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So I went to hang out with some friends yesterday...

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I recently have grown out a beard and I went to hang out with some friends from out of town.

they hadn't seen me in about 3 or 4 weeks so that gave me enough time to grow it out.

So As soon as I walked in the door, the girls started saying, "oh, you have a beard."

then one came out and said "Hey, you have a beard. It's kinda creepy." She followed that up with "you look like you just came out of the forest."

seeing as I was on SF before I left, I found this kind of Humorous.

Then a while later we just sat around talking and on person said "this guy had a creepy beard, Kind like jack's."

That's it. I'm shaving.

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true story bro, a beard is just a bonus.

A warm fuzzy bonus :awesome: and it may make some babes take your clothes off and whatnot. But a bro knows how to handle this.

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though having this beard is twenty times easier than shaving it all.

I hear you.. although mine grows unevenly and its just not cool... so i have to shave... I do it once a week, but don't think its enough... ah well it gets me through the week in school so i'm good.

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for this girl, I will shave.

Prepare to be put through hell by your balls. >:D

They think that's wild and that you looked like you came out of a forest?? Pah, then they haven't seen very many beards. xD

yeah, for real.

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Hey, all the other girls agreed too, so the facial hair is going...

the day before I see her again.

But I am not shaving THAT just yet. -_-

they agreed to shave their pussies, thats how i read that. I've got a feeling im wrong though.

hehehe, you may start crying from the pain. especially when you sit next to girls at school X_X

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