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  2. I still have no idea why Iago, Hans and Garon agreed to keep Sakura as a hostage. They're not using her for anything, and now Iago's outright saying that he wants the Hoshidan royalty dead. It really was just an excuse to not kill off the cute little sister, wasn't it...? ...But then why include Yukimura in the deal?! I mean, I like the guy, but he's not a waifu! It makes no sense for IntSys to spare him, I thought they despised old men with a passion! On a different note, why do people call Iago a Gharnef, again? At first I thought he'd be the "knows more than he lets on" kinda villain, but so far he just seems like a regular idiot who follows Garon just because he's an evil bastard. He doesn't even seem to really know anything about Garon's true nature. There's nothing Gharnef'ish about him. He's just kinda there to be a dick.
  3. The announcement for Lil Fiana was buried in-between the thread with no indication on the opening post so I don't know why such unnecessary hostility ("Learn to read.") by the other users. Still, I think I'm content to wait for the proper release of that but thanks anyway.
  4. Nergal and Medeus are definitely at the top two spots. And that's even counting alts like Rhea and stuff. But discounting all them, number 3 would definitely be Ashera. From there I think it gets murkier and more based on personal opinion. We already have all the lord characters and the major supporting characters. It's mostly end game villains like Manfroy and Jedah which people have mentioned. Oh yeah Anankos is a thing too I guess. I suppose I'd rank him about as necessary as Ashera. To give someone that no one else has mentioned (though the OP does reference him), Skrimir. He's an important character in Radiant Dawn alright, but from a Heroes perspective we still only have one beast armoured unit in the game thus far and of Soan, Grifca and himself, he'd be most deserving of the next spot (though Grifca could see himself get in in a Path of Radiance banner where Skrimir couldn't I suppose). Not that that means he's more deserving than Pelleas, it just matters from which direction you're taking objective from, objective importance in the series as a whole, or objectively good for the balance of Heroes. Did Vaike get in when I wasn't looking?
  5. You forgot ambush spawns. Which is a legit complaint, even if I do feel they handled them as well as they possibly could've. Hah! I can relate. Please don't say things like that. Okay, so Sakura and Possessed are out of the way. Two royals down, two to go. Today, it's Hinoka's time to not die, like every other character in this game. Except Kaden. Fuck Kaden.
  6. Sure, there's not too much in this chapter.
  7. I could PM the plain text and dialogues. That's the only solution I have right now.
  8. I'm not familiar with OBS, given I've recorded my screen less than I've fingers on my hand in a decade, so can't help you there, apologies. Alright then, how are we going about that?
  9. I will point out that you can avoid Hinata and his group if you have a flyer (plus messing with the enemies across the gap early also triggers some reinforcements early in a way I think makes them easier to handle). Also, if you had a Sorcerer at level 15, (that is something you need to focus on to get in time...) they would have bow-breaker which makes dealing with Takumi very reliable. Both the DSFE are really different games to the point that it is hard to clump complaints like this together (other than the artstyle/visuals). I have some solid complaints about both the gameplay, and story of Shadow Dragon, and I have seen complaints that other people have made about New Mystery from both gameplay and story as well. If you want more of a breakdown see spoiler tag ...chapter 25 is going to VERY interesting with your terrible Corrin... My heart goes out to all of you on here having health issues in this thread, and hope you all have a swift recovery. I wish there was more I could do to help...I may have been fortunate enough to have been fine so far, but my mother is going into surgery next week, which is a frightening prospect in these trying times. Yeah TMS:#FE takes a very different approach from most of the Shin Megami Tensei games (and Fire Emblem games for that matter...), both tonally and in the gameplay. It sucks that the Session System didn't grok with you, as it really is a central mechanic to the combat, that I ended up enjoying.
  10. #37 Gilliam Gilliam is the dependable knight we get in the early-game. He doesn’t have a negative character, not even an annoying gimmick. In fact, he is more realistic than the many child soldiers and Shounen protagonists. He is a middle-aged knight who is doing his job, competently. During the events of chapter 1, he is confronted with the young, slightly overwhelmed cavalier Franz and Gilliam takes matters in his own hands. Together with Franz they both try to rescue the ones they are sworn to serve, their respective princess of their countries, Tana and Eirika. The more experienced Gilliam is cool headed, gets a quick grasp of the situation and goes at the front, asking Franz to cover for him. After saving Tana, she thanks Gilliam, though he refuses to be thanked in any personal matter. After all, he was just fulfilling his duty. A bit later, his king orders him to accompany the foreign princess on her risky mission. He comments on the mission, but doesn’t complain, it's his duty, after all. He does his job without any complain. In chapter 7, Eirika summons her army around the fortress Rigwall that they are trying to seize. All characters affirm their fervor, Gilliam doesn’t have to. "There is nothing to discuss. We will fight." His last two lines of dialog are in the final chapter and in the epilogue. “We can’t let our guard down.” “Exactly.“ …Exactly! His ending points out that he keeps serving Frelia as a loyal knight. It even mentions his characteristic of being a strict commander who chastises defiant recruits. Loyal knights are among my favorite characters in the franchise, as they have a chivalry and code to follow. A code and mindset that can clash with the complex reality and outbreak of war, often resulting in conflicts and dilemma’s, who to serve and to protect. Knights and soldiers are some sort of necessities you wouldn’t have in an utopia. They do the less pleasant work, are partly respected and partly envied, have a certain degree of authority and power, but are also asked to be totally loyal. If their lords become tyrants or powerless, it extends to their underlings and many knights question their loyalty. We don’t have to use the traitorous Orson as an example, even the loyal Forde prefers painting over killing. The young knights Franz and Amelia aren't in for slaughtering their enemies either, but they want to serve their country and considering their orphaned state, they have additional reasons to go for this stable and honorable position. Gilliam doesn’t seem to have any of these worries. He is either well situated and if he isn’t, then the game doesn’t tell us anything about his background or family. He has a just king who is lucky enough to not have his land be seized or corrupted (an exception in this game). Whenever Frelia's heirs of the throne need to be rescued, Gilliam has no opportunity to comment on that. A character like him wouldn’t despair anyway, instead he would follow the will of his lord unshakable. There wouldn’t be the dilemma of leaving Ephraim to save Prince Innes. He may have saved Tana a second time and the game wouldn’t comment on that. So, even what little we have of Gilliam, his servitude to his king and country, is something that isn't further elaborated on to enhance his character. Gilliam has still some opportunities to prove his worth, five supports are waiting. Though the choice of his partners is as predictable as Gilliam himself. They include two of his comrades in Frelia as well as three sociable characters of the neighbor country Renais. All of them are or were part of the army, excluding Neimi. Franz Both characters aren’t too familiar with each other, coming from different countries and cultures. A potential for a rising conflict? Gilliam is having none of any exciting development. While he does scoff Franz once, Franz isn’t a fool, keeps his act together and trains on Gilliam's orders. Both lean different training methods, both are slightly surprised by each other’s conviction and willingness to learn about the other one, but it’s not like they disliked each other earlier. In the end, both connect by their love for their respective country. To be blunt, their interaction with chapter 1 already showed as much chemistry as in those three supports together, they don’t offer anything new. Both were thrown in a conflict, had similar goals and acted on them while trusting each other. Next. Moulder An infamously bad support in the entire series, it is almost unintentionally funny in its meaninglessness. In case you haven’t had the luxury to read it yourself: In C, Moulder hears a melody. In B, he hears it again. Only the A support gives us some scraps to learn something new. Moulder was nervous during a crowning ceremony and Gilliam was chastising him. That way, both of them met for the first time. They consider themselves good friends and don’t have to to talk to each other much because of it. That may be true, good friends don’t necessarily have to teach each other new stuff, but they can still argue. Perhaps Gilliam grew cold because of his duty as a knight and the peaceful priest tries to ease his struggles, remembering him of his humanity? Kyle and Forde questioned their duty an path in live, rather than just being content with being best buddies. Garcia Both tough veterans’ are kindred spirits and they have an arm-wrestling. The support gets even more exciting when they note during the B support, that one of them didn’t use his strongest arm. Yikes. The A support takes a step in the right direction. Garcia is only a former knight who left his duties and spend time with his wife and child. Gilliam is forced to reconsider his future path, if he really wants to keep being a dutiful knight or if he want so find some happiness of his own. But for now, they are at war and he doesn’t have an opportunity to reflect and change. Neimi The grim man has to deal with a sweet young girl, surely his heart will melt just a bit? Well, he scars her and almost brings her to tears. She impresses him with her bow skills and in the end, Gilliam has the epiphany, that everyone should focus on their own unique strengths. The support also points out that Gilliam has a scary face and that Wyvern riders like Cormag are scared of bows. Maybe the writers were left of ideas? The support with Moulder suggest that. By comparison, Neimis support with the similar gruff Garcia is much better executed, as Garcia actually opens up to hear and gives her the hair comb of his late wife. He moves on while encouraging Neimi to lead a fulfilling live. She isn't getting nearly as much out of Gilliam, though. Syrene After all those four early game characters, late in the game we met Gilliam's potential wife! Gilliam can flirt and marry, certainly there is some development to be found! He actually is nervous, but deals with it by being level-headed and collected, rather than making a fool out of himself. It is a quite practical and sensible approach, but we spectators want just a bit of drama, a back and forth, teasing, flirting and sweet-talk. Syrene accuses Gilliam of using psychology, which is a psychological move in itself. It may be the best moment in this boring romance. Or the highlight is Gilliam’s absolutely dry proposal/order/ to marry her. It might as well be the least spectacular pairing in the game, even their shared ending doesn’t mention anything interesting, not even a special child. Conclusion While my nomination of Ewan shows that I’m not a fan of gimmicky overbearing characters, even the silent and reserved characters should have opportunities to show their depth. With Gilliam, not one of those chances is used. He is almost stubbornly one-dimensional. A video game is mostly about entertainment and Gilliam is the exact opposite of being entertaining, he is b-o-r-i-n-g. Current Tier List The next entry is the last of this first round. One of Colm, Amelia, Dozla and Syrene will get cut, the other three characters survive this round and new characters will be nominated in the following round. The three left characters can be nominated again, but not necessarily. You can speculate for now who will be the next cut. And is Gilliam being boring that much of an issue, or should he be higher? Thanks for reading and feel free to comment.
  11. Nasir Medeus Nergal Ashera Manfroy Pelleas Validar Anankos Jedah Thales And yes, it felt shitty including all of these one note final bosses. Which I why I don't really like these "objective" topics.
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  13. Would you like someone to have a read through the vocabulary? I definitely think how the sentences are written could do with refining. It was understandable throughout, but changes could help to make it clearer or to use. Characterisation wasn't bad, but it's been a while since I played 3H, much less used Lysithea, so I'd take that with a grain of salt. As for trying to improve the recording, I'm not sure what you'd need to do with SRPG studio, but what were you using to record? Asking to see what options you could use with that before looking at alternatives.
  14. IT IS TIME THAT WE SETTLED THIS! Wii controllers at dawn! (because I'm reading Sid Meier's autobiography right now and he's talking about this near the end) The underflow bug is a myth. Civ1 is written in C where unsigned integers aren't the default, so the whole "Aggressiveness is 255 on a scale between 1 and 10" never was a thing. (also the scale was 1-12, according to Sid) The first Civ game to reference the Nuclear Gandhi meme was Civ5, so I was at least correct about that. Weirdly enough, the Underflow myth only came up after the release of Civ5 (2010) - Sid writes that Jon Shafer (Civ5's lead designer) had never heard of it and the oldest mention that Sid was able to find in the internet was somebody on TvTropes adding it as "trivia" in 2012. From there, it found its way into the Civ wikia, which was then accepted by the general public as a sufficiently official source, and at this point, it's basically "common knowledge" in the Civ fandom. Sid speculates (and I would agree) that the Nuclear Gandhi meme initially came up because the already cheesy line "Our words are backed with NUCLEAR WEAPONS", which is identical for all leaders, is so hilariously out of place for Mahatma Gandhi specifically. And since Gandhi focuses on science fairly heavily, he is more likely to reach Nuke tech than average.
  15. Could someone post an actual image here please for those of us who would rather not click external links?
  16. Feedback regarding plot and characterization is appreciated.
  17. Reading myself through the last pages is really not pleasant - sickness everywhere. I literally got sick reading and having this. Get well everyone who is ill right now! I spent one night in the hospital with some breathing tool (mask), but thankfully I could leave yesterday morning again since the values became better. Still having this thing on the nose which causes noise is not so comfortable. Well, let me change topic I was also a bit productive yesterday since I was written sick: Lysithea's Gambit: Prolog I would appreciate, if all fans of Lysithea would watch it and give me feedback regarding story and characterization. (yes, I also could need some tips how to make a YT-video properly, but I have no real time to do this too right now, much less this project will be the only project I will ever make videos, and this only privately; also since copyright I must not publish the video in this condition as it is right now by using OST and art)
  18. There is an F2P guide now if anyone wants to see it: I didn't actually look too carefully, but I'll look later in the day.
  19. I doubt this is the harmonic. They're too far apart and they each seem to be wielding their own weapon.
  20. I mostly judge characters as units, so apologies if some unit viability stuff leaks into my reasoning, I'm trying to not just axe the 10 worst units in the game though I'd say I'd probably remove like 1. Garret (generic Berserker guy) 2. Douglas (generic General, at least the other Knights have meme status) 3. Geese (despite the fact that I've used him he's kinda forgettable) 4. Dayan (who even goes to Sacae lol, besides that he's just another bow user when you already have up to 4 Snipers, 2 Nomad Troopers and 3 Warriors using bows) 5. Juno (just another flying unit when you already have 4, Zeiss has some meme status and is kinda sorta an Est so he gets a pass) 6. Fae (sorry Fae fans, but I always forget I even have her until like Dragon Temple, and even then I just tend to use her as a mini-convoy) 7. Treck (he just dies way too easily in Chapter 7, plus he's easily the worst potential Paladin in the game, Marcus, Allen and Lance all have perfect availability, with Marcus being dang near essential early on in Hard Mode, Jerrot and Noah both start at a higher level and Noah has an extra point of Con iirc, and well Perceval is Perceval) 8. Cath (just a third Thief, is honestly a bit of a pain to deal with and it is arguable that it is better to kill her in Chapter 6 than to bother recruiting her) 9. Fir (kinda generic Myrmidon, especially considering the other two in this game have meme status and Rutger is legitimately one of the best units in this game) 10. Ogier (just a worse Deke, and he doesn't really have much meme status as far as I can tell) Honestly a lot of these choices were hard for me, though I've definitely succeeded at not just axing the 10 worst units in the game 😄
  21. Hoping the left one's actually Poe from Cipher. Even better if she gets the Selena treatment (OG version debuts several months after the Special Banner).
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