their hearts. And so, unbeknownst to the populace, the tires civilians who had been told their emperor was now resting and nothing more... A show of good will from the princess was declared. That she would travel the countryside to raise the spirits of the common folk. A ruse, but not one seen through. Chained and driven by carriage, the princess would meet her end at the hands of "bandits" along the road. Her foray had been made public knowledge. Everyone knew about it. Word traveled fast when members of the royalty were involved, for better or worse... and so did this news fall upon the ears of actual bandits. A group of mercenaries turned thieves by the war... The Wounded Falcons. Their scout, swiftly returning to camp, the news far, far too important to keep to themselves...
  2. The Fire Emblem Heroes subreddit has their own 5*+10 user compendium page, so hey, why not the SF community too? This is totally not just a way for me to say "Hey look at my first ever 5*+10 I recently finished" (it is). Whether you busted your bank account wide open or saved 220,000+ Feathers over several months (or a mix of both), everyone wants to show off their completed units some way or another. Much like the format in the above link, I'll have units listed in alphabetical order as they show up and a link to the image of the completed unit next to your username. Don't feel discouraged to post your own completed Bartre just because someone already has done before you. Please host your screenshots on Imgur if possible. I'm not sure how secure/reliable images attached through the forum posts are. I'll use the username you are currently posting with, unless you request otherwise. I will update at least once a day, if not more. And with that, let's begin: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Alfonse (Hares at the Fair) 1. Chrom-ulent Alm 1. Ozil 2. Xenomata Amelia 1. Ice Dragon 2. Hawk King 3. Namero Ares 1. Landmaster 2. TheTuckingFypo 3. Lord Quan 4. Caeldori 5. Maaka Arthur 1. Sarfiaholic Arvis 1. Chrom-ulent 2. Fire Brand Athena 1. Jingle Jangle 2. Stroud Aversa 1. Namero 2. Syllabear 3. Stroud 4. Rezzy 5. Diovani Bressan 6. Maaka 7. Vicious Sal 8. Thinks Their Own Way 9. BoaFerox 10. Humanoid Ayra 1. Ice Dragon Azura 1. LordFrigid Azura (Happy New Year!) 1. Birdy Azura (Young Songstress) 1. SetsumaFSoysoy Barst 1. Momentai~ Bartre 1. Chrom-ulent 2. Duke of Dozel Berkut 1. Lord_Grima 2. Rex Glacies Berkut (Darkness Within) 1. Vanil Beruka 1. Frenzify 2. L'arachel 3. Rygalla 4. Forblaze 5. DevLink 6. GrandeRampel Black Knight 1. Venmi 2. Zelgius 3. ZeroFinal Caeda 1. LordFrigid 2. Hawk King 3. DLNarshen 4. Chrom-ulent 5. Jingle Jangle 6. Baldrick 7. Namero 8. mampfoid 9. LunaSaint 10. daisy jane Caeda (Bridal Blessings) 1. Ice Dragon Cain 1. Johann 2. MagicCanonBalls Camilla 1. Frenzify 2. Zelgius 3. Jingle Jangle 4. Tenniel 5. Stroud 6. Chrom-ulent 7. Xenovia Camilla (Happy New Year!) 1. Tenniel Camilla (Spring Festival) 1. Ice Dragon Catria 1. ZeroFinal 2. DevLink 3. NSSKG151 4. nirvanafan 5. Astellius 6. BoaFerox 7. Vicious Sal Catria (Hares at the Fair) 1. ZeroFinal 2. Ice Dragon 3. Chrom-ulent Cecilia 1. Tenzen12 2. Leif 3. Humanoid 4. Vaximillian 5. Fire Emblem Fan 6. Raven 7. LunaSaint 8. Michelaar Celica 1. SilvertheShadow 2. LordFrigid 3. Xenomata 4. Rezzy Celica (Arrival of the Brave) 1. Wanda 2. Xenomata 3. SetsumaFSoysoy Cherche 1. Callisto 2. Hawk King 3. mampfoid 4. Astellius 5. kirauza343 6. omegaxis1 7. Florete 8. Maaka 9. Caeldori 10. Humanoid 11. BoaFerox 12. Xenomata Chrom 1. Okigen 2. AbsoluteZer0Nova Chrom (The Branded King) 1. Reddazrael 2. Ozil Clair 1. Euklyd 2. Kaden Clarine 1. Johann Cordelia 1. Maaka 2. Ice Dragon 3. LuxSpes 4. shayminskyforme88 5. Tybrosion 6. Alexmender 7. mampfoid 8. SatsumaFSoysoy Cordelia (Bridal Blessings) 1. Ice Dragon Cordelia (Summer's Arrival) 1. ZeroFinal 2. Chrom-ulent Corrin (Female) 1. Infinite Dreams 2. Callisto 3. Astellius Corrin (Male) 1. silverserpent 2. Jingle Jangle 3. wizzard of soz 4. Namero 5. Lord_Grima 6. LunaSaint 7. Vanil Corrin (Female) (Nohrian Summer) 1. Ice Dragon Corrin (Female) (Adrift) 1. Xenomata Corrin (Male) (Adrift) 1. Xenomata Corrin (Female) (Darkness Within) 1. Namero Deidre 1. Stroud Delthea 1. Xenomata Delthea (Tatarrah's Puppet) 1. Landmaster Donnel 1. Chrom-ulent Dorcas 1. Galaco Draug 1. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi 2. Integrity Effie 1. Ice Dragon 2. Jave 3. Raven 4. Carthieu 5. Namero Eir 1. Xenomata Eirika 1. LordFrigid 2. Alexmender 3. Usana 4. SatsumaFSoysoy 5. ZeroFinal 6. Poimagic 7. BoaFerox Eirika (Gifts of Winter) 1. Xenomata Eldigan 1. Ice Dragon 2. Zhu Qiao Elincia 1. Xenomata Elise 1. Ice Dragon Eliwood 1. Reddazrael 2. SSbardock84 3. Kaden 4. Tenzen12 5. Some Jerk 6. Maaka Ephraim 1. AbsoluteZer0Nova 2. Ice Dragon Ephraim (Gifts of Winter) 1. Xenomata Est 1. Astellius 2. Rezzy Ethlyn 1. Super Kempfnna 2. Baldrick Fae 1. Nowi's Husband 2. Ice Dragon 3. Kaoxt 4. MonkeyCheez3K 5. Maaka 6. pullofthebush 7. SatsumaFSoysoy 8. Mau 9. daisy jane 10. Fae 11. BoaFerox 12. Turboo Faye 1. LordFrigid Felicia 1. Fei Mao 2. Skfoos 3. Johann 4. Tybrosion 5. Nym Fir 1. Astellius 2. DefaultBeep 3. LiquidDefiance Fjorm 1. Ice Dragon 2. Hawk King 3. Chrom-ulent 4. Namero Fjorm (New Year's of Fire and Ice) 1. Xenomata Flora 1. Xenomata Florina 1. Kon 2. Maaka Frederick 1. Mr.Pepsi 2. Anacybele 3. Johann Frederick (Ylissean Summer) 1. Anacybele Gaius 1. Emerson 2. Mackc2 Garon 1. Maaka Gordin 1. ChibiToastExplosion Gunnthrá 1. Chrom-ulent 2. Ice Dragon Gwendolyn 1. Ice Dragon 2. Esme 3. Namero 4. Chrom-ulent 5. Johann Hana 1. Apples Hardin (Fallen Heroes) 1. Ice Dragon Hawkeye 1. Okigen 2. Johann Hector 1. Ozil Hector (Marquess of Ostia) 1. Ice Dragon Helbindi 1. Xenomata Henry 1. Junkhead Hinoka 1. Ice Dragon 2. Hinoka 3. Tarilaan Hinoka (Wings of Fate) 1. Xenomata Ike 1. Kaoxt 2. AbsoluteZer0Nova Ike (Brave Heroes) 1. Ice Dragon 2. Kaoxt 3. Infinite Dreams 4. mothmanex 5. Javi Blizz 6. DarkLordIvy 7. Venmi 8. Namero Ike (Vanguard Legend) 1. Kaoxt 2. Ice Dragon Innes 1. Xenomata Innes (Summer's Arrival) 1. Chrom-ulent Jakob (Trick or Defeat!) 1. Ice Dragon Jamke 1. Parrhesia Jeorge 1. InvdrZim13 2. ruruo 3. Vicious Sal Joshua 1. whase Julia 1. AbsoluteZer0Nova 2. silverserpent 3. Xenomata 4. KMT4ever 5. Etheus Julia (Crusader of Light) 1. Xenomata Julius 1. TheNiddo 2. DLNarshen Kagero 1. SatsumaFSoysoy 2. Xenovia 3. Stroud Kana (Male) 1. Landmaster Karla 1. Ice Dragon Katarina 1. LordFrigid 2. Mackc2 Kaze 1. NSSKG151 2. Anacybele 3. ruruo Klein 1. YingofDarkness 2. Tybrosion 3. Mau Kliff 1. Xenomata Lachesis 1. Landmaster Laegjarn 1. Ice Dragon 2. ZeroFinal Laegjarn (Summer Returns) 1. Vanil L'Arachel 1. Chrom-ulent 2. Rezzy 3. Ice Dragon 4. Stercus 5. YouSquiddinMe 6. Kirie 7. NSSKG151 8. Tybrosion Laslow 1. Infinite Dreams Leanne 1. Xenomata Legion 1. thecrimsonnflash 2. Xenomata Leif 1. Chrom-ulent 2. Xenomata Lene 1. Chrom-ulent Leo 1. Xenomata Leon 1. Hawk King 2. Rafiel's Aria 3. eclipse 4. Chrom-ulent Lewyn 1. Xenomata Lilina 1. LordFrigid 2. Chrom-ulent 3. Humanoid 4. Jave 5. Garlyle 6. Turboo Lilina (Love Abounds) 1. Shiro Linde (A Sketchy Summer) 1. Chrom-ulent 2. Xenomata Linus 1. Quintessence Lissa 1. TheTuckingFypo Loki 1. Zelgius 2. Xenomata Loki (Spring Trickster) 1. BoaZero 2. Zelgius Lon'qu 1. Forblaze 2. wizzard of soz 3. Landmaster Lucina 1. Ice Dragon 2. Birdy Lucina (Brave Heroes) 1. Chrom-ulent Lucina (Glorious Archer) 1. Ice Dragon Lucius 1. Rafiel's Aria 2. Xenomata Lukas 1. Hawk King 2. Rafiel's Aria 3. Zeo 4. Xenomata 5. Etheus 6. Chrom-ulent 7. Rex Glacies Lute 1. Chrom-ulent Lyn 1. Ice Dragon Lyn (Brave Heroes) 1. Kaoxt 2. Ice Dragon 3. Hawk King 4. XRay 5. Reddazrael 6. Roflolxp54 7. Chrom-ulent 8. Namero Lyn (Bridal Blessings) 1. Ice Dragon 2. Kaoxt 3. Roflolxp54 Lyn (Lady of the Wind) 1. Chrom-ulent 2. Ice Dragon 3. Fire Emblem Fan Lyn (Love Abounds) 1. Fire Emblem Fan 2. Roflolxp54 Lyon 1. Turboo Mae 1. Ice Dragon 2. Rafiel's Aria Maria 1. Nowi's Husband Marisa 1. Nitro 2. Parrhesia Marth 1. LordFrigid 2. Fire Emblem Fan 3. Diovani Bressan 4. Baldrick 5. Namero 6. Syllabear 7. TheSilentChloey 8. omegaxis1 Marth (Enigmatic Blade) 1. mampfoid 2. Glennstavos 3. Javi Blizz 4. Namero 5. SetsumaFSoysoy 6. omegaxis1 7. Humanoid 8. Dai 9. Thinks Their Own Way Marth (Hero-King) 1. Ice Dragon Mathilda 1. Parrhesia Matthew 1. Zeo Merric 1. Rafiel's Aria Mia 1. Xenomata Micaiah 1. Birdy 2. Hawk King 3. Chrom-ulent 4. Zelgius 5. Kirie 6. Venmi Micaiah (Festival in Hoshido) 1. Xenomata Michalis 1. ruruo 2. Etheus Minerva 1. Ice Dragon Mordecai 1. silverserpent Morgan (Female) 1. Leocanta 2. LordFrigid 3. Chrom-ulent Morgan (Male) 1. Reddazrael 2. Rafiel's Aria 3. Chrom-ulent 4. TheSilentChloey 5. Anacybele Myrrh 1. Ice Dragon 2. Tenniel 3. Chrom-ulent 4. Namero 5. daisy jane Myrrh (The Land's Bounty) 1. Ice Dragon 2. Xenomata Naesala 1. LordFrigid 2. Yukiko 3. silverserpent 4. Venmi Nailah 1. Vicious Sal Nanna 1. Chrom-ulent 2. Xenomata 3. Super Kempfnna Narshen 1. DLNarshen Navarre 1. Thor Odinson Nephenee 1. Xenomata Niles 1. Vanil 2. MagicCanonBalls Ninian 1. Ice Dragon Ninian (Bridal Bloom) 1. Ice Dragon Nino 1. Raven 2. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi 3. Ae†her 4. Jave 5. Nowi's Husband 6. LuxSpes 7. Fire Emblem Fan 8. Arcanite 9. Humanoid 10. Zeo 11. Xenomata Nino (Scattered Fangs) 1. Raven Nowi 1. Nowi's Husband 2. Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi 3. Kaoxt 4. Ice Dragon 5. Hawk King 6. LuxSpes 7. Maaka 8. Sophie 9. riccochet 10. Raven 11. NSSKG151 12. Florete 13. SatsumaFSoysoy 14. Namero 15. Necrofantasia 16. omegaxis1 17. Humanoid 18. Landmaster 19. Xenomata 20. Jave 21. BoaFerox 22. Vicious Sal Nowi (Trick or Defeat!) 1. Ice Dragon 2. Nowi's Husband Oboro 1. Tarilaan 2. Xenomata Odin 1. Kaden 2. Xenomata 3. Diovani Bressan Olivia 1. Monkeycheez3K 2. Kaoxt 3. Mercenary on the Winds 4. nirvanafan 5. Rezzy Olivia (Performing Arts) 1. silverserpent Olivia (Ylissean Travelers) 1. Chrom-ulent Ophelia 1. Xenomata 2. Emerson Oscar 1. Venmi 2. Humanoid Owain 1. Xenomata Palla 1. Soledai 2. Astellius 3. Humanoid 4. Rezzy 5. BoaFerox Palla (Regal Rabbits) 1. Xenomata Peri 1. Ice Dragon 2. Jingle Jangle 3. Maaka Priscilla 1. Birdy 2. Ice Dragon 3. Florete 4. Astellius Quan 1. Lord Quan Raven 1. Rafiel's Aria 2. Raven 3. Raltis 4. Namero 5. Landmaster 6. Falcom Knight Rebecca 1. Fire Emblem Fan 2. Noise 3. Raven Reinhardt 1. Roflolxp54 2. Infinite Dreams 3. Kaoxt 4. XRay 5. Rezzy 6. Thor Odinson 7. Raven 8. NSSKG151 9. Enbiei 10. Necrofantasia 11. Astellius 12. omegaxis1 13. Etheus 14. LunaSaint 15. Anacybele Reinhardt (World of Thracia) 1. Chrom-ulent Reyson 1. Namero 2. Xenomata 3. silverserpent Robin (Female) 1. Anacybele 2. Rezzy Robin (Female) (Fell Vessel) 1. Reddazrael 2. Ice Dragon 3. Chrom-ulent 4. Namero Robin (Male) 1. Ice Dragon 2. AbsoluteZer0Nova 3. Folt 4. Ledrert 5. omegaxis1 7. ZeroFinal 8. TheSilentChloey Robin (Male) (Fallen Heroes) 1. Ice Dragon Roderick 1. Johann Roy 1. ZeroFinal 2. Fire Emblem Fan 3. Glaceon Mage 4. Javi Blizz 5. Enbiei 6. Sasori 7. ILikeKirbys Roy (Brave Heroes) 1. mampfoid Ryoma (Supreme Samurai) 1. Namero Saizo 1. Esme Sakura 1. Hawk King 2. Nanima 3. Tybrosion Sakura (Trick or Defeat!) 1. Ice Dragon Sanaki 1. Ice Dragon Selena 1. The Tipper of Scales 2. Ottservia 3. Stroud 4. Vaximillian Seliph 1. Birdy 2. DarkLordIvy 3. Rezzy 4. Jugdral Lover/iggy/Safer 5. indigocean 6. Sasori 7. Maaka Selkie 1. Xenomata Serra 1. Hawk King Seth 1. silverserpent 2. Rezzy Shanna 1. DLNarshen 2. Frosty 3. Wanda Sharena (Hares at the Fair) 1. Chrom-ulent Sheena 1. stroud 2. Ice Dragon 3. ChickenBits 4. Wanda 5. Johann 6. Syllabear 7. Jave Shigure 1. Chrom-ulent 2. Vanil Shiro 1. Birdy Siegbert 1. Xenomata Sigurd 1. Hawk King 2. Chrom-ulent 3. Ice Dragon 4. Zhu Qiao Silas 1. Anacybele Silvia 1. Landmaster 2. Maaka Soleil 1. Ice Dragon 2. Tybrosion 3. Xenomata 4. Stercus 5. Maaka 6. daisy jane 7. Caeldori 8. Chrom-ulent Sophia 1. LordFrigid 2. Ice Dragon Soren 1. Ciarre 2. DarkLordIvy 3. Kon 4. Venmi 5. roymbrog 6. riccochet 7. Kaden 8. Rezzy 9. Chrom-ulent 10. Namero 11. Etheus 12. LunaSaint Sothe 1. Birdy 2. Chrom-ulent 3. Maaka 4. Venmi 5. Syllabear 6. Florete 7. Landmaster Subaki 1. Khid Surtr 1. Namero Tailtiu 1. Ice Dragon 2. NSSKG151 3. Caeldori Takumi (Empty Vessel) 1. Nanima Tana 1. LordFrigid Tana (Summer's Arrival) 1. Chrom-ulent 2. BoaFerox Tharja 1. Ice Dragon 2. Birdy 3. Jingle Jangle 4. Wanda Tharja (Bridal Bloom) 1. Chrom-ulent Tibarn 1. Fullmetal Dude Tiki (Adult) 1. Florete 2. Ice Dragon 3. Astellius 4. Raven 5. DLNarshen 6. Jave 7. NSSKG151 8. Humanoid 9. Xenovia 10. Etheus 11. Tybrosion 12. Namero 13. omegaxis1 14. BoaFerox Tiki (Adult) (Ylissean Summer) 1. Ice Dragon Tiki (Young) 1. Ice Dragon Tiki (Young) (Legendary Dragon) 1. Ice Dragon 2. Namero 3. Xenomata Titania 1. Rezzy 2. Animefan8451 3. Kon 4. Venmi 5. Chrom-ulent 6. DarkLordIvy 7. Thor Odinson 8. Vicious Sal Titania (Warm Knight) 1. Chrom-ulent Ursula 1. Johann Valter 1. Opdepov Walhart 1. Xenomata Wrys 1. Xenomata Xander 1. silverserpent Xander (Spring Festival) 1. Chrom-ulent Yune 1. Xenomata Zelgius 1. Zelgius 2. Momentai~ 3. Namero _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  3. Both weapons we have so far have Special acceleration and follow-up effects so I figured they'd all be weapons that "anyone can use" and thought it'd be fun to talk about what sorts of weapons seem feasible for FEH and/ or would be the most useful for their weapon type. For bonus points, feel free to guess who'll introduce them to the game too! For example, I'm certain Thrasir will introduce an Arcane Green Tome since both others we've seen so far have matched the original weapon that their wielders first had (sword for Lif, colorless breath for Grima), just with a different movement type. The weapons also seem to be "cursed" judging by their JPN name and the recent FB, so they'll likely end up with villains or anti-heroes, for further speculation fodder. I know we already have a theorycrafting thread, but that's pretty old and I didn't want to necropost. This is also a bit more specific (I think) so I hope that helps too. Craft away!
  4. For some reason despite being 4 years old already, this game seem to still have a active audience for some reason. Is this game still worth me filling up my phone storage again? I haven't played this game since June of 2017 (back when they had that summer banner with Tiki and such) mostly because I was tired and angry at the Fire Emblem community (check out my post on how Fates gave me joy to understand the full story of that). So I don't really know what changed or if it even holds any purpose, back when I played the game my units sucked complete ASS. Every roll for me was always a 3 star and I literally had only 4 good units so is this game still good enough to play again?
  5. Hello, denizens and lurkers of Serenes Forest. As the previous year died, inspiration came to me with a story idea. While I usually write a lot, it's mostly not stuff I'm confortable to share, at least for the time being. This, however, was something I felt I could. Therefore, I'm putting it here, since it is Fire Emblem related. I don't intend for this to be an overly long story, but for the sake of keeping things orderly here I'll put up a corresponding feedback thread. Where any comments, critiques, or discussions can be sent there. Thread here: As for the story itself, it takes place in the setting of Fire Emblem Heroes. Naturally, however, don't expect for everything to abide by what its presented in there, as the necessary creative liberties are taken in order for the story to function. Now, for all my experience in writing, it's bound I might still commit mistakes. Though well, that's what the feedback thread can be for. So enough ramblings, it's time for: A Tempest of Size I'll post what I've written so far shortly, which amounts to a prologue and the first chapter. After that, I can't promise a schedule for future updates. Though I will try to work on this often enough so updates aren't too scarce.
  6. Since February is coming up, we are definitely getting a Valentine's Day banner soon since we got on one year after the launch of Fire Emblem Heroes. I pretty much know that we currently had three Valentine's Day banners such as Elibe, Tellius, and Valentia got in through the years. So what continent and characters do you think they might show up for this year's Valentine's Day Banner? I would maybe pick the characters from Fódlan (Three Houses) or maybe Magvel (The Sacred Stones) instead as the possible 2021 Valentine's Day Banner: Here's my thoughts on the Fódlan side: Male Byleth and Edelgard Duo Hero (since Female Byleth did paired with Rhea in of the two Summer Banners from last year) Dimitri Claude Jeralt (Father) Yuri, Flayn, or Linhardt (As a Tempest Trial Hero) Here's my thoughts on the Magvel side: Eirika and Innes Duo Hero (since her brother, Emphriam had already paired with Lyon in The Sacred Stones Mercenraies Banner) Emphriam Fado (Father) Garcia or Franz Tana or Artur (As a Tempest Trial Hero) Edit: I forgot that all the three Valentine's Day Banners had fathers involved to join in.
  7. Got a comment? Critique? Something to say? Well, here's the place for it.
  8. Royal Sword really had an increase in memorability and identity from Gaiden. It correlates incredibly well to the themes and Celica's new prf sword: Beloved Zofia. It also helps give Alm a different standout weapon than being another Falchion user among Falchion users. Alm's Falchion is easily the least standout, has the least screentime and completely vanishes off the face of the earth, . With his amiibo completely locking Alm in future games with compatibility or just general spinoffs featuring FE characters. I really hope we don't have another Heroes where Royal Sword was completely shafted.
  9. I think fondly of you and our days in Askr, my darling Takumi. We fought many battles together against Embla, Múspell, even the realm of the dead. We promised to look after each other, but it wasn't long until we promised something else too. Remembering the day I became your wife makes me smile. You looked so adorable standing in front of Prince Alfonse with the Askran sun on your precious face. My knees still buckle when I think of how strong and determined you sounded when we took our vows. It was the happiest day of my life. But happiness is fleeting; life in Nohr teaches you that quickly. When I was with you, I could forget. Then the day came when Askr's wars ended, and we had to return to our world and the war waiting for us. Darling, your words follow me everywhere. "I'll find you again. I promise you, Camilla, we will find each other again, and if our families won't accept us, we'll run away together." The way you said my name and squeezed my hands made me want to believe it was possible, that we could have a life, a home, and perhaps even a beautiful family. I couldn't do anything that day except smile and nod, even though I knew it would never be more than a dream. We sealed that vow with a kiss, just like when we pledged to love, honor, and cherish each other, "until death do us part." And it was a promise I wish we'd never made, because nothing will allow me to break it. Oh, my love, I miss you. My heart aches for you, Takumi. I clutch my ring against my chest and wish it was you I held. If I could fly to you, I would climb on my wyvern's back right this minute. There's no place I would rather be than with you again, but now, aboard a ship bound for Hoshido, a ship carrying the vanguard of the Nohrian army, I'd rather plunge a knife through my heart than keep our vow. I've spent so many nights searching for a way to break it. Attacking her birth family weighs heavily on poor Corrin; it's in her eyes. Leading this invasion is the last thing she wants, and Xander is weary of this war already. But I can't appeal to them to stop this. Corrin says we must conquer Hoshido for the future of Nohr. As for my brother, he'd order an entire company of his best troops into the Bottomless Canyon if he thought it would please Father and bring back the man he was. For that matter, I can't risk word reaching Garon's ear that I oppose this war. Make no mistake, I am no coward. I'd march right into his throne room and tell him I won't have anything more to do with his madness. For you, my love, I'd risk anything: life in chains, torture, or even death. But I wouldn't be the only one to suffer. Xander could manage, but how could I leave Leo, Elise, and my sweet Corrin alone? Besides, even if I simply threw myself into the sea—and I've considered it—nothing would spare you. Hoshido will still fall, and while the thought of finding you again breaks my heart, the fate that awaits you is enough to freeze my blood. You don't know what I've seen, the terrible things Garon allows. The thought of you dying cold and alone in some Nohrian dungeon or butchered at the hands of men like Hans is too horrible for me to imagine. I won't abandon you to that fate. I don't know if my heart can bear it, but for your sake, I'll find you again. I wipe away my tears; you shouldn't see me cry when we meet. Do not fear, my love; it will be quick. I'll hold you close, let you rest your head in my lap one more time, and comfort you until the end. I'll see you're buried with all the honor my husband deserves, not kept like some gruesome war trophy. Then, my darling Takumi, we will find each other on the other side of this world, and no one will ever keep us apart again. That is one vow even fate won't stop me from keeping.
  10. Got this idea from @XRay on the Create-A-Hero thread. Make yourself into a Heroes-style character (stats, skills, etc.) and mention who you want to do it next. Examples (users: me, @Jyosua, @Purple Mage, and @Pengaius: Jyosua's up first. Next up is Pengaius. Next up, we have Purple Mage. Last and probably least-Me!
  11. Fire Emblem Awakening might not be played as much anymore but I made a challenge just for fun. Rules: You must get and use the characters from the wireless. Example- Pick sacred stones, and battle Erika. •you can’t decide what the game( Mystery of the Emblem, Gaiden, etc.) but it’s randomized so roll a dice or ask Siri ( pick a number from 1 to) • You can only pick the character you want from wireless once the whole Runthrough •The Robin HAS to be either Alfonse or Sharena and must look like them( pick warrior if Alfonse, Lance unit if Sharena) • you can use Anna, Chrom, Lucina, and your Robin,you can also pick 1 unit from the story to marry chrom and get their child. • When you complete one battle in the Wireless ( let’s say Erika) you then do the one above. Keep repeating till you finish. • you can do it in any game mode you want but it must be in Classic. Im also interested in other challenges that you guys got for the Ds games so you can share them 🙂
  12. Which weapon do you feel Lysithea is going to wield? Given that Green is going to be taken by Edlegard with Amyr Blue is going to be taken by Dimitri with Areadbhar Claude has a bow which is primarily colorless Dark Magic is red primarily with few exceptions (Dark Aura and Dark Excaliur) Futhermore Lysithea has two crests Charon and Gloucester it makes sense that she would have Red as her color but this asks a question. Which Relic is she going to have? Thyrsus points Dark Magic is Red, and Lysithea is known for Dark Magic She is typically much more powerful with this staff then with Thunderbrand If Claude is Red, Thyrsus could maker her Colorless Unit Thunderbrand Points Hidden Proficiency in swords, which gives her a Magic sword technique Has a support with Catherine with them bonding over their crests
  13. We have Phina, Norne, Nagi, and some guy who doesn't look familiar at all. Do you guys recognize him? I don't.
  14. It is known that some characters are in Heroes like Wendy, Amelia or Karla are much better in Heroes than in their original game(s). In case of the first two mainly because Heroes made armors become competitive with other classes. However with the introduction of the second Laguz banner I got really confused. That Haar would not become amazing was obvious when I heared the announcement of being him a GHB unit. That he would turn into a copy of an unit from like the very beginning (Cherche) was a shocker for me though. An other example is Ranulf. He is great in FE9 and especially 10 when he joins, can (almost) oneround generics with great base strength and speed. But in Heroes he has even less strength than Lethe (!), one of the weakest units in FE10 at least. It makes absolute no sense to me and made me wondering if the creators ever played the game. Giving the unit a total different statspread than in their original game makes no sense to me. Well, in person of Caineghis the speed had to be dropped because he cannot have +30 in each single stat. In FE10 he is busted, just needs one bloodtide to oneround an aura. The questions are if the statspread changes of certain characters are done on purpose and if they bother you.
  15. So Aether Resort was released a few days back, and from what I can tell, several people enjoy this new mode. Even if I admit to not playing Heroes for over a year (more due to limited phone space than anything else), I am curious what buildings and activities people would like to added in the future.
  16. I commented on this in the main 4/4 Feh Channel thread, but it's already getting buried in all the buzz about the summoning change and will probably go unnoticed. At the end when Feh drifts off to sleep as per usual, she utters what sounds to me like "May 13th." It may have just been nothing but sleepy gibberish, but if she did in fact utter this date of May 13th, I have to wonder what this could mean. Could some FE-related event be occurring on that date? It's not the FE Expo, that's this month, right?
  17. So, on the thread for the most recent Special Heroes Focus, there was some discussion on how previous Heroes can be handled. I always thought that there would be some Special Heroes that would be brought down a notch in rarity next time their time of the year comes around. So, for all first-time seasonal focuses from March 2017-February 2018 (possibly the other seasonal focuses until the second Trick or Defeat! focus), what should their new rarities be and why? Personally, I am thinking that, until the first Trick or Defeat! focus, all seasonal units can be brought down to 3-4* or 4-5* rarity. First Trick or Defeat! on, at least one unit will remain 5* exclusive, while the others drop to 4-5* rarity. Which heroes get this sort of demotion will be up to us.
  18. this morning i had to delete fire emblem heroes from my phone and when i re downloaded it and linked my nintendo account again, it didn’t load my save data and restarted the game. The account was linked when i deleted the game so does anyone know if there is anyway to recover my lost data? Should i just call Nintendo tech support or anything like that?
  19. Ishtar: Spring Goddess "The heir to Mjölnir, she carries the blood of the royal family of Friege. Left Friege to enjoy a spring festival. Appears in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War."
  20. Which of the secondary Weapon Triangles would you like to see more of in future titles?
  21. By today, Arya have been in the game for over a year since her infamous introduction. Is she still the best? I would say currently she still up there for the top units in Heroes, but not the best. Over a year stronger dragons and armor units took some her crown. She still tear apart most units in the game with her power specials. In the red sword category Karla and LegMarth can give her a run for me money. Unique Specials: In the past year only two other characters got a unique specials that being certain legendary (Fjorm, Ike, and Marth). So I believe the devs knew how tricky that is to implement and instead the route of giving more personal skills. Surprise debut/new character on a separate banner: The only other character than was introduced on a different banner was Rhajat for the voting gauntlet, unlike Ayra the trailer directly stated that she was on a different banner. Overall while her launch was an experimentation of how powerful can a unit be at that time and how will the players react to it. I still hope that that was a one time thing.
  22. By far the most important version of threads inspired by GrandeRampel I bring you that most ignored, least beloved of IS's fire emblems in the eyes of FEH, Thracia 776. With a grand total of 8 characters in Heroes attributed to Thracia, with 3 of them featured prominently in Genealogy (Leaf, Nanna, and Finn) and two alts bloating the count one could even argue there are only really 3 truly Thracian characters in heroes. Now it is time to defy the odds and dream big, worry not about how realistic the banners be (realism leaves when we imagine a Thracia banner even occurs) shot for the stars and create whatever wild and crazy banners you fancy. The rules: 3-4 in the banner itself plus TT and GHB, No alts for pete's sake Let me start with three amusing Banners: The Father-Daughter Banner with: Dagda, Tania, Galzus and Mareeta, with Sara as TT and Manfloy as GHB (yeah I know Manfloy is Sara grandfather not father, close enough) The unique weapons banner: Orsin and the Pugi, Tina and the Thief Staff, Dean and the Dragon Lance, Asvel and the Grafcalibur with Fergus and the Beo Sword as TT and Reidric and the Lopto sword as GHB Plus the Memeiest banner of all: the Marty Party, Ronan the Mage Killer, Shanam the sham, with five star Xavier as the TT's 50,000 pt prize, and Kempf as the the memeiest GHB...IN AMERICA
  23. Inspired by GrandeRampel's Genealogy topic (which you can find here: CLICK ME!), I decided to do this one since Blazing Blade (that is, FE 7) is my favorite game in the series. No, I don't think BB should be the next banner on the 23rd or November 9th, there's a couple other games that should get a banner first, such as Binding Blade, Thracia, or Tellius. But for whenever we do get another Blazing Blade banner, who do you think should be on it? Rules: -Assume 3 characters on the banner, 1 GHB, and 1 TT -No alts -I realize it might be difficult coming up with much of a themed banner given the characters that still have to be added to the game, but please try to be at least semi-realistic I think the next batch of Blazing Blade heroes should be Isadora, Heath, and Renault on the banner, Vaida as the GHB, and Harken as the TT unit. There are a great many prominent characters still not in the game, such as Nils, Pent, and Nergal, but I feel like all of them are for sure gonna get into the game sooner rather than later. So, I want them to dig a bit deeper into the cast. Isadora would be a sword cavalry unit and the star of the banner, the female they buff up to draw attention to the banner. Heath would be a lance wyvern unit and possible co-star due to lack of lance wyverns in the regular summoning pool, and Renault would be a colorless staff unit and the most likely to demote. These three are together because Isadora and Heath are recruited on the same chapter, and Renault is connected to Isadora through some surprisingly deep support conversations. Vaida could fit as the GHB unit due to her connection to Heath, and it sort of fits with her character in BB as she started out as an enemy in the story before reluctantly joining you. She'd also likely be another lance wyvern. Harken is obviously connected to Isadora as the two are lovers, and he could slide into the TT slot without much fuss thanks to there already being so many infantry sword units in the regular summoning pool already.
  24. Time to time in Heroes I have noticed that some units may have been intended to serve a different purpose than in the game. The default Nino, had a red tome despise being a green unit in game. Maybe she was supposed to be red, but that ruined the mage distribution for each color? Or the inclusion of colored archers to promote later archers and LegLyn. More frequently I have noticed that the seasonal armor units may not been originally intended to be armor units. Since the armor units at launch had bigger sprites than infantry with them including shields and other large equipment. Now maid Kagero is considered armor, despite looking the same as the other maids in the game. The same can be said to other units in the game. For the future I'm sure it will continue to make more niche units for players.
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