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  2. If the AT Delay for Delay is changed to this: Does that make it quicker or slower? Any CS players able to enlighten me on this? (for clarity, base is 1/2 normally.) The way they have the ability worded, i'm not sure how it would work.
  3. It's fine, It's not like that's gonna stop me from saying the truth anyways.
  4. Yes, I spend every single day regretting saying that. I really shouldn't have. Sorry. Next time I'll try the Acacia way and head out when the "CS bad" cycle begins again.
  5. Essentially, you were calling me out for complaining about a game alot only to turn around and do that yourself constantly. Another way to say hypocricy, i suppose.
  6. Ah yeah, I forgot, Cog of Destiny is a rout map with like 60 enemy units. Ehhh I'll do it later. I dunno, man. Thracia has some stinkers, but the fact that Zephiel is 100% guaranteed to die by turn 8, and there's zero chance that you'll reach him with anyone not on a horse... Not to mention both Nino and Jaffar can die on turn 1, long before you can do anything about it... Then there's the fog, Maxime who one-rounds everything... I'd rather do Thracia, honestly, because even at its worst, Thracia can be warpskipped. There's absolutely nothing in Thracia that cannot be solved with some warpskipping. ...Uh, what? I don't get it. Fuck me, is that what you're trying to say? I mean, I really don't think disliking Battle Before Dawn is so unreasonable.
  7. how about a protagonist that just "transferred" to that continent? so the whole conflict and war in that continent actually has nothing to do with the protagonist. it doesnt have to be "i come from modern world, so i will bring future tech to make a mess of science progress in this world" trope. it could just be he's from another far continent that people there just doesnt know (yet). they might as well forgotten in the after-war by the masses due to joining already existing force and serve as a kind vice-lord, not the actual supreme leader of the army it might sound like mark and robin, except theres no amnesia. and this one has its own agenda of coming back to their homeland, maybe with some added pursuer of his/her life that makes the war even more complicated
  8. People think Thracia is the best FE and i know for a fact i'd rather do Battle Before Dawn 5 times in a row than play a single map of Thracia.
  9. if someone misses the news, theres already report that says bobby will stop being ceo once ActiBliz deal been finalized ------------------------------------- one of the things where sony fails to do. but many people dont want to see/admit that sony make a big mistake. on emulator related stuff, as you may already know emulator is actually grey area. because it could evade the likes of copyright strike as long as they dont make it obvious so people can play pirated game using emu. and its just unnecessary busywork to pursue it imo. (which hopefully they will keep ignoring it) yeah agreed. no one should buy capcom at this point. they've been doing great lately. if sony buy something else i wouldnt care that much. since other company that i dont want anyone to buy is Bamco, and its value already exceed half trillion USD (compared to actiblizz which is just over 50 billion USD)
  10. Good riddance. Not really helping the salt thing with that choice... Anyway, this came out of nowhere! Then again, I think the day CYL usually starts is a weekend this time, so I guess it makes sense. As said before, I voted for Nino today. I'll do Lyon tomorrow and Elena the day after if I can't recover my alt account. @Mercakete
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  12. Actually, you know what? No, I've got a better idea. Fuck this game.
  13. I agree. The expectation for them to win kind of made the cycle self perpetuating. The year all three of the Three Houses lords won was particularly disappointing. I'm almost surprised Byleth didn't win too. Those characters already had or were guaranteed to have a tonne of alts. Which generally goes for most lords anyway.
  14. Aahh, and here I was celebrating that I had somehow managed to silence Ursula with a 13% chance. Didn't even cheat, seriously. Then the one merc reached Zephiel. This map is so fucking shit and I think my run might end here, because I have zero interest in dealing with this map's bullshit just for the privilege to keep playing more FE7.
  15. Battle Before Dawn is such a fun map. Why did anyone ever think this is the best FE, again?
  16. I know its in vain but I'm kinda hoping that the lords won't win this time around. The Brave selection always gets more boring due to it being made up almost exclusively of lords who are very rarely the most interesting characters of their respective games.
  17. Man, there's a lot of pages since I went to sleep. Anything important I missed? Ahh, I see. Yes, very interesting indeed.
  18. Howdy is an informal greeting, originally a shortened form of the greeting How do ye? It originated in South England dialect in 1563/87Howdy is a web portal created for applicants and admitted students.192.168 l 8.1 current and former students, parents/guardians, faculty and staff of Texas A&M University campuses in College Station, Galveston and Qatar.
  19. Female Corrin. If she makes it into the top 3 by midterms, I will join the Corrin Contingency and start voting for her. (I can’t believe CYL started already…I was worried I missed the first day.) Otherwise I’m voting for Shura, as I did last year. One of the things that annoys me the most about Fates is that he, Izana, Reina and Scarlet only had supports with Kana and Corrin. He’s a fascinating character, and while I love the story scenes he is in, there was potential to do more with his character and the others I mentioned. This year I’m adding in Rickard every other day. I’ve always wanted Rickard in Heroes because I want to see him get new art, new dialogue and a voice actor. When Julian was added, I wanted Rickard even more. Now that there is a precedent for adding very unpopular Archanea characters (400-rank and lower—Vyland and Sedgar were around the same rank as Rickard,) Rickard has a shot. It also helps that there is a very small pool of non-seasonal dagger units (like Julian, Rickard will probably be a dagger unit,) he has more personality than many of the minor Shadow Dragon characters and a major role in a DLC chapter in New Mystery.
  20. I was more creeped out than anything. They presented it in a reslly creepy way. It's just one example tho. Yeah lol. Sometimes they have it at the most random of places Well, i will post my full thoughts when i ginish it. Maybe you can decide then^^
  21. Chrom until the midterms, then I'll decide who to go with for the last votes.
  22. Remove Noble/Commoner/Lord/Thief; they exist for story reasons or are otherwise irrelevant. Judith can keep hers. Lvl 1 classes are now the former lvl 5 classes and separate classes for Axe/Bow/Fist are created instead of one. Phys classes get +2 STR, Mag classes get +2 Mag. All 4 mov classes get bumped up to 5 mov; lvl 20 classes and above that don´t have 6 mov get bumped up to 6 mov. The same goes for special classes. Armored classes get Wary Fighter, innately. For the other lvl 10 classes: no relevant growths under 5%. Physical classes without STR growth receive +10%; Priest gets +10% Mag. Physical classes that don´t get a stat boost in HP/STR/SKL/SPD/DEF. Similar things go for Magic classes. Remove Hero/Assassin. No reason to have weapon hybrids when the differnce between mono classes are minimal. All stealable loot becomes regular drops. Mono weapon classes recieve innate crit, SM receives dodge, Sniper gets hit, War gest extra crit, so does Grappler.
  23. Hello everyone, first time writing on the forum 🙂 I managed to give various items to Ike thanks to the awesome coders. Now I'm trying to give anyone else (Lethe or Mordecai for exemple), an item, in this case the Lion Claw (basically so that they can damage Ashnard) Does anyone know how to give the item to someone else than Ike ? Because I already managed to give Ike the Lion Claw, but he obviously can't trade it once he has it. Thanks in advance, have a good one everyone ! 🙂 PS: I also wrote this message in another Post, I will delete one of them once I get my answer ! 🙂
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