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Create-A-Hero Thread

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Inspired by some previous topics (You in Fire Emblem Awakening and Create a Self-Insert Character [Fates]), I find it appropriate to have one for FE: Heroes as well.

So, in this topic feel free to share your own heroes. They can be self-inserts, fan characters, or even interpretations of other personalities adapted to the FE: Heroes setting. You are only limited to your own creativity.
* * * * *
Here's a list of all the characters made in this thread. Originally I was just going to do my own (because I'm a one way street), but I figured I might as well showcase everyone's creativity! If I made any mistakes with the list, please let me know so I can fix it!

Notice: This list stopped being updated in May of 2017. It is kept here for legacy reasons. 

Full Characters


Kunzite - Heart Eater || DarkLordIvy (Link)
Sasha - The North Wind || DarkLordIvy (Link)
Shapur - Mad Blade || DarkLordIvy (Link)
Legault - The Hurricane || CtrlAltSandwich (Link)
Libra - Fetching Friar || CtrlAltSandwich (Link)
Ana - Princess of Peace || Ledrert (Link
Ben - Severe Captain || Ledrert (Link
Calia - Ana's Knight || Ledrert (Link
Jack - Charming Soldier || Ledrert (Link)
Kate - Bored Mage || Ledrert (Link)
Lys - Light Flower || Ledrert (Link)
Mark - Cheve's Mercenary || Ledrert (Link)
Rafy - Wyvern's Friend || Ledrert (Link)
Will - Prince of Determination || Ledrert (Link)
Tristian - Lion Knight || Luchi (Link)
Heraces - Exiled Prince || Mortarion (Link)
Solarie - Warrior of the Sun || Mortarion (Link)
Duessel - The Obsidian || Nightmayre (Link)
Innes - The Sniper || Nightmayre  (Link)
Knoll - Watcher of Darkness || Nightmayre (Link)
Limstella - Soulless Morph || Nightmayre (Link)
Tana - Sky Princess || Nightmayre (Link)
Kiria - Cool Beauty || SHSL Ninja (Link
Tsubasa - Rookie Idol || SHSL Ninja (Link
Crystal - Carefree Sentinel || Sire (Link)
Evelyne - Forest Guardian || Sire (Link)
Iris - Guardian Priestess || Sire (Link)
Marcus - The Forsaken Knight || Sire (Link)
Marcus - The Ashen Knight || Sire (Link)
Marianne - Abyssal Guardian || Sire (Link)
Morgan - Gift from Afar || Sire (Link)
Renee - Star Seeker || Sire (Link)
Polka - Legendary Sharpshooter || Topaz Light (Link)
Turks -  Erudite Blade || Topaz Light (Link)
Kellam - The Invisible Sheperd || TheTuckingFypo (Link)
Nils - Child of Destiny || TheTuckingFypo (Link)
Sumia - Flower Power || TheTuckingFypo (Link)
Samuel - Hope's Wandering Knight || Rygalla (Link)
Vera - Hope Making Magician || Rygalla (Link)
Edward - Blade of Justice || Zeo (Link)
Ilyana - Ravenous Spellcaster || Zeo (Link)
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Aeratia - Well-Fed Manakete || The_antithesis (Link)
Awakening!Anna - Secret Seller || InfinityAlex (Link)
Ericc - Redeemed Knight || InigoPadalin (Link)
Gilbert - Aged Warlord || Xylaugheon Daily (Link)
Kassandra - Frozen Beauty || Hilda (Link)
Nolend - Golden-Eyed Prince || CancerTurtle (Link)
Neya Mizuki - The Sea Lion || thetiger39 (Link)
Ophelia - Dynamic Daughter || Emerson (Link)
Sen - The Silver Fox || Tenzen12 (Link)
Takumi Aldini (Food Wars) - Master of Italian Cuisine || SniperGYS (Link)
Talon - The Dragonheart || NekoKnight (Link)
Thany - The Unmarried Bride || Thany (Link)
Thea - Stoic Flier || Lyrai (Link)
Willem - Hopeless Romantic || KongDude (Link)
Wylfred (Valkyrie Profile) - Son of an Einherjar || TheNiddo (Link)
Yumina - Princess of Grust || Orange Person (Link)

Mini Characters


Alison - Puzzle Master || BANRYU (Link)
Arvis - Emperor of Grannvale || BANRYU (Link)
Canas - Seeker of Wisdom || BANRYU (Link)
Cormag - Aloof Wyvern Rider || BANRYU (Link)
Deirdre - Maiden of Prophecy || BANRYU (Link)
Dreith - Light of Hope || BANRYU(Link)
Erk - Studious Mage || BANRYU (Link)
Idunn - Dark Priestess || BANRYU (Link)
Igrene - Guardian of Nabata || BANRYU (Link)
Julius - Loptyr’s Blood || BANRYU (Link)
Lewyn -  Forseti's Heir || BANRYU (Link)
Nubrya - Lost Scion || BANRYU (Link)
Rikun - Emerald Seer Prince || BANRYU (Link)
Siras - Shadow Keeper || BANRYU (Link)
Sigurd - Paladin of Light || BANRYU (Link)
Xaeda - Daughter of Dragons || BANRYU (Link)
Zeta - The Demon of Danzi || BANRYU (Link)
Minor Character Updates || BANRYU (Link)
Andy (Advance Wars) - Idiot Commander || ILikeKirbys (Link)
Bandana Dee (Kirby) || ILikeKirbys (Link)
Boyd - Mighty Soldier || ILikeKirbys (Link)
Eagle (Advance Wars) - Soaring Ace || ILikeKirbys (Link)
Grima - Fell Dragon || ILikeKirbys (Link)
Hawke (Advance Wars) - Determined Commander || ILikeKirbys (Link)
Kiran - Veteran Knight || ILikeKirbys (Link)
Kirby (Kirby) - Super Star || ILikeKirbys (Link)
Dedede (Kirby) - Dreamland King || ILikeKirbys (Link)
Kirbys - Sleepy Strategist || ILikeKirbys (Link)
Meta Knight (Kirby) - Sword Master || ILikeKirbys (Link)
Myrrh  - Great Dragon || ILikeKirbys (Link)
Neimi - Tearful Archer || ILikeKirbys (Link)
Oscar - Agile Horseman || ILikeKirbys (Link)
Olaf (Advance Wars) - Chilly Commander || ILikeKirbys (Link)
Sain - Green Lance || ILikeKirbys (Link)
Sonja (Advance Wars) - Calm Daughter || ILikeKirbys (Link)
Cao Ren - The Indomitable || Intoner Two (Link)
Pang Tong - Fledgling Pheonix || Intoner Two (Link)
Zhang Fei - Boisterous Brother || Intoner Two (Link)
Zhenji - Booming Eclipse || Intoner Two (Link)
Ilyana - Hungry Wanderer || Koaki Kairos (Link)
Mara - Peasant Thief || Koaki Kairos (Link)
Rime - Lost Traveler || Koaki Kairos (Link)
Evangeline - Wayward Maiden || Koaki Kairos (Link)
Finn - The Legendary Lance Knight || Levin's Scarf (Link)
Haar - The Black Tempest || Levin's Scarf (Link)
Lewyn - Prince of the Wind || Levin's Scarf (Link)
Ianna - Fateful Princess || Luchi (Link)
Lucia - Tireless Advisor || Luchi (Link)
Lucia & Elincia Combo || Luchi (Link)
Canas - Wisdom Seeker || Lucıůs (Link)
Farina - Eager Mercenary || Lucıůs (Link)
Louise - Lady of Violets || Lucıůs (Link)
Lucius - The Light || Lucıůs (Link)
Pent - Mage General || Lucıůs (Link)
Raven - Sublime Mercenary || Lucıůs (Link)
Hayato || mcsilas (Link)
Orochi || mcsilas (Link)
Gywn (Dark Souls) - Lord of Cinder || Mortarion (Link
Nito (Dark Souls) - The Gravelord || Mortarion (Link
Seath (Dark Souls) - The Scaleless || Mortarion (Link)
Tarkus (Dark Souls) - The Iron Knight || Mortarion (Link)
Athena (Puzzle & Dragons) - Guardian of the Sacred City || Rygalla (Link)
Beruka - Loveless Blade || Rygalla (Link)
Charlotte - Colorful Coaxing || Rygalla (Link)
Emma - Apprentice Sky Knight || Rygalla (Link)
Emmeryn - List of Ylisse || Rygalla (Link)
Fuga - Chief of Wind || Rygalla (Link)
Forrest - Pretty Prince || Rygalla (Link)
Kellam - Forgotten Knight || Rygalla (Link)
Lando - Twin Blade Cavalier || Rygalla (Link)
Lyon - Possessed Prince || Rygalla (Link)
Myr (Puzzle & Dragons) - Time Dragonbound || Rygalla (Link)
Nah - Serious Manakete || Rygalla (Link)
Noire - Bipolar Archer || Rygalla (Link)
Reina - Warrior Against Tradition || Rygalla (Link)
Scarlet - Lively Dragon Lady || Rygalla (Link)
Shade - Teacher of Black Shadow || Rygalla (Link)
Xane - Shapeshifter || Rygalla (Link)
Yuzu - Fancing Crane || Rygalla (Link)
Zaerog∞ (Puzzle & Dragons)- Maleficent Dragon || Rygalla (Link)
Zeus Olympos (Puzzle & Dragons) - Almighty God || Rygalla (Link)
Arvis, Emperor of Granvale || salinea (Link)
Ishtar, Goddess of Thunder || salinea (Link)
Lewyn, Wandering Mage || salinea (Link)
Erika - Restoration Queen || Sire (Link)
Ephraim - Restoration King || Sire (Link)
M!Grima - Fell Dragon || Sire (Link)
F!Grima - Fell Dragon || Sire (Link)
Ike - Hero of the Blue Flames || Sire (Link)
L'Arachel - Queen of Light || Sire (Link)
Micaiah - Priestess of Dawn || Sire (Link)
Nolan - Wise Champion || Sire (Link)
Miscellaneous Original Characters || Sire (Link)
Notice - Sire will be doing revisions on his "Mini Characters," so the links are not provided at the moment.
Knoll - Watcher of Darkness || tacticianjenro (Link)
Marisa - Crimson Flash || tacticianjenro (Link)
Sain - Green Lance || tacticianjenro (Link)
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Adversa - Seductive Flier || kwonitis (Link)
Anakin (Last Promise) - The Sleeping Vigilante || escotanner (Link)
Byran - The Emerald Halberdier || Anacybele (Link)
Eliwood -  Marquess Of Pherae || Noble of Pherae (Link)
F!Corrin (Witch) || Silverdawn77 (Link)
Gutz - The Black Swordsman || PairaDocs (Link)
Haitaka - Legendary Guardian || LordFrigid (Link)
Hardin - Wolf of the Plains || JSND (Link)
Kurthnaga - Dragon Prince || LuxSpes (Link)
Micaiah - Priestess of Dawn || Kruggov (Link)
Volke - The Fireman || Tharjabug (Link)

Edited by Sire
Updated the List (5/22/2017)

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huh... this seems like a fun idea to do. ill save this for later,

the only question i wonder is, are rare quotes an actual thing in the game? cause i dont remember reading/hearing any.

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@ Thany

Rare quotes are an artistic liberty. I doubt they actually exist in the game itself.

Also, thread bump.

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Im surprized you have no quotes for when you are summoned by the summoner, i may add those myself. regardless im now working on it.

p.s. Think you could write a blank slate of your character sheet so its easier to copy from? just would help to make things not look so big when pasting.

Edited by Thany

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Title: The Unmarried Bride
Name: Thany
Orb Affinity: White Bow
Starting Star Rank: 3 Star

Character Description: A lone bride who Traveled the outrealms. First appeared in Awakening as a self insert.

Appearance: A young lady with long Pink hair, She wears a bride outfit that seems a little to big on her, wields a brave bow.

HP: Average (3)
ATT: Good (4)
SPD: Excellent (5)
DEF: Poor (2)
RES: Terrible (1)

MOV: 2

5* Weapon: Brave bow+
4* Weapon: Brave bow
3* Weapon: Steel bow
1* Weapon: Iron bow

Support Skill: ---

3* Special Skill:  New Moon (Resolve combat as if foe suffered Def/Res-30%. II charge cost 3)
4* Special Skill:  Moon Blow (Resolve combat as if foe suffered Def/Res-30%. II charge cost 2)

Skill A:  Life and Death 1 (Grants Atk/Spd+3. Inflicts Def/Res-3.)
Skill B: Renewal 1 (At the start of every fourth turn, restores 10 HP.)
Skill C: ---

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
* * * * * Quotes * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Summoned by Summoner

"Greetings, I am Thany, I have been wandering around the outrealms till you summoned me, I'll show you summoning me wasn't a mistake."

Level Up & Growth Quotes
1 Up: "Is that all i can do?"
2-3 Up: "This should catch them by surprise."
4-5 Up: "Ha, look at me go!"

Learn Skill: "This will surely make my enemies cry.

Battle Quotes

Selection 1: "Over there?"
Selection 2: "Let me at em."

Battle 1: "Hrah!"
Battle 2: "Hmph!"

Critical 1: "Sending you to Hell!"
Critical 2: "Between your eyes!"

Critical Health: "Grrrr!!!"
Defeat: "You... Thugs..."

Detailed Character Screen Quotes

Quote 1: "Do you have a Brigand problem around here? ill take care of em for ya!"
Quote 2: "Heh."
Quote 3: "I used to also use lances.... but... axes beat lances... so i just stuck with bows."

Home Castle Quotes

Normal 1: "If you're patrolling, take me along! i want to make sure this place is safe from Brigands."
Normal 2: "I recognize some of these faces from the outrealms... how skilled are you (name) to have brought them here?"
Normal 3: "I hope your not planning to keep me locked up in this castle, i need to scratch this battle itch!"
Normal 4: "What do you do for fun (name)? i may join you in whatever it is you do."

Guest Greetings: "Im litterally not the person to do this... I just came to tell you (Name) sends a greetings to you."

Unique 1: "How could you let a disgusting Brigand be part of your team? I hope you dont regret this." [requirement: Have someone of a brigand class be in the "home" room with her]
Unique 2: "You know... If you need someone to pick from a distance you can count on me to shoot em." [requirement: Have her be the only person with a ranged attack in the "home" room]
Unique 3: "Next time... please dont send me directly into danger without backup." [requirement: got hit by 3 enemies on 1 enemy phase]

Level 40 Dialogue: :will work on this later once i know how this fully works.:

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I'd be glad to do this with Bryan, my most developed and well-written character (not to mention my favorite out of everyone I've created <3), but even for him this is a lot to write. xP I dunno if I could do it all. I'll give what I can for now though. I also have an art of him, but it's kinda old and not as good as what I make today. I think it holds up okay right now, but I don't feel like showing it. xP

Name: Bryan (he has a full name too, Bryan Casimir Novat, as he is a royal)

Title: The Emerald Halberdier (it's really Emerald Prince or Emerald King, but for the sake of spoilers, it'd be left as Emerald Halberdier or Emerald Sentinel. Bryan's royal status is a secret for a time.)

Orb Affinity: Blue (Lance) (which is funny because this guy's color scheme is filled with greens which is what he'd be weak to here lol)

Character Description: The rather youthful-looking captain of the Talgrian Army's third platoon. He's on a quest to find the identity of his mother and one should never call him weak.

Appearance: He wears Tellius-style Halberdier armor that's green in color, and he has short olive green hair in a style somewhat like Silas's, only the front doesn't stick up THAT much. His eyes are green too. You can see where the name Emerald Halberdier came from. lol

HP: **** (Good)

Attack: ***** (Excellent)

Def: **** (Good)

Spd: *** (Average)

Res: * (Poor)

Mov: ...I think 2? I don't remember what an infantry lancer's movement is.


1 Star: Iron Lance

3 Star: Steel Lance

4 Star: Brave Lance

5 Star: Eronite (a special lance that belongs to the royal family which Bryan is a member of. Only this royal family can wield it due to the enchantment it possesses. It's very strong, of course. Gives Bryan +3 strength and has effectiveness vs armor knights)

I'm not sure about his skills yet, though his best offensive one would be RD's Impale skill.

One of this quotes would definitely be: "The way this place works...could I finally find out who my mother is? My father...won't say a word about her."

He'd also say "I'm starting to miss Skye a lot... Oh, he's my best friend from childhood and the most amazing archer I know. He would be very helpful here if you can summon him!"

Those would be castle quotes, btw.

I have critical quotes for him that would also work as his offensive skill quotes, but I can't be bothered to find them right now. This is all I can give atm...

Edited by Anacybele

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Did some more characters for fun, this time speculating on how Ike, Erika, and Ephraim will be incorporated into Heroes.

Title: Hero of the Blue Flames (Alt Title: Radiant Hero)
Name: Ike
Orb Affinity: Red Sword

HP: Good (4)
ATT: Good (4)
SPD: Good (4)
DEF: Poor (2)
RES: Terrible (1)

MOV: 2, Infantry

5* Weapon: Ragnell (MT 16, Range 1 || Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1))

Support Skill: ---

3* Special Skill: Aether (Resolve combat as if foe suffered Def/Res-50%. Unit recovers HP=half damage dealt. || Charge Cost: 5)
4* Special Skill: Great Aether (Resolve combat as if foe suffered Def/Res-50%. Unit recovers HP=half damage dealt. || Charge Cost: 4)

Skill A: Defiant Attack 1-3 (Grants Atk +3 at start of turn if unit's HP ≤ 50%.)
Skill B: Vantage 1-3  (Unit counterattacks first when attacked at HP ≤ [25%, 50%, 75%])
Skill C: ---


For Stats, I looked at his Radiant Dawn and saw his DEF and RES being a little lower while everything else being a little higher (when compared to a Sentinel). So, I adjusted the stats accordingly.

As for Ragnell, this decision was made due to how broken 1-2 weapons are in Heroes. While I can see Ike using Ragnell as a 1-2 weapon like Ryoma, I opted for a more interesting approach in that Ike specialized in Aether instead.

Speaking of Aether, this is Ike's main draw. With the ability to learn Great Aether (reducing the charge by 1) and wielding Ragnell (further reducing the charge by another 1), Ike can constantly be delivering Aether strikes. This is something I think will fit well to his character.

Lastly, for skills, I added the classic "Wrath + Vantage" combo, but in Heroes form. While there will obviously be some conflict since Aether heals Ike, I think the skills are still a fun and useful addition to his overall set.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Title:  Restoration Queen
Name: Erika
Orb Affinity: Red Sword

HP: Poor (2)
ATT: Average (3)
SPD: Excellent (5)
DEF: Poor (2)
RES: Average (3)

MOV: 2, Infantry

5* Weapon: Sieglinde (MT 12, Range 1 || Effective against armored and cavalry units.)

Support Skill: Pivot (Unit moves to opposite side of adjacent ally)

Special Skill: ---

Skill A: Speed 1-3 (Grants Speed +[1-3])
Skill B: ---
Skill C: Fortify Resistance 1-3 (Grants adjacent allies Res +[2-5] through their next actions at the start of each turn.)


As there are no monsters in FE Heroes (and I am unsure if they will ever be added), I decided to give Erika's Rapier functionality to her signature weapon Sieglinde. I could have instead given her an advantage over colorless foes, but I feel the Rapier + Sieglinde combo works fairly well for Erika.

I also gave Erika Pivot as she is a light unit and to slightly give a callback to the Rescue system of the GBA games.

Her passives were a bit difficult, but in the end I gave her bonus speed to make her even faster and Fortify Resistance to give Erika a little more of a support role.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Title:  Restoration King
Name: Ephraim
Orb Affinity: Blue Lance

HP: Average (3)
ATT: Good (4)
SPD: Poor (2)
DEF: Average (3)
RES: Average (3)

MOV: 2, Infantry

5* Weapon: Siegmund (MT 12, Range 1 || Effective against armored and cavalry units.)

Support Skill: ---

Special Skill: Luna (Resolve combat as if foe suffered DEF/RES -50% || Charge Cost: 3)

Skill A: Defiant Defense 1-3 (Grants Def +[3-7] at start of turn if unit's HP ≤ 50%.)
Skill B: ---
Skill C: Hone Attack 1-3 (Grants adjacent allies Atk +[2-4] through their next actions at the start of each turn.    )


Like Erika, I gave Ephraim his Reginleif functionality as there are no monsters in FE: Heroes.

As for his special skill, I gave him Luna since he had it in his Awakening Spotpass incarnation.

Lastly, his passives are Defiant Defense (as Ephraim will not go down without a fight) and Hone Attack (representing his leadership ability such as taking over a castle with just four men.)

Edited by Sire

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Ike's title should be Radiant Hero, that's what it is in English. Otherwise, looks good!

I'll add Bryan's weapons, those are easy since he's obtained a few as it stands.

1 Star: Iron Lance

3 Star: Steel Lance

4 Star: Brave Lance

5 Star: Eronite (a special lance that belongs to the royal family which Bryan is a member of. Only this royal family can wield it due to the enchantment it possesses. It's very strong, of course)

Oh, I forgot his starting rank. 4 Star sounds reasonable enough given that he is a male lead in the story he comes from.

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I think I'll make a few of these... I have several characters I'd wanna do lol. So... why not, I guess.

EDIT: Now with the sprites I made and quotes I wrote for Rikun and Siras! Also errybody rebalanced. For now. (Siras' character misses having Wary Fighter but what can you do T3T)

tumblr_om9mmwbscv1ucsp0go1_400.png (might actually want to redesign his outfit to something more Echoesy if the right assets exist)

Name: Rikun
Title: Emerald Seer-Prince
Unit Type: Blue | Lance | Infantry

Character Description: The sole survivor of an attack on his noble house seeking to liberate his continent from the tyranny of the Rykkan Empire.

5* Max Stats: 34 HP | 31 Atk | 34 Spd | 29 Def | 29 Res (157 BST)

Weapon: Olyndicus (MT 16, Range 1 || Grants Def/Res+2 when initiating combat)

Special: Dragon Fang (Grants 50% boost to attack || Charge Cost: 4)

Skill A: Darting Blow 3 (Grants Spd +6 during combat if unit initiates the attack)
Skill C: Hone Speed 3 (Grants adjacent allies Spd +4 through their next actions at the start of each turn)



Summoned: My name is Rikun, the last of House Freigon. If there’s anything I can do, you have my aid.

Friend Greetings: You’re friends with [Friend], right? You must be important to them. Don’t let them down now.

Castle Quotes
-  House Freigon, my family, is long gone. Those who follow me have become like a new family.
- Never bow to those Emblian tyrants. Should they attack, let them come– straight to the tip of my lance.
- Loss is something we all must struggle with. The important thing is to do your best for those who still matter.
- Battles in this realm are… less complicated than I’m used to. In a sense, it’s nice– more to the point, heh. 

Character Page
- Never quite understood what people see in me. I’ll do whatever I can, though.
- You’ve got some good people under you here. Make sure you keep them safe.
- We can only move forward… Were it so easy.
- Haha… I appreciate it, but you don’t need to worry about me…
- Something wrong? You can rely on me, if you need to.
- …what? Something on my face? No need to gawk…

- [+0-1]: Feh. I can do better than this.
- [+2-4]: I won’t knock it.
- [+5-6]: Now we’ll see what I can do!

Learning a Skill: The winds are changing in my favor. 

Turn Action:
- Right.
- Let’s go.
- Forward!

Special Skill Activation
- I’ll end this now!
- You won’t hurt anyone else!
- Time for you to go.
- You'll regret this!

Death: N-not now…

Maxed Out: We’ve fought together for a while now, haven’t we? You know, I’ve found that fighting side-by-side with someone can bring you closer than I’d have ever thought. I’ve lost a lot of people in my life, but those I’ve fought with… Those I’ve bled with… They’re more important to me than anything. And now, I can count you among them. I’ll keep you safe, no matter what it takes.

The Lord character for a FE story my wife and I are writing. His spear is a reference to a historical figure that he parallels in the story. One of my favorites in general haha ;; He's also supposed to have dragon blood or whatever kinda like the Fates royals, thus Dragon Fang as his thing. 


Name: Siras
Title: Shadow Keeper
Unit Type: Red | Tome | Infantry

Character Description: A highly critical and logical seeker of forbidden knowledge. Brusque and unsociable.

5* Max Stats: 33 HP | 38 Atk | 30 Spd | 15 Def | 32 Res (148 BST)

Weapon: Gespenst (MT 14, Range 2 || Spd -5. Grants user Atk+6 when initiating combat)

Special: Glacies (Boosts damage dealt by 80% of unit's Res || Charge Cost: 4)

Skill B: Seal Speed 3 (After combat, target suffers -7 Spd through its next action)
Skill C: Threaten Res 3 (Inflicts Res -5 on foes within 2 spaces through their next actions at the start of each turn)



Summoned: I am called Siras, student and practitioner of dark magics. Let us see if there is aught worthwhile I can learn here. 

Friend Greetings: …I was pulled from my studies for this? Hmph… [Friend] sends greetings. Now I take my leave.

Castle Quotes
- The symbol of Kingdom Askr… I should very much like to know its historical origins. 
- Hmph. Quite drafty in here, isn’t it? How… distracting.
- The summoning stone appears to have quite unusual magical properties. I wonder what further use could be harnessed from such a device…

Character Page
- Hm. Summoner. I’ll thank you not to disturb me in the midst of my research.
- Scarcely any weapon is as powerful as a keenly-honed mind.
- Few appreciate the applications of elder black magic… fewer still possess the capability of utilizing it.
- Care for an appraisal of your tactics? Perhaps not… few take well to the… bluntness of my critique.

- [+0-1]: Bah. Unacceptable. 
- [+2-4]: Hmph. I could attain yet more.
- [+5-6]: It seems I’ve gleaned something worthwhile…

Learning a Skill: This power… Hm. Yes. This will do.

Turn Action:
- Hmph.
- Go on.
- Well?

Special Skill Activation
- Don't waste my time.
- You’re no match for me.
- Truly pitiful...
- Begone, fool!

Death: How… inconvenient…

Maxed Out: Hm. Summoner. It seems you’ve caught me at a lull in my studies. I… you will forgive me if I have little to say. I find that social interaction rarely holds any benefit for me that I cannot attain through other means. I find it benefits the group most when its members stick to what they’re good at… …but I suppose you find worth in those beyond their most apparent use. Oh… very well… If you insist upon it, I suppose I can allow your presence a while longer…

Siras was... I think probably my first Fire Emblem OC, or at least my first one heavily, heavily inspired by it. He's one of my favorite characters I've made and a lot of my love for GBA dark mages and dark magic is put into him haha~ ;; Not sure if he'll be in the same story as these other two boys but shrug. 


(sprite nonexistant, but possibly imminent)

Name: Zeta
Title: The Demon of Danzi
Unit Type: Green | Axe | Infantry

Character Description: A savage outlaw from the mountain cliffs whose sole motivation is to spread fear and chaos. Cares little for his own life.

5* Max Stats: 40 HP | 37 Atk | 36 Spe | 23 Def | 21 Res (157 BST)

Weapon: Devil Axe (Mt 13 | Range 1 | built-in Fury 2) ((3* weapon would be Killer Axe))

Special: Vengeance (Grants bonus to damage dealt equal to 50% of damage suffered || Charge Cost: 3)

Skill A: Defiant Defense 3 (Grants Def+7 at start of turn if unit's HP ≤ 50%.)
Skill B: Desperation 3 (If unit initiates combat with HP ≤ 75%, follow-up attacks occur immediately after unit's attack.)

It's a badguy character lol. Based on this guy, but humanized. From the same story as Rikun and another of my favorite OCs. I'll write quotes for him when I make him a sprite I suppose...

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Notice: Originally, this post had Marcus - The Ashen Knight. Please see the master list in the first post for his updated version.

Edited by Sire
See the Master List for more information!

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Not a very creative person, but I might do some (mostly?) stat only ones at a later time(either of Unused Fe characters or maybe some non FE characters which could fit) But this type of thing is most always enjoyable I find and this system seems to work pretty well for this type of thing. 

Have a few comments/concerns on mechanical stuff (The custom skills mainly) which I don't think really fits the game so far (the chance of them being OP and/or not following the current formula), but I think I'll hold off on saying them unless asked to. I don't think that's really called for here so far. (though I think there's a point of escalation that I'd be concered about backlash couldwith the FE characters considering more heroes seem pretty likely) 

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Feel free to critique and offer suggestions for my stuff. I am already seeing flaws with some of the things I've made, but considering most of this is conceptual and will never exist, I don't take it too seriously. The "hero speculations" are more for fun as well.

Just in case you were curious...

Marcus, The Forsaken Knight

1. Moonlight, his "signature" weapon, should probably restore just 5 HP instead of 20% HP to follow current formulas (such as Felicia's passive or Linde's special tome, they both heal allies after combat.) The 20% was taken from the Awakening incarnation of the weapon.

2. Moonlight is deliberately different from most other weapons in the fact it does not increase damage, but instead increases utility. If anything, it could use a damage buff (say 12 MT instead of 9) if we are to compare it to Ryoma's weapon progression.

Ike, Radiant Hero

1. Great Aether is different from the current formula if we consider "name conventions" of making things more grandiose (Daylight -> Sol -> Aether) actually do more numbers instead of just reducing the charge time (which is more of an alternative name, such as Noontime). However, considering my version of Ike relies on Aether procs (and having consant procs is more awesome than more powerful ones), I think it is fine as it is.

2. Ragnell will likely end up having 1-2 Range if the recent information regarding Xander and Camus are accurate (they also have 1-2 ranged weapons). Oh well, I suppose Ike can have an alt where he wields Urvan (his father's axe, I think...) that reduces the special cooldown by 1 instead. Problem with that is there is already an axe that reduces ability cooldowns, and Minerva wields it (Hauteclere).

Erika & Ephraim

1. I already explained the reasoning behind their signature weapons. I know being effective against two different targets is a bit overpowered, but what signature weapon is not overpowered? (Falchion self heal and effective against dragons, Raijinto's 1-2 Range, Fujin Yumi's "Pass Skill," Armads "Quick Riposte," etc.)

2. Based off of new information, if Ephraim are going to be mounted, I can see Ephraim getting a version of Conquest (negate Horse weakness) and/or Rightful King (probably reduce special charge by 1). This is based off of his Awakening incarnation.

3. I can also see Erika getting Miracle, which is something I missed in FE: Heroes as I only saw it as an Enemy-Only skill so far. She had Miracle in both of her Awakening counterparts (Spotpass and DLC).

Marcus, the Ashen Knight

1. For Dawnbreaker, see Erika and Ephraim's reasoning on signature weapons.

2. Talis Solis is likely overpowered considering the jump from 30% Heal (Daylight) to 50% Heal (Sol) and then to 100% Heal (Talis Solis). If we were to follow normal conventions, Talis Solis would heal 70% of total damage while remaining a 5 Charge Cost skill. The "rule of cool" prevailed at the time of writing instead of balancing.

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Well Ike and Erika and the like will most likely exist but yeah I don't take it too seriously right now. Yeah that seems to contain of what I was thinking for your work so far, thanks for showing me some of your process. A couple more things.

 I get where your coming from but so far aether isn't contained with the basic skill system, it's a 5* skill that is placed on top of basic skills. (And I see you seem to get that in your comments on alt marcus)  It's not even really the overpoweredness also pointing out how the 3* 4* skill part of the chart won't always hold true. (And again I see that you likely see that too) Plus I'd like to see wether you'd go with daylight or newmoon or something else entirely for Ike even if it's just an alternate thing. (Maybe have aether as a 4* skill? It is Ike) 

Weapons I'm seeing a pattern I think they'll stick to, Named weapons are (don't know about weapons not on the main site though) and will be 1 atk more powerful than their weapon's silver+ Version. (Which I think all named weapons are basically replacements of. Haven't checked that all the named users have silver weapons as their 3rd weapon but I think that's how it goes. relevant for another post here so if you know this for sure )  named sword/lance/axes/breath?(none so far, going off their other weapons) would be atk 16, bows and tomes would be 14 and daggers?11.(and possible -9 reductions but with daggers I'm less sure about even the base damage due to all the effects and no ingame samples) Staves I have no freakin clue where to start if anyone wants to make one just look through the other ones I guess. They're sticking to it now even with the OP effects some weapons have so seems pretty set. (So even with the double effectiveness I think they'd make the twin's weapons 16, though with moonlight why not suggest it as a base weapon? So moonlight and moonlight+ and yeah healing works in flat rates here) 

Thanks for sharing more thoughts on how you got where you did. 

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More hero predictions & speculation! I decided to leave off Reasoning because I am lazy, but can give explanations if anyone wants them.

This time I did Nolan, Micaiah, and L'Arachel.

* * * * *

Title: Wise Champion
Name: Nolan
Orb Affinity: Green Axe

HP: Good (4)
ATT: Average (3)
SPD: Good (4)
DEF: Poor (2)
RES: Poor (2)

MOV: 2, Infantry

5* Weapon: Tarvos (MT 15, Range 1 || Grants +4 DEF when this unit is attacked.)

Support Skill: ---

Special Skill: Nihil (Negates opponent's special ability. || Charge: 4 // Example: If Lucina procs Aether on Nolan who has Nihil, then Nolan's Nihil will cancel Lucina's Aether. Lucina will then have to charge up Aether again to use it.)

Skill A: HP +[3-5] (Grants HP +[3-5])
Skill B: ---
Skill C: Threaten DEF 1-3 (Inflicts Def -[3-5] on foes within 2 spaces through their next actions at the start of each turn.)


Title: Priestess of Dawn
Name: Micaiah
Orb Affinity: Blue Tome

HP: Poor (2)
ATT: Excellent (5)
SPD: Poor (2)
DEF: Terrible (1)
RES: Excellent (5)

MOV: 2, Infantry

5* Weapon: Thani (MT 12, Range 2 || Effective against armored and cavalry units.)

Support Skill: Ardent Sacrifice (Heals adjacent ally 10 HP. Unit loses 10 HP but cannot reach 0 this way.])

Special Skill: Blazing Light (Before initiating a combat, foes in an area near target take damage equal to unit's 1.5xAtk minus foe's Def or Res. || Charge: 5)

Skill A: ---
Skill B: 
Skill C: Fortify Res 1-3 (Grants adjacent allies Res +[2-4] through their next actions at the start of each turn.)


Title: Queen of Light
Name: L'Arachel
Orb Affinity: Grey Staff

HP: Average (3)
ATT: Average (3)
SPD: Average (3)
DEF: Poor (2)
RES: Good (4)

MOV: 3, Cavalry

Weapon: Silence (MT 5, Range 2 ||After combat, opponent's special ability does not activate or charge through its next action.)

Support Skill: Martyr (Restores HP=7+ this unit's suffered damage. Unit heals HP=half suffered damage. Slows Special trigger [cooldown count+1].)

Special Skill: Heavenly Light (When healing an ally with a staff, heal every ally's HP by 10. || Charge Cost: 2)

Skill A: ---
Skill B: 
Wings of Mercy (Enables unit to warp adjacent to any ally with HP ≤ [30%-50%].)
Skill C: ---


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@goodperson707 I don't know if you were looking at my characters when you made your initial comment (frankly I doubt it since they're OCs and most people aren't interested in those? that's fine though lol), but I am open to critique on them as well, as someone who wants/plans to be a game designer someday ahaha ;; I like attempting to create balanced fanmade things as practice, so... yeah. Was less concerned with talking about plot for them since I know no one probably cares much anyway lmao

On 2/9/2017 at 3:44 PM, BANRYU said:


  Reveal hidden contents

Name: Rikun
Title: Emerald Seer-Prince
Orb Affinity: Blue (Lance)
Starting Star Rank: 3 or 5 star

Character Description: The sole survivor of an attack on his noble house seeking to liberate his continent from the tyranny of the Rykkan Empire.

Appearance: More or less Ephraim's outfit + Erk's hair. Green light armor with silver trim and a brown traveling cape.

HP: Bad (2)
ATT: Average (3)
SPD: Good (4)
DEF: Average (3)
RES: Average (3)

Unit Type: Infantry

5* Weapon: Olyndicus (MT 16, Range 1 || Grants Def/Res+4 when initiating combat)
4* Weapon: Silver Lance (MT 11, Range 1)
3* Weapon: Steel Lance (MT 8, Range 1)
1* Weapon: Iron Lance (MT 6, Range 1)

Support Skill: ---

3* Special Skill: Dragon Gaze (Grants 30% boost to attack || Charge Cost: 4)
4* Special Skill: Dragon Fang (Grants 30% boost to attack || Charge Cost: 3)

Skill A: Darting Blow 1-3 (Grants Spd +[2/4/6] during combat if unit initiates the attack)
Skill B: ---
Skill C: Hone Speed 1-3 (Grants adjacent allies Spd +[2-4] through their next actions at the start of each turn)

The Lord character for a story my wife and I are writing. His spear is a reference to a historical figure that he parallels in the story.

  Reveal hidden contents

Name: Siras
Title: Shadow Keeper
Orb Affinity: Red Tome
Starting Star Rank: 4 Star

Character Description: A highly critical and logical seeker of forbidden knowledge. Brusque and unsociable.

Appearance: Kinda like Ephidel, but with straight hair (and also not creepily inhuman). Hair like Soren's, but if his hair was all uniform length and pulled back into the ponytail. Otherwise, typical druid attire in these colors.

HP: Bad (2)
ATT: Excellent (5)
SPD: Average (3)
DEF: Terrible (1)
RES: Good (4)

Unit Type: Infantry

5* Weapon: Gespenst (MT 14, Range 2 || Spd -5. Grants Atk+4 if unit initiates combat)
3* Weapon: Fenrir (MT 9, Range 2)
2* Weapon: Ruin (MT 6, Range 2)
1* Weapon: Flux (MT 4, Range 2)

Support Skill: ---

3* Special Skill: Chilling Wind (Boosts damage dealt by 50% of unit's Res || Charge Cost: 4)
4* Special Skill: Glacies (Boosts damage dealt by 80% of unit's Res || Charge Cost: 4)

Skill A: ---
Skill B: Wary Fighter 1-3 (Prevents follow-up attacks in combat from unit and foes if unit's HP ≥ [90/80/70]%)
Skill C: Threaten Res 1-3 (Inflicts Res -[3-5] on foes within 2 spaces through their next actions at the start of each turn)

My main FE-inspired character I guess? Dunno if he'll be in the story with the other two or not

  Reveal hidden contents

Name: Zeta
Title: The Demon of Danzi
Orb Affinity: Green (Axe)
Starting Star Rank: 3 Star

Character Description: A savage outlaw from the mountain cliffs whose sole motivation is to spread fear and chaos. Cares little for his own life.

Appearance: Atypical build for fighters/warriors/berserkers; very tall and lean rather than beefy and bulky, but still a wiry sort of muscular. Outfit is essentially the Fighter outfit from Awakening with some oni/demon motifs (IE the screaming demon on the oni chief's chestplate but on the armguard and/or legguards, a set of horned headgear like... IDK what it's called, the boxing headgear sort of thing...? closest thing is the Fates spearfighter's helmet minus the cloth hood? Like that but with horns. Exactly like the Black Belt Helm from Monster Hunter, which I can't find a good ref of. 

HP: Average (3)
ATT: Good (4)
SPD: Good (4)
DEF: Bad (2)
RES: Bad (2)

Unit Type: Infantry

5* Weapon: Killer Axe+
3* Weapon: Killer Axe
2* Weapon: Steel Axe
1* Weapon: Iron Axe

Support Skill: ---

5* Special Skill: Blazing Thunder (Before combat this unit initiates, foes in an area near target take damage equal to (unit's Atk minus foe's Def or Res || Charge Cost: 5)
4* Special Skill: Growing Thunder (Before combat this unit initiates, foes in a wide area around target take damage equal to (unit's Atk minus foe's Def or Res || Charge Cost: 5)
3* Special Skill: Rising Thunder (Before combat this unit initiates, foes in a wide area around target take damage equal to 1.5x (unit's Atk minus foe's Def or Res || Charge Cost: 5).

Skill A: Fury 1-3 (Grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+[1-3]. Unit takes [2/4/6] damage after combat. || Learnable at ?*, ?*, and ?*)
Skill B: Desperation 1-3 (If unit initiates combat with HP ≤ [25/50/75]%, follow-up attacks occur immediately after unit's attack.
Skill C: ---

It's a badguy character lol. Based on this guy, but humanized. From the same story as Rikun.


But um... for what it's worth my rational for each of them was as follows...

Rikun: designed mainly to be a balanced unit with focus on boosting and assisting speed. As mentioned, his character is relevant to his spear Olyndicus and the lore surrounding the mythological figure having the gift of sight and whatnot, so I tried to make his weapon and abilities reflect the ability to 'foresee' things in battle... IDK how well the abilities actually fit that flavor-wise, but I tried.

Siras: my attempt at designing a strong 'pure' mage, sort of like a stronger version of Sophia, I guess...? Is a player-phase magic nuke, but pretty vulnerable to anything physical; Wary Fighter is made to mitigate that somewhat, esp withbut the speed debuff on Gespenst (made to emulate the high Wt and thus low doubling rate of the in-game tome, haha), but maybe Wary Fighter is too much, IDK. I figure he's squishy enough that even Wary Fighter is only a fragile saving grace, but who knows. Also Glacies because I don't think any mages run it, and its ice thematics are relevant to his character. It's really strong due to his high Res, but somewhat balanced by his lowish speed and Wary Fighter slowing the countdown timer.

Zeta: probably the least-good of all of them...? Made to be a suicide-bomber, essentially. His proc actually doesn't synergize that well with his weapon due to how high the proc counter is, but his main bread and butter is supposed to be his passives, for which the idea is to send him against things he can ORKO pretty easily to build up his damage and make him even more of a player-phase nuke. Also debated using stat builds of 3/5/5/1/1 and 1/5/5/2/2 (HP/Atk/Spd/Def/Res) to make him even more of a high-risk, high-reward situation (the lower HP would synergize well with Fury). The obvious drawback to him, of course, is that it's very difficult to keep him alive, but his chances of taking out at least one or even more enemies is pretty solid if he plays cautiously enough (in theory at least lol).

Also, all characters are allotted a base stat total of 15 as far as their rating goes. I feel that's pretty balanced.


Thinking of a few more female characters as well, including another Malig Knight-based character and a Shining Bow archer (debating whether to make her a Bow Knight, but since they're enemy-only maybe that makes her OP by default lmao. Might do it anyway because screw this game for making BKs enemy-only and forcing you to deal with that annoying shit haha).

Edited by BANRYU

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Title: Seductive Flier
Name: Aversa
Orb Affinity: Red/Blue

HP: Poor 
ATT: Excellent
SPD: Good 
DEF: Terrible
RES: Poor 

MOV: 4, Flyer

5* Weapon: Aversa's Night (Rng- 1-2 Mt 11 -- Reduced foes Resistance by 2)

Support Skill: Sacrifice (Sacrifice 10HP for +5 attak)

Special Skill: Galeforce, Vengance(lower level)

Skill A: Relief ( Restore 5 health every 2 turns)
Skill B: ---
Skill C: ---

Full Glass cannon makes it so Allies can get stronger at the cost of a good chunk of HP, keeps her away from enemy units which is easy to do because of her tome which can counter even close range units, but this is made to make her glass cannon play style a bit more fair. Gale force is an added bonus to her , IF you can keep her alive long enough to use it.


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Gonna do some more of these I suppose x3x Gurlz this time!

EDIT: updated with sprites of the ladies that I've made.



Name: Xaeda
Title: Daughter of Dragons
Unit Type: Green | Breath | Infantry 

Character Description: An enigmatic manakete from a lost timeline she has no memory of. Cheerful and playful.

Neutral 5* Lv 40 Stats : 36 HP | 30 Atk | 35 Spe | 31 Def | 30 Res (162 BST)

5* Weapon: Lightning Breath+ (Mt 11 | Range 1 | Enables counterattack regardless of attacker's range. Slows Special trigger: cooldown count+1.)

Special: Bonfire (Boosts damage dealt by 50% of unit's Def. | Charge Cost: 3)

Skill B: Wings of Mercy 3 (Enables unit to warp adjacent to any ally with HP ≤ 50%)
Skill C: Savage Blow 3 (If unit initiates attack, foes within 2 spaces of target take 7 damage after combat.)

My Tiki ! Morgan as she is in Awakening. Sort of repurposed her into my own character... One of the two versions of her I made (Fates version below). Tried to kinda reference the dual Naga/Grima heritage with her skills haha. 



Name: Nubrya
Title: Lost Scion
Unit Type: Green | Axe | Flier

Character Description: An enigmatic wyvern rider possessed of great strength and ambition belied by her apparent youth.

5* Max Stats: 37 HP | 32 Atk | 34 Spd | 28 Def | 26 Res (157 total)

Weapon: Emerald Axe+ (Mt 12, Range 1 || Gives Atk+20% if weapon-triangle advantage, Atk-20% if disadvantage.)

Support: Reposition (Moves target to the opposite side of this unit)

Skill A: Death Blow 3 (Grants Atk+6 if unit initiates combat.)
Skill B: Brash Assault 3 (Unit automatically makes a follow-up when at HP ≤ 50% and attacking a foe that can counter.)



Summoned: Hiya! I’m Nubrya, commander of Nohr’s Wyvern Legion. Hehe, yeah, I’m stronger than I look! 

Friend Greetings: Heya! [Name], right? Nice place ya got here… you should invite me and [Friend] over some time!

Castle Quotes
- Hmm… Maybe another book to pass the time… Does the library take checkouts?
- Oh, are you on patrol? Reminds me of… …hehe, someone. 
- Careful getting too close to Tiamat, she might eat your hands if she’s cranky. Oh, don’t worry too much, yours don’t look THAT tasty!
- What, my ears? It’s… uhh… a medical condition…?

Character Page
- You wouldn’t believe the hoops I’ve had to fly through to get an army of wyvern riders to work! 
- Nothing’s stronger than a dragon. Nothing!
- Hey, your tactics look pretty good too! Wanna trade tips?
- Just let me know who ya need me to beat down!
- *sigh* Nothing beats the feeling of flying… 

- [+0-1]: Gotta say, that’s kind of a letdown.
- [+2-4]: I WILL get stronger… I will!
- [+5-6]: One step closer to reaching my goal!

Learning a Skill: Thanks! Can’t wait to try this out, hehe.

Turn Action:
- Let’s go!
- Sally forth!
- We’re ready!

Special Skill Activation
- This ends here!
- Time to even the odds!
- Time for a beatdown!
- Crush’em, Tiamat!

Death: Can’t fight like this…

Maxed Out: Oh, hey! You got some free time too, huh? Hehe… yeah… Y’know, this isn’t the first time I’ve come someplace new from a different world… It happens kind of a lot, actually. It seems to be a thing with me, hehe… …Truth is, I don’t belong in that world, in Nohr… But I don’t think I belong in the one I’m from, either. I don’t really know where I belong anymore… S-so… Maybe I can stay here awhile longer with you, huh…?

The Fates version of Xaeda I played as in my Wyvern Conquest run of Fates, where 'Nubrya' is her undercover name. She lost her dragonstone or something I guess IDK, so does wyvern-riding instead as the next best thing...? Also partly inspired by f!Morgan's Future Past class haha... 



Name: Allison
Title: Puzzle Master
Unit Type: Grey | Bow | Infantry

Character Description: A caring and motherly, but no-nonsense archer from Plegia. Constantly defying her dark destiny. 

5* Max Stats: HP: 42 | ATT: 27 | SPD: 35 | DEF: 20 | RES: 24 (148 BST)

Unit Type: Infantry

Weapon: Shining Bow+ (Mt 12, Range 2 || Deals damage against opponent's Res instead of Def)

Special: Astra (Grants 150% to damage dealt || Charge Cost: 4)

Skill A: Defiant Speed 3 (Grants Spd+7 at start of turn if unit's HP ≤ 50%.)
Skill B: Escape Route 3 (Enables unit whose own HP is ≤ 50% to warp adjacent to any ally.)



Summoned: Oh hello there. I am Allison, an archer hailing from Plegia. Might you have need of my abilities? I will do my best to aid you. 

Friend Greetings: Ah, [name] yes? Ah good, excellent. I am Allison, I was sent by [friend] to check up on you and forward greetings and well wishes. 

Castle Quotes
- Oh, oh I was lost in thought, sorry, hehe… did you have need of me?
- It is rude to stare, you know… and that is a lovely shade of red, hahaha!
- I have been to see the other troops, some of them seem to fancy one another… I wonder if you would mind me playing matchma–oh? Hehe, nevermind then.
- Do you have any dark tomes in the library? Oh, no no, I was just… just curious.

Character Page
- I find that a starlit walk can soothe the nerves before battle, sometimes better than a night of sleep.
- I have been reading of the fell beasts of the ancient times, truly all fascinating… heheh, I know someone who would love a book like this… may I keep it?
- Do you require anything of me? I am yours… within reason. 
- I get so little time to myself these days…
- While I am at your service, I must ask that you do keep your hands to yourself… thank you. 

- [+0-1]: Oh… that… is embarrassing…
- [+2-4]: Turn, turn, the wheel of progress… sigh…
- [+5-6]: Flawless and fitting, I could get used to this. 

Learning a Skill: Oh, oh interesting! Yes thank you, hehe.

Turn Action:
- Yes?
- Ever onward and forward…
- Ready as ever.

Special Activation Quotes:
- Hello there.
- How unfortunate…
- This is almost unfair, hehehe.
- And… Goodbye.

Death: I’ve made a grave mistake…

Maxed Out: You’ve come a long way since I joined you, Summoner. Truly, few things make me happier than watching someone’s true potential blossom. I’ve come rather far myself as well, it seems… And I believe I have you to thank for that. Seeing the way you bring out everyone’s potential… It reminds me of my role with my own comrades in my world. Which reminds me… Is there anyone that’s caught your eye lately…? There were a few matches for you I had in mind– oh? Ahaha, perhaps you’re right… better to let it happen naturally.

One of my wife's characters who served as her Robin in Awakening (they just happened to have her exact hairdo ahaha). I think she's kind of on the weaker side, but made her according to wifey's specifications haha~ ;; so whatever makes her happy. We both always liked the idea of her being a magic-based archer before Fates came out and had the Shining Bow, so.... yeah. It's inheritable too lol. 

Edited by BANRYU

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Got inspired by BANRYU's heroes, so here are my two F!Morgans. I had plans to do some more characters such as an original wyvern knight and a take on Merlinus, but detailed character sheets take a while...

[Notice: See the Master List for updated versions on my personal Morgans: Morgan - Gift From Afar (Lucina) and Renee - Star Seeker (Cherche)!]

Edited by Sire
See the Master List for more info!

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Did some impromptu creating in a different topic, so I decided to post those heroes here.

Specifically, I made Male version and Female version of Grima, the final boss of Awakening.


Title: Fell Dragon
Name: M!Grima
Orb Affinity: Blue Dragon
Starting Star Rank: 5 Star Only

Appearance: A darker version of M!Robin with an evil aura. He "summons" Grima to battle (similar to how Julia's Naga spell works).

HP: Excellent (5)
ATT: Average (3)
SPD: Terrible (1)
DEF: Average (3)
RES: Average (3)

MOV: 2, Infantry

5* Weapon: Expiration (MT 16, Range 1 || After this unit attacks, foes within 2 spaces of target suffer Atk/Spd -5 through their next actions)

Assist Skill: ---

Special Skill: Draconic Gaze (Grants +30% to Atk || Charge Cost: 4)
5* Special Skill: Draconic Aura (Grants +30% to Atk || Charge Cost: 3)

Skill A: Svalinn Shield (Neutralizes “effective against” bonuses)
Skill B: ---
Skill C: Savage Blow 1-3
(If unit initiates attack, foes within 2 spaces of target take [3-7] damage after combat)


I decided to make M!Grima a Blue character since a "Dark Dragon" exists as a Blue by the name of F!Corrin. I also made him a Blue to showcase his superiority and power against the helpless fools who dare to stand up against him (Chrom & Lucina).

As for stats, Grima was technically "average" or "completely maxed out," but for Heroes I decided to make him have a large amount of HP but be really slow. M!Grima represents the large, hulking monstrosity of the Fell Dragon and is meant to be tough to take out.

Grima's signature weapon, Expiration, is essentially an "upgraded version" of F!Corrin's Dark Breath in this particular adaption. It also synergies with M!Grima's tanky nature as well as somewhat symbolizing his Anathema skill from Awakening.

Draconic Aura was used represent Grima's massive power and to showcase Rightful God (Dragonic Gaze -> Draconic Aura = -1 Charge Time). I did not use Ignis as it would have poor Synergy with M!Grima and to differentiate between "normal Robin" and "Grima Robin." I could have used Pavise, but I had a more interesting idea...

What better way to highlight that Grima is a god than to give him the almighty Svalinn Shield? This represents Grima's Dragonskin from Awakening, and personally I also say it counts as his Pavise as well. Grima does not care about Falchion users or even Naga herself. (Sure, this somewhat contrasts with the games, but I think it would be nice to have a Dragon who is actually immune to the Falchion. Say this Grima is one that is at "full power" or something.)

Lastly, I finish off M!Grima's skill set with Savage Blow, to represent the large range he had for Expiration in Awakening

Title: Fell Dragon
Name: F!Grima
Orb Affinity: Red Dragon
Starting Star Rank: 5 Star Only

Appearance: A darker version of F!Robin with an evil aura. She "summons" Grima to battle (similar to how Julia's Naga spell works).

HP: Average (3)
ATT: Average (3)
SPD: Average (3)
DEF: Average (3)
RES: Average (3)

MOV: 2, Infantry

5* Weapon: Extinction (MT 14, Range 2 || Enables counterattack regardless of distance if this user is attacked.)

Assist Skill: ---

Special Skill: Pavise (Reduces damage inflicted by attacks from adjacent foes by 50% || Charge Cost: 3)

Skill A: ---
Skill B: Renewal 1-3 
(At the start of every [fourth-second] turn, restore 10 HP)
Skill C: Threaten Spd 1-3 (Inflicts Spd -[3-5] on foes within 2 spaces through their next actions at the start of each turn)


F!Grima is a Red Dragon to follow with the current "Dark Magic = Red" categorization. She also have all "balanced stats" to represent that "max capped" nature of Grima.

F!Grima's weapon, Extinction, is different from M!Grima's due to the fact she attacks from range and can counter against melee units. M!Grima focus solely on melee and debuffing his foes. This is also different compared to current Dragons who are solely 1-ranged fighters.

F!Grima keeps Pavise, but loses out on Dragonskin and Rightful God. Instead, "the power here shall renew her" and F!Grima can heal 10HP every second turn when fully upgraded. Once again, Ignis is not used so Grima and Robin are not too similar to each other.

Finally, Anathema is represented here by Threaten SPD.

I personally would probably end up running M!Grima to F!Grima, but both characters have their different niches. M!Grima is a slow juggernaut that can take almost anything and deal massive amounts of damage while F!Grima is a little more rounded in her abilities and can attack from range.

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@Sire Nice Grimas, mate. Can't believe I didn't consider giving my Grima Svalinn Shield. How did I forget about that after spending half an hour trying to train up Sheena?

So, uh, here I'm gonna transcribe my Grima from that same thread you mentioned...


Fell Dragon | Grima [Red, Dragon]

HP: High (highest stat)
ATK: High (not quite the best, but still really good)
SPD: Awful (rather slow)
DEF: High (barely behind Armor-type units)
RES: Avg. (passable, but not great)
MOV: 2, Infantry

1-Star: Fire Breath
2-Star: Fire Breath+
3-Star: Dark Breath
5-Star: Expiration (16 MT | 1 Range | Cooldown -1)

Activation Skill:
3-Star: Buckler
5-Star: Pavise

A Skill:
1-Star: DEF +1
2-Star: DEF +2
3-Star: DEF +3

C Skill:
2-Star: Threaten SPD 1
3-Star: Threaten SPD 2
5-Star: Threaten SPD 3

Original Paragraph From The Other Thread:
Grima could be considered a dragon (so the Falchions are effective against her, like Chrom's Exalted Falchion was in Awakening; this also makes Julia's Naga tome deal effective damage, but that's okay) with Red Breath (though, instead of having Grima transform into a dragon, just have Grima's dragon-head show up behind her before combat starts, like the final boss fight of Awakening) and Fire Breath / Fire Breath+ / Dark Breath / Expiration (Grima's weapon from the Awakening boss fight: 16 MT | Range: 1 | Cooldown -1 [was going to give Built-In Distant Counter because Expiration had 5 range in Awakening, but that would probably be too good, so instead I made it so Buckler/Pavise activate more often when you get this weapon]), Buckler/Pavise (Grima had this on higher difficulties in Awakening, so I feel like it would be good to have it here... If nothing else, having a defensive activation skill makes Grima very different from both Robins), DEF +1/2/3 (meant to represent Dragonskin, except it really isn't like that at all, but it's the best I could come up with. Makes Falchions slightly easier to handle, at least), and Threaten SPD (couldn't figure out a good way to simulate Awakening's Anathema skill that Grima has on all difficulties, this is the best I could come up with). Stat-wise, Grima would have high HP (highest stat), ATK and DEF (not quite Armor DEF, but still high), with decent RES (average), but her SPD would be awful (like, Armor awful). Probably would be too good, huh?

Also, here's Myrrh from FE8:


Great Dragon | Myrrh [Green, Dragon/Flying]

HP: Below Average
ATK: Average
SPD: Below Average
DEF: High
RES: High
MOV: 2, Flying

1-Star: Fire Breath
2-Star: Fire Breath+
3-Star: Flametongue
5-Star: Flametongue+

Activation Skill:
New Moon > Luna

A Skill:
1-Star: Armored Blow 1
2-Star: Armored Blow 2
4-Star: Armored Blow 3

B Skill:
2-Star: Wings of Mercy 1
3-Star: Wings of Mercy 2
5-Star: Wings of Mercy 3

1 AM Thoughts:
Myrrh gets high defenses for a Flying unit, but not-so-great Speed and HP, and only alright Attack, making her something of an aerial tank. Keep Takumis and Falchions away from her at all costs; though she could maybe take one hit from them, they will probably double and kill her unless you buff up her Speed first.
She gets New Moon and Luna because I remember Morva from Sacred Stones having breath that ignored defensive stats, and I wanted to give Myrrh something like that. Wings of Mercy is here because she has wings, obviously I figured it would be good for her to be able to swoop in and tank for weak units from across the map (could be useful, yeah?). Armored Blow is here to give Myrrh a little more survivability on offense.
I was tempted to give her Svalinn Shield, but that might have made her a little too good, given that her defenses are supposed to be high to compensate for how many units can hit her for effective damage.

So, Myrrh probably won't end up like this if she gets into Heroes (which I'm hoping she will), if only because I don't think they'll make a Dragon that is also a Flying unit. Still, I'd like to see her end up like this.


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@Sire Ahaha glad I was able to inspire you xD Incidentally, I also headcanon that my Robin/Awakening MU is the same character as the one I had in FE7, funnily enough =w= I like how Renee's wyvern is named after Valter as well, hah. If I might offer some constructive criticism, though, the custom weapon you made for Luci!Morgan seems rather imbalanced. I'm not opposed to custom weapons/effects, but for what is supposed to be a Levin Sword (even a forged one; what I always figured the 'weapon+' weapons were, incidentally), 16 Mt and variable Def/Res targeting seems way too powerful, IMO. If you want to have that effect, I'd feel like a substantially lower Mt, like 11-12, would make it feel a little more fair/justified. Alternatively, a Sword weapon that can only attack at range could be a rather interesting effect for the Levin Sword as well. (But on the other hand if it's self-indulgent/not meant to be taken super seriously or balanced then feel free to disregard me lol.)

Those Grimas are super cool as well, all three of them. I dig. I'd love to see the likes of them and maybe even Idunn and Medeus in the game eventually. 

@ILikeKirbys That Myrrh build is very cool, I dig. I wouldn't expect any of the Manaketes to be treated as fliers if Fae isn't (since, like Myrrh, she also has wings in her regular sprite), but who'm'I to stop you from dreaming? I got no beef with it haha. One thing I will say is that young!Tiki has Armored Blow as well, and though your Myrrh is very unique on the whole, it might help set her apart even more if she had a different skill, like maybe Warding Blow. If not, I mean... She's got plenty else to set her apart as I mentioned before so no worries, but just thought I'd point that out in case you weren't aware or something etc. etc. But yeah like with Sire feel free to disregard if it's known and intentional, etc. 

EDIT: Well flip me sideways I did not know that Myrrh was treated as a flier in Sacred Stones. In that case I retract my objection ~3~ 

In any case... Welp. I'm out of OCs that I'd want to make for this, so... hmm... I suppose I might attempt to make builds for some other faves of mine like Erk and Canas who probably won't be in lol. Hell, maybe Idunn too. 


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43 minutes ago, BANRYU said:

since, like Myrrh, she also has wings in her regular sprite

Well, Myrrh is actually treated as a Flier in FE8, unlike Fae.

Also here's my thoughts on Micaiah


Silver-Haired Maiden | Micaiah [Green, Tome]

HP: Below Average
ATK: Very High
SPD: Average
DEF: Below Average
RES: High
MOV: 2

1-Star: Wind (or Light)
2-Star: Elwind (or Ellight)
3-Star: Rexcalibur (or Shine)
5-Star: Rexaura (14|2|Reduces enemy Res by 5 after combat until their next action)

Light/Ellight/Shine are basically the same as Wind/Elwind/Rexcalibur

Support Skill:
Ardent Sacrifice

B Skill:
1-Star: Renewal 1
2-Star: Renewal 2
4-Star: Renewal 3

C Skill:
2-Star: Breath of Life 1
3-Star: Breath of Life 2
5-Star: Breath of Life 3

My Thoughts:

I think of Micaiah as a magical cannon with insane attack, but low survivability. She can tank mages reasonably well due to her high Res though, and her Rexaura can also soften enemies up for a follow-up. Her speed is average (we don't need a repeat of Sophia, right?) which is enough to double most armors, and avoid doubles from most mages. I think she can beat same level Linde/M!Robin without much trouble.

Her skills focus mostly on health recovery - Ardent Sacrifice fits her like a glove, Renewal allows her to heal herself (ala staves from FE10), and Breath of Life shows that she still has healing to spare when attacking.

Micaiah's worst enemies are swordlords - their WTA combined with Micaiah's below average HP/Def means she gets killed really easily in a fight with one. Keeping her away from Takumi or Kagero is pretty much mandatory, as they can reliably ORKO her (though not before taking a hit themself). Another (somewhat) problematic enemy is Henry, due to Green Tomebreaker.


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All right I'm gonna take a stab at those three I mentioned before.


Name: Idunn
Title: Dark Priestess
Orb Affinity: Red (Breath)
Starting Star Rank: 2-3* (presumably she's recruited in a hero battle like Narcian and Robin lol)

Character Description: (I can't find her in-game description anywhere to copy off of lol)

HP: Good (4)
ATT: Average (3)
SPD: Terrible (1)
DEF: Good (4)
RES: Average (3)

Unit Type: Infantry

5* Weapon: Dark Breath+ (Mt 13, After this unit attacks, foes within 2 spaces of target suffer Atk/Spd-5 through their next actions.)
3* Weapon: Dark Breath (Mt 9, After this unit attacks, foes within 2 spaces of target suffer Atk/Spd-5 through their next actions.)
2* Weapon: Fire Breath+ (Mt 8, Range 1)
1* Weapon: Fire Breath (Mt 6, Range 1)

Support Skill: ---

4* Special Skill: Vengeance

Skill A: Fury 1/2/3 (Grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res +1/2/3, Unit takes 2/4/6 damage after combat)
Skill B: Drag Back (If unit initiates attack, the unit moves 1 space away after combat. Foe moves into unit’s previous space)
Skill C: ---

Tried to sort of emulate the Sophia route of stat building her in terms of being slow, but having pretty good everything else. She feels pretty unique to me compared to the other dragons; bulky like a!Tiki, but slower, SLIGHTLY weaker, and with better Res making her slower and more specialized as a tank. 


Name: Erk
Title: Studious Mage
Orb Affinity: Blue I guess?? (Tome obv)
Starting Star Rank: 3*

Character Description: A young mage from Etruria devoted to his studies. Charming, but uptight.

HP: Average (3)
ATT: Average (3)
SPD: Good (4)
DEF: Bad (2)
RES: Average (3

)Unit Type: Infantry

5* Weapon: Thoron+ (Mt 13, Range 2)
3* Weapon: Thoron (Mt 9, Range 2)
2* Weapon: Elthunder (Mt 6, Range 2)
1* Weapon: Thunder (Mt 4, Range 2)

Support Skill: Draw Back (Unit moves 1 space away from target ally, who moves to unit’s former position)

4* Special Skill: ---

Skill A: ---
Skill B: Quick Riposte 1/2/3 (Unit automatically makes a follow-up attack if attacked at HP >= 90 / 80 / 70%)
Skill C: Hone Speed 1/2/3 (Grants adjacent allies Spd +2/3/4 through their next actions at the start of each turn)

Because Erk is such a generic mage, it's not only hard to figure out what weapon/color he'd have but also I highly doubt he'll be in the game ever ahaha ;; Oh well, what can ya do. Tried to design him to be a little more of a tactical presence on the battlefield. 


Name: Canas
Title: Seeker of Wisdom
Orb Affinity: Red (Tome)
Starting Star Rank: 3-4*

Character Description: A scholar and student of ancient magics whose curiosity knows no bounds.

HP: Average (3)
ATT: Good (4)
SPD: Average (3)
DEF: Average (3)
RES: Bad (2)

Unit Type: Infantry

5* Weapon: Fenrir+ (Mt 13, Range 2)
3* Weapon: Fenrir (Mt 9, Range 2)
2* Weapon: Ruin (Mt 6, Range 2)
1* Weapon: Flux (Mt 4, Range 2)

Support Skill: ---

4* Special Skill: Luna (Resolve combat as if foe suffered Def/Res-50% || Charge 3)

Skill A: Resistance +1/2/3
Skill B: Seal Speed 1/2/3 (After combat, foe suffers Spd -3/5/7 through its next action)
Skill C: ---

I departed slightly from Canas' usual stat build to make him a bit more atypical by the standards of the Dark Mages in the game. I feel like I might have gone a bit safe/boring with him... If any of the 'Raudr' tomes were to be repeats, I'd want to give him one of those, probably Raven... Also considered making up Nosferatu and building him around that (more to nerf him with it than anything since Canas is good, but not like... an AMAZING unit). Gave him Luna instead to reference the best weapon he has access to in his game lol. 

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Thought I'd do some for four of my favorite FE13&14 characters, not going to do quotes for these characters because I am lazy and I might mess up their personalities. I based their stats off of their growths.


Title: Forgotten Knight
Name: Kellam
Orb Affinity:  Green (Axe)
Starting Star Rank: 3 or 4 Star

Character Description: Knight of Ylisse and one of Chrom's Shepherds. Quiet and Kindhearted, he is a reliable member of the Shepherds, however his lack of presence does hinder him in a way. Appears in Fire Emblem Awakening

Appearance: Kellam in his Knight class...what else?

HP: 55
ATK: 35
SPD: 27
DEF: 34
RES: 17

MOV: 1, Armored

5* Weapon: Redreaver+ (MT 12 || Weapon Triangle bonuses are inverted and increased (+30%/-30%) in combat from unit and foes.)
4* Weapon: Redreaver (MT 8 || Weapon Triangle bonuses are inverted and increased (+30%/-30%) in combat from unit and foes.)
3* Weapon: Steel Lance (MT 8)
1* Weapon: Iron Lance (MT 6)

Support Skill: Shove (Push adjacent ally 1 space farther away)

4* Special Skill: --- 
5* Special Skill: --- 

Skill A: Distant Counter
Skill B: Renewal 1-3 (At the start of every [Fourth, Third, Second] turn, restores 10 HP) (Renewal 3 available at 4 star)
Skill C: --- 


Title: Bipolar Archer
Name: Noire
Orb Affinity: Grey (Bow) (obviously deals more damage to fliers, i am too lazy to write that out on the weapons.)
Starting Star Rank: 3, 4, or 5 Star

Character Description: Daughter of Tharja who traveled back in time to help Chrom and her mother. While she is timid, she becomes very aggressive when ticked. Appears in Fire Emblem Awakening.

Appearance: Noire in her Archer Class

HP: 35
ATK: 37
SPD: 33
DEF: 20
RES: 29

MOV: 2, Infantry

5* Weapon: Killer Bow+ (MT 9 || Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1). || comes learned at 5*)
4* Weapon: Kille
r Bow (MT 5 || Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1). || comes learned at 4*)
3* Weapon: Steel Bow (MT 6 || comes learned at 3* )
1* Weapon: Iron Bow (MT 4)

Support Skill: ---

4* Special Skill: New Moon (Resolve combat as if foe suffered Def/Res-30% || Charge Cost: 3, comes learned at 4*)
5* Special Skill: Luna (Resolve combat as if foe suffered Def/Res-50% || Charge Cost: 3)

Skill A: Close Counter (Enables unit to counterattack regardless of distance to attacker)
Skill B: Red Tomebreaker 1-3 (If unit's HP ≥ 50% in combat against a red tome user, unit makes a follow-up attack and foe cannot.)
Skill C: --- 


Title: Chief of Wind
Name: Fuga
Orb Affinity: Green (Axe)
Starting Star Rank: 5 Star

Character Description: Chieftain of the Wind Tribe. He is both a wise leader and a brave soldier, he judges people based on their abilities. Appears in Fire Emblem Fates.

Appearance: Fuga as a Master of Arms.

HP: 43
ATK: 36
SPD: 34
DEF: 26
RES: 19

MOV: 2, Infantry

5* Weapon: Fuga's Club (MT 16 || Unit always has advantage over the foe, however Weapon Triangle bonuses are weakened (+10%/-10%).) (cannot be inherited)
4* Weapon: Silver Axe (MT 11)
3* Weapon: Steel Axe (MT 8)
1* Weapon: Iron Axe (MT 6)

Support Skill: ---

4* Special Skill: Rising Wind (Before combat this unit initiates, foes in an area near the target take damage equal to (unit's Atk minus foe's Def or Res).)
5* Special Skill: Blazing Wind (Before combat this unit initiates, foes in an area near target take damage equal to 1.5x (unit's Atk minus foe's Def or Res).)

Skill A: Distant Counter (Enables unit to counterattack regardless of distance to attacker.)
Skill B: Vantage 1-3 (Unit counterattacks first when attacked at HP ≤ [25/50/75]%.)
Skill C: --- 


Title: Pretty Prince
Name: Forrest
Orb Affinity: Grey (Staff)
Starting Star Rank: 4 or 5 Star

Character Description: Son of Leo, the Nhorian Prince. Raised in the Deeprealms he grew fond of Fashion and Sewing, and became a healer to help those in need. Appears in Fire Emblem Fates

Appearance: Forrest in his Troubadour Class...do I need to say more?

HP: 30
ATK: 36
SPD: 34
DEF: 29
RES: 31

MOV: 3, Calvary

3* Weapon: Panic (MT 7 || After combat, bonuses on targeted foe become penalties through its next action.)
1* Weapon: Assault (MT 10)

4* Support Skill: Rehabilitate (Restores 7 HP or more the further below 50% the target's HP is. Slows special trigger (cooldown count+1)*)

2* Support Skill: Reconcile (Restores 7 HP each to target and this unit. || comes learned)

1* Support Skill: Heal (Restores 5 HP.)

4* Special Skill: Imbue (When healing an ally with a staff, increases recovered HP by 10.) 
5* Special Skill: Swift-Winds Balm (When healing an ally with a staff, Grants all allies SPD +4 for 1 turn) 

Skill A: --- 
Skill B: --- 
Skill C: Amaterasu 1-3 (Grants allies within 2 spaces +[3/4/5] HP at the start of each turn.)




One of my favorite concepts in Fire Emblem is the ability to change the flow of the Weapon Triangle. [Weapon]breaker and [weapon]reavers namely. but lately the reavers haven't been seen since the GBA Fire Emblems. So I put my favorite mechanic on my favorite character in Awakening, Kellam. All of these unit's stats are based on their growths and caps...mostly. Armors don't get much love outside of Hector so Kellam has his own niche being, well, the first axe armor to take on those pesky Sword Users (Namely Marth and Lucina). His B-Skill is already present on his person from Awakening (since he gets access to priest class trees) and would help him in one-on-one scenarios (as long as he isn't up against a Sapphire Lance user, a Blue unit with Triangle adept, or both).


More based on Gaius!Noire since he is one of the few fathers to pass down counter making her dangerous to approach for close combat (why she has Close Counter). With Luna coming from her mother and Pass coming from her Father. That and next to Morgan, she is often my best child unit in Awakening due to the combination of good stats and skills making her a vicious unit. She was given the Killer Bow since I couldn't think of a good weapon outside of that.


As a Master of Arms, I thought that he should always have the upper hand in combat, even against colorless units, and thus the Fuga's Club was born. to balance a weapon that would guarantee Weapon Triangle advantages I decided to weaken the Bonuses that both him and his foe receive in combat. Since he has access to both counters in Fates, giving him Distant Counter seemed fitting. Since his base class is a samurai I gave him vantage, and since he is a member of the wind tribe, I stereotypically gave him the Wind skills for his Special.


My favorite child character in Fates, and the version I chose is slightly based on Sakura!Forrest due to Amaterasu. which I made because there weren't any skills like it in Heroes...well...ones that would make sense on a healer that is (much like there aren't any [weapon]reavers) The rest of his skills and abilities are basically a combination of popular healers (Lissa's Rehabilitate and Elise's Calvary) while bringing up some seldom seen skills that can potentially effect the meta (Maria's Panic and Clarine/Serra's Swift-Wind Balm). However I think that the recovery on Amaterasu may need to be toned down a little


And out of sheer boredom I decided to think of what would happen if there was a collaboration with my favorite mobile game Puzzle and Dragons, I thought of quotes for two of them, but I may think of some for the other two later on.


Title: Almighty God
Name: Zeus Olympos
Orb Affinity: Red (Sword)
Starting Star Rank: 5 Star

Character Description: The King of Gods from another realm. While he has a distrust of humans, he is willing to work with them if needed. Originated from the mobile game Puzzle and Dragons.

Appearance: Like This...


HP: 33
ATK: 34
SPD: 32
DEF: 26
RES: 33

MOV: 2, Infantry

5* Weapon: Zeus Blade (MT 16 || This unit’s Attack targets the enemy’s RES rather than their DEF.) (Cannot be inherited)
4* Weapon: Silver Sword (MT 11)
3* Weapon: Steel Sword (MT 8)
1* Weapon: Iron Sword (MT 6)

Support Skill: ---

4* Special Skill: Gravity (Before combat this unit initiates, foe takes damage equal to 20% of their current HP || Charge Cost: 5, Comes learned at 5*)
5* Special Skill: Ultra Gravity (Before combat this unit initiates, foe takes damage equal to 50% of their current HP  || Charge Cost: 6)


Skill A: ---
Skill B: Quick Reposite 1-3 (Unit automatically makes a follow-up attack if attacked at HP ≥ [90/80/70]%.)
Skill C: Breath of Life 1-3 (If unit initiates attack, adjacent allies recover [3/5/7] HP after combat.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
* * * * * Quotes * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Level Up, Growth Quotes, & Summon Quotes
1-2 Up: "I guess my age has caught up with me..."
3-4 Up: "Ah Yes, I remember this feeling."
5-6 Up: "BEHOLD! The power of a GOD!"

Learn Skill: "I guess this old dog can learn new tricks..."

Summoned Quote: "Mortal, you stand before Zeus, Father of Gods! Now, bow down before me."

Home Castle Quotes

Normal 1: "What a colorful cast of characters this 'Order of Heroes' is..."
Normal 2: "Seems like this realm is quite young, I wonder how it will grow?"
Normal 3: "My daughter, Athena, and I considered bringing our enhanced armors, but with that alone we would be too powerful for this realm to face."
Normal 4: "Keep an eye out for a Black Metalic Dragon, he is a vicious foe from my realm."
Normal 5: "The Commander seems familiar somehow, can't quite put my finger on it..."

Guest Greetings: "I, Zeus, bring good tidings from your friend, (Friend)! May the both of you prosper in this land!"


"For a Mortal you have garnered quite the interest from me, perhaps we talk about this world since both of us are from different realms? I am amazed that the heroes here can fight freely without the use of orbs. Hm? there are orbs in this world? Sorry, their names may be the same but their function's are different. The orbs in our world are used to enhance our fighting abilities and unleash our powers, the orbs in this world are more like the magic stones of mine. Regardless I see great power within you as a Leader, who knows? maybe you will visit my home one day and unleash that power."

Battle Quotes
Note: Most normal Battle quotes are just grunts. I have taken artistic liberty by replacing the grunts with some lines.

Selection 1: "What is it?"
Selection 2: "Hmm?"
Selection 3: "Lead me."

Battle 1: "Behold!"
Battle 2: "Take this!"
Battle 3: "HA-HA!"

Critical 1: "Feel the Wrath of God!"
Critical 2: "Respect your elders!"
Critical 3: "I bring the thunder AND the lightning!"
Critical 4: "Kneel, Mortal!"

Critical Health: "My power..."
Defeat: "HAAAaaaarrgggh...."

Detailed Character Screen Quotes

Quote 1: "I wonder how my wife, Hera, is doing?"
Quote 2: *Hearty Laughter*
Quote 3: "Who here would enjoy my power...hmm..."
Quote 4: "Who is this 'Naga' person these people speak of?"
Quote 5: "I have yet to see a single TAMADRA here...I guess this realm doesn't know the power of Awakening..."
Quote 6: "If you think I am strong now, wait till you see my dragon form!"
Quote 7: "Do you like my beard or something? or is this just your way of pestering people...because it is working."
Quote 8: "Just to let you know, I'm not even fighting at my full power."

Character Theme: Puzzle and Dragons BGM-03



Title: Guardian of the Sacred City
Name: Athena
Orb Affinity: Blue (Lance)
Starting Star Rank: 5 Star

Character Description: A Goddess of wisdom from another realm. Her cold, calculating gaze hides a brutal fighter. Originated from the mobile game Puzzle and Dragons.

Appearance: Something like this...

HP: 42
ATK: 40
SPD: 37
DEF: 20
RES: 19

MOV: 2, Infantry

5* Weapon: Shining Spear (MT 16 || Enables unit to counterattack regardless of distance to attacker.) (Cannot be inherited)
4* Weapon: Silver Lance (MT 11)
3* Weapon: Steel Lance (MT 8)
1* Weapon: Iron Lance (MT 6)

Support Skill: ---

4* Special Skill: Night Sky (Grants +50% to damage dealt || Charge Cost: 4, Comes learned at 5*)
5* Special Skill: Astra (Grants +150% to damage dealt || Charge Cost: 5)

Skill A: Defiant Speed 1-3 (Grants SPD [+3/+5/+7] at the start of the turn if unit’s HP ≤ 50%)
Skill B: Vantage 1-3 (Unit counterattacks first when attacked at HP ≤ [25%/50%/75%])

Skill C: ---

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
* * * * * Quotes * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Level Up, Growth Quotes, & Summon Quotes
1-2 Up: "..."
3-4 Up: "I will continue to grow stronger as you permit."
5-6 Up: "I have not yet reached my limits."

Learn Skill: "Gaining power without sacrificing another? fascinating..."

Summoned Quote: "My name is Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, if you are in need of my strength let it be yours."

Home Castle Quotes

Normal 1: "Princess Sharena said she wanted to do some 'girl talk' with me...what does she mean by that?"
Normal 2: "You haven't seen a Dark Metalic Dragon around here did you? If you do please be careful, he is a vicious opponent..."
Normal 3: "My Father was thinking of bringing our enhanced armors to this realm. Fortunately I talked him out of it as their power alone could destroy this realm."
Normal 4: "I think I am being mistaken for in this land, as several heroes have asked me 'what happened to your accent', when I never had one in the first place."
Normal 5: "Ever since humans have turned their back on him, my Father grew cold to mortals like you."

Guest Greetings: "Your close ally, (Friend), sends their regards."


"You are a summoner yes? Where my Father and I come from there are summoners there as well. They are no more than lifeless husks for the humans from your realm to inhabit, but they are still one in the same. Summoners in my realm have the ability to change those they defeat into eggs, of which contains the being that was defeated. Of course this ability is outside their control which would frustrate some summoners. ...Now that I am thinking about it...maybe your body is also a lifeless husk inhabited by another being...just some, as you mortals say, food for thought."

Battle Quotes
Note: Most normal Battle quotes are just grunts. I have taken artistic liberty by replacing the grunts with some lines.

Selection 1: "Understood"
Selection 2: "Yes?"
Selection 3: "Hm?"

Battle 1: "Let's Dance!"
Battle 2: "Strike!"
Battle 3: "Haaaa!"

Critical 1: "Storm Punisher!" (said when Night Sky activates)
Critical 2: "Starburst!" (said when Astra activates)
Critical 3: "You have done well to make it here!"
Critical 4: "...Goodbye."

Critical Health: "The end is nigh!"
Defeat: "I've...failed you..."

Detailed Character Screen Quotes

Quote 1: "What a mysterious place this is...and yet...so familiar."
Quote 2: "My Father grew cold towards humans, he did so as humans begun to forget about him..."
Quote 3: "My Father treated me better than my sisters...however I did not like that."
Quote 4: "I may not look like it, but I love to read and write."
Quote 5: "Tell me...what has Earth been up to recently?"
Quote 6: "Zaerog...If he reaches full power...wha? Oh h-hi! D-didn't see you there..."
Quote 7: "These are heroes from this realm right? I wonder how some would react to each other..."
Quote 8: "My friends, Seigfried and Cu Chulainn... I wonder what those two are up to now..."

Character Theme: Puzzle and Dragons BGM-05


Title: Maleficent Dragon
Name: Zaerog∞
Orb Affinity: Green (Manakete)
Starting Star Rank: 5 Star

Character Description: A Dark Dragon from another realm. His flesh is as cold and as hard as steel, while more durable than anything imaginable. Originated from the mobile game Puzzle and Dragons.

Appearance: Dragon form, Normal form is just a smaller version of this


HP: 48
ATK: 35
SPD: 33
DEF: 40
RES: 12

MOV: 1, Armored

5* Weapon: Zero Breath (MT 11 || Inflicts Current HP-33% to foe after any combat this unit initiates)
4* Weapon: Gravity Breath (MT 7 || Inflicts Current HP-15% to foe after any combat this unit initiates)
3* Weapon: Fire Breath+ (MT 8)
1* Weapon: Fire Breath (MT 6)

Support Skill: ---

4* Special Skill: Dragon Gaze (Grants +30% to ATK || Charge Cost: 4, Comes learned at 5*)
5* Special Skill: Dragon Fang (Grants +50% to ATK || Charge Cost: 4)


Skill A: Dragonskin (Neutralizes "Effective Against" Bonuses) (Manakete units only)
Skill B: --- 
Skill C: Savage Blow 1-3 (If unit initiates attack, foes within 2 spaces of target take [3/5/7] damage after combat.)

Character Theme: Puzzle and Dragons Z - Skydragon Battle


Title: Time Dragonbound
Name: Myr
Orb Affinity: Red (Sword)
Starting Star Rank: 5 Star

Character Description: A girl from another realm. With the help of Torvo, the dragon she is bound to, She aims to end a war in her realm. Originated from the mobile game Puzzle and Dragons.

Appearance: Much like manaketes she is possibly years older than what she lets on...


HP: 33
ATK: 34
SPD: 39
DEF: 30
RES: 23

MOV: 2, Infantry

5* Weapon: Hour Hand (MT 16 || Weapon Triangle bonuses are negated in combat from unit and foes) (cannot be inherited)
4* Weapon: Silver Sword (MT 11)
3* Weapon: Steel Sword (MT 8)
1* Weapon: Iron Sword (MT 6)

Support Skill: Rewind (Enables target to take another action. Cannot be used on units with Sing, Dance, or Rewind.) (cannot be inherited)

4* Special Skill: --- 
5* Special Skill: --- 


Skill A: --- 
Skill B: Desperation 1-3 (If unit initiates combat with HP ≤ [25/50/75]%, follow-up attacks occur immediately after unit's attack.)
Skill C: Hone Speed 1-3 (Grants adjacent allies Spd+[2/3/4] through their next actions at the start of each turn.)

Character Theme: Puzzle and Dragons BGM-07

Edited by Rygalla
Renamed Swordreaver and changed Kellam's A Skill

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