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  2. It's all about balance. I hate enough things about my life there's just nothing left to direct to stuff like video games. Or it feels like there's no point in hating them.
  3. Some cute lil' Lea gifs Well i was more referring to how i'm one of two people here who finds LMBS to be fundamentally very awkward and not fun but nobody else here seems to have an issue. I think it's like the German equivalent of "what's up" or something. @Shrimperor please confirm, i'm simply saying this based on the German character in CrossCode saying it a few times. Ah, so the game is bad. Got it. I simply choose to not talk about the games i don't like as much. Like yeah i'll slander Judgral until the end of time but i'm doing it in jest most of the time.
  4. For me, it's not that I love each game, per se (and this goes for any game, not just FE), it's more that I don't have the energy to actually hate any game. Even my least favorite FEs (FE4 and FE6) don't make me angry. They just have aspects I dislike, which lead me to not want to play them. Same goes for other games I don't enjoy. I think each FE game has parts that are good, some that don't appeal to me, and others that do. I also just tend to have either unpopular opinions or opinions so neutral it makes people mad, so take what I say with a grain of salt. :shrug:
  5. Okay, I've decided. Even if I can just get the other quest reward and have the Republic of Dave keep the status quo, I'll actually interfere just for the sake of RP. The one rigged election the loser is right to complain about.
  6. In golf, to be specific. I don't know, I'm kind of excited. Mario and Rabbids worked out shockingly well against all logic, so this could be great.
  7. I see, it also has dynamic sprite changes. If changing the smile to a sad face is enough to say it changed, haha.
  8. Yesterday
  9. From memory, isn't there also Order and Direct? Using Micaiah, you could potentially have Order, Direct, Staff and Sacrifice. You'd lose out on Revert, and only be able to get a maximum of two command skills (from Smite, Gamble, Parity and Flourish), but that could potentially give you seventeen in total. However, that would require a chapter with yellow units and doors and a talk opportunity and it would have to be late enough for her to have two command skills. Unless I'm forgetting something, I don't believe that any such chapter exists. There's also the Arms command for using a siege weapon. The Great Bridge of Myrdin map has a chest adjacent to a ballista which would be a net gain of one command (adding Chest and Arms but losing Door). Is there any talk option for any levels on that map? I don't remember any, but if there are then that could maybe net you one extra.
  10. NVM took care of it. Here it is if anyone is interested
  11. I always focus on the good each game has to offer. I think the only one that disappointed me was PoR.
  12. For me it could be because on balance I accept most of the games for/despite their flaws I suppose, which if the game doesn't bother me so much makes it easier for me to just get into it. That and the higher tedium threshold I seem to have. Though I'm kinda out of FE in terms of games I'm playing for the last while anyway and that's fine, because I have other things to get on with and at least I have those while we wait for Trigon Scenario. SDatBoL is a very high bar even for me though, hence why I can't face it as opposed to most others (I probably wouldn't replay Gaiden either in fairness).
  13. Dolphin 5.0 REFEE01 = 1.01? My 'specs' for the code I'm looking for. Are there any working codes for brute force assigning skills for everyone? I want to put Mantle and the dragon auras on Micaiah and such.
  14. Hey, that doesn't mean I cannot also enjoy a good FE. Sure, Berwick's wonderful, but I'm not always in the mood for Berwick. Berwick is not a 100% upgrade from FE, it's more of a sidegrade that I personally find better in many aspects, but that doesn't invalidate FE for me. See, preferences aside, everything in my sig's FE ranking list that is above Sacred Stones (including it... After some difficulty tweaks to the ROM) is in the "I enjoy it, would replay, give me more of it" camp. And new things are always nice. I would love a nice new FE to add to that list. I just want the new thing to be... Y'know, enjoyable. Which sadly, is likely not to happen, because my concept of "enjoyable" seems to clash with that of the majority of the fanbase. At the end of the day, IntSys wants to make money, and appealing to the masses makes more money than appealing to some guy in Spain. Them's the breaks. Tl;dr: how I so wish I could be one of those zen masters who love every single FE unconditionally. Believe it or not, I am not out to hate as many games as possible. It just happens, I cannot help it. How do you guys do it?
  15. Also it has save points ala DSFE And the option to turn on every turn save, which i do because language surprises lol And sometimes the game likes to use ambush spawns... Gives me super Thracia vibes
  16. Here's my take on Three Houses: Attack. Anyone with a weapon or spell can do this. (1) Combat Art. Just have a proper combat art attached. (2) Support. Using supportive white magic (i.e. Heal) (3) Items. Anyone with Items can fiddle with them. (4) Trade. Anyone with Items, adjacent to an ally, can do this. (5) Gambit. Anyone with an equipped battalion and proper placement can do it. (6) Rally. Anyone with a Rally skill can do this. (7) Steal. Anyone with the Steal skill (either as a Thief, or via Thief Mastery) can do it. (8) Door. Anyone with Locktouch or a Door Key can open an adjacent door. (9) Talk. Anyone with a mid-map conversation can do this. (10) Dance. Anyone in the Dancer class can do this. (11) Convoy. Teach, or anyone adjacent to them, can do this. (12) Wait. The universal command. (13) Other commands: Chest. I don't know of any places where a unit can either open a door or a chest, however. Warp Tile. These are specific to one map, however. Switch/Lever. Again, there aren't that many of these. Uncertain commands: Break Door. If I recall, breaking any breakable barriers is done through the Attack or Combat Art command. So to my best knowledge and memory, you can get up to 13 commands on one unit in Three Houses. Who could actually do this, though, and where? Well, let's look to Reunion at Dawn. All returning students have a Talk with Teach on that map. And it also features quite a few unlockable Doors and Chests. Not to mention, enemies with items that you can Steal. Basically, make sure your Dancer is one of the in-house students who shows up, and make sure they've equipped the Steal skill, and at least one Rally (unless their personal skill is a Rally, i.e. Annette). They should be carrying either a Door Key or a Chest Key (Ashe would be the exception, but he learns no Rallies). Make sure they have at least one combat art (this can be offensive like Wrath Strike, or supportive like Shove), as well as a support spell like Heal (since Dancers can use magic). Give them a battalion, and save at least one gambit charge. Finally, make sure they have a weapon or offensive spell. Now, in terms of actually executing it - try to draw in an enemy unit (with a stealable item) so that they're caddy-corner to either an unopened chest or door. Then, move an injured Teach in so that they're two spaces away from said enemy. Now, put your Dancer in between the two of them. Your Dancer should have the option to Attack (1) the enemy, use a Combat Art (2) on either Teach or the enemy, Support (3) the injured Teach with Heal, mess around with their Items (4), Trade (5) with Teach, use a Gambit (6) on either Teach or the enemy, Rally (7) their professor, Steal (8) from the enemy, open the Door or Chest (9) nearby, Talk (10) to Teach, Dance (11) for Teach, access the Convoy (12), or, finally, Wait (13). There are multiple candidates for such an operation - Dorothea on SS, Annette on AM, or Ignatz on VW all come to mind. It really comes down to showing up in Chapter 13, not being Teach (since they can't go Dancer), and learning at least one Rally. How does this sound? Did I miss anything? Or, is there another scenario wherein this value would be exceeded?
  17. Honestly, I'd say Lethe is not much better than Lyre, because she has all the weaknesses that being a cat has, and her bases are only marginally better than Lyre's for it. She honestly felt more like a liability than an asset in her part 2 chapters, too. *shrug* Honestly, I'd say being great against wyverns is plenty, given that chapter 21 spams them like crazy.
  18. Why do you even care? Nothing IS does will top Berwick to you anyway.
  19. Would you not, please? HSoS is bad enough, and this has even less of a chance of a translation.
  20. I do think full voice acting a waste of time and money. Sometimes I actually wonder if Byleth is a silent protag only because they have supports with every character and it would've cost too much money to have all those lines fully voiced (twice).
  21. Dat avoid Also i forgot to mention that this game has Thracia capture :3 And Mov Growths, and con Growths. And Huge Range staffs
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