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Rate the Unit, Day 28: Shin

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Dat Rules

- Ratings are assumed to be on Hard Mode.

- Votes need some explanation regarding their gameplay performance to be counted. If somebody else said what you want to already, quote them explicitly.

+/- ≤1 point extra regarding personality/appearance is encouraged, but no more. If you exercise your bias privileges, please do so explicitly.

- Numerical votes out of 10, or something proportional to it. Make it easy to calculate for my sake.

- Every ranking phase ends whenever I get out of bed, between 0700 and 0800 EST. Do the math for your timezone, Brits.

- I will insist you do not use the "Not X" reason on any character, where X is another unit. If you do, your vote will be thrown out.

- Characters should be rated for their performance on all possible routes (A/B / Sacae/Ilia) but should not be penalized for routes they physically cannot exist on (z.B Juno in Sacae).

- "Recruits X" or "takes you to X chapter" arguments are explicitly banned. C'mon, people, this shouldn't need to be a rule. That's not gameplay performance.

- I withhold the privilege to tell you your rating is bogus and demand you revise it if it breaks any of the above. I will not throw out votes anonymously, you will be informed and given a chance to revise.


WENDY!: 0.19

Bors: 1.14

Barth: 2.07

Wolt: 2.16

Ward: 2.61

Dorothy: 3.17

Lilina: 3.53

Merlinus: 3.53

Roy: 3.54

Treck: 4.66

Oujay: 4.80

Fir: 5.08

Lot: 5.40

Sue: 5.64

Ellen: 5.73

Lugh: 5.98

Noah: 6.13

Chad: 6.42

Astohl: 7.17

Saul: 7.18

Zealot: 7.56

Clarine: 7.78

Dieck: 7.94

Thany: 8.01

Alan: 8.52

Lance: 8.59

Marcus: 8.77

Rutger: 9.61

yay shin love shin

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Shin. The token minority Sacaean.

He's fairly solid from the start, and develops into a glass cannon. You're not exactly drowning in good bow units, so if you raise him, he's a good candidate for both kinds of dragon sniping. (But, the more you raise him, the more likely you're going to Sacae, which is a shame since he likes Ilia more) None of his supports help him, and like all nomads, he has to settle for pseudo 1-2 range. He's so skinny that his horse is the strongest in all Elibe (?) and said horse gives him some utility. He does the job well, but don't expect anything spectacular.


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Shin is simply awesome.

Has awesome HM bonuses, has enough SPD to double enemies right from the get go, has good growths, and gains EXP crazy fast since he starts out at a low level, but his bases keep him strong, and his growths will just make him stronger.

Best bow user in the game, and a prime candidate for the Orion's Bolt. Sue can compete, and maybe Dorothy if you can raise her up. LOL Wolt.

7.5/10, +.5 bias since he's one of my favorite FE6 characters. 8/10

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"So do you have any idea why we're doing this?"


"Don't you fucking ignore me..."

Shin is a Nomad with HM bonuses who comes at level 5 with D Bows. Again, due to the lack of Canto mounted archers just aren't as awesome as they could be, still he has nice growths, he will crit kill like a boss, he's only a rank away from Killer Bows (and has a Short Bow until then), if you want a Nomad Trooper, Shin is your best bet. He has a fast support with an Anima and a wind, a Slow but decent growing support with a Fire (Fir), and slow supports with Fire and Lightning. His Ice Affinity works well for him, since eventually he'll see frontline combat when he gets swords and he only has 10% defense growth.

Hmmm, I don't really use Shin but I'll say 7.5/10 He's a damn good power house but he will be killed by a slight breeze

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Sporting a great name, I see no reason not to use him. Easily the best bow-user in the game. He's mobile, quick and powerful. Which is more than can be said for the foot archers. His defense is a little low, but his evade means that he shouldn't get hit too often. Those HM bonuses are pretty funky too!


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I really like the guy, and I have no qualms with using bow units, but it is still a mark against him until he promotes. He has great bases in HM, and his growths are not to be sneered at. Maybe Def and Res can be sneered at, but hopefully he will gain enough speed to evade most attacks anyway. And he really shouldn't be placed on the front lines until he does promote. The sooner he promotes, the better.

Just like Fir, he's pretty fun to use. I like making them support. Ends up stronger, but initial bow lock also brings him down, and he only earns an E in Swords when he does promote. So


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Shin's probably the archer I'd use in FE6. Now I hardly use archers(lthough on my first time, I used Sue) but Shin's pretty boss. And I like Male Nomads and Nomadic Troopers.

Shin has this nice strength, awesome aid, rides a horse and gets swords on promotion. He's pretty reliable, but his flaw is he's stuck to 2 range until promotion.

6.5/1(he's alright since its still just bows only for a while) 7.5/10(bias)

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This guy is your best bet for a Bow-user.

He's on a pony; good STR, can join in your crazy rescue chains and gets 1-range combat in the form of swords upon promotion.

He also has HM bonuses; which is more WIN for him.



But I shall use my bias powers to kick it up to...


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Shin definitely requires some

*me puts on shades

Shin guards.

Aside from that, Shin actually has some great bases with HM as well. Remember Fir? Well, Shin comes in and joins with 9.4 Str and 13.6 Spd. So we also know he's a bow user that comes with D Bows which is... sad, but the best part? He's on a horse. Insta-dondon-Hardin.

Shin sports roughly 11.6 AS and 18 Atk with a Steel Bow, which is pretty much equal to what Fir has in Atk (but certainly not in AS!), and his Iron counterpart keeps his Spd and lowers his Atk by 3. That may seem a little skeptical because he's sporting the same Atk as Fir, but remember that Fir also has to play a huge gamble against Steel Axes, and if she's wielding Steel Sword at any point, her durability sinks like a boulder in a lake. Hand Axe Fighters won't quite 2RKO Shin, but it relies on his Def point rounding up. It's pretty likely, anyway, and it's assuming the 26 Atk Steel Axe Fighters have the Hand Axe too. He also has 95 Hit with the Steel Bow, which means we're looking at 80 base Hit, or 92% True Hit. If Shin can get a level in, he can double the Berserker with a Steel Bow, which is pretty helpful since this fucker can rip anyone in two that isn't sporting Rutger-like Avoid, which also means Shin can double the low-end Shamans with Steel Bow and ORKO them.

Shin's biggest perk is that he's poking everything from 2 range, so that means the only counterattacks he faces is usually enemies with 1-2 range or other Bow users. For a while, he'll do a little rough on Shamans, but he does improve a little over time. 45% Str and 50% Spd growth rounds him out pretty well, and a promotion nets an extra 2 Str | 2 Spd. The real disadvantages? Well, we discussed about D Bows, and that means the Killer Bow is going to sit around for a while unused. Once he does reach C Bows, he pretty much can claim it since Klein is doing fine with Silver Bow. Once he gets to B Bows, which... can happen in a reasonable time-frame with a promotion, he has access to Brave Bow. Brave Bow is slightly better in Klein's hands, but Shin still has the main perk of being on a horse. Sacae is the odd-ball of the bunch, though. He can double some of the Nomads if he's thoroughly trained, but even I'm unsure how much it takes to put him in a grinder and get him there. He's pretty much safe in Ilia.

So the perks of being on a horse, having "passable" stats (well they're better than Noah's for example), and he's able to bypass some of his issues with a quick promotion. It maybe be best to try to milk out whatever you can on him, since him getting to Steel Sword just takes way too much work and it's pretty inefficient since it means that he's going to have pretty mediocre Atk with it (even 20/1 Shin has 23 Atk, which can fail to ORKO Pegasus Knights). The biggest advantage is he's not throwing himself into the line of fire from the scary one range units. Not a lot of units have good 2 range options, so Shin having one helps a lot. Don't forget about the horse - he's even able to carry the Great Gonzales. ThanyXShin fanpairing anyone?

7/10. I'm not 100% sure on the rating; I'll have to thoroughly think on this one to be honest. I guess I still view him a little too much as a growth unit, which presents itself as a mixed bag.

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If you gotta have bowlock (or close to it because lolEswords), do it in FE6.

Because accurate 2 range is actually pretty sexy there.

Shin starts with D bows, but he does have some sexy motherfucking bases, and a HORSE. While the D bows means he's stuck with iron or steel for a while, once he gets out of it, he's golden. On top of that his growths go fairly nicely with his bases, since they're pretty solid. Yeah his defense growth is 10% aka ass but he has passable bases for it and you're shooting shit anyway so it's not as big of an issue as melee units having that issue. Also he has an sexy earring.

7/10 + .5 bias for earring = 7.5

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Bow user is still a bow user.

Delicate as you would expect, but rather skilled in the offensive parameters with HM bonuses.



5.5 with Bias of -1

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Oh Shin. Awesome bases and good offensive growths keep him as a mounted monster the whole time you use him. His bowlock is slightly annoying, but just the addition of Canto makes it more tolerable (although he can't use it after attacking). His defense also isn't stellar, but his evade is good enough that it's not an enormous problem, and he's usually not getting hit by 1-rangers anyways.


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Shin is like one billion times better than Sue. ONE BILLION.

He's got good combat, okay-ish defenses, a horse and bowlock. He's better than every foot bow user almost automatically, and he has just enough con to not lose his considerable AS to killer and silver bows. Still hampered by no enemy phase (which turns into exceedingly weak enemy phase at promotion), I'm still pretty much a fan. He's the best at what he does unless you consider Dayan better, and he might be but I'm not prepared to go really in depth on that one yet.


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Solid guy, and probably the best archer choice in HM thanks to his horse + bonuses. Does well on his native turf, does well in Ilia. Lame supports unless you use Dayan for some reason, but he does okay without them.


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