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Rate the Unit, Day 6: Merlinus

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Dat Rules

- Ratings are assumed to be on Hard Mode.

- Votes need some explanation regarding their gameplay performance to be counted. If somebody else said what you want to already, quote them explicitly.

+/- ≤1 point extra regarding personality/appearance is encouraged, but no more. If you exercise your bias privileges, please do so explicitly.

- Numerical votes out of 10, or something proportional to it. Make it easy to calculate for my sake.

- Every ranking phase ends whenever I get out of bed, between 0700 and 0800 EST. Do the math for your timezone, Brits.

- I will insist you do not use the "Not X" reason on any character, where X is another unit. If you do, your vote will be thrown out.

- Ratings for characters should always assume the gameplay route YOU judge them best on. If I see "doesn't exist in sacae" ANYWHERE in your rating for Juno I will be very cross and will probably throw out your vote out of spite.

- I withhold the privilege to tell you your rating is bogus and demand you revise it if it breaks any of the above. I will not throw out votes anonymously, you will be informed and given a chance to revise.


Bors: 1.14

Wolt: 2.16

Roy: 3.54

Alan: 8.52

Lance: 8.59

Marcus: 8.77

why did I put a special day in for this fucker?

not even I know

also bors almost got a 0.xx. wow.

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Pros: Doesn't die for reals, lets you put shit in convoy if not deployed

Cons: Take up a deployment slot and is the biggest pain in the dick to level

He does not require him to be even deployed, and he can certainly get villages when his deployment is free. But since he takes away deployment from a combat/staff/utility unit unlike his FE7 counterpart, he's unlikely to be ever fielded after C5. Stores your shit without being deployed is nice and useful, which is better than a lot of units can say.

2/10 apparently we're not rating him on storing shit undeployed so okay

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No combat. The only thing you need him for is if you need to deposit/withdraw items during the chapter.


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Bonus for being a unit that keeps coming back from the dead so he can always be sacrificed. Especially in 2-5, but after that there's no reason to deploy him, you should always be able to outfit your units before hand, and if 5 inventory slots aren't enough for deployment, have Fa or Lalum or another unit bring the spares.

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Without him, inventory management would be an absolute nightmare.

He can visit out-of-the-way villages and shops, like the Armorslayer one in chapter 2, without disrupting yout strategy.

He can perform his primary purpose without being deployed, effectively giving you an extra deployment slot.

He requires no training and consumes no resources, either money or exp, as he has already reached the peak of his powers. He never gets stat screwed, or misses a high-percentage chance of inflicting a fatal blow.

He is invincible and immortal; he is the only unit in FE history who can die and be deployed on the next chapter. HE CAN TAKE AN EXACCUS CRIT TO THE FACE AND SHRUG IT OFF LIKE IT AIN'T NO THANG. You do not need to be careful with him, like you have to be with mere mortals.

He is the only unit to survive the events of FE7 without either becoming a terrible prepromote, contracting an incurable cough of death, or dying.

His con is so massive he cannot be rescued; for he knows a real man does not hide behind others, but faces the enemy, and charges to glory.

But I think he's a bit of a snob, so he gets a bias point off.


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Item manager.

If there was no merlinus, you would have hell managing your crap. Especially earlygame.

And now he doesn't even have to be fielded to be used !


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Rating him as a unit. Can get killed multiple times. Has essentially no other purpose. I don't know why you would ever deploy him once given a choice.

As pointed out, could be used to bait Rutger. 0.5/10.

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5/10. He's nice for pulling items out in the field, which is a pretty unique utility. He cannot die, so he's the perfect expendable bait. And he can visit villages in lieu of a character who actually needs to do something. But he doesn't fight, he can't really level, and he takes up a deployment slot. That's situationally useful, so I'd say an average score for the unique stuff he can do which has a tradeoff. If he were free-deploy I'd actually call him super useful, because who wouldn't love free fodder every map?

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Merlinus is a pretty cool guy, eh can live through death and doesn't afraid of anything.

As storing items is a gameplay mechanic that works without deploying him, I'm not gonna attribute that to him.

He's nice if you want to access your storage in chapter 21 though. Allows you to buy a ton of boots from the secret shop in a single turn while still being able to access them. This can actually save you a few turns, as upgrades cannot be used during the battle preparations in this game. He gets one point for that.

He's completely useless otherwise. Instead of using him as cannon fodder, I prefer using another unit that can absorb more than one attack (without dying in the first place).


-1 bias because the only way for him to get Exp in this game is stupidly retarded.

---> 0/10

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I forgot armourslayer once in C21 and didn't realise that I did until Murdock time and didn't want to send Miledy all the way across the map to buy one.

And apparently all your mages. And hammers, and decided not to just gang up and destroy him instead of waiting for an Armor Slayer.

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