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the charcter you didn't want to kill


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i am very curious about this one cause in most games for me there is always one charcter i don't want to kill like rundas in metroid prime 3.

for me it's lloyd he is just so cool and then if you get nino to talk to him (this is of course you versed linus first) it's just so sad it made me weep.

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I am very curious about this one, as in most games (for me, at least) there is always one character I don't want to kill, like Rundas in Metroid Prime 3.

For me in FE7 it's Lloyd. He is just so cool, and then if you get Nino to talk to him (if you faced Linus first, anyway) it's just... so sad. It made me weep.

...Right. I get really pissy whenever someone uses 'versed' to mean 'faced', so... translation!

Anyway for me in FE7 it was Eagler. It saddened me to see him be forced into fighting against the power he truly backed. And... eh, the Fangs didn't really bother me so much. More because they were manipulated into thinking their cause was just. Eagler KNEW Lundgren was full of shit.

Man, I'll tell you who I DID want to kill, it was that fucking Ephidel. ...And if Zephiel had mysteriously fallen down the stairs while holding two knives point up... well, that could have solved a lot of goddamn problems.

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I did not want to kill Lyon in FE8 since Eirika was extremely sad about Lyon's demise.

I would also agree i didn't want Lloyd dead in FE7

Can't think of anybody else...

Maybe Ishtar also. She went through a lot!

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If they're a recurring villain who isn't a total jerkface for no reason and I can't recruit them I get bitter. Ishtar, Reinhardt, Brunya, Lloyd, Selena, fuck fe9, Levail, such, such ...

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Begnoin Senate members










killed then mercilessly.





Reed Bros.








Wish I could've recruited them......

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If this extends to other games, well;

FE2: Rudolf

FE4: Johan, Trabant, Ishtar

FE5: Reinhardt

FE6: Brunya

FE7: Eagler

FE8: Selena

FE9: Curiously, Norris. Asshole as he is, he's not without his own sense of honour. Also any priest in Solo.

FE10: If I had the chance to play it, I'd say Levail.

FE11: Enemy recruitables who die for sidestory requirements.

FE12: Lorenz

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lol Integ

Lloyd and Linus because they are awesome older brothers.

Nergal because he lost sight of he wanted to do in the first place with the whole harvest human souls for dragon taming purposes.

Valter because of his madness.

Lyon! ;~;

Hm... Who else?

Homasa and Petrine in FE9.

Levail kinda but he was kinda stupid with the whole blind loyalty thing but I guess that's his job. Besides, I want that Wishblade for Fiona damn it.

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why does this topic feel to me like it's something crashgordon will cause a shitstorm in?

The good thing is in FE4 seizing a castle doesn't kill you, it makes you poof out of existance!

Anyway, Ishtar, Johalva, Trabant, Uhai, and Lyon come to mind.

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FE3:All the guys Marth killed in the first few chapters in book 2

FE4:Lord Alvis and Trbant

FE5:I hated everybody I killed(I didn't kill Reinhart/I simply seized the throne)

FE6:Brenya and the Yaun



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Well it's in the FE7 board so I'll answer FE7 first; Lloyd, Linus, Uhai, and Ursula.

As for the others...

FE4: Ishtar

FE6: Brunya, Murdock, Gale

FE8: Selena, Glen (well you don't kill him but still)

FE9: None

FE10: Levail, Zelgius

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Lessee. . .felt the sorriest for the dragon. Called over, with no way home, in a strange world. . .poor thing. I also felt bad for killing Kishuna. Eh, I'm weird.

Other games:

FE10: Levail

That's it, really.

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I didn't mind killing Linus so much, but Lloyd seemed more of a recruitable character if anyone was to be recruited. Eagler as well. Seemed legit. Ursula was too kiss-ass to be worth saving and was better off dead just to get out the way. FE7 was pretty much filled with filth that was better off dead, to be honest.

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