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Pokemon: The Origin, Featuring Red and Green As The Main Cast


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『ポケットモンスター THE ORIGIN』 (Pokémon: The Origin)

Based on the first Pokémon games, the main characters are rivals [HIGHLIGHT]Red[/HIGHLIGHT] and Green (Blue in the West). Will start October 2nd in Japan (TV Tokyo).






You know son, when us hoping for a new anime that don't feature Ash as the main character? How people keep saying that it won't happened to avoid confusion? It's happening. New Pokemon anime that take on the original Generation I with Red and Green as the main cast is happening.

Sorry if posted in the wrong thread, still a big news,

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I doubt it's gonna be just one episode.


This video of the teaser shows Lance in his Indigo Plateau room, so most likely this is gonna be your typical 13~ or 26~ episodes long short series. And covering all of Kanto at least.

EDIT: Found the official video for better quality.

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I want this to be an actual series, Ash is just annoying now.

Yeah, I'm sure this OVA or whatever it is, it will be better than all of Ash's adventure..

It would be cool if they make one of these for every generation

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Yeep, one episode special. Just take it as fanservice for old guys like me. I'm still happy regardless because now I can watch a proper animated Pokemon that doesn't have Ash in it.

Here's some character picture



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At the beginning, there was Pokemon Red and Green/Blue on the Game Boy.

Then the anime was made, with Ash

So, we had Pokemon Yellow, inspired directly by the anime.

And now, the game is adapted in anime.

... I feel like everything has come to full circle now...

And we have still Pokemon Chronicles, anyway, for the Johto part.

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