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  2. You merge your existing copy into the Forma.
  3. Banned because someone took god of the forge. Time to never play the game again!
  4. Welcome to the Forest! Glad to have you here. ( ^ - ^)
  5. Welcome to the Forest! Glad to have you here. ( ^ - ^)
  6. Sweet well behaved for dogs and cats. My pit bull (who is about 6) is actually the best behaved of my dogs, she doesn't jump on stuff or throw fits and she will lie at my feet just to be with me. The three boys two of which are mutts and one of which is a German Shepard (all 3 are over 10 and should know better) jump on me, throw fits when they want things and love to be pests. My cat is a sweetheart just like my pit bull so they are my favorites.
  7. Welcome to the Forest! Glad to have you here. ( ^ -- ^)
  8. I thought you couldn't use formas for merging non-forma units.
  9. A bit burned out on MonHun right now after putting almost 200 something hours into the games over the past few months. Going back to clean up some games I've left unfinished in my backlog before returning to Ghost of Tsushima. First up is Luigi's Mansion 3. I'm a bit over halfway through the game, and I'll have it finished pretty soon, I'd guess. After that is Pikmin 3 Deluxe.
  10. Banned because you are now obligated to play Y5. Banned because indeed.
  11. Banned because yes, she does apparently. Interesting!
  12. Wait what? Macedon was red in the last game but here it’s... gray? Total downgrade.
  13. Thank you. ( ^ -- ^) Good to see you again. Tsushima is on hold for just a bit while I clear out some older games that I've left hanging. Luigi's Mansion 3 right now. Pikmin 3 next. ----- Will know that I actually did know that they're two different characters. ninji'd
  14. Mentioned something nearly as confusing as Kingdom Hearts.
  15. Banned because TIL that Haruka's VA in Yakuza 5 is the same VA that voices Taiga in...Uh...Toradora, I think.
  16. I mean, sure. You always tackle each map the exact same way because there is no difference between them. The only thing that changes is the guessing game on how enemy spawns will be handled on the current map.
  17. Probably doesn't know that Reisen and Reisen are two different characters.
  18. Should know that I'm glad that he's back! How's Ghost of Tsushima/Your backlog?
  19. Twilit's back, let's goooooo Not really. I won't deny that some Awakening maps can be a little bit tough but not to a what the fuck extent.
  20. But people always say the game gives warning about enemy phase spawns and that's why it's all fair and balanced somehow.
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