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Guys...... I have a confession...

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Well... This may come as a surprise to you... A huge surprise. And you may think, "This is FFtF this topic isn't gonna be serious at all" but this case is different. I think I should do this in a place where all the people I mostly have come to know are active in. And, yeah this place is the most active so it'll be more likely to be read. And I'm active in here all the time, so this place just fits I would think.

I always seem to be that nice person who wouldn't hurt a fly, or at least that's what I would think you guys would've thought of me. It should be.

But I've also got a secret that I think I need to share.

As you can see I'm being a little reluctant. :sweatdrop:

Chin up Freohr... Okay here goes.

For those tl;dr, just look at the end is all you need.

I eat puppies for snack.

Poor sad little puppy.


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I sometime eat giant water snake like that lagiacrus so dont feel bad, Freohr. (no joke ladies, I ate roasted dog once, very delicious)

Cats taste nicer IMO, there is a story behind that but to avoid the whole TL:DR I'll just you that the bloody thing won't be shitting on my bedroom floor any time soon

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That is terribad.

The Harvest Goddess has not forgiven you, and someday you will pay the price!

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Eh, at least you aren't eating cats.

...You aren't eating cats, right?

What do you take us for savages? Anybody who knows how to appreciate fine cuisine will know that the cat's real zest can only be experinced in liquid form

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