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  3. That's what the demo is for 😉 They have a game on 75% sale on the eshop atm
  4. Nah, but you know me. I vastly prefer playing on PC. That, and this looks like something I'd definitely want to pick up on a sale. I'm not confident enough I'd like it. Then again, I suppose Nintendo's abhorrence for sales does not extend to developers putting their games on their console. How's Vanillaware's history with sales, out of curiosity?
  5. So Potent doubles as a way to future-proof units against Spd creep too, in other words? That gives it some extra value I think, even if putting it on a current speedster won't mean anything for a few years (or even just one year, if past trends continue). Thanks again!
  6. Well, that's what few doubts I had gone lol We discussed this before, I believe. Yeah I'd spare her. Uncle's gotta join. This part is basically Vandal Hearts 2 2. Well, it didn't look quite as deliberate as VH2's system, but I only saw the very beginning, which is basically just "Old Seth carries" and VH2 is one of my faves, so that's a good thing. ...but then, no PC, so. Wah wah. Arvis do a little hypocrising.
  7. I find the class based hard counters to be really nice but also very limiting. Like just in the demo I felt like I couldn’t do anything against Hoplite until I got Yahna. Mostly because the next best option Morton was locked behind a bunch of Hoplites.
  8. I was away for a while, so sorry if I am commenting on somewhat old things at this point. Causal was not a typo for casual. A causal relationship is one where one of those things is the cause of the other. What I was trying to say is that I don't think the existence or details of religions really matters to how misogynistic a society is. The mythology is always just a smoke screen, an excuse for inappropriate behavior made to bait those who give people the benefit of the doubt, and the more intellectually minded to fall into a wasteful pit of analysis. Don't worry about it. Truth be told I am behind on my next update as well, meant to get it out last week, but I got to distracted by preparing for, going to, and now recovering from the gaming convention I was at last weekend. Hopefully I will get it up some time tomorrow, or the day after. The Social Links with party member are treated rather differently in Persona 3 than in the later Persona games. You can only form an individual Social Link with the ones you can date, and the main reason to do so is to date them, as your party members have their own arcs independent of the player character. Also each of those date possibilities require one of your social stats to be maxed out (max Courage for Fuuka, max Charm for Yukari, max Academics for Mitsuru, Aegis is a bit of an exception to that, as her social link was added in later editions of the game, but is locked to basically the end of the game). Happy belated birthday. Sorry I wasn't active at the time. Yeah, I miss that kid. I see him browsing the site every now and then, but I guess he doesn't have the time, or means at college to be as active as he was. He also renames the player to Thief, and prevents you from getting the best ending, which is a shame as the max rupee cost bow is obnoxious to get. Starting on what was jokingly called tutorial island back in CK2 is classic. Have fun, the more dynastic focus, as opposed to nationalistic focus of CK makes for an interesting take on the Paradox grand strategy games. Congrats, its one of the good 3d Sonic games. Are you going to try and unlock the secret level by getting all the medals? I never did as a kid, but could probably pull it of now... hmm...I might have to put that on my game backlog now... The closest they came is its possible for one of the Dead Lords of FE5 to be a corpsified Evyle, a mother like figure to Leif... Yeah, its like the old 3rd version of Pokemon games. I do have a lot of nostalgia for those, as they aren't really replaced by DLC. It was a chance to change things for the better in retrospect, while keeping the heart the same, with both versions still being complete games. That either indicates those poor women have tragically lonely lives, or that Guardian Sing has a super sexy voice. I started a blind ironman LP of the game, but got a bit distracted... Having it does help a lot (even against Reptor, as it gives +20 Mdef), but you can certainly get away with using one of the other holy weapons Like so. Also just out of curiosity, did you get to see the battle convo between Lex and his father? Not to mention the cruelty of sending Oifey away... I might be letting Oifey's ending sway me a little there. Don't worry, Ethlyn is too strong and independent to let her husband send her away without fighting.
  9. Once the proverbial dam had been broken there was no stopping her flood of emotions. Tightly, perhaps even a bit painfully, she had wrapped her arms around Versaris and buried her face in his chest; crying into it as she clung to him, almost as if she was afraid to let go. His attempts to reassure her and assuage her emotions only caused her to cling even tighter to the not-elf. "I... I know that...!" She managed between breaths, speaking between the sharp inhales, tears still rolling down her face. "You already promised, wouldn't do again... Believe you. That you, will be with me? So why? Why hurt, not go away?" She knew the promises he had made to her, trusted in him to uphold them, so then why was she crying, why had the tightness not left her chest? She knew that people cried when they were sad or upset, that picturing Versaris dead made her sad, but there was so much more there than just sorrow. Loneliness, even if she would still have Iris, Alvira, the rest of the Tigers. Fear, her life wouldn't be the same, something about her had fundamentally changed. This feeling was wholly unique to Versaris, but... "Don't understand...! Why? Why do I care about you, so much? More than others, even Iris..." Her tears had subsided, but her voice was still soft and had a slight waver to it, still being muffled as she spoke into his chest. "Trust you. Worry about you. Want spend my time with." When had these changes happened? She couldn't pinpoint any one moment, there was no decisive turning point to be found. It felt as though these feelings had snuck up on her; the first time she actively had acknowledged them was now. "But more than that! Don't want, to lose you...! Can't, lose you..." The twinge in her chest had returned, acknowledged with a final quiet, "Why?" She hadn't even heard nor noticed Jeremiah's approach until the man addressed her directly, but that wasn't enough to unglue her face from Versaris' now damp chest. She didn't even know why he had come over, as far as she was concerned their quarrel was still ongoing; he still owed Iris an apology before she would want to be civil with him. Why then was his attitude so different? She hadn't done anything to make amends, just had tolerated his gaze on her. He began to address Versaris, giving her time to mull over his motivations, the possible reason for his shift? Was it because Versaris was now present? The Voice was still silent, but she could feel it latch onto that idea, a sudden influx of vitriol for Jeremiah rising to the surface... She hadn't expected Jeremiah to address her again, actually turning from Versaris to look up at him. The Voice wanted her to growl, to tell him off for even approaching her, but the smile on his face, no matter how faint, left her confused, almost stunned. She didn't know if he was expecting a response, but regardless of that she found herself incapable of giving one, unable to do anything but stare at him as he turned to leave shortly after, walking towards Iris.
  10. "Amera...! So handsy..." Seila huffed and sighed, though there was more of her smile audible in it than any exasperation. "I know you'd be plenty happy with pets, Amera, don't worry. Mm, still..." The mage let out a little laugh, gazing at the cat through glasses slightly askew. "You make it sound like a sappy novel... 'Sneaking away from prying eyes in broad daylight, the two--', ah...!" As those hands grew more brazen, she blushed, accidentally bumping her book off the armrest where she'd left it, already forgotten. "Mm. I'm sure. Especially if Kisara helps you, because I know what you can do when she does. I've seen it myself, Syta." Laniva smiled, a little sheepish at Syta's slightly-begrudging agreement, in truth a little unable to fully contain her own excitement. Syta's hair turned - growing pale, her eyes changing, until unmistakably it was Kisara; and the tome was already in her hands, thrown wide with the fox's own eagerness for a fight, and in she brought her practice blade into a plow guard. "Don't worry... I didn't think you would...!" Already her feet found the ground in front of her, one after another; there was no time to wait in a battle against a mage - every moment spent not approaching was another moment for a snap of the fingers, a swish of the wrist, such a little thing, truly, to invoke such power. the thought briefly crossed Laniva's mind as she charged forward as to how one went about a practice battle with magic, but sooner than she could dash the thought the fox's words from but moments ago echoed as if to dismiss the thought out of hand - she wouldn't be holding back. Need to strike first-- The blade laid a heavy thud across Syta's - no, Kisara's - arms, the cat having hoped to disarm her before she could respond with a flurry of magic; but her hands yet found purchase upon her tome, and a fireball shot her way. Raising her sword, she attempted to deflect the magic to little avail, coughing under the heat. She set her feet for a powerful swing-- --but her blade met the resistance of naught but plumes of ash and smoke, and through the cut where her blade had passed through it she glimpsed only Kisara's grin at the second cast of flame, the smug smile sending a chill through her despite the radiant blaze. She blinked, and found herself on her back, her blade a few paces away. She sat up, slowly, propping herself up on her hands and looking over towards her all-too-jubilant opponent. "Mrgh... ow. Hahh... magic's... no fun."
  11. That's exactly it! Thank you. I'll go ahead and update the first post. EDIT: Aaaaand done. I think this will probably be the last version for the foreseeable future. FE6 characters that don't yet have representation in Heroes probably never will (who'd whale for the armor knights or the fighters?), and aside from keeping character names and titles consistent with official content, I don't think there's much of anything left to do on the patch. With the support reader feature and even some oversight corrections, it's fair to say the game is notably more polished than the Japanese version. So, although it's not necessarily goodbye forever, see you around, and thanks for the support, everyone!
  12. Potent Follow's damage multiplier is calculated after adding damage from the Special, which means that any Special that activates on a Potent Follow 40% is functionally wasted. Timing a Special with a higher cooldown to land on a third attack is wasted due to the damage penalty, and the extra Special charge gained from the Potent Follow is both inconsistent (because the Potent Follow doesn't happen if the enemy is already dead) and doesn't significantly change the timings for the most common setups with 1- and 2-cooldown Specials. The damage itself from a Potent Follow 40% is also not all that game-changing. On an attack that would normally do 30 damage, Potent Follow 40% reduces that attack to 12 damage. Combined with the fixed 30% damage reduction, running Potent 4 in order to activate Potent Follow 40% is, at best, only comparable to the effects on other B skills and doesn't break out from the pack. Currently, the best use of Potent 4 (outside of Emblem Marth) is to use it to activate Potent Follow 80% as a workaround against faster opponents.
  13. Hey, welcome to the forest, TheClassic. Hope you like it here, and feel free to ask if you need anything! While I do like Reddit (though I usually don't post there, just read), being on an actual forum is definitively way different (usually in better ways, in my opinion), even if it's a forum with a like/dislike system like GameFaqs.
  14. To start with, I'm in complete agreement with the sentiment of everything you've said. Ganondorf is a very fun character to play and you see him being used in a way that is very disproportionate compared to how good he's meant to be. And Pig Beast Ganon as a powerful and slow fighter who can warp is a moveset I'd love to see and I have planned movesets like it before. But on to trivia, they actually have changed some of Captain Falcon's moves! Though it seems to have been for the sake of it and not to differentiate the two, as both Ganondorf and Captian Falcon changed their forward Smash in Ultimate. Neither uses the elbow thrust now, with Ganondorf using the sword and Captian Falcon using, somewhat amusingly, a backhanded punch that looks a bit like Warlock Punch. This is Falcon's third forward Smash as he had a flaming kick in the first game, the elbow thurst in the next three and now the back handed punch. Personally I'd like to have Ganondorf go back to the elbow thrust for his forward smash and then use a sword as a two hit follow up like Link's forward smash. As he has an elbow thrust->sword attack combo in his Twilight Princess battle.
  15. On the Ganondorf "problem" I think it's significant that Ganondorf is consistently above average among most played characters in each game. Both casually and competitively despite his notoriously low tier list placements. Beating Captain Falcon in 2022, and being the highest played Zelda character in 2021. 22nd and 24th place is pretty good among 86 characters. I think removing Ganondorf in favor of a wholly original version is seriously alienating to his die hard fans. Calls for his removal clearly come from a vocal minority. And if you're just approaching this from an objective "all previous clones should be made more diverse", then isn't an equally good solution to give Captain Falcon some new moves? I encourage them to keep doing small tweaks, as giving him a massive sword better reflected the Ocarina of Time/Late 90s Trade Show version of the character they were going for, and kept him in the same slow, menacing archetypal gameplay feel. And besides, there's nothing stopping them from doing a different version of Ganondorf that stands separate from the one we know. We have three Links, after all. I want a pig beast ganon from link to the past. I think that's the version of the character that would be the most unique in terms of visuals, moveset, and playstyle. A fat wizard with a telekinetic trident who will surprise you with sudden warps.
  16. Oh! @Shrimpy -Limited Edition- One thing to note that could balance levels: yeah you could send your Mage Unit to take out that Armor.....but it's real time. So on the way to hit that Armor, you could get intercepted by Cavalry, for instance. Yeah outside of like the very beginning with Josef, I don't think this is a game you could brute force even if you wanted to.
  17. I put my thoughts in another thread so i'll paste it here as well
  18. Just to put out more than one newcomer I'd like to see, here's a more complete list of personal wants:
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