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  2. The numbers you bring in are interesting, I didn't study much of Awakening, especially caps since different caps for each unit mean you have to remember differences between each unit and I played Awakening much less than Fates in the 4 past years, while I barely ever played for caps since in that game they're completely absurd and unneeded for a hard playthrough and only allow lunatic to be how braindead it is with ennemies having higher caps to hit before they stop their overgrowth to hit for 60% of the HP of any of your units that didn't grind through 3 reclasses. Another completely misogyne element that we can find in the vision of women in society, notably in jobs more tradionnaly masculine than feminine, is the Luck stat. Males (except kids) tend to have much lower luck compared with kids and women, which tends to make you guess that men don't need luck because they're competent, while kids and women have to rely on luck to make up for adult/teenager males' superiority in these functions. That's exactly how people think of female/kids who succeed in male-oriented jobs/tasks, either they're a rare element that is out of the box, or they're simply lucky to have succeeded. Meanwhile a male who achieves female-oriented tasks/jobs is often seen as having succeeded because of sheer competence. Of course when I genderize tasks/jobs, it's only under the sight of the society, like how classical dance tends to be seen more as a female practice than a male one, while weight lifting tends to be seen as a male practice, or taking care of kids vs being a soldier/cop. Moulder starts with 2 luck and has 20 or 25% growth, yet he is more used than his beautiful, elegant, shy counterpart (I'm using these adjectives on purpose to show how genderized the characteristics of units are, men leaning more towards ability while women tend to be used because of looks or personnality/gimmick), simply because this old man with mediocre growths compared with Natasha has enough with just his base stats, having a constitution that allows him to wield C tomes as a sage without suffering any speed penalty while evryone else would take -3-4 speed (men) or -6-7 (girls except mage knights), while his effective speed largely compensates his lack of power, and he has more HP/def than females with a growth of 25%, similar to Kyle's who is the tankiest of the 3 original cavaliers of FE8. Same can be said in FE6, I've seen many comments telling that Echidna wasn't worth the trouble since she lacks bulk, power and constitution (thus loosing massive speed to her preferred weapon type, axes) while even Dieck at least had hp to take hits (and at base he has 10 def just from promoting, while Echidna at base has only 8 while she's pre-promoted, her 6 speed advantage being easily solved by Dieck's bare constitution, and her def at level 20 being his lv 5/1 def, while his lv 20/1 def is 3 points higher than her lv 20 def and his lv 20/20 is 6 points higher than hers in the same class). Typical example of male gameplay superiority, or of females being locked to E ranks or silver in order to loose as little speed as possible, since it's their best stat for tanking purposes, since it allows them to dodge, not being doubled and also their best damage stat because doubling is more important when you deal 30 per hit with silver than when you deal 30 with iron and are able to use steel weapons without speed penalty to bust 33 damage per hit at minimal cost.
  3. Very true, and it makes me wonder, in chapter 12 of the Verdant Wind route, if you have Claude fight Edelgard, he says that her declaring war so soon almost ruins his own plans... How did he plan to take over Fodlan and open it up, if not through warfare? I get that he's a schemer and that he plans to bring things about more gradually, but at some point, there was going to be conflict.
  4. Anyone hear that IGN are doing their own thing to fill the void of E3?
  5. Thanks for the info! You are right they mentioned his father too, I even deployed him on the map for it but I forgot about it (the damn lance knights distracted me lol). I recruited him already but it is unfortunate I did not get to see the scene since I like everyone's story in this game
  6. Lyn, tank a hit? That is a horrible mistake to make. And then having Florina fight some of the bandits... you like to live dangerously Is that Ellen? I guess it must be her mother or something, as her game takes place long after this one.
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  8. Well, never lead it be said that the Impeachment removed nobody from office.
  9. I actually came to think about one thing lately. I remember what Rhea said after the holy tomb incident. "To flee is futile wicked girl, the church of Seiros will raise their entire army against you until you be captured and punished" Remember, she says this before Edelgard has even declared war, she knows that Edelgard is currently the Emperor of the Adrestian empire. Seems to me that if Edelgard didn't beat her to the punch, Rhea would have declared war on the Empire. That is what raising your entire army against the Emperor constitutes. It is why it is so hard to avoid this war, even if one person can somehow be convinced not to declare war, there are plenty of other people who will. Even if both Edelgard and Rhea somehow could be convinced not to go down that path. I am still a certain Arundel would have still used his influence to declare war anyway.
  10. Well I do believe you are sort of right on the part that in some games the girls get punished just for being girls with the con and all, and also on average that boys to tend have higher Str and Hp growth. I would not call it justified, but I can see a bit of balance in the way things are, women throughout the series have been more geared towards mag,spd,lck and resistance whereas men are inclined more towards str,hp and def. A reasoning I could find for why girls tend to be faster would be that the way they train is focus more on nimbleness forsaking their endurance and overall strength, girls also are most of the time portrayed using lighter armor than man and maybe that can added to the reasoning of speed vz resilience. And about awakening: The highest first generation caps and growth for magic belong to girls : Tharja and miriel, their male equivalents have higher hp and defense in exchange. The highest str growth belongs to boys but there is a tie in the cap. Vaike and Cherche are tied for the highest first gem str cap but he wins over her by a 10% growth in the stat, though, Cherche is no the one with the highest str base,mind you, those would be cordelia,nowi and panne and they lose by 5% the highest spd growth goes to girls but the cap is a tied between 2 girls and a boy, Lon'qu , Sumia and Panne, though if you take Panne out of the equation saying that the reason behind her nimbleness is because she is a tanguel than the highest spd growth goes to Lon'qu , but at the end of the day on average the girls are still faster comparing the cast as a whole.
  11. Just remove them from your friends list. That is what I do.
  12. Yeah. So to any hypothetical scenario where Edelgard manages to do away with the Agarthans and just never tried to start a war? Well, Rhea would intervene in political affairs, using the Church's influence and authority to protect the nobles and Crests overall. Thing about political interferences is that they tend to take a LOT of time to sort over. And Rhea? She's got literally ALL the time. Edelgard doesn't. So, in the end, it is absolutely impossible for society to change and progress with Rhea running the Church.
  13. Kill myself cause they're mostly online games and i've just ruined splatoon
  14. I have a question. So when one makes the case for or against gun control, what exactly is being debated? I sorta see multiple angles to approach the discussion but I'm not sure which exactly is the main point. Or what takes priority. If it is a legal right or not? If it is a necessary right to be granted to the citizens? How much it impacts crimes where guns are used and if making a change will move the results in a more favorable direction? If it is something that needs to be looked at from the point of view of it being an unalienable right? I mean I could go on, but I'm sure you can see how confused I am. Are we determining whether they are a "need" or "want"? Cause as I read this forum, I feel like people's objectives are all over the place. I mean for more than a page of responses, we were talking about police. I see how it came up but don't know how it is relevant to gun ownership on an individual level.
  15. This. So much this. Also throw Ratatoing and Little Panda Fighter in there. The "evil scheme" and the cat's running animation in Ratatoing is complete genius.
  16. "Why exactly did Edelgard feel she had to fight the Church itself to achieve her goals" was a question that was nagging the back of my mind. You just gave a better answer to that question than I ever could. Thank you.
  17. If it wasn't A!Tiki, it was Black Knight, and if not Black Knight it was Soleil, and if not her it went right back to A!Tiki. THE SAME THREE REDS. SAME THREE. RED. Like the color of Minerva's teeth after a hearty meal.
  18. Flayn is no longer allowed in the sauna due to the current... troubling developments. ~Rhea
  19. Never thought about comparing them to Pair Up, partly because Adjutants are a very limited Pair Up. Battalions are another piece of equipment, one which I think needed some UI tweaks for accessing IIRC. Usually, I ran +Str/Mag and +Avoid ones, +Hit was usually secondary, +Res was junk, and +Def was inferior to +Avoid except on a Def-tank b/c getting hit drops Battalion durability but dodging doesn't. On my first playthrough, I didn't give everyone Bats until later, sometime after Grond redux where Petra was an utter terror b/c she was so difficult to hit with 100 Avoid. I was too concerned about costs of replenishing Bats to use them, even as I became drowning in hundred of thousands in money. Subsequent runs were better, I equipped Bats from the start and I saw them for the good they are. Nonetheless, I didn't use Gambits that frequently, to break Demon Beasts, to attempt to weaken or immobilize a strong foe, and a Stride once in dozen years. I never used this "Retribution" people seem to adore, anything rare, even if it replenishes for free, I'm often miserly with. Battalion-related Abilities never saw use for me. They're too finicky since you can't control Bat durability- either it drops and eventually the Bat retreats, or you replenish it to full after every fight- not good for Bat Vantage & Wrath. Can't say I love Battalions, can't say I'd want their return, but neither do I wish them gone forever. I'm ambivalent, neutral.
  20. I hear you. In particular, I was really hoping for Caesar, Radd, Tomas, Dolph, and Macellan to get at least one card somewhere down the line. Something about using the more overlooked, unpromoted characters without a major part in the story really appealed to me in the Archanean Fire Emblem games. I never expected Cipher to end rather abruptly like this, especially with the Fire Emblem series still going strong. Though I guess their explanation for it is fair enough.
  21. Banned for posting at the same time that I was about to.
  22. Banned for upvoting Konkey Dong Odyssey
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