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  2. Fates Arrow crit twirl > GBA one :concern: Take care of yourself, man! :thinking:
  3. Yes. Why is L’Arachel either best girl or second place behind Tana?
  4. When you go downstairs and are asked if you’re okay because you’re ghostly pale and red around your eyes but you feel absolutely fine. Hmm... You’d be surprised
  5. This is why I never told people I was trans
  6. Atleast for original game, since i need to buy DLC new anyway to get all the codes
  7. 👍 I take it you're still aiming for physical copies of both? Nah, you're fine. Don't worry.
  8. This is true. Sorry if what I said before sounded shallow. I dont mean to sound like I simply want to talk about it cause it's my favorite (which is partly true) cause I enjoy talking about alot of games as well. So again, I apologise for that.
  9. A pretty cool, epic song. The epicness of the song kind of drops off a bit at some points, though. 7.7/10 Bahamut Lagoon Music ~ Friendship - YouTube
  10. Only use characters who join your team automatically. You can't visit a village that recruits a character, you can't talk to red units, and you can't influence if a recruitable green npc lives or dies, unless their death results in a game over. Choose whichever route you want.
  11. So, what are the odds of this passing? Granted, we're overdue for an reform of the criminal justice system. But I'm not sure that getting rid of the federal prisons and life sentences is a good thing. I mean, there's an handful of people that could be considered irredeemable, in there.
  12. I will see come holiday season, but honestly i am trying to get them together haha I will find a way dw
  13. Ah ok, gotcha. The text size surprisingly wasn't an issue for me although it could just be because my TV was better suited for it (and my room is pretty small so it's not like it's far apart from me). Given the nature of this thread, it is possible that FE isn't our primary interest. We all love it of course but we have franchises we like more. I don't mean to speak for everyone on this tho. But I totally understand what you mean. You could alternatively go the cheaper route and get Torna first. I imagine EU will be getting the same deals NA is having right now which means you'll be able to get Torna+the Season Pass for less than the Euro equivalent of $30.
  14. That was some pretty funny stuff. The deadpan "text to voice" voicing for such crazy events was definitely my favourite part of the video. And now for a blast from the past from my childhood: Gargoyles - Intro [HQ] - YouTube
  15. Yes, they do. They said this game would be a prequel to Breath of the Wild, that we'd experience the events of the Calamity. This... this was some sick prank akin to a can of snakes labeled, "peanut brittle". They have a lot of questions to answer; first question obviously being: "Where's the real game?!"
  16. soon ™️ i will be getting XB2. Might be letter than expected however thanks to Covid throwing all my plans outta window
  17. …I just spoiled myself on the story. Koei Tecmo has a LOT of explaining to do.
  18. Medeus has history with the Divine Tribe as well as their king/queen/what-ever-her-title-is. And do you think 2 members of the same tribe might know each other? If Gotoh knows about her, and knows her, then he would have no trouble pointing Marth in her direction. This doesn't prove or disprove that Nagi is Naga. Yes, Naga could b Nagi. Or it could be another Divine Dragon. The point of the matter is that we have absolutely no hard conformation. As in Gotoh, Medeus, or herself specifically calling her Naga. Yes, it is implied that she is Naga. Implication is not conformation. ^^^ Yes there was a lot of them, I don't argue that. What I argue is this: Are there still enough of them around to be used as jewels? Here's an example for you: are Roman Denarius coins used in jewelry today? No, because the things are very rare after 2,000-ish years. And that's counting the fact that they where far more common than Dragonstones would be, and without a catastrophe between now and then. Have I made my case yet for this one? Two ways to interpret what they said: 1) Dragonstones are rocks imbued with Draconic power and are common enough to use as jewels. Clearly this cannot be the case, as far too many would've been destroyed, used up, lost, etc. in the 3,000+ years between Degeneration and Awakening. 2) A rock dug out of the ground has power to make a Manakete transform. They said this “other gems like ruby and diamond potentially being stones used by other transforming species”. Rubies and Diamonds are dug out of the ground. They haven't been infused with Dragonic/Bestial power. So, that makes it sound like the Awakening stones are just normal rocks. The discrepancy is just that. If the Awakening stones are the original stones that had Draconic power stored in them, they would be absurdly rare and hard to find. If they are not those original stones, then that invalidates the whole 'Oh, i lost me stone, i can't become a big, fire breathing lizard again!', because if they lost their stone, they could just go out any buy another one. Yes, I know gameplay-story segregation, but this still irks me.
  19. I thought you and I were the only ones who played the complete series. Your also right when you say alot of us talk about it, but only you I and lightchao (and Interdimensional observer for XCX) delve deep into the lore and gameplay. But I admit your right it is a popular subject here for sure. Which I'm happy it is, as it's a series I love alot. Tbh id rather talk about Xeno than FE (I'm sure that's obvious to anyone, heh) but not alot of people know the games like we do here.
  20. Today
  21. Technically speaking I have played XCX, but only the first hour or so because I the text is so small that I have trouble reading it on my gaming TV (which is quite old). I'll probably get to it eventually though, especially if a sequel gets announced at some point. I haven't played Xenogears, though I'm generally familiar with most of the plot and main characters. I don't have any console it's playable on and I don't like emulating, but I might play it eventually if I feel like it. EDIT: I also got far enough into Project X Zone 2 to recruit the Xenoblade character (who is KOS-MOS's partner), which might count for something.
  22. What were some of the very first video games you played as a kid? I'd describe myself as being a pretty level-headed, respectful, creative, and fair guy who has a strong sense of morality and loyalty. My biggest flaws include letting past events/scars affect my mindset and actions far more than they should, being too hard on/underestimating myself, and how easily I develop grudges/bitter streaks.
  23. I love Randomizers, but I was more looking to play the vanilla version again.
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