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Your top 5 favorite video game charcters


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........... yep

5. Roselina (Mario galaxy)

4. Albert Wesker (resident evil)

3. Gerik (fe8)

2. Clair Redfield (resident evil)

1. Hitomi (dead or alive)

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1: Laura

2: Fee

3: Karin

4: Trim

5: tie: Paramedic Alfred Anderson and Foundry Worker Aldridge

EDIT: oh yeah i had a fifth

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1. Lightning Farron - Final Fantasy XIII

2. Serah Farron - Final Fantasy XIII

3. Marcia - Fire Emblem 9/10

4. Shion - Xenosaga

5. Zelda - Legend of Zelda

All my favorite characters are girls :o.

Honorable mentions: Yuri Lowell - Tales of Vesperia, Link- Legend of Zelda

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5.) Neku Sakuraba - The World Ends With You

4.) Link - Legend of Zelda

3.) Morte Asherah - Sands of Destruction

2.) Tear Grants - Tales of the Abyss

1.) Sheena Fujibayashi - Tales of Symphonia

...Damn that was hard.

Guess i'll jump on the bandwagon with HONORABLE MENTIONS:

Kratos Aurion (TOS), Marche Radijiu and Ritz Malheur (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance), Jade Curtiss (TotA), Sho Minamimoto/Pi-face (TWEWY), Mike Jones (Startropics 1 & 2), Monica Raybrandt (Dark Cloud 2), Fia and Cierra (Riviera, the Promised Land)

Top 5 FE characters:

5.) Micaiah

4.) Lilina

3.) Edward

2.) Caeda

1.) Tana

(so i like glass-cannons, sue me)

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Joshua Kiryu (TWEWY)

Mitsuru Kirijo (Persona 3)

ZELOS WILDER <3 (Tales of Symphonia)

CR-S01 from Trauma Team. My namesake.

Silver (the Pokemon Gold/Silver/HeartGold/SoulSilver rival)

Honorable mentions: Grovyle (PMD Explorers of the Sky), Fang (FFXIII), Leon Magnus (Tales of Destiny), Naomi Kimishima (Trauma Team version only), N from Pokemon Black/White, Naoto Shirogane (Persona 4), Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Yuri Lowell (Tales of Vesperia), Brosuke and Brotagonist (Persona 4), Hubert and PASCAL (Tales of Graces f), Tifa Lockhart (FFVII), Ryoji/Nyx Avatar, Green from Pokemon (otherwise known as GARY MOTHERFUCKING OAK), STEVEN STONE and there better be a R/S remake so I can see his hotness in HD glory, Miles Edgeworth

edit: how could i forget naoto and ezio

and yuri

and a bunch of others

Favorite FE character list, and meh, felt obliged to do that down here, but they're not really my all time favorites out of video games:

1. Forde - He's a fucking artist. Fuck yes.

1. Innes - I dunno, I just like him. He's hot.

2. Reyson - He's pretty, and I like his character.

3. Naesala - I like his character.

4. Sirius - That mask. Plus he's kind of hot.

5. Percival - ^Ditto, minus the mask.

6. Elphin - Pretty, and I just like him. And fuck this I'm going over five anyway.

7. Pent - White hair is hot. It's even more hot when you're hot.

8. Klein - He's Pent's son, and he has pretty hair.

9. Limstella - Love the hair. And the outfit.

10. Mia - Stole Anna's title as the RNG goddess in FE10 for me.

11. Selena - She's pretty.

12. Saleh - I just like him.

edit: new favorites list is in the new thread, this is sort of outdated

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Fun fact: I have the weirdest taste of characters... and all is due to either a funny scene or a momentum of understanding; or out of something that the character placed into my brain during my inspiration-deprived moments...

With my opinions, of course...

1) Vivi Oruntia (Final Fantasy IX)

-> Among the FF characters; you were my favorite! Why? You're adorable! You're a deadly glass cannon and have a personality that I can really easily go in-sync with. Plus; I think you're kinda funny, since you're so cute as a button!

2) Thany (Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals)

-> Among all the girls of FE; she held a special place... She's carefree and always happy despite of what's going on. She's Hakuna Matata at it's finest; No worries for the rest of her days; she always look on the brighter side of life despite of the ugly reality it holds.

3) Kieran (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn)

-> My favorite FE male character; with the rest of the Red Christmas Knight brigade a bit behind in my FE males favorites list. Before; I didn't mind much about him... Later on; when I encountered some hilarious fanart featuring him; which sparked the sign of my fanboying. After playing around (despite of not finishing) the game he appears at; and researching about his script, I developed my liking towards him; as his hilarious lines and personality really pushed me towards the SS-rank of fanboying.

4) Shauntal (Pokemon B/W)

-> You're cheery and bubbly as an E4 member; that's what I like in her; and apparently she also uses one of my favorite Pokemons of Gen V; which is Chandelure! For some odd reason; I also picture her to be the funny figure among Unova's E4; being Caitlyn the mysterious girl, Grimsley the fabulous dude and Marshall as the tough guy.

5) Brad Vickers (Resident Evil)

-> Yada... Yada... Yada... Sue me for liking the odd specimen... But way before; I was just ignoring him from my spotlight; being his cowardice irks me until I read his backstory and stuff. Eventually; after re-reading his backstory/biography many times, I gradually began to soften up towards him. The time I really began liking him was during the time I was having classes in Psychology (Minor subject, but whatever); way back during my 1st year in college. Eventually, at some point; at that subject, we had a topic involving Doubt and Fear and suddenly he came bursting into my mind (I was sleep-deprived during that topic; hence I lack inspiration); allowing me to picture the topic easily and stomping that hard essay given later on.

Another mental image? I see him having Self-Help Booklets with him; I guess he was trying to get out of his huge hole; poor thing... Hated by majority of the fandom; and only a few he can approach to...

Lagging a bit behind are Garnet (FFIX), Terra (FFVI), Claire Redfield (Resident Evil), Steve Burnside (Resident Evil, screw the annoyance; he's FUNNY!), a 6-way tie between Alva, Cain, Kent, Noish, Alan and Forde (Fire Emblem), Sherry Birkin (Resident Evil; Poor thing... Lost her parents early...), N, Sabrina and Volkner (Pokemon), Randi and Popoi (Secret of Mana), Zero, Alia and X (Megaman Zero/X series), Marion and Tavia (Gunbird series) and Shara and Montblanc (Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced).

If you're asking for my top 5 favorite FE characters list.... Well....

1) Thany

2) Kieran

3) Alan

4) L'Arachel

5) Forde

EDITED for adding my top 5 favorite FE characters list; and a bunch of updates to the Lagging a bit behind; but is an HONORABLE MENTIONS LIST!

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1. Raffin - he's the 'Jeigan' that can promote to a Dragon Knight early, can lances indoors

2. Lionel - Best foot unit in the game, uses Lances at start, may gain 1 movement when he levels up.

3. Holmes - The 2nd Lord in this game, he can use Bows until promotion, and has a personality of Shinon.

4. Rennie - an innocent archer girl. :< I always use her in my playthroughs, she's just that awesome.

5. Tia - My most favorite character of all, (yes, I'm aware she's no.5) she would've been no. 1 if she had joined eariler. :<

Yes, all of them are from TearRing Saga, problem?

Honorable mentions~ Lighting, Serah, Garnet, Shadow (FF6), Setzer, Celes, Locke, Yuffie, Tifa Lockhart, Vincent Valentine, Kain Highwind, Rebecca Chambers (RE0), Nick (L4D2), Leaf (FR/LG), Hilda (B/W), Morty (HG/SS)

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1. Vergil Sparda (Devil May Cry 3 specifically)

2. Guy Cecil (Tales of the Abyss)

3. Ike

4. Zero (Mega Man X)

5. Judith (Tales of Vesperia)

If this was a top ten, then this list would have been much less harder to decide. Honorable mentions to: Ryu Hayabusa, Yuri Lowell, Rutger, Sue (FE6), and Asbel Llant.

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Only 5? Ah well... Chances are most people here won't know who the heck I'm talking about, but oh well.

In no particular order:

Fiona Mayfield (Arcana Heart)

Cecilia Armaclite (Hexyz Force)

Princess Mint (Threads of Fate)

Pamela (Various Dept. Heaven games)

Petra Johanna Lagerkvist (Arcana Heart)

All my favorite characters are girls :o.

OMG. So are mine.

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-Albert Wesker (Resident Evil)

-Chris Redfield (Resident Evil)

-Rebecca Chambers (Resident Evil)

-Zeek (TRS)

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5. N (Pokemon Black/White)

4. Ethan (Heavy Rain)

3. Alicia (Valkyria Chronicles)

2. Snake (Metal Gear Solid series)

1. Nathan Drake (Uncharted Series)

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Only 5? Ah well... Chances are most people here won't know who the heck I'm talking about, but oh well.

In no particular order:

Fiona Mayfield (Arcana Heart)

Cecilia Armaclite (Hexyz Force)

Princess Mint (Threads of Fate)

Pamela (Various Dept. Heaven games)

Petra Johanna Lagerkvist (Arcana Heart)

OMG. So are mine.

I see Pamela


5. Bow (Paper Mario)

4. Ganondorf (Legend of Zelda)

3. Magus (Chrono Trigger)

2. Sheik (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

1. Lloyd Reed (Fire Emblem)

For FE,

5. Ishtar

4. Selena

3. Rinehart

2. Tibarn

1. Lloyd

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TC, do you work at a survey company or something? Anyway. . .I'm omitting FE characters, because my sig is dedicated to them.

5. Cruz (Yggdra Union) - will try anything once, including not being bummed because all his friends are dead.

4. DJ Sakura (IIDX) - not even death can stop her on her quest to be the best (so suck it Ash).

3. Weiss (NieR) - he IS the peanut gallery (screw spoilers).

2. Archem (Legend of Heroes) - so she sucked in combat. . .unlike a certain other female, I liked her personality.

1. Tenebrae (Tales of Symphonia II: Dawn of the New World) - you are awesome when you are the one redeeming factor of an otherwise facepalm-worthy game.

Honorable metions: Jade Curtiss (Tales of the Abyss), Marche (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance), Balthier (Final Fantasy XII), Crowe (Star Ocean IV), Kuja (Final Fantasy IX), and Falco (random Star Fox games).

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1. Link (The Legend of Zelda, most specifically OoT/MM and TWW)

2. Luigi (Mario)

3. Silver (Pokemon)

4. Miles Edgeworth (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)

5. Knuckles (Sonic the Hedgehog)

This was in no particular order.

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1. Miles "Tails" Prower (Sonic)

2. Yoshi (Mario)

3. Leafeon (Pokemon)

4. Daisy (Mario)

5. Bayonetta (Bayonetta [lul])

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5. Asch (Tales of the Abyss)

4. Colette (Tales of Symphonia)

3. Wylfred (Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume)

2. Stocke (Radiant Historia)

1. Kratos (Tales of Symphonia)

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1. Sigurdh (Final Fantasy Tactics)- I like his character.

2. Abel (Final Fantasy Tactics)- I like his character.

3. Tristan (Final Fantasy Tactics)- I also like his character.

4. Reinholdt (Final Fantasy Tactics)- I indeed like his character.

5. Percival (Final Fantasy Tactics)- I like his character.

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4-King DDD


Also, for FE.....




4-Hawkeye(Badass that never dies)


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Yeah sure why not.


Crono ( Chrono Trigger) [seeing him die and then come back is awesome. And he is really useful]

Cloud Strife ( Final Fantasy VII) [HE ISN'T EMO! HE IS JUST STOIC]

Ike (Path of Radiance) [Obvious reason]

Lyude (Baten Kaitos) [Killing people with musical instuments? Badass]

Cirno (Touhou Project) [sHE IS THE STRONGEST fairy IN GENSOKYO!⑨]

Honorable mentions who i will honorably mention with honor:

Kratos Aurion (Tales Of Symphonia) [f i haven't played Chrono Trigger, Kratos would take Crono's place], Marisa Kirisame (Touhou Project) [sorry, only one memetically awesome person per list], Luigi (Guess), Captain Falcon (F-Zero) [refer to why Marisa isn't here), Samus Aran (Metriod)

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In no order


Richter Belmont

Solid Snake


Julius Belmont

If I could add a sixth I would put Ganondorf

For FE characters. Still no order






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