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  2. Been reading up on some of the stuff about Chris Nioshi as of late and its...saddening. A few of the people I've come to like over the years are being revealed to be creeps as of late....*sigh*...
  3. Two can be complete without the rest of the world Two can be complete without the rest of the world Do it for the people that have died for your sake An entire generation that has nothing to say How'd yoo make your way to me? Let's say you made a deal with me And I got your name and your home address And you're all trashed up with your big red belt I would almost say that you might need help I could drop you off at the next red light If it don't make sense or it don't feel right All the girls could never make me love them the way I love you Can't you see the sky is not the limit no more? I can see the elevator crashed the floor I can still see yesterday sailing away Seven billion people who got nothing to say Are you coming on to me? I saw your face then I heard that song It was so inviting it hurt my bones Well it looks like you but your eyes are grey And your hair is gone but your mind's okay Yes I like your smile but your forehead's cold I don't want you to be afraid and go I would cheat and lie and steal now I'll stay at home and kneel for you I was waiting For my baby, to arrive Right by my side Oh please Leave me alone tonight Forget the past Two can be complete without the rest of the world Oh you know I said it just to get you to laugh Do it for the people that have died for your sake An entire generation of entertainers to blame The light is red The camera's on. Get yourself a lawyer and a gun. Hate your friend's new friends like everyone. Childhood's end can be so competitive, Oh sky's not the limit and your never gonna guess what is...
  4. Red pandas are the ones related to raccoons, not giant pandas. Giant pandas aren't related to red pandas.
  5. Didn’t get any coins for pre-purchasing Houses. Now, I’m a bit worried that I might not get Byleth when he drops. Do pre-purchased games not give golden coins until the game drops?
  6. Dang, there’s been a lot of talk that Chris Noosi is Male Byleth, and that he gunned so hard for the role because he wanted to be in smash. Apparently, though, on top of being an abusive creep, he also has broken his NDA on multiple occasions just to brag about the role and the potential it holds for him. I hope Nintendo and Cup of Tea take this seriously and get rid of him.
  7. I actually want three house a lot bois and gurls
  8. If you can summon the strength tow me i cant hold down the urgency you've got to make you descent slowly and oil up those sticky keys coax me out my low down the spin of my propeller its a necessary evil no cause for emergency Borrowed the beak of a bald eagle oh momentary synergy coax me out my low sinking to tomorrow coax me out my low down the spin of my propeller my propeller wont spin and i cant get it started in my own when are you arriving my propeller wont spin and i cant get it started in my own when are you arriving my propeller wont spin and i cant get it started in my own when are you arriving my propeller
  9. isn't currently thinking of everything in water metaphors. (What has fates's story done to me?)
  10. We went to the youth club and we looked out place i didnt know where to look so i looked at your face but you were a boxing champ and i was a weakling you didnt give me a chance you gave me a beating and i thank you very much that you did and as the time went by we stayed out of trouble before i could realize my age had doubled the man i became is a tragic bore and hes not a boxing champ anymore if theres one thing i learned is to run away at least i enjoy what i do today and i thank you very much that i do
  11. I'm alright why do you ask? i'm uptight i guess let it pass i've never had much in common with you you brought me up gentle and mild but im somebody else's somebody else's child full head of hair bright blue eyes i get my nose i'm told from my mother side she took a lover that she barely knew oooooooh i'll let you down Wayward and wild but i'm somebody else's somebody else's child
  12. Three Houses. But I guess if I had three houses I could rent them out for extra cash... WYR be on the kiss cam at a baseball game or catch a foul ball at a baseball game?
  13. Dive in the ocean without a diver's suit. WYR have three houses or Three Houses right now?
  14. For my empress! For my waifus! For the Black Eagles!
  15. Today
  16. Panic and Dull Ranged are commonly available effects: when going in blind, one should already be planning for if field buffs get shut down. Lull skills are probably stronger than those, but unless Claude/Dimitri demotes, they’ll be hard to obtain.
  17. Emperor Witchking Your Father Absolute Zero I.C.U.P.
  18. Howdy, welcome to the forest partner. I'm Karnage, I'm the Sheriff of general FE
  19. @daisy jane Nintendo should work with the mobile game publishers to add yearly quests on the linked Nintendo account. These would give out gifts for their various mobile games on a user's birthday. I think around twenty orbs would be appropriate for Heroes. 😀
  20. Hm... You could give it to a super tank and the Panic essentially nullifies buffs, so it is basically Dull All but better, but the catch is that it does not work on the first enemy that fights you, and it does not work if other enemies are too far away to be affected by the first enemy. As for giving it to a support unit, I am not sure. So it is basically dagger/staff unit, but at melee range. That lack of range could be a huge problem in my opinion since it gets more difficult to pull out, whereas ranged units have more distance between them and the enemy so it is easier to pull out for them.
  21. I imagine that customers would have that expectation.
  22. Is there a law that states that? The business is a for-profit organization, and it is selling a service to improve their emotional wellbeing (or whatever vague idea/concept).
  23. You chose the higher difficulty setting. 😀 That's actually pretty impressive.
  24. i think ar is an amazing mode that is deeply flawed at the top end, so i will endeavor to maintain my status and casually climb to t22-23 each week without cursing it for being garbage bullshit in the thread because i'm not willing to try to be in the top 1%
  25. Gratz and welcome, now you can go full try-hard, or just switch off your brain like I do and just coast that tier, depending on your enjoyment of the mode (I hate it immensely, hence the latter approach for me). Regardless, the hard part is done.
  26. That's really about all you get short-term. 🙂 There's much more stuff coming later, but the details are very limited. They'd have to reveal profit margins and also disclose how everything gets distributed (like a non-profit). I think most businesses would greatly prefer to just sell a product or service. 😀
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