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  2. Banned for bad grammar (which you probably did on purpose to continue the joke).
  3. On one game I had, I had to use the controller. Doing so otherwise was just not possible.
  4. AKIRA has to be one of the most improved artists around. Seriously, the difference between the characters they did at the game's launch to Astram is staggering. Makes me wish they had a second chance at Hector with this kind of art.
  5. So let me get this right, so irrelevant if your adjutant actually attacks or not they still receive weapon exp? For what they have equipped right? How about exp for levels? Do they get that? Also do they get all the bonus multipliers? (Statue bonus exp, class weapon exp, bane/boon modifier, and further more as an accessory equipped the bonus from knowledge gem) {I know at one point I had two of those gems. I think I got one from a paralogue and I dunno where I got the 2nd one} If so, I'm angry I didn't know this! I didn't know I could spam magic in the background! Darn it.
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  7. Got a Sirius with -hp +res after 50 orbs or so, left about 90 orbs. Kinda tempting to continue to pull for more merges and Nagi but at the same time I should really save for Mythical/Legendary banner this time.
  8. It seems that finally I actually got a very old image done- one I had sitting in my backlog of things to actually do: Grima finally got his personalized spotlight and I actually feel like this an achievement that I have grown more than I thought...
  9. B-but killing Aias makes you look good ! 😞 Is it me, or is the hack starting to get really freaking mean on you ? RIP Cormag, he truly deserved green hair, but alas. (Tanned skin with green hair, enjoy the nightmare 😛)
  10. This reminds me, I've been long had a mind to start using a controller for my Steam games where applicable.
  11. Yep, but the fact that you can carry over Supreme Armored Co. via NG+ if Crimson Flower was an initial route is really clutch. Hard is too easy, but I'm actually honestly enjoying the repeat playthroughs a lot because it kind of becomes a sandbox. Obviously entirely different genre, but on that note reminds me a little of the Dishonored games, where the easier difficulty actually ends up making repeat playthroughs a lot of fun because of the experimentation. I do wish perhaps Hard constrained things a little bit more such that there were 3 or so highly recommended strategies per map rather than essentially everything working, but yeah, been enjoying blowing stuff in rapid succession with large-area gambits coming one after another. The successful gambit sound is really satisfying. Maddening has really just not been that fun for me. Yeah, it's beatable, but I feel that because of the stats inflation that my default strategy on all the maps now is to turtle, move real slow, take on as few enemies as I can. I prefer a balance between sandboxing and being constrained to a few different solutions for "solving" a map (again thinking of Fates Conquest maps fondly here).
  12. I wouldn't say Tash is man made. Considering Aslan is meant to be Jesus (not just an allegory, I think Lewis outright stated they're meant to be the same being), it's likely Tash is just, or correlated, to a pagan god. Well, do remember FE has done its exceptions. A mere human like Rabadash can still work as a final boss; and we can keep the "stuck on a hook" bit since he's meant to survive.
  13. RNG screwiness makes the game so interesting. Thank the gods for probability. After Lysithea destroyed for me on Crimson Flower with some surprising HP and Def bulk, I was expecting similar greatness for her in my Verdant Rain playthrough. Instead, she ended up only gaining some in magic and became a paper tiger. Relatively low res, atrocious speed. Lorenz of all people ended up out-magicking her, and with better physical bulk and res became my default magic user. Marianne even had better magic stats. Without speed, I gave up on Mortal Savant as well, and just had her mainly do behind-the-lines warping. Not too unconventional, but my Ignatz's stats eventually made him impossible to ignore in my Verdant Rain playthrough. His combo of high Str, Def, and Dex made him a really good Paladin for me who could accurately ORKO. Him and Leonie became my front-line folks. Of course, the increased tolerance of Hard compared to Maddening also enabled me to experiment a little more in the first place. It's just really humorous to me also that the RNG fluctuation in stats can have a big influence on paired endings.
  14. Started getting to use my Switch controller on PC and Goddamn, Ys 7 being played on a Pro Controller vs keyboard controls is like night and day. It's so much more fluid.
  15. Basically, This. If you exclude Echoes for being a remake, then the last 3 Fire Emblem games have all involved the protagonist secretly Yes it's a different kind each time, but at this point I felt like an idiot for not expecting it.
  16. I was never concerned with being able to 5 star given that rank at that point in the game. My concern was that I didn't understand the reason for it, and I was concerned with getting blindsided by an unknown unknown, which brought me here. I've accepted that it was the result of a very small, extremely low-probability margin that was crossed through weapon uses despite the fact that I got a bonus Divine tome (2500g) in addition to the Whip. I'll grant that I might just remember my weapon uses incorrectly, I didn't track them closely. Ultimately, none of this matter because I successfully completed the run anyways.
  17. I will actually be very mad But we can pretend I'm not
  18. Considering how less than subtle Aslan is at mocking Rabadash’s devotion to Tash combined with C.S Lewis’ well known religious leanings, I had interpreted Tash as being a “man made” god that was largely powerless when pitted against the might of Aslan. That being said, it would fall in line with Fire Emblem tradition of fighting deities or dragons as final bosses.
  19. So.. I have other idea threads some in the similar vein of “crossover” as well as made up classes designed for certain games. Where would I put things like that?
  20. Hello hello, everyone!! I've used this site a lot of times when playing various Fire Emblem games. I started out with the series through the Nintendo Ambassador Program in the form of The Sacred Stones via the 3ds! Ever since then, I loved playing through the majority of the games!! 😄
  21. Man, in terms of $ per minute, I'm going to get such good value out of this game. My existing route I did is: Crimson Flower > Verdant Rain > Azure Moon After I finish Azure Moon, I'm going to set aside the game for a while, because I'm a bit burnt out on it. Next year, will play through Silver Snow followed by another playthrough of Crimson Flower. For my own personal thoughts, I don't think Crimson Flower works as a good opening route because it is a lot shorter and benefits from some prior knowledge regarding TWSITD and the Seiros-related lore. As my first route, the second half pacing was really jarring for me. Also, for those playing on Maddening, the prior experience from going through other routes would really help with the shorter length of Crimson Flower. It takes some additional planning. I messed around with my learning points on Hard for Crimson Flower for my first playthrough by waffling through some classes, and did not get a single person to a Master class. Also, I only had one flier. The messing around did make for some fun times though, as without mobility and tankier units, I actually had to do some more thinking for some of the chapters. With more chapters under my belt, I actually now enjoy the faster, more efficient story development for Crimson Flower, upon retrospect, because I feel that Verdant Rain and Azure Moon drag a little bit more in some of the post time-skip chapters. The downside for ending on Crimson Flower is that the lack of cutscenes shows the likely budget and temporal limitations the developers were facing. I would not be surprised at all if the team ran out of animation budget for Crimson Flower. For a beginning route, I think Verdant Rain or Azure Moon both work. Verdant Rain could also work decently as a concluding route because of Claude's outsider perspective to tie everything together. I found him to be the most stable and reasonable lord, as well, which makes sense given that his childhood, while still challenging, appears comparatively less traumatic and intense than those of Edelgard and Dimitri. I agree with @CarmineCoffee that Azure Moon is not a good route to close on because of the lack of new information. While I didn't really like Dimitri's character, I think it does have the most tight narrative out of all the routes, but by later playthroughs, pursuing lore may be more motivating because the basic story beats are already known from the previous playthroughs. It is additionally a good route to open on because the narrative does so well with no additional recruits, which are less feasible anyways on NG. Also, I agree that Crimson Flower and Azure Moon would be awful to play back to back, given what happens to Dimitri and Edelgard on each.
  22. After thinking about it I decided to add Medeus to the list. While the idea for my potential Mythic Heroes list was intended for characters likely to the get the Light or Astra element for this month since I already mentioned characters not likely for this month (Seiros, Nemesis) I decided to add Medeus to the list. Also decided to add Fomortiis as well even though he is also just as unlikely for this month.
  23. Ah yeah, just remembered that. Now, that is something a script supervisor should have caught! @SubwayBossEmmett, completely agree with you about Dimitri. It really feels like a case where the writers got stuck, some other problems happened in the background, and they ran out of time. Unbelievably bad for them to do Dimitri like that off-screen. Bad writing in any medium.
  24. Going to throw a few orbs Sirius and Nagi's way. I'm still saving for the next Farfetched banner in the hopes that Jill is on it, but I'd also like to get at least one of those two.
  25. This is speaking with Hard Mode in mind and not Maddening Mode but Battalions are just so overkill. Like give a unit darting blow and Death blow and contest, you’d like ORKOing the bulk of enemies on that difficulty
  26. Used three tickets and spent 12 orbs on green orbs and she is already here... Well that was fast! I thought my orb stock would have to suffer through much more but I guess Naga decided to bless my summoning luck today. Nature is +Atk/-Res so not the most ideal nature since she is meant to fight mages with AoE specials but its fine. While I would really like to jump back into the banner and try to get Phina, Sirius and more merges for Nagi I think I'm done with the banner since I would really like to save as many orbs as possible for the Farfetched banner. I'll get Phina and Sirius some other time. And with that my green haired dragons from Archanea team is complete featuring A!Tiki, L!Tiki, FH!Tiki and now Nagi.
  27. Phina was my free pull. The tickets didn't get me anything good. But not a big deal, this banner isn't real important to me. xP
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