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Favorite "Low Tier" Units


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- Gonzalez (FE6): Touching story, and nice offensive parameters. It's fun to use him after promotion if one's not playing efficiently. It's a pity that his base speed and accuracy blow, and his promotion item is so highly contested.

I'd have also mentioned the part where FE6 axes are even worse than SSB64 Link's recovery.

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Let's see...

FE 6/7: Wolt. I dunno, the hair, the bow, I was determined to use him. I did so. I'm gonna do it again and show his stats in an update.

Guy. I don't know, I always hear about how Guy isn't that great. Once again, I love this guy. Loved his recruitment conversation too.

Sacred Stones: The trainees always ended up well for me. Ross especially, who was also easy to train. Amelia was the toughest IMO, but all my trainees were BFFs and I could literally send in all three in the end to wreck. They made me proud.

Radiant Dawn: Tormod. Pelleas. I had a thing for mages, and these two were my absolute favorite in Radiant Dawn. Tormod was funny, and I preferred him as a Fire Mage. Pelleas is my favorite Dark Magic User in the entire series. I always bring them to my end game, where they do more work than any other magic user in any other playthrough. (Except maybe Soren)

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Edward - Okay, he's decent, but is generally overshadowed by BROLAN

Marisa - Iunno, just like using her

Ewan - I like the super pupil class

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