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  2. Even the manga is saying Jakob needs a refine now! Please make it happen for Christmas IS!
  3. There's also the option to ditch the avatar completely. I like that option more. Failing that having an avatar that is not important to the plot would also work.
  4. Firmia is pretty pissed off! Firmia Attacks! Target: Luna (Astin) Weapon: AA Missiles Final Hit: 100! Final Crit: 13 Roll: 35, 99 Hit! No Crit. Damage: 99 Astin counters! Weapon: Wrist Missiles Final Hit: 100 Final Crit: 7 Roll: 24,49 Hit! No Crit. Damage: 67 Firmia gains +10 EXP! Tycho casts Focus![-10SP] Tycho decides to... sword a battleship?! Tycho attacks! Target: Chaldene #1 Weapon: Xiphos (Lucky roll: 18%; Lucky++) Final Hit: 100 Final Crit: 13 Roll: 86, 31 Hit! No Crit. Damage: 62 Chaldene counters! Weapon: Missile Barrage Final Hit: 22 Final Crit: 4 Roll: 6, 77 Hit! No Crit. Damage: 91 Tycho gains +10 EXP! Whew... Finally, Bonner moves to (9,13), landed.
  5. I had the same idea. Hell, having the legendary "weapon" be an armor instead would give the avatar a signature piece of equipment whitout class or weapon locking them. My idea was actually merging the relic and Sothis in a Senketsu-like sidekick.
  6. XRay

    Captain Obvious

    Activities that required your input. Why words have letters?
  7. Help Annette be a pop star; I think they can generate more profit. WYR rule the world of Fódlan or rule the world of Ylisse-Valm?
  8. They've given us a lot of costume options for Byleth in the recent update, but it still kind of sucks that you can't customize an avatar at all really (also battle outfits for classes being useable in the monastery would be nice). I think the reason for this is because they wanted to have Byleth in fmvs. In Awakening they didn't much need Robin in fmvs as Chrom and Lucina mostly had the focus in such moments, but in Fates where they ditched the non Avatar lord, fmvs were kind of awkward where they were mostly shit from Corrin's pov or people talking to Corrin off camera, or in one instance, Corrin's face being obscured. So for Three Houses they decided on a definitive design that the player doesn't choose at the start of the game. That's my theory anyway. But I have a better solution. Design the next Avatar to wear a helmet or mask in battle. This they can use in fmv scenes and maybe combat (with an option to remove if you choose) while the face underneath the player is free to create. Said avatar would actually have the mask off for most regular cutscenes and supports etc with it being standard battle attire for that character. There we go, best if both worlds. A default design that can be displayed for fmv and stuff like Heroes, while still allowing customisation (DLC or new game+ could even offer the option to swap out the mask for classic ones across the series like the Black Knight or Sirius, though obviously the default one would be the only one used for fmvs, just like the outfits that are in Three Houses already).
  9. I was being lazy, I wasn't sure how to spell it, and I didn't want to try looking it up. It's "Elagabalus", one of the prettiest Roman names around, isn't it? It rolls off the tongue after shoving a basket of chocolate bonbons in your mouth following some dental work. Would you want her throwing outdoors parties lit by saints burning their calories? Having her call for more "firewood" whenever the lighting got dim? Nero also needs Agrippina, his mother, the woman who might have arranged for his early ascension to the throne via a poisoning. And, who he later had killed, mommy issues are fun.
  10. I like both. I think I lean towards bear because they are bigger. WYR ride a big lion or a big wolf?
  11. That's why there's no specific character I think has a decent chance. I just object to it as a law, because time and time again people have tried to divine rules for Smash Bros. participants and have been proven wrong. Even when Sakurai says "We can't do this" the character can still appear in the next game.
  12. The first merge usually gives an extra point in Spd, and her HP would still be below 40, so I think the merge is worth it. Waves are outclassed by Rouses, and regular nuke wants to stick to their Dancers/Singers who can provide buffs, so I do not think it is fodder worth saving unless you want the novelty on Nino or something.
  13. I haven't actually played a Pokemon game since Gen 5 as a disclaimer. And, I know SwSh is leading to a lot of bitterness, but do realize my musings won't go to Game Freak HQ, so don't point a shiny knife at my neck if you think what I'm about to say is bad (but it shouldn't be incendiary). Shiny Pokemon, a little detail thats been in the franchise since Gen 2, with that glorious freebie Red Gyarados at the Lake of Rage. Shiny Pokemon have always fascinated some people with their distinctive colors and extreme rarity, such that you'd be severely disappointed for fifteen minutes if you failed to catch one. Not like you'd miss out on anything in gameplay, since, thankfully, Shiny Pokemon differ only visually, they're no better or different than the other 99.9% of their species. But, thinking on it, should Shiny Pokemon be so rare? In other RPGs, alternate monster colors are usually taken as a sign of laziness, rehashing the same designs for later in a game. And if I turn on Smash Bros., I'm treated to the ability to pick from eight different colors at any time for Mewtwo, Lucario, Greninja, and Incineroar. I know Pokemon isn't so lazy in monster designs, there are about one-thousand of them now; and Smash is a fighting game, not a JRPG. But, Shiny Pokemon are only different in colors, their size and shape match every other in their species. Recoloring the mere surface of things shouldn't be at all difficult to do, and some of them already are fairly lazy, Espeon is just dunked in a can of alien-green paint. There are more significant physical alterations, but they're not used in the Shiny status, they're forms, Formes, and Unknown and the ilk. So, why not make Shiny Pokemon less rare, why not include more Shiny variants for each and every Pokemon? Why not take the concept and bring it out of the heavens down to earth? I have a red Solrock, so what if it isn't orange? Why not have a black Solrock and a yellow Solrock as well, and have them all have an appearance rate of at least 5% whenever a Solrock appears?
  14. I mean, okay, I get that, but there comes a point where something is so unlikely that the minuscule chance isn't worth considering. Sakurai outright stating something won't happen in Smash is enough for me to believe it, well, won't happen.
  15. Teacher. Whoever threw that paper your mom's a hoe! WYR help Annette become a pop star or help Ignatz become a concept artist?
  16. Because they had your phone number. What did I do today?
  17. Pick his nose. WYR ride a bear or a deer?
  18. Today
  19. I'm well behind in my monthly updates here, so I figured I'd share some incomplete screens of chapter 21 to make up for being late. The chapter is about 90% done. When I finish this chapter, I'm probably going to do some ROM cleanup so that I actually know what's in my base ROM (other than graphics and music, I no longer really remember honestly) and then I'll see about adding in the strength/magic split, some of the other cool recently released hacks like holy blood, and some more hybrid classes/branching promotion.
  20. There are better options for your A-team but it’s still a useful skill. Though it’s only works every other turn, it’s a self-buff that doesn’t rely on team composition or placement. I think they intend to use the old one for fodder. If Ishtar has an Res/def bane, a merge won’t make much difference since her bulk isn’t very important.
  21. Every character in this thread is someone I’d like in. Especially Holst.
  22. Forget Langbolt and Repair, Prince Kurth never appears in the game at all! He gets his (way too young looking) portrait in the prologue and maybe another chapter and that's it. I'm in agreement with all your suggested changes. The games plot is great, but it can be delivered very hamfistedly sometimes. Not as bad as Mystery of the Emblem (which doesn't actually have a plot, it just has lore and backstory) but there's still quite a few characters who exposit information to other characters who already know it. Regarding gameplay, I think the simple introduction of the rescue command would foot units quite a lot. Not entirely fix them, so more defense features would be nice, bit just convoying them to the action easier would be useful and would give a defined purpose to the likes of Alec when they fall behind in combat. Chapter 7 would have to stop you from just convoying your entire army over to Leif somehow though. Most likely by putting one of those plot barriers over the water. It's either that or just make Pegasus entirely unable to rescue, which would kind of suck.
  23. Whaaaaaaaaa?! Well that sucks!
  24. There was a 2nd game? (No one speaks of that game. Not even Capcom).
  25. I gave that to Finn myself, owing to him having the 2nd Gen to put it to use. So you'd get the most use on paper by doing so, in practice, Finn isn't that valuable in Gen 2 I discovered. But, neither do you need that much more offense for what remains of Gen 1. Claude of Somewhere in Britain will have his name pronounced as "Cloud-ee" or "Cloud-day". Choose Your Legends for FE Heroes decided on "Claud", no "e" at the end for the Duke of Edda. Maybe it'll be changed later, nothing is permanent until FE4 gets a remake, but this is the best we have to go on at the moment. And, FEH chose "Tailtiu" for Miss Thunder Mage, which is apparently the accurate old spelling of an Irish goddess's name. "Tailte" might be a modern update closer to the pronunciation? That was precisely my problem I think, I didn't have a promoted Lach for this. Since fighting Eldigan is very dangerous, and getting him gone doesn't make the Cross Knights disappear, an unpromoted Lachesis means a big headache of positioning her to talk to her brother, and then protecting Lach/killing enough Cross Knights so she won't die. Or she could die, Claud and Valkyrie is here now. Except for this game for sure. Since by the time Altena shows up, the next two chapters appreciate a high Res stat she can only barely reach if at all with a Barrier Sword and Ring. Claud!Fee should probably be able to pass the Res check with only one of those two things, or even neither. Heath is pretty equal to the F Sisters in FE7. FE12 should have instances on Maniac/Lunatic where the higher Spd cap of Falco will matter. And Awakening probably has Wyverns and Pegasi as equals- tankiness vs. flying magic/Rescue and all.
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