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  2. So, yeah, still freaking out about Ashe....but maybe I should wait until he shows up on a double special banner around Christmas. I seem to typically get summer units around Christmas. I'll probably wind up sniping blue and green, even though I should just focus on green until I get Caspar and then wait for the double special. ... But...Ashe. 🥺
  3. Oh, that's where the new art style comes from! I noticed it seemed different, but I didn't realize before that the Shantae folks are handling the remake. Now I can't unsee the game having a Shantae touch added to it. Almost makes me want to see Ammo Baron make some kind of cameo.
  4. While Ganondorf's brutal, punchy fighting style does provide a certain catharsis, I dislike that it veers so far off from what he's like in the games themselves. Back in Melee, it was maybe understandable since he didn't use a weapon himself in OoT (though his Phantom double did, and one of his victory animations in Melee uses that big honking sword from the SpaceWorld 2001 demo) and he was a last-minute addition (which baffles me, as he's one of Nintendo's top villains and so should have been on the top of the list right next to Bowser, Peach, and Zelda). But by the time Brawl came out, TP had Ganondorf using a sword proper, the Sword of Sages, so a moveset revision there would have been more acceptable (at the very least, turn him into an Ike clone instead :P). I also don't like Ganondorf being so slow and durdly, he can fly for pete's sake. He should feel like the badass warrior-mage he is in OoT, TWW, TP, and especially HW. Even if he gets to have power, range, and speed, he can be balanced out with drawbacks like end lag for whiffed attacks or projectiles that can be turned against him such as the energy ball. Ganondorf may have power, range, and speed at his disposal, but he doesn't have the best precision, and he may not necessarily be able to use all three of those strengths at once. If you get cocky and overextend yourself, your opponents will outmaneuver you and punish you, just like Link does to Ganondorf in his home series. With great power comes great risk of hurting yourself.
  5. Hmm... *listens to PxZ's version and Exceed's simultaneously in an off-synch cacophony on my ears* Yep, we have a match. Posters commented that's the case on the PxZ vid, and I can hear it.
  6. I'm not mocking him nor dislike him. I simply just don't understand the appeal. Though if you were specifically referring to me calling him Reinhardt food, look I'm sorry. It's just fact that he's going to die a lot so Memegic Man can ascend even further. There's just no getting around that.
  7. SV!Hilda is nice. Sunshade Staff and Even Recovery are pretty useful. Flayn still feels a bit better though in my opinion since she can do Sabotage and is a bit more relevant with Save tank teams. I think I will still try to get two copies of SV!Hilda, one for each season, but I do not think I will bother merging her. I want to get more for Even Recovery, but I am not sure. As much as I want to run Recoveries on Flayn to help mitigate Fatal Smoke a bit, her default Ground Orders gives my Save tanks some semblance of usability, and I can actually reach Aether Structures with them. SV!Ashe is okay. B Duel Cavalry is nice though. SV!Mercedes is pretty bland. AR Far Trace is not as good as SR Far Trace in my opinion. Reinhardt is not fast, but he can double super slow units with Lull Spd/Res and SR Far Trace. SV!Caspar is decent as a demote for fodder. Bonus Doubler is pretty nice for dual phase units if you can support them with Gaps and Openings. Honestly, Duo and Harmonic skills are kind of irrelevant in Aether Raids offense with Duo's Hinderance being a thing. Her main appeal is basically replicating Lucina: Brave Princess; Even Recovery is also nice, although any healer can use it so it is not unique to her.
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  9. I flippin' knew they'd have Marianne and Hilda be the duo. I should've posted the guess. XD (I haven't actually seen past the thumbnail yet; more comments to come, I'm sure.) CASPAR IS THE DEMOTE. LEONIE IS FREE. ASHE IS IN THE GAME. I AM A HAPPY DRAGON. Aiming for Ashe, but I also want to go for Caspar (especially since Caspar should be easier to get) -- those boys have my priority.
  10. CrossCode portraits are super, super expressive and it's one of the main reasons why Lea works so well as a silent protagonist. It's more accurate to say sadistic joy. Worth noting that that portrait only appears in the NG+ exclusive mode "Sergey Hax", a mode where Lea's attack power becomes so ridiculously high, she one-shots everything and takes great pleasure in using her newfound overpoweredness. See for yourself (these are from the tutorial level so no spoilers). Video 1 Video 2 The really cool thing about CrossCode's NG+ is that not only is it the ideal way to replay due to all the various different options but when it comes to stuff like carrying over levels and shit (and the aforementioned Sergey Hax mode), it's actually acknowledged within the game itself. I uh, i think the one in PxZ might actually be based off the Exceed version. Like, the one you linked sounds substantially different (but similar) whereas PxZ's songs usually are just slight variations of the source material. Like, compare the PxZ version of Fury Sparks to the source version in TOVesperia, for example. Original PxZ version
  11. Ab. Sol. Lute. LY! *Reclines on the couch and begins telling my life story to a therapist that doesn't exist.* It goes back to when I was child, Tales of Symphonia, among my first non-Pokemon/Mario JRPGs. I made it all the way to the warp sigil that leads directly to the final boss, it took me years before I actually went and used the sigil, and I think several playthroughs. Why? Not sure, I used to say "it's because I don't want the fantasy to end", but I don't believe that now. Another Namco GameCube JRPG, Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean took even more years to finish, although in this case, I got hit with the infamous softlock on the "Chaotic Trio" on my first run of the game. Turns out, this applies not just to JRPGs for me, although it does continue to happen with them. Doesn't matter the length, I tend to slow down and delay on finishing almost any game I think. Is it burnout? Could be, but I don't really know. This happens even if I'm truly enjoying the game. In the end, I remind myself that taking a break from the game will make it harder to ever get back to it, and thus I have to finish it now. Although, there are still a few games I never got back to. Wind Waker and Skyward Sword just so happen to be among them, starting the Triforce Hunt and The Imprisoned Round 3 is as far as I got in them.
  12. Alright, I think I rewrote enough to start uploading this thing... but now I'm pondering if to do it someplace else. Not much reception in here, sad to admit. Or, hmm, maybe I should write a little more before uploading, to think it over a while longer.
  13. Ignore the part where it says Exceed, this is the first game's rendition, I know the difference. Blame obscurity for why it's hard to find, and perhaps releasing before YouTube had yet to become the obvious and popular video game complete OST uploading hub it has been.
  14. You really are preparing for a Crosscode thread. These are actually really nice and well done though. Like, dang. That evil emote is a little concerning though. I’m just glad I remembered which one you didn’t like lol.
  15. Kinda wish this one made it into PxZ. For the record, the two Endless Frontier songs that can play during Haken/Kaguya's turn is All Correct and In the land beyond Endless Time, the latter also playing during their Special and i can't find the original EF version of the song.
  16. Yeah, here's a small emote sheet. I might make more (i had to stitch these together) but i'm too lazy. Ok jokes aside, the thing with Episode II is that everything that isn't the gameplay is actually quite good. Music, characters, story, all kino. The problem is that the gameplay is literal doodoo dogshit, the worst thing ever, an affront to mankind, this song plays every time it shows up in my dreams. So i can't give the game a pass. I just pretend it's a movie instead. I like it when it's a movie.
  17. I think this is a very good summary. I want to say that front should be better than short line... after all, 50% more potential targets! But in practice, it doesn't really work out that way, I feel. I will also add that once enemies are aggroed, they tend to come towards you on the same route... i.e. a line, rather than in parallel. Which means that hitting 2-3 enemies with a front attack often involves reaching around to their side, which is 2-3 squares of extra movement. I find myself thinking that the two are really about equal to me. As such! Mad Melee: 4/10 Group Lance Attack: 3/10 Random Shot: 2/10
  18. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/06/castlevania_advance_collection_possibly_revealed_by_rating_in_australia Sounds nice if true, although, Aria of Sorrow would be the sole great here. Circle of the Moon has its undermining oddities, and Harmony of Dissonance is usually considered the worst of the Metroidvania Castlevanias. --- Decided with all the sales going on b/c E3 to spend the last bit of my Xmas eShop funds on Bug Fables. I had to use a few Gold Points because I was a little short, but it isn't like it'd be used on anything else before they expire in the coming months. I've been eyeing the self-styled old-school Paper Mario game for a while, it was gonna keep bothering me if I didn't get it. Now, to hope my three indie purchases are good. Shantae is a known factor for me now four games into it, but the other two rely on the word of a fellow fan of the stone slab, and a mass of positive reviews. -Although individually, I do overemphasize how "wasteful" a bad buy would turn out to be, $15 is maybe a medium-cost lunch entree at a good restaurant, without an appetizer, not exactly big money. Three games, two games, it doesn't matter. Title length is the most important thing! Felt like using this for a music shill, and for a change, it's Kaguya's theme.
  19. Oof. Poor POOR Ignatz. The only student not yet in the game. But at least Ashe is there. And Hilda's got two alts now.
  20. See... I end up having a hard time picking up from where I left off as I tend to forget the details of what happened since, so I opt to restart the whole game. And then I end up dropping it again because I don't wanna go through all the stuff I've already gone through. It's kind of a vicious cycle for me. I wouldn't say I feel any more satisfaction from coming back to complete something as opposed to going through it the whole way through. I know that's kinda lame, but that's how it is for me. 😞 The only game that I can think of when I haven't done any of that for is Three Houses. I could leave the game for a couple months, come back, and know exactly what I was doing. I suppose it depends on the game.
  21. That would make a lot of sense, especially since no one seems to have any problem with Ocarina of Time on the Collector's disc. I see. That makes sense. I was just curious. It was news to me as well, as neither I nor my brother ever had any issues (though I didn't play much of it). It's interesting to see that I'm far from alone in that regard, and there are almost just as many people saying, "I never had a problem" as there are people saying, "It happened to me a lot/it was a big problem."
  22. Of course Summer Hilda comes while I'm trying to get Nott. I'll still prioritize the Mythic unit, so she'll have to wait for a Double Special banner or next year at the worst. I hope I luck out and get her on my free summon, though. The banner as a whole is very predictable, so the surprises may come with the next one. As for the units themselves: S!Ashe has what seems to be a variant of Freyja's exclusive skill on his Prf, although it doesn't do anything for Res. It's strong for arena, but meh on AR, and even at full power I feel this is worse than Luín. Blue Cav Duel 4 means there's a not 0 chance of Reinhardt coming back to arena due to all the people that still think he's a god unit. That's good for me, he'll be a free kill for Ninja Hana. Not much to say about the other skills.Stats are real nice with 40/36/41/32/18. I give him a 6.5/10 S!Mercedes has nice art and not much else, sadly. So the new weapons are gimped versions of Binding Necklace, eh? Stealing buffs is cool and stuff, but visible buffs aren't really that common nowadays. That aside, poor Mercy is the fodder unit of the banner with her Push and Trace skill. Her stats are min-maxed as hell, but fliers don't have good skills for tanking and Mercedes Atk isn't high enough to go nuking stuff in one hit. 3/10 S!Caspar is the demote, and his class is quite saturated so he'd better have a unique stat spread unless he wants to be casted into oblivion with all the other high Hp/Atk/Def low Spd/Res axe infantries. Bonus Doubler is pretty unique fodder, but it isn't all that crazy of a skill (my Nowi uses Mirror Stance 3 more than BD for a reason). Rating pending 'till stats are shown. And the Duo had to be one of my favorite characters from 3H alongside her GF. Make it doubly painful as she's a premium healer which is what I need the most. Stats are alright with 39/37/40/20/25 with a very likely Spd superasset. Hilda's prf is pretty nifty, on the supportive side it gives what's essentially Drive Atk 3 and a Missiltainn (sword) effect to allies and if Hilda's not adjacent to any ally then it gives Atk/Spd solo. Nudge+ is a nice alternative to Return+ as it's a heal+Shove, but it doesn't seem quite as good for AR-D heal traps. Even Recovery is awesome like it's counterpart, but again it doesn't play well with the turn-1 kill machines on AR-D so it's better suited for arena and stuff. Duo skill is a Chill Atk-like effect and Isolation on quite a big radius every 3 turns, which is pretty nifty to shut down annoying stuff like Dancers or L!Chrom. On paper all seems pretty great, so what's the problem? For starters, despite being a Duo hero that scores on the 190 BST bin, Duo Hilda suffers from all the issues healers have in arena due to low scoring assists and specials. On AR it's worse because her skillset seems geared towards AR-O, but Duo's Hindrance invalidates a huge part of her kit. On AR-D she isn't at the same level as Sara who enables all tons of toxic stuff due to her prf. It pains me, but Duo Hilda is a 6/10 (12/10 personally because bias).
  23. 1. That's funny (the thing about Mission Impossible for the N64), and that developer room thing is rather cool. I can't really return to any of my old N64 games as I no longer have them or the N64; my family got rid of it when we got the GameCube. That said, I probably wouldn't want to go back to any of them, as the only ones we had that I remember was stuff like Mario Kart 64, a Duck Dodgers game, and Iggy's Wrecking Balls. 2. I never got to the Shadow Temple as a kid (not because I couldn't, but because I simply never got that far); I played it the first time a couple years ago. I already knew about the temple having mechanical blade traps and a weird ship level. I personally wasn't unnerved by it, but it is definitely unnerving. As for under the well, I skimmed through it and avoided exploring most of it simply because I don't like the design (not the atmosphere, but the whole "one wrong step that you can't see because the floor's an illusion, and you fall into a pit filled with redeads and other other annoying enemies" aspect of it). I will say, it makes sense that this formerly Shiekah village has such things, and the current village is so peaceful because of Impa's efforts to change the village into something better than it used to be. 3. Well, that is the point: Hyrule as kid Link is the ideal, and Hyrule as adult Link is what happens if Ganondorf wins. Most games can only show you an ideal your trying to protect, or a ruined world you're trying to restore, and Ocarina of Time utilizes both of them and the striking contrast. That atmosphere makes for a great motivator, as the player has a good idea in their heads of what they're trying to restore when playing as adult Link; you know how it should look, and you know what'll happen if you let Ganondorf win. For me, I couldn't finish it either because I moved on to other games or because I was cowardly as a kid when it came to the dungeons and boss fights. I didn't play Majora's Mask a lot since certain moments gave me nightmares (which makes a lot of sense, since some of those scenes were literally created from the dev team's nightmares). These games were definitely important for me as well, but for a different reason: they introduced me to the medieval fantasy genre, and with that came a lot of my hobbies and interests: swordsmanship and studying medieval history and Arthurian Legend are some of my hobbies, and I'm currently writing my own fantasy novel. That all started either directly or indirectly from Ocarina of Time.
  24. These are really nice! And cute! I don't know how much time and effort goes into making a single figure, but if you're willing to put in the work to finish it in your free time, I'd at least try and see how many you can do. I would definitely consider it an achievement to get them all done.
  25. Counter argument: Meanwhile all three Banner Sagas are fantastic. Therefore Banner is the better saga. (There was one Xeno game that you really didn’t like, right? It was this one, wasn’t it? Regardless, from quick searches the internet seems to think this one is bad, or not as good as I and III).
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