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I blame the hosts and Proto.

And Life.

And Anouleth.

Hey, I gave you all the info that I knew of. It's not my fault that Annie claimed something different to Life, or if Life told ShoM something else.

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Poor Begnion, they never stood a chance...

Also, general/common roles

Vanilla: No special abilities.

Cop/Inspector: Some variant of role PM checker. They either get role abilities, role name, alliance/win condition, or some combination of the previous. Someone who just gets alliance is usually called an "Alliance Checker"

Doctor: This role stops its target from dying for the night. It's pretty standard. This is known at some other sites as "bodyguard" (at SF, a bodyguard usually kills the attacker but only has one success)

Vigilante: Can kill a person at night. They usually have some sort of drawback, like a certain number of shots or a drawback for shooting a townie.

Safeguard: The inverse of doctor. Stops all actions targeting his target from succeeding EXCEPT for killing actions.

Martyr: Redirects all actions from his target to himself. Some other sites call this a "reverse martyr" (and their martyr being redirects his target's actions to himself)

Mayor: His vote counts for more than standard. A common amount is 1 more (for a total of 2).

Mason: This comes in two forms. In one, he can recruit other townies to his mason group (usually causing them to lose their abilities in the process). Masons knows that all other masons are town. Usually, attempting to mason a non-townie results in the death of all masons. In the other form, a mason is a small group (2-3) of vanillas that start the game knowing the others are town.

Twin/Lover: This is similar to the second form of mason, except it's always 2, and usually if one dies, the other gets a new ability.

Bulletproof: This role can't be killed at night. Usually this only stops one shot and then becomes a vanilla, although infinite has been done before. This is a relatively common mafia fakeclaim because it both explains why you aren't dying and doesn't require you to make up night results or tether yours.

Lynchproof: The day version of the bulletproof. This ability can't be lynched. As a mafia, this is one shot since otherwise that's overpowered. This is not a very good mafia fakeclaim by comparison.

Killproof: A combination of the above two. This almost always is one shot.

Tracker: Learns who its target visits at night.

Watcher: Learns who visits its target at night.

Bomb: Upon death, kills its attacker. Usually does not blow up if lynched. Also a relatively common fakeclaim.

Rogue: Chooses a target every night. If that person kills him, he can revive himself at any time (alternatively: just doesn't die) and usually gets a power.

Reviver: Once per game, this role can revive one other player.

Driver: Picks two targets. Anyone targeting the first target will instead target the second, and vice versa.

Hitman: Causes protection (bulletproof/doctor) on his target to fail. Is sometimes a passive ability.

Hooker: Stops the target from performing his night action.

Persuader: Forces his target to vote for someone of his choosing.

Kidnapper: His target will be kidnapped for some period of time (either a phase or a day/night cycle). While someone is kidnapped they are effectively dead (actions targeting them do nothing, can't vote, can't use their action), except if the game is OC you can sometimes talk to people OC. If someone is kidnapped it is usually publicly announced.

Silencer: Target can't post, preventing them from voting.

Godfather: A mafia sided role that appears innocent upon inspection.

Ninja: Does not appear on tracker/watcher reports.

Janitor: A usually mafia role that causes people killed by that mafia to have their role PMs hidden upon death.

Survivor: A third party role that wins if it survives. This role isn't used much since it's pretty boring.

Serial Killer/Wolf: A third party role that kills every night. Usually it wins if it's the last one standing. As a result, it tends to have other abilities that help it survive, such as being Bulletproof, Lynchproof, a combination of the two, appear as town upon inspection, etc.

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Tables lesson 2: Making the most of your role

Think, then act.

No, really, that's all the advice I'm giving. Can you really justify why you've decided to roleblock person X? Why are you investigating Y? Idling tonight - is that the best you can do (sometimes, it is!)? Some roles, such as investigative roles, are best off acting every night. Protection roles GENERALLY are as well, but sometimes you want to idle. As something like a vigilante, well, you have to be very careful. Shooting randomly could cost you the game, easily - hitting the cop or doctor can be catastropic. But on the other hand, if you can hit mafia, you can do a lot of good. So what should you do before you shoot? Think.

Who you target with roles is also worth considering. As a cop in an OC game you want to clear someone ASAP - find someone you think is town, check, and tell them they're clear. But still think: Could there be a godfather? You could screw the town over making the Godfather town leader. As doctor, you can WIFOM, particularly later in the game. If the mafia have an obvious target, protecting them is the safe move, but protecting someone else might stop their kill altogether. But think carefully about how many players are alive, first.

As mafia, the problem is generally easier. Roles which will screw you over for acting are rare, so you often want to act. Remember: The mafia are a team. Look at what abilities you have between you, and work out how they can be used together. Plan ahead if you want, but always be prepared for someone to be lynched (so if you have, like, a 3 day plan relying on one person, that might be a bit risky).

When should you claim your role/post your fakeclaim in NOC? Only when the immediate value of doign so outweighs the losses of keeping your role hidden, AND also potentially revealing where other power roles lie. The first is easy enough to weigh up. Cop with a guilty in NOC? Probably worth revealing sooner rather than later. But not always. The second point is often missed: Some roles, such as the doctor and cop, want to remain hidden as long as possible. Every townie who claims narrows down the possibilities for those roles. This is one of those times fakeclaiming as town might help, but that's more common in , which SF rarely if ever does.

In short, the way to make the most of your role is to think about the consequences of what you do with it.

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I have a lesson. Or a couple. Feel free to take them to heart or call them bullshit.

Life's 1st Lesson For Mafia: Anticipate What Other People Will Do.

I know this sounds like a "no shit Sherlock" comment but bear with me for a while.

One of the things that I try to do after talking to someone is to put myself in their shoes. What would I do with the info that I just learned? You should always assume that Person X will play according to what their best moves seems to be and as a result, you can try to intercept it.

I actually have a good practical example of this. Go back into the archives and look at the postgame of Pokemon Tactical Game. When Team Rocket cleaned up Cipher, we did it a day earlier than Cipher anticipated for the backstab. Why was this? Because I had promised Cipher that we'd work together until a certain point and then all bets are off. If I was Cipher, I would have then planned a backstab of Team Rocket a phase before. Why? Because it's the only time that I can cripple Team Rocket without them suspecting it. So as Team Rocket, we cleaned up Cipher a day before they would have taken a shot at us (in their best interest).

Essentially, plan for your opponent's best move possible.

Life's 2nd Lesson For Mafia: Winning Means Everything.

A lot of the time, when I was ready to make a big move, I'd ask a simple question.

"Do you want to win?"

If you can put together a plan that involves both you and the person that you're talking to to be in the best position of winning that particular plan, capitalize on that idea. I've berated people who refused to work with me out of petty spite because I always play to win in a game. I'm a gracious loser because I can recognize good play but if there's anything I hate, it's a person winning when they don't deserve to. So play to win and make sure you work with people who want the same goal.

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Never, ever tell anyone who your teamates are, unless you have discussed it with your team. It has screwed some groups in the past.

Is this comment pointed towards me?

I have learned my lesson already so please stop.

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Don't tell people who your team mates are ever!!

You're supposed to always lie.

It worked in TotA I even lied to my team mates

You're supposed to lie IF AND ONLY IF you can get away with it. Otherwise, you'll piss everyone off and they'll kick your ass to get the truth out of you ("oh, so you're in THAT faction").

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Nope. If that happens you're lying wrong. That's your prablem, not lying's.

It means your team's talking to each other, and forming other alliances. By doing that, they learn who's on each side. Lying constantly means that you're telling the other teams that you can't be trusted. Ergo, you go down.

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I finally figured some advice,

try to share all info you have with the rest of your group(if you have one) and share all the important info you have with someone you can trust if you are not part of a group(what I am trying to say is don't die knowing someone is mafia without telling anyone else, if there is a will system, then it is different).

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Is this comment pointed towards me?

I have learned my lesson already so please stop.

I said groups and past because it has been done by other people in the past. Not just you, plus its never too early to tell this to newcomers.

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To add on to Life's point of 'Play to Win', do not always assume that others are playing to win, as it can cause you trouble at times. As an example, in Unicycle mafia, when backed into a corner, I attempted to rally the town as the final member of 1 of 2 mafias, when the other was in the position to win immediately upon my death.

What did the town do? They lynched me. And they lost. There is a reason why a mafioso was town MVP that game.

Anyway, do not assume that people will make the right decision, let alone one that makes any sort of logical sense, because if you do so, when they do something stupid (and someone always will) it could screw you over big time.

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