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  2. Ah. Apologies for misinterpreting your point, then! Another Benice-tier Hot take! I think that axes being inaccurate in FE6 is a smaller problem than it's made out to be and doesn't make FE6 less balanced weapon-wise than FE7 or 8. First off, axes still do have merit. They have higher might than swords and have WTA against enemy Wyvern Lords/Knights, which is super helpful in the latter half of the game when your squishies will be OHKO'd by them. Iron axes are axeurate enough and overall the shaky hitrates can be mitigated via supports and the weapon triangle. Not to mention Berserkers having 30 crit and warriors getting huge promotion bonuses. Second off, Swords do as advertised-Low might, high accuracy. They don't have equivalent might to lances or axes. They're just accurate. That's the whole point of swords. Their 1-2 range option sucks as much as javelins and hand axes do. Third off, I'd argue that FE6 weapons are MORE balanced than FE7 or 8's-You aren't shooting yourself in the foot by using an axe in FE6, but swords are completely useless in FE7 and 8. Axes are far from unusable whereas swords are quite debilitating in FE7 and 8.
  3. I really like the way X-2 was handled, I really enjoyed it. Compared to X, it was amazing overall. I enjoyed the gameplay elements they added in.
  4. Gotta love how suicidal autobattle is. Expect an total wipe from the Necrodragon.
  5. For those looking for the Thracia 776 patch that released last year, try here: https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/bvdhj7/project_exile_a_complete_thracia_776_translation/
  6. You didn't present this as an opinion, but I agree that Awakening, to me at least, seems far more like a rom-com anime than it does a serious conflict between nations. The serious tone that it tries to convey is largely undermined by the abundance of comedic moments and supports, in my opinion. It honestly feels like there's two writers trying to set a tone and both often cancel each other out.
  7. I realize now that I've worded my question very poorly, twice now. I guess I was more just wondering if there's anyone left as a viable potential fighter from a Nintendo series that doesn't have any yet? All the fighter predictions I've been seeing lately have either been 3rd party, characters from a series that already has fighters, or joke predictions. Does that clarify what I'm trying to ask?
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  9. Oh, haha, X-2. That was the first FF I played. Talk about an unusual choice to enter the series. Start with a sequel work!? Mhm. Interesting gameplay, and many aspects of the story were so too.
  10. Welcome to the Forest, Prophet! It's your intro, you were free to let it all end at just one sentence. I appreciate your effort for telling more. Have a nice day and enjoy your stay!
  11. It's a good game, I just find the combat very repetitive. I personally like X-2 much better.
  12. Welcome back to the Forest. You've done the time so you're all right. Have a nice day and enjoy your stay!
  13. How about we each list the daftest thing you've ever done in A Pokemon Game?. Mine happened less then 10 minutes ago. Here's mine Playing Sword, saved then seconds later encountered A Shiny Wooper, caught it, it had its Hidden Ability as well as A Best Rank each in Hp, Attack and Speed, A Good Rank in both Defence and Special Defence and A Very Good Rank in Special Attack and fearing that it was due to some sort of bug or glitch reloaded the game. Daft or what?
  14. Anyone hear the rumors about a Direct on July 20th? I'd take it with a grain of salt, but assuming it's true, I still wanna believe CP7 will be revealed then.
  15. Ah, X. The second FF I played. Or was that IV? Well anyway, I greatly enjoyed it. Although I never had the chance to 100% it.
  16. I just find 10 boring because most of your options, the enemies are immune to, limiting what you can do. And it comes down to abusing things like Quick Trick over and over.
  17. Like I said, any mage who doesn't have a weakness in Brawling. Most of this quotation doesn't constitute much of any kind of argument - either it lacks relevance, or it's just empty rhetoric. Here's the original calculations that led me to say to that Pneuma Gale is at least OK. Gauntlets are obviously not a straight substitute for spell charges. However, they still allow for more charges of magical damage than you would actually get in other classes. I have never at any point claimed that War Monk, or Pneuma Gale, are outright good. All I have said this entire time is that a War Monk Aura Knuckles build has an exceptional amount of raw attack power, enough to actually consider it as a build for one of your endgame party (and thus as a competing build to the usual Warlock progression). Anything else I've said in defence of War Monk is to justify why anyone would go into it on top of attempting to achieve this attack power I found the opposite. You can sell lots of more valuable things in Part 2, you will always get 5k a month from Professor Level, more money from tournaments, auxiliary battles (and DLC battles) give out higher rewards, and that's excluding however much money you had left over from Part 1. And after the Chapter 13 battle , you won't have to invest money buying seals/weapons for units you don't want to use (and there isn't really a need to upgrade most of your weapons before endgame, so outgoing costs aren't that bad either). I found that without doing more than one day of aux battles per month I very rarely dropped below 50-60k in Part 2 (more on NG+ files). I'm happy to write all that off as a difference in subjective experience between us, but even still, if I was planning to use a unit for endgame, 3,750G or 5,000G seems like a reasonable investment over the course of any Part 2. Okay, let's talk about spell loss. I'm assuming you love siege tomes (I don't mind losing out on them) so this build is a no go for Constance, Dorothea and Hanneman. Let's also dismiss Lorenz, Marianne, Linhardt and Hapi (who have weaknesses in Brawling) and Lysithea (best offensive list in the game IMO). Let's assume your healer isn't any of the mentioned mages, leaving one of Mercedes or Flayn to be that healer. Even assuming that all of those units are for some reason unavailable for this build, that still leaves Manuela, Annette, Yuri and Anna free to do it (and Hubert on CF) - all of whom can get a high enough magic stat to make my earlier outline work (if not higher). In practice, it's also extremely unlikely that you're going to want to use all six of the otherwise constrained mages (Lysithea, Constance, Dorothea, Hanneman, Mercedes, Flayn) as pure mages, because that's normally too many to deploy anyway. Given that this build will certainly give you more raw attack power than any straight mage, meaning a higher likelihood of Player Phase KOs (which is everything on Maddening, how on earth can this be the wrong thing to focus on?), and most of your mages won't even be able to compete with normal Lysithea in damage output, it seems very reasonable to let one of your mages try this build. Even if Marianne is doubling (which is probably for only around half the enemies or less in Maddening anyway, like everyone else) the disparity between her Str and Mag is enough that only a Brave Lance (or potentially the Relic lances) are likely to reach as much damage as, or more than, Frozen Lance. Given that there are lots of good lance users, many of whom would appreciate a Brave Lance/be better users of the Relics, and fairly little Wootz Steel to go around, I'm surprised you went for Marianne as your physical attacker of choice. Bolt Axe is definitely a troublesome weapon (I deploy it because it gives 3-space Linked Attack range for Axe users, but as a weapon in its own right it isn't nearly as good as the other magic weapons, precisely because of its weight). And from my experience I'd say normal bows (even without Curved Shot) have better hit than magic weapons. But gauntlets in general are a fairly accurate weapon class, and from what I've seen Aura Knuckles hit just as often as normal gauntlets - I've never worried about my hit rate when using them. As for the bolded comment, here was my question. Here was your reply. I assumed you simply misread my question, otherwise you wouldn't have replied in this way (because at best it's misleading, otherwise it's straight-up wrong). That's why I said The correct response is either to clarify whether you meant to bring up Marianne as a WL earlier, or defend why she should be in that class.
  18. How's life? After my technical issues with FE7, I decided to start FE2 to take a break. Surprisingly, I'm actually finding it pretty fun! I like archers with big range and being able to class-change the villagers and whatnot.
  19. It really comes down to what you consider “noteworthy.” I would say Advance Wars, Rhythm Heaven, Golden Sun, and Chibi-Robo, but I don’t know how “noteworthy” those would be. Again, it all comes down to what you consider “noteworthy.” If you mean relevant on the Switch then none of these would apply (yet...)! 😅
  20. Banned because, of the voice clips I listened to, Neptune's VA was actually my least favorite. She kind of reminded me of Peri. Btw, are there dating sim aspects in Neptunia? Because each character has a "rejection" and "valentine" voice clip.
  21. Hello, I'm pretty new to editing/exploring the files of games and mainly wanted to get acces to the fonts used in fe10(though I'm also pretty interested in getting some other assets) . After some messing around I managed to decompress the .cms files of the fonts into .tpl files but that's where I've hit a roadblock. All the tools people in old fe threads used for .tpl files either do nothing, give an error message or the links to those programs are expired. I've tried to use some tools the mario kart wii community uses like CTools tpl editor, wiimms tools and Brawlbox but none of them seem to work with my files either. Does anyone have any tips for me?
  22. Banned because that's similar to how I feel about IF's (the character, not the development studio) behavior towards Neptune. It goes beyond friendly banter right into pure hostility, and it just makes their friendship seem unbelievable.
  23. Banned because I think it moves a bit beyond slapstick and makes Ryuji's and her romance a little forced. But that's just my opinion.
  24. Banned for noticing the symbolism in Taiga’s name It’s a little thing called slapstick. It’s used mostly for comedy and exaggeration
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