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Danganronpa V3 Mafia - Day 3


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I never did figure out what my ultimate talent was...

Well, I had fun. Decent playerlist, had good reads, and well I like winning. Feels bad for mafia because from my understanding, most of them were busy.

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Town just sorta confirmed themselves with unfortunate circumstances for scum. I don't think Fenrir would've been as easily lynched if he responded but we all just piled onto your case on him, and when it came to Claire she got sandwiched between an awkward interaction early on that made her prime suspect. Town played well but I wouldn't say amazing from anyone in particular just sort of above the grade as a whole

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ggs every1, i think this is sf's first perfect i guess? looks like the smogon -> sf crossover worked better than the sf -> smogon ones :p

yea unfortunate mafia seemed to be busy but some of you slipped under my nose d1 so good job

shoutouts to my d1 townbloc

and @Duskfall98 and @hal for joining me on this off site escapade... SMOGOn... now we have to rock our invitational

might stop by for future games, this was fun 

@Refahopefully now i am a real person xd

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38 minutes ago, Prims said:

no I'm not actually mad I'm joking because I got screwed that game lmao

What's worse, being mafia in a perfect game or being host in a perfect game?

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