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  2. Removing the gender lock would increase the unbalance a lot, because guys are the best theorical abusers of pegasus knight and Girls are the best theorical abusers of war master. Like, Raphael, i repeat, Raphael, can easily get 30 effective speed while attacking just by going pegasus knight/wyvern rider/wyvern lord. Varying the weapon requirement is again an unbalancing move because it open up other abuses, in particular the painless transition from pegasus knight to wyvern lord. The only way i can see to avert the WL meta being even more overwhelming is if the other classes get skills so broken they make maddening a joke.
  3. Here's the beginning of a recollection of Crests accross the series i'd like to make. So here's Ashera Three Heroes, for Tellius, only Stefan, Kurthnaga and Sanaki are left. Soan Dheginsea Altina Lehran
  4. Hey all, I've been lurking for a few years, mostly looking at old arguments on unit viability for kicks, but I finally decided to take the plunge and make an account. I really love Jugdral and Tellius, and I'm currently replaying Radiant Dawn and playing TearRing for the first time. I've loved the series for a while now, I started with Sacred Stones and then moved on to 3DS-era and then Tellius, then Jugdral, then Elibe before playing Three Houses when it came out. For some reason I've never touched an old-school Archanea game.
  5. On that record, this exists: The thread is still okay to be posted with without breaking the necroposting rule, so if the conversation here isn't fully on-topic, it can be moved over there. Whatever I had to say, was already stated there.
  6. I recall it being discussed that it doesn't. Same applies for rally strength. It seems to be more like rally might and might blow.
  7. Interesting... I am curious to what Sugar Plums would be in a Brave Alt. Maybe Queen of Fairies alt? I wonder if she would keep her Prf Dancing skill, like how they gave Sacrifice to Micaiah, or they will give her a new one. I like most of the OCs, if not all of them, and I was pretty happy when Veronica won in CYL 2. I would like to have another OC winning again in a future CYL.
  8. Just for that, I'll log onto a separate computer and cast votes anonymously
  9. RE: Death Blow, the ability description says it increases strength by 6 when attacking, but that doesn't affect AS (while I'd expect it to, as every 5 points of strength negates 1 point of weight), does it?
  10. Good question! I would vote based on how the narrative portrays them regardless of people's own opinion on whether someone is justified or not. But if someone else wants to vote another way, than they are free to do so. Helping out the rebellion against the tyrannical occupation could be an unwise course of action, which can be debated in depth, but it doesn't mean the action in and of itself is morally ambiguous. In Roy's case, not waiting until Cecilia got the message would be a hasty decision because there is no guarantee that Cecilia gets the message. From the conversation here, it seems like Roy did it out of pride and doesn't seem to bother to weigh the pros and cons of the interference. In real life, not properly weighing the pros and cons of foreign intervention can have catastrophic results.
  11. On the whole thing about Byleth in Smash, I turned out to be right when I said that the new FE game's protagonist would have to be DLC. Oof. Also, did you try to fight Dr. Wily?
  12. Gameplay and story segregation plague many RPG. One scenes the party is fighting evenly whit a guy that survived a bombardment unschated, and the next dungeon you need to solve the puzzle/find the key even if you have 20 spells that should realistically blast the door open.
  13. Again, I'm still working out Abilities. Maybe I should remove that information for now. I did think about making Brawling the one constant recommendation, but I was not aware of that detail about War Master being the only Master class requiring it in the vanilla class system. I'll see what can be done about that. Again, haven't gotten around to changing Skills yet. Mage Knight will probably have Black and White Tomefaire, but not Dark Tomefaire.
  14. So were Catherine and Shamir, I assume it might have to do with difficulty balancing.
  15. tfw you cancel an outing with friends due to stomache <.< Their is an orb near their HP bars. When that Orb is filled up, they transform. Also, beware the Imouto system. And enjoy 😄
  16. Its not really any different from Lif last year who reached the top 20 long before he became an actual character.
  17. I particularly like how every tier offered a certain "total" to skill bonuses - 2 in Beginner, 4 in Advanced, etc. Thus making it so Swordmaster gives a much bigger boost in just swords, whereas Assassin gets Swords and Bows, etc. The current system is totally imbalanced in favor of units with movement types and/or multiple weapons. I like the varied requirement options on Intermediate classes, but I'm not sold on Advanced and Master classes. If I can get into Fortress Knight without ever picking up an Axe, why do I get Axefaire? These all sound very good. We got basically no Lance Infantry beyond Soldier and Dimitri. And Armored magic-users have seemed under-utilized. Archsage is fine, but I'm a no-go on Master of Arms. War Master was the one Master class that required (and specialized in) Brawling, and now that's been taken away. IMO the reqs should stay as-is, but there should be some off-setting (i.e. a unit with A+ Axes and B+ Brawling has 100% pass rate, as does B Axes and S Brawling, etc.). Again, not really a fan. The glut of horses in Master tier is fine; the game finally recognizes that being on a horse is a strength in its own right. Plus, the new version is just Dark Knight renamed, with no White Tomefaire (a not-that-great ability that can still be abused with Seraphim or attempted Nosfertanking). Just my thoughts, I like what you did with the skill rate boosts, and with the new classes (that aren't attempting to replace old ones). Curious to see where this goes!
  18. Also, I generally just assume that something resembling "Ki" is a thing in this universe, which explains why there are combat techniques that can literally leech the life from another human being or forcibly swap places with somebody three spaces away on the other side of a wall. A lot of the skills in this game just do not make sense unless you assume that magic users aren't the only ones who can break the laws of physics. Plus, in more modern games, women who look like supermodels are regularly depicted as being a match in raw strength for men built like brick shithouses and even werewolves, so sexual dimorphism and basic biology are completely out the window in this universe.
  19. I'm not 100% sure but it looks right so far. Avatar_N, Im not really sure.
  20. Okay. Interestingly, I was looking at character-dependent abilities and arts, and, when it comes to the weapons, people learn two arts for each weapon they're proficient in: one at C+ and one at A. Ah; that makes sense. Interesting. Ah. Thanks. I've just been copy-pasting tables. That would explain the technical difficulties I've sometimes had when pasting them. And thanks for looking at the other characters. I'm looking forward to the review.
  21. Was this really necessary? Thank you! Maybe next year, if there isn't so many candidates, I can throw a vote towards Ryan.
  22. at the start, I want my female avatar have growth rate like this: HP Str Magic Skl Speed Luck Def Res 30% 80% 80% 80% 30% 80% 30% 30% her Player Growth :CD 8C 26 E5 A0 89 96 F5 her Enemy Growth: CB 8A 55 14 CF 9E 59 18 So I have to edit her Playler Growth to: HP Str Magic Skl Speed Luck Def Res 08 4C 17 D6 0C 60 96 55 (C2+CB=108, (C2+8A=14C (C2+ 55=117 (C2+ 14=D6) (3D+ CF=10C (C2+ 9E= 160 (3D+ 59=96) (3D+ 18=55) but remove 1 but remove 1 but remove 1 but remove 1 but remove 1 so it become so it become so it become so it become so it become 08) 4C) 17) 0C 60 I think I need to use "encryted enemy growth" + % growrate you listed( 3d= 30%, C2=80%) = "encryted player growth" that I need to edit. and what is avatar_N ? (below avatar_F) Sword level = 6 is level E rank , right? what is the number for B, C,A,S rank ?
  23. No, superpowers are not clearly stated, but they are there in every game. You just cannot break trough the scales of a Manakete whitout super strenght for example, and not many of them have weak points. This is how powerscaling work. Dragons usually can take an hit from other dragons, wich means that to hurt them, you need to hit as hard as a dragon, or at least close enought. The alternative is to think that people like Marth kill dragons by dodging every attack and always targeting the eyes, but those still require superpowers, in the form of super speed/ultra instinct instead of super strenght. And even if you want to give all the credit to leggendary weapons, the character still need to get close enought to use them, wich again require either super toughness or super speed. It's either that everyone is a Charles Atlas Superhuman or that the story of most games make 0 sense. Edit: no, ike can't destroy a castle, because. His attacks are castle level in the sense that they can hurt a being more tough than a castle, but pure force is not enought to destroy a castle, you need a certain amount of force distributed over a large surface. Ike can produce enought force to destroy a small section of a cadtle, but lacks the AoE to destroy all of it.
  24. OH HELL YES! It's an interesting what-if scenario, to say the least!
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  26. I find the Dimitri bit especially funny since he himself certainly doesn't view himself as such, and thinking of him as purely good is frankly a p big disservice to his character I feel. He's done utterly horrific things and generally doesn't -think- that he can ever make up for those things, nor should he be forgiven, yet he works to atone for them anyways. Putting him in one camp or the other just doesn't work. For Claude I'd say it's mostly a case of him just having insanely good PR both in and out of universe. He's surprisingly lowkey about his real intentions and most people tend to overlook his indiscretions as a result, especially when his counterparts are Dimitri, who ends up slaughtering and torturing people and Edelgard who starts a continental-scale war. They're a lot more large scale so people end up being more vocal about it, I suppose. I think Edelgard being viewed on the moral black scale usually largely comes about because while she is a protagonist, she's also -the- antagonist in 3/4 routes as well as the primary antagonist of part 1. It creates a natural bias I feel since perspective wise you're much more often going to see her while she's resorting to the most horrendous means to attain her goal vs CF where she's somewhat mellowed out and tries to keep the use of those methods to a minimum. I definitely think it's a case of first impressions being important and lasting.
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