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Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

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Can't Rutoga have 100% crit with proper supports and a Killing Edge?

Also, the 100% crit crew of FE9 is any Swordmaster/Sniper/Berserker (I think, I never actually use them) with Gamble and a Killer weapon equipped. The best users are probably Rolf or Mia, if you ask me. Also, the Japanese version of FE9 had a glitch where you could get slim swords or something like that with 255% crit.

So yeah.

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What's an emblem bow? Is that a hack cause if so I must try it

I think it was an unused thing, because I remember the name from somewhere but not the game itself.

The emblem weapons (and wind sword, for that matter) are only obtainable through the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! bonus disc and through Nightmare, and I used the latter to supply my units with them.

Also Chapter 22 was actually pretty tough. The enemies with the reaver weapons, the magic users, and the ballista users were a handful.

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That would be cool. It's random, definately.

You know this thread seems as if it's more ZM's than John's now...

Alright, doing it.

I didn't mean to steal N7's thunder. ^^;

Don't worry, I was streaming FE12 Blind Maniac earlier anyway, so I didn't have time to reply~

And i'd like to try the 100 crits run too :P

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