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  2. So Manuela's age is depicted as "Secret"; at least they played it as a joke rather than ?? again which would make people speculate about her being a dragon. From her stat screen it shows she has access to Heal; Nosferatu; Ward and Silence. She has the Hexblade Combat Art which is new to Three Houses(I think); but I'll presume it activates sword strike which goes off of the user's magic stat. She has boons in Sword; Faith and Flying and Banes in Reason and Heavy Armour. Seems like her intended Master Class is either Holy Knight or Falcon Knight. Desperation probably won't be great on Ferdinand as his personal skill wants him to stay at full he health. Triangle Attack as a Combat Art is such a good idea and I'm really glad it's back.
  3. Hi, you could maybe add a small section on recruiting non student characters
  4. Yes Steal is the Thief's class ability however by mastering the class you get Steal so you can presumably use it with any class by equipping it (though it will take one of your 5 slots). This makes sense since Thief is the only class with this ability and no doubt there will be stuff to steal down the line. Some more stuff: Cav gets Desperation for mastering it Flayn learns Seal Magic by unlocking her budding talent in Reason: Also there is something interesting about this image of Edelgard, possibly confirming something we all theorised: For Mastering Peg. Knight, you get Darting Blow (an ability, not pictured) and Triangle Attack (a combat art) Manuela's Profile after being recruited:
  5. Again. Only Byleth being able to S Support doesn't mean they are Byleth sexual. Also there are some supports which require more steps to rise them, which means they need three supports to get Rang C for exemple. So actually there are sometimes more scenes. Also it's just realistic that not everybody goes well around with everybody.
  6. Thief already has Steal as a class ability, right? Do you have to learn your class skills or does it allow you to equip it for other classes?
  7. Today
  8. I'd like to see that on my Selena or Athena. Both would make great use of these skills...Dull is already a nice B skill and this one makes Laevateinn and the Bladetome users cry. Thing is though, if we transition to Combat buffs like mentioned this skill may lose it strength. In AR there are already a lots of teams doing this.. Still the additional Debuff is nice to have.
  9. Looking at IGN's support chart, the majority of same sex supports end with B and opposite sex ends with A. Exception to this is Byleth who A ranks with all same sex and S ranks all opposite sex. With Byleth being a mute and everything else being voiced, maybe voice acting costs are behind this? Personally not too thrilled about everyone being Bylethsexual especially since, from what we've seen, they're hardly a character. Crossing my fingers in hopes that one of the free updates includes S ranks for our units. Wishful thinking I know, but I can dream 😋
  10. No timeskip designs have been leaked however here for her backstory (I’m linking the reddit thread since I’m on mobile)
  11. From what I can gather it's just speculation. There are voice clips of Male Byleth from different press releases (IGN's class video is one of them since Male Byleth was used to represent the commoner class) and people assumed it might be Chris. There's no official word as of this point.
  12. Oh for people interested, according to the person running the reddit leak thread, the leaker wont be leaking major story content and is mainly gonna focus on gameplay. Obviously this could change, but it's a plus for people who want to stay spoiler free from the main story events. Also there is a second thread on reddit now and there will probably be a new thread each day https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/cfwcnu/leak_compendium_day_2/ So the mastery ability for Thief is Steal btw:
  13. Oooh I see, i'm not sure how I got that mixed up, sorry about that.
  14. Apollo Justice is voiced by Orion Acaba.
  15. While I do agree that Chris Niosi did not do the nicest things, I do believe people on the internet are way too trigger happy to call someone an Ass. The same happened with James Charles who proved himself innocent, but not before a huge blow was dealt to his channel, and even now people give him the cold shoulder. I feel like this apology, unlike a lot of apologies like Projared's, is really not that bad. While I do not agree of cutting him of all further work, I do agree that he shouldn't work for at least a while to just let things die down. He did mention his mental health after all. However, for allegations like ''He only wanted to be Byleth to be in Smash'' with literally no proof: Don't do this. There is no evidence to suggest this is true, you're just sending him to the stocks. Don't believe everything you hear on the internet. Also where do people get that Chris Niosi voices Byleth? He voiced Apollo Justice too if I'm not wrong and they don't really sound alike from what little we have heard from Byleth.
  16. this is a lot of gibberish about Personal relationship stuff. So, people believe he is an Ass and now after somebody openly shamed him he thinks so as well about himself. Maybe he is one, maybe it is just pressure through the outrage mob, i can't tell, but i still do not understand what actually has happened? EDIT: as in, i won't read half a book of this pretty depressive stuff about a person i don't know or care about. Being a shitty Person (most likely in circumstances, not in all) is not really actionable (and that is good, everybody will be an Ass sometimes). Relationship issues are normally a two way street as well you know.
  17. Its basically dull skills with stats bonus, the only catch being it nulifies 2 select stats. Theres no limitation to it besides it being partial nulification. Which does make it one of the better B slot we seen so far
  18. Don't have Ryoma and only one red orb, so straightforward choice. 3* Laslow
  19. Is there any limitations to the enemies affected by Lull skills? Ploy skills affect enemies in cardinal direction, Sabotage skills affect enemies at beside of each other,and both still need the unit's RES to take effect, and Chill skills just affect enemies with the highest stat.
  20. Holy shit I've subscribed to his shitty youtube channel this entire time and I didn't even know. (I don't even remember when or why I did tbh)
  21. You know, I wonder if this will end up meaning something for Fire Emblem as a whole? Landmaster is right, FEH's already started transitioning from Field Buffs to Combat Buffs (not as heavily as now, but still very noticable). Still, the fact that FEH is starting to prefer Combat Buffs over Field Buffs is starting to worry me a little. It's like Awakening vs Fates. Awakening, especially in Apotheosis, was very much for the usage of Rally skills; in Fates, however, that focus pretty much shifted over to the Blow skills. Yes, people still used Rallybots in Fates, but skills like Death Blow and Darting Blow were used a lot more often, and Rallybots were more often than not human pack mules for Rainbow Tonics. Even in Three Houses, a most of the skills in that game (that we know of right now) that affect stats are during combat, the only real exceptions being the Faires (which have always acted as Field Bonuses) and the Ploys which obviously came from FEH itself. Is Intelligent Systems starting to gravitate away from Field Bonuses as a whole, transitioning towards the more dynamic Combat Bonus mechanic? If so, what could this mean for Rally skills in future games (aside from Three Houses, of course), and what kinds of skills/mechanics will take precedent?
  22. You know what my first impression for Dull Skill kinda is? 5 seconds of hype and then "Will people use this over the already used B slot because it technically does make you weaker? its a glorifed Stats +3" And thats pretty much it. Lets not forget in higher arenas, your pretty much fighting Armors and Armor were a complete utter joke without fighter skills. They are STILL not too dangerous with fighter skills, and lull is relased in an era where we have 90.000 options for stats stacking that isn't visible buff. Not using lull also means not using Null C Disrupt which means you can auto win with Healers Emblem Team is already "unviable" in Arena since the days where we have to put all kill into a single basket for player side anyway, imo Another thing i would note is it makes Rally skills even more of a useless garbage your forced to use than they already were Oh as for Bladetomes dying? good riddance. fuck Nino
  23. Wait what? I thought the most controversial thing Douglas ever did was drunk dialing the tea party.
  24. Ok so the Axe Edel has in her character Art is the Killer Axe:
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