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  1. 11 minutes ago, TheSilentChloey said:

    The Grima having a few different summoners is a headcanon of mine, since Grimmy seems like the unit who would have had a few before his current (and waaaay to kind to him for her own good in his opinion) summoner.  Basically it boils down to mostly headcanons and a lot of conjecture.

    Ah, gotcha

    3 minutes ago, Anacybele said:

    Fair, I guess. Except on the laguz thing, I did look up things about the chapter like you said and there was no mention of cat and bird laguz being enemies in that battle, and I recall having seen enemy dragons.


    Just watch that for half a second and you can see there are cat and tiger Laguz, along with the enemy dragons. Or just look at the enemy data on the good Wiki 


    It says 2 cats and 2 Tigers, which I think might just be normal mode. There aren't any birds to my knowledge though, so you're right on that front.

  2. Man, I was really feeling this prompt, but then finals hit and once they ended, basically the day before the deadline, I got hit with writers block. Oh well, that's life for you. Anyways, onto the critiques



    Before I go into the full on critique, in your notes you say how you copied parts from the game itself, and the way that you phrased it gives me the idea that you think it worsens the piece somewhat. I disagree, since taking dialogue from the game is one of the best ways to ensure that you get a character exactly right. I take random lines from the source I'm writing about all the time. Now, I am going to say that a 1 to 1 copying is a little lazy, at least do a little editing to make it flow a little better in a differing format, but it's perfectly fine to do so.

    Anyways, I feel that the setting up of this piece was a little clumsy. When you're trying to paint a picture of a bloody brawl, but it just feels a little too wordy, or a tad unclear at points. For instance, "They all wielded swords, axes, lances, bows, and magical tomes". Now I know what you're saying, it's just what they have equipped, however, due to the word "all", it gives the impression that every soldier has all of those weapons. Another little thing that seemed off was that you said there were only Dragon feral ones "They were tall dragons standing upon two legs, their minds unfortunately warped beyond repair and forced to fight against their will." when in fact there are also cat and tiger feral ones under Ashnards command in the final battle. The only reason I point this out is because you're using the exact dialogue of the game, which would mean you would have to look up Bryce and this chapter, so it's just a small bit of fact checking. 

    I'm not partial to the direction you took Bryce. Dead wife, sure. Newly dead child, why not, Ashnard really didn't need this to seem like a dick but it seems perfectly in character, but I really don't see him turning to alcohol/having some kind of affair thing. Maybe it's just since he's a part of the Camus archetype, so I'm comparing him to those other gents in the same archetype, but he just seems like he'd have too much honor and all that junk to turn to alcohol. If he had simply remarried, then that would be fine in my opinion, but since it's all contextualized around the booze, it doesn't sit well with me.

    Also, tiny little mistake here, "Tauroneo had finished cutting down a Crimean swordsman" should really be "Tauroneo had finished cutting down a Daeinian (or however that's spelled) swordsman", since he is on the Crimean's side.

    I was a bit of a nitpicky git in this critique, but I did really enjoy your piece.



    Ah, another Fell Dragon Grima piece. Well, at least you're consistent. Anyways, this piece was alright. I'm no particular expert on Grima or Robin, so I'll just say Grima seems a little bit more chummy then I think he'd be, and leave it at that. One thing I did really like was the character's confusion over all the game mechanics, that strikes me as something that basically every unit wouldn't really get, while the Summoner would act like it's natural. I only wish that IV's were mentioned, just because I think that'd conversation would be funnier than the combat manual one.

    It might be my lack of knowledge on Feh lore, I really just play the game for fun, not for the plot, but I was under the impression that each version of the unit was technically separate, so I'm not sure where all of this "not the worst summoner I've had" talk is coming from if she's the only summoner he's had. Might just be me not knowing the proper plot details, but it still seemed odd to me.



    Alright, so first major thing, Link talking. Whether or not Link should talk is something I personally have never decided on. There are points where I think it helps or hurts his character. Obviously, when writing him it's easier to have him talk, but I think if you keep his silent, stoic nature and just really describe his facial expressions, it'd be a much better piece. With the exception of one or two lines, the King was very well done, although I wish you had included his encounter at the shack. Basically, if you had written more with less by having Link not talk (not saying Link was glaringly bad or anything, he was quite good, but I think he'd be better voiceless), and then just added one scene with the log cabin this piece would be a veritable 9/10



    I don't really have much to say here. It's a well written piece, as yours always are. My biggest issue is that it doesn't really follow the prompt. It kinda does, since it portrays Sothe and Miccy's relationship in a more romantic light, but it isn't really such a drastic shift to where I'd say it follows the spirit of the prompt. That's basically it.



    Alright, you got me with the name Cynthia. I totally thought this would be another Awakening fic. Anyways, what the absolute fuck is this piece? I mean that in a good way, as a Christian myself, and one with close ties to pastoral figures, I find this to be absolutely hilarious, mainly since I swear I've heard conversations akin to these plenty of times at my church. But like, what even is the setting? It's the future, with a big federation, but also it's like the 16th century? It's like a big mixing pot for weird ass Christian based ideas, and somehow it kinda works. There are some grammatical and spelling errors, "You're grandmother would be ashamed to see you like this." is my favorite. That's basically it.

    @Interdimensional Observer

    Sorry mate, I would read yours but since it's got spoilers, and I've just picked up XCX, I'm going to have to abstain for now. Also, I am stealing the phrase "Fudge flakes and chocolate crunchies!", since that is just too good.

    @Azure in a Roundabout


    I think this piece should've been a little more focused, since it has two separate characters in what counts for two different situations. It's harder to feel attached to the boss who is essentially the new perspective, when we keep cutting away to Tharja and her misadventures. If we just focused on C-whatever his name was, it would be much more effective. Instead, I didn't really get much of a character out of him other than "I am the general, man, why aren't my troops better?" and that kinda junk. Maybe a little bit more of his backstory, or really anything else to help spice him up. Tharja is Tharja, I've never liked her beyond her design, and I never will find any reason to care about her beyond that. Worse than Camilla, since at least Camilla was a fun unit to use. But enough yelling about how I really don't like Tharja, back to your piece.

    There was some inconsistent formatting within your piece. Your first establishing locational phrase is like "In the barracks...", then it goes "Plegia Castle Courtyard, noontime.", and then it jumps to "Inside the courtyard...". Consistency is all I can say to that, also if you establish a timeframe in one of them, just put a time phrase in all of them. Just giving it a random time like "10:30", to "12:00", and then "15:00 (or however much later you want to be), for that consistency. One great moment is just that, a moment. Your piece has a few great moments, where everything clicks, but you need to do a better job bridging them with some more consistent quality dialogue, and proper scene building.



    Shit man, this piece was dark. I'll be perfectly honest, I don't really know how to critique it. I kinda feel like I shouldn't, mainly since the extremely heavy tone. So I'll just say you did a good job conveying the emotions that come with this, and I commend you for going about it in a very sincere manner.

    Not sure who I should vote for this round, there are a couple good choices.

  3. 46 minutes ago, Azure in a Roundabout said:

    How would people even do that, though? I mean, I am not used to something like this (marriage without romance, at least not with Fire Emblem). It’s interesting.

    It's more common than you think. Also, don't think of it as marriage without romance. Marriage doesn't inherently mean there's sex involved. Think of an average old couple, they're married, so it's basically just an advanced relationship. Granted, those old people might've done some hanky-panky beforehand, but the idea can be applied to relationships at an earlier age. Love can be expressed in many different ways, and if it's just two people getting married for some reason outside of sex, like tax benefits, then so be it. Also I'm positive there are marriages without romance somewhere in FE. It's not in any modern FE, but in the older FEs, like Radiant Dawn with Ike's paired endings with Soren/Ranulf, or some of the paired GBA endings where it's only stated that the pair aids each other where necessary. But I do agree that it's very interesting, mainly since it's a relationship type not normally expressed in media, so seeing more interpretations of it will always be fascinating. 

  4. 11 hours ago, Perkilator said:

    A fantastic finale, with neither side helping you against the other.

    Except don't they actively screw over each other while trying to attack you? You can actively use the attacks of one on another. I distinctly remember this, since I used a stunned Dharkon's eye to block the homing orbs of Gallem's triple attack, and if you knocked one of them out, the other would do a super attack, taking away like a third of the other's health bar. There are plenty of other examples, since they work in such a way that they hurt and help each other basically every part of the fight they aren't being stationary.

    Also, I really don't think Dracula should be that high. Bar high level intensity classic mode runs where he is the boss, he's piss easy most of the time. You can tear through his first form with ease with any character that has good aireals (see Ike for the character I went with most often), and his second form is a slightly harder Ganon fight.

    I was also personally disappointed with some of the changes to Master/Crazy Hand. Maybe I'm remembering wrong, but I always remembered them being an actual challenge with a ton of threatening moves. These have maybe three moves between the both of them I find remotely threatening, and the rest can be quite easily dodged. 

  5. 1 minute ago, DraceEmpressa said:


    no, its not abot the amount of damage dealt. It's about the color of the damage number text .  Weapon effective turns the damage text green, even if the damage is small or even 0 , it ill still be green. Felicia's weapon is supposed to be beast effective so why does it deal effective damage to the lance enemy?

    It doesn't. The only green text at that point of the video is the enemy's weapon. Felicia's still uses the normal yellow font color.


    ahem Anyways, the other units seem neat. I'd also like Genny since I really like her design and character. Lukas is always fun, although he looks kinda garbage (skills wise, art work looks great as always) so probably not. I would go for Flora if she didn't have that AR skill. Leo as the free unit is neat, hopefully he's actually good this time, I have been looking for a good Green cav, so maybe he'll fill that hole.


  7. I've seen a few hacks where this idea was used. Namely Fire RMNblem, (https://rpgmaker.net/games/9862/), and the PC Gaiden remake. It works somewhat well, but both of them are kinda easy to cheese in other ways, so maybe they aren't the best, but I recommend you play them so you can see it in action.


    (here are the files directly if you don't want to go to that page https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1ta5P1sPATZWlpaejZ1MGJnZE0/view)

  8. On 3/26/2019 at 11:04 PM, Martin said:

    I still dont know what the hell IS was thinking with not allowing a Cordelia x Chrom conversation.

    I think this is actually a really good example for characterization, at least to a certain extent. Cordelia idolizes Chrom, worships him, but that also means she places him on an incredibly high pedestal. She's got the mindset of "He's so amazing, why would he ever talk to a nobody like me", so just avoids him, watching and loving him from afar. She's so intimidated by her own hyping up of Chrom that she just doesn't try. It's sad in a way. Although they totally should've had a support line in Warriors, that was a payoff to five-ish years of one-sided emotional tension waiting to happen.

  9. Disney Infinity: This was just a bad game, plain and simple. I really love Disney, so I had hoped for the best, but I got it and it wasn't much more than a mediocre world builder with some incredibly bland campaigns. The figures weren't even that cool, which at least Skylanders had going for it.

    Dark Souls: Alright, so I've basically been hearing amazing things about this series from the moment it came out, but I avoided getting it until the Switch remaster. Upon getting said remaster, delayed mind you, I put it into the console, played it for about 3 hours, and haven't touched it since, except for a one hour retry about a week ago.

    Hyrule Warriors: After playing FE Warriors, this was just a mess. There were a grand total of 4 playstyles I liked, the maps were mostly dull and boring (Twilight's was good). The plot was boring, the controls unresponsive at points, and overall not a fun experience.

    Super Mario Maker: Mario Maker was really fun, the issue is that a lot of the user generated content isn't particularly good. It's like Nintendo Labo, a good idea that just doesn't have the refined single-player content needed to properly sustain it over time. Played it for about a month before I got bored, still really fun and I can't wait for the sequel. 

    The World Ends With You Final Remix: Oh my god I don't understand how this can be so bad. Not the plot, that's amazing, as is the artwork and music. Basically they nailed the presentation. But the gameplay is so god-awful that I just can't stomach it. It's the same issue a lot of people here have with Echoes (I really enjoyed Echoes and still do to this day, but that's just my opinion). It did make me really want to play the original, which I'll get around to doing one of these days.

    Animal Crossing New Leaf: I might've just came into this game with the wrong mindset, since I expected a bit more stimuli. Paying off loans just wasn't very fun.

    Kirby Planet Robobot: Another case of a fun game that was over too fast. I beat it in one day, one day of a lot of fun, but it was still just one day. And it didn't really seem replayable like the other Kirby games, there were like 3 levels I remember, the final really hard one, the boss fight, and the one with driving Waddle Dees since it was adorable.

    Fire Emblem 6: Everyone else here is harping on the other FE games, but no one mentions what I feel is the most disappointing one, FE6. After FE5, it's a downgrade in literally every way. The plot, characters, graphics (mostly), music, gameplay, EVERYTHING. Most of the characters just aren't as relateable as those in basically any other FE game, bar FE1 & 2 since NES, but even then I'd say FE1 and 2 are better games than FE6. They look better (although admittedly this is just bias since I love the NES sprites, they look so cool), they're more innovative, and they're generally more fun.

    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep: Aside from KH:Com, which I only consider a KH game in plot, this is the worst KH game out there. It's the introduction of the Command Deck, a system which is inferior in all ways to the KH1/2 style of doing things that I don't get why they switched from. Gameplay is a broken mess, which gets incredibly bland. I get what they were trying to do with the melding system, but all it really does is make me look up a guide online, and cross-reference it every 30 minutes when I go to do some more melding. It was more tedious than fun. And you could break the combat incredibly easy. By the fourth world of the game I had Thunder Surge, and by the fifth Mine Square, and by that point I didn't need to meld anything else except to get skills. I had most of the skills I needed by the third world, but there were like two that I wanted that took forever to get. But the main issue with the combat is the lack of impact of the keyblade. They feel like they do barely any damage, despite having these distinct swiping arcs. KH1 had a similar style, but in that game the keyblade did meaningful damage. KH2 has it perfect, and is a master-class in action RPG design. Here, I was at a point I felt was overleveled, go to the next world and my keyblade is doing next to no damage. Either enemy health is way too high, or keyblade damage is too low. And the zoomed in camera, just why? They had it right with KH2, zoom it back so we get a better view of the action. Too many times I got caught off guard by something I couldn't see, which would lead to a lot of damage. The one time I played BBS, I played it on Critical. And it is one of the most poorly optimized things I've ever seen. Some worlds are piss easy, while others are legit impossible without grinding. Sleeping Beauty had me raging for over an hour at the boss, to whom I finally beat and proceeded to forget to save, resulting in another hour of frustration, while the next world, either Cinderella or Snow White, were so easy I only died once between the both of them, and then the difficulty spikes. The curve is all over the place and not fun in the slightest. Again, KH2 had it right, at least on Critical mode. The game has a steady increase in difficulty, all the way up till past the end of the game and into the post game. Bosses have defined patterns with telegraphed moves, proper staggers, and revenge values. The combat is so awful, they had to remove all of those to make the bosses even challenging. Look at Xehanort in Terra's story. He's designed like a KH2 boss, which is to say, decently well by most standards, yet the combat of this game is so poorly designed, and is such an atrocity, that he's piss easy. A well designed boss is incredibly easy since the combat is so skill focused that anything that staggers is exploited. The story, well it's a KH game. I liked the more personal narratives, if only they had a better performance backing them. Don't get me wrong, there are some amazing performances in this game. Mark Hamill is a god as usual, Jesse McCartney continues to be pretty darn good, but dear lord they screwed Jason Dohring and Wilma (I forget her last name) hard. When they were allowed to emote, they were pretty good, and Wima was amazing, but most of the time they spoke in a dull monotone. It made their campaigns even more of a chore. I could keep going on, but compared to the rest of the KH series, which is amazing and my second favorite series of all time, this is an utter disappointment 

    ARMS: Worst for last. Arms is so boring, so bland, so forgettable that I only remember it by the unrivaled sense of buyers remorse I have with it. The real issue is the complete lack of good single player content, something that was never fixed. You have grand prix, which is boring after three times through and offers next to no story, and then you can either do more bot matches or go online. There is nothing here to flesh out the characters. And if there's one thing I'll give Arms, it has amazing character design, but they do sweet f-all with them. Next to no expansion on them. Gameplay is alright, but aside from the unique features of the characters, some of which actively make them worse, there's nothing else to analyze under the hood. For kicks and giggles, I watched the final of Nintendo's Arms tourney, and the strategies used there were the exact same ones me and my friends used in some of our first games in Arms, since it's just jump around and angle your punches a bit. Now that Smash is out, it's basically worthless. I could write more, but complaining about BBS took a lot longer than I realized, so I'll leave it at this

  10. Venitus got into the familiar belly of a simulation machine, this one was well used and smelled like junk food. The last guy who used it must've taken a hefty snack in when he was messing around with the machine. Thankfully all the controls weren't sticky or crumb covered, so for practice purposes the machine would work just fine. He put in the data for his mech, The Alondite. On the surface he made it look generic, a dark navy blue with a gold trim and mainly using a shotgun. However, the one thing that set him apart was the grenade launcher. It made for quite the explosive finish. 

    Loading into the scenario, Venitus was a little surprised by the colony that they were going to be fighting in. He had assumed they would do something a little more exciting, but the setting really wasn't important in the grand scheme of things. What was more important was the amount of ass Venitus was about to kick. Taking a look at some of his compatriot's mechs, he saw some usual suspects. A red Valkyrie, a dull orange mech, what looked to be a literal white knight, and then a glaring bright pink mech. Someone likes the spotlight. Well, let them have it. Better someone else who won't bungle any public PR like I probably would.

    It was at that point that a distinctly French voice started yammering in the comms. The accent was so strong that Venitus could barely understand half the words coming out from the lass in the pink mech. She seemed to be enjoying herself at the very least. Time to put on his game face. "This is the Black Knight reporting in from The Alondite, I am launching in 3, 2, 1."

    If there was one thing Venitus had to say was the best part of Frame Ops, it was launching into battle. The thrill of seeing the world zoom around you was something you couldn't get anywhere else. Landing down he began to survey the land, getting ready to shoot the first thing he saw.

  11. 1 hour ago, Glennstavos said:

    He's Sora's nobody, sure, but never has the nobody been depicted as all that similar of a person. Watch the two fight together in KH3 and you can see how distinct their fighting styles are.

    Eh, they're kinda similar. At least at base. As we see in the tutorial of KH2, Roxas is very similar to KH1 Sora in his fighting style, meanwhile in KH3 it's more akin to Final Form. It should also be noted that he is wielding two keyblades (which I don't even want to think about how Roxas could still be wielding two keyblades since Ventus isn't still in Sora's heart but that's neither here nor there), so they seem much more different there than they otherwise would. I think Roxas is a little more magic based, if his KH2 boss fight is anything to go off of, so he'd probably have some light come out of his attacks, similar to Roy in comparison to Marth, just with light.

  12. 4 minutes ago, Anacybele said:

    Wow, the entry count for this is so disappointing (we've had a lot more entries before). I must've given a bad prompt idea. I'm sorry. But I had said I was willing to change it if people wanted. So...

    Hey, five entries isn't bad. we've had as low as three before. It wasn't a bad prompt, I certainly had some ideas, I just didn't have the time to write anything. It is down from last time, where we technically had nine entries (although two didn't count so it's more like seven), but don't get down on yourself. Five is a great number, and from what I've read so far, they're great stories. Quality over quantity.

  13. 10 minutes ago, X-Naut said:

    Did they ever come up with a proper explanation for why only females can ride them though?


    Here's a GameFaqs thing where three people argue over whether only females can ride Pegasi, bringing up a lot of points that boil down into this:

    Depends on the game, since in Fates we have a playable male pegasus rider, and in a lot of games the enemy riders look male and can be datamined to show that they are actually so, I think Mystery of the Emblem is one of those games. In the GBA games, it was because Pegasi simply didn't like males, or most men weren't gentle enough for them. I think it's in one of Florina's supports. That's generally the reason used. Karin says so in FE5.

  14. 2 hours ago, Jedi said:

    Some Sora supporters for instance were thinking Roxas might come along with him for instance. If that were to happen that is.

    I support this happening wholeheartedly. Roxas for smash, my dream might finally happen.

    Anyways, I hope Nintendo does a deal or something for those fighter-passes, since I do not have 75 dollars to spare on Smash characters. I might just have to do what I did in Sm4sh, which is pick my 3 favorites, although I might to 5 since there are that many this time.

  15. 3 minutes ago, Flere210 said:

    I am amazed at how i am in the otaku comunity since 10+ years and i still find out about new dere types lol. What exactly is a mayadere?


    Or to quote that if you don't want to go there "A mayadere refers to a character who is often a dangerous antagonist of a series, but switches sides after falling in love with another character."

  16. 50 minutes ago, Lewyn said:

    This data actually makes the gender balance look worse. Grail units are free units. Meanwhile special heroes, the seasonals, are usually hot stuff with new skills and move types and are the premium money grabbers of any gacha game. The summoning pool, units that have been on new hero banners, are the other thing people spend orbs on.

    A domination of male units tossed to us for free who draw in no money and many of which are forgettable.

    I disagree wholeheartedly. A lot of the free units are often really popular fan favorite characters. IS has given away Camilla (which while it would've made them bank would've also drawn the ire of the fanbase moreso than it already did), Cecilia (which with her design would've been a shoe in for the whaling unit of that seasonal), Azura (also very popular), Aversa (who would've made them bank since she's a rare weapon and movement type combo), Dorcas (memes), Finn (one of if not the most popular Genealogy/Thracia character), Lyon (one of the most beloved antagonists in all of FE), Oliver (memes), Joshua (one of Sacred Stones's most popular characters), Arvis (the most beloved antagonist in all of FE), The Black Knight (well, there was Zelgius so this kinda doesn't count), Berkut (probably the best received new character in Echoes), Camus (literally has an archetype named after him), and F!Robin (Robin always sells well). 

    Those are only the ones that stand out to me when I quickly look through the Heroic Grails tab, there are others. Garon was a new combination of movements, or at least one of the first, Naesala is the only blue flying laguz right now, ect ect. To say these units would draw in no money and are forgettable is absurd. Many could be the stars of their own banners. I admit, many of them aren't as popular as some other contemporaries, but to say that IS is just throwing us scraps for free is absurd. This lets popular units who could very well just be put on a banner instead be given out for free, which could deinsentivise some folks from summoning from a banner. They're literally about to give away Loki, who by all accounts should be the banner character of the Spring festival banner, instead of Bruno's abs.

  17. 31 minutes ago, Rezzy said:

    We're also going to risk just running out of girls to add without really scraping the bottom of the barrel if they keep adding more girls than guys with each banner. 

    Does that mean IS is going to go the F/GO route and

    13 minutes ago, alatartheblue42 said:

     genderbend the shit out of everyone in existence?


  18. Certainly an interesting bit of statistics. I think the overall total of playable units is alright, they're within 5 percent of each other, which seems fairly fine to me. The seasonal units is pretty egregious, although it might've been slightly boosted due to the inclusion of TT units. The 5* exclusives is basically the same as the seasonal units, just without the possibility that the TT units might've slightly skewed the percents.

  19. 1 hour ago, This boi uses Nino said:

    Bartre is even worse off, because he can get doubled in his joining chapter. Dorcas is slow but he will not get doubled by anything that doesn't put him at a disadvantage. But those Cog of Destiny valkyries you mention aren't like a problem for and only for Dorcas. Everyone struggles with them so what is your point even?

    Dorcas's issue isn't enemies doubling him, which for a chunk of the earlygame, they don't, but Dorcas will never double anyone or anything reliably. This is FE7, where if you can't ORKO foes in the mid-game, you're generally a bad unit. Dorcas's inability to double consistently keeps him away from this goal. He might do decent damage with one hit, but it's only one hit. Even at 20/20, he only averages 13 speed. At 20/10, he only averages 11 speed. You know who has 11 speed at base? Freaking Nino. Speed-wise, a trained Dorcas is on par with base Nino. That's pathetic. Making this worse is that he promotes to a Warrior. FE6 this isn't, and Warriors suck. I would say, on paper, that Bows compliment Dorcas well. Bows are highly-accurate but low in mt which covers and is covered by Dorcas's strengths and weaknesses, the issue is that bows suck in FE7. 2x effectiveness destroys their usefulness, and makes the Warrior's combo pointless, since you could just use a hand-axe for better results. And with bows locked 2 range (with few exceptions), Dorcas's paper thin durability will get him torn to shreds while he just stands there. I'd say he has a bit of potential early-game, but he drops hard by the end of the Dread Isles. 

  20. 2 minutes ago, bottlegnomes said:

    If Palla were a real person and she decided to wear that outfit, I'd be all "you go, gurl" but the way it is, it's just irritating to see a character I adore reduced to basically just tits because apparently she's not good enough otherwise.

    I don't really see the outfit as that egregious, or really very egregious at all. For one, saying she's been reduced to "just tits" is absurd. While we don't have the plain artwork yet, from what we see in the trailer that clearly isn't the case. She's basically dressed like Spring Catria, just green and without the gloves. While she is showing a little more cleavage, it really isn't enough for me to say she's "just tits". Plus, they aren't even close to the main focus in her attacking pose, unlike another spring alt, Spring Kagero. This blasting of the artwork feels unjustified imo.

  21. Freaking sweet, I've wanted a Palla alt for a long time. She looks pretty good too, B skill is worthless since I don't do Aether raids, but still I like her. Plus this means there's going to be an uptick in fanart for her. Marisa is like a seasonal demote? I dunno, she just seems kinda underwhelming with her skill-set. Bruno joins the very short list of characters who have a seasonal version but not a regular, and Veronica is just kinda meh. Loki being the TT is whatever, I still can't muster up any will to care about her.

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