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  2. Sweetheart hogged all the best music, I swear. I cannot believe Wraith is based. Well, now all we need is for Dracula to become president of Sweden. And invade Britain. Then we will truly have the Triangle Strategy in real life.
  3. I remember FE12 Wyvern enemies could use a fire breath attack, but I don`t remember if it was explained why wyvern mounts can`t/don`t do the same.
  4. "Mrah! Aly! You ruined my sneaking!" Iris popped up and slammed-- lightly --her claws onto the table, huffing in fake indignation. "Well, geez... I was just practising my stalking... But then Aly had to go and point me out~ Hahhh, how unfortunate..." She smirked and shrugged, grabbing a chair and pulling it over to Miria and Ullr, sitting next to them. "It's not a nickname! It's my name. Ullr gave it to me. Sixteen is a number, and they just called me that because I was the sixteenth... So Ullr gave me a proper, pretty, profound name~ Eheheh! Then Aly gave me her last name! So I'm Iris Hyl'Sin~" She was extra proud now, happy to show off both her names, especially to people that hadn't heard yet. "Great names, huh~?" "Mmmhnhnn, okayyyyyy... but you're so soft and warm... Hahhn, Laniiiiii..." Syta squirmed and whined a bit, finally sitting up and letting the cat go free. "Ahhn, hahhh... HHmm, mhn... okay. Getting up... Getting up~" Syta had kicked her boots off at some point, leaning over the bed to grab them and start getting dressed properly. She hadn't needed the blanket since Lani had been so warm, so she hadn't bothered getting out of her clothes.
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  6. Miria happily took a seat. It had been a bit so it was nice to catch up. When he brought up her performance yesterday, she was ready to say something until suddenly hearing Alriana call out. She looked over and saw exactly what he had. Alriana calling out Sixteen-- wait. "Iris?" She saw the girl hiding behind a table. "Is that a nickname you call her? Can I call her that, too?" She asked, intrigued about this new name they were using for her. "Do you wanna sit with us?" She asked, with her big smile.
  7. "Sweden is not overpowered, Sweden is precisely as strong as it is supposed to be" - Johan, probably. Although to their credit, Denmark is very very strong in the current version of EU4. Sweden, too, I'm pretty sure, although I haven't played as them (or Norway) yet.
  8. "Hmm? Oh, Miria." That was a pleasant surprise. It had been a while since they last spoke, after all. "No. Don't mind. You can sit here." It was... nice to make friends with a human that wouldn't be overtly judging of him. One look at her plate was enough to say she was just as fond of eating, he smirked, aware enough that pointing it out was silly. "You helped a lot last fight--" And no one other than Alriana showed up to disrupt the conversation, calling for Iris, who had sneaked somewhat poorly towards their table. "Uh... Iris?" Why did she do that? Hmm...
  9. Well, of course Paradox favors their home country in their games. XD
  10. Copper? ๐Ÿ˜› (Dalaskogen is a very strong province in the strategy game of Europa Universalis IV. And they say video games don't teach you stuff)
  11. โˆž-0.1079876543211234567899876543173461256604859275926496629462046294619562845485926406826183659275057251839394050683735242748506038262515274850592847595725939000000000000000000000000000000000056942034800851333646
  12. As I'm writing, I feel I'm making the first chapter of a long story, instead of the one-shot I intend it to be. Hmm... Chapter 2 of the Engage Manga should be releasing soon, now that I recall.
  13. oh yeah ๐Ÿ™‚ I've pretty much the whole Kirby squad that screenshot only showed about the half of my fluffy collection also having a plush of Dimitri
  14. Midnight of the third? Not sure I'll be able to read all the entries in that time.
  15. Really nice work. I might actually use this whenever I do another maniac mode run. Hopefully it's more interesting with it.
  16. Also of note, doing a bit of checking, Sweden's economy to this very day has a strong mining sector. Feeling up to guessing which metal has historically been prominent among them for export? I'll give you 26 tries. -Mind, Russia no doubt also has a vibrant mining industry (it's plenty big enough), and it seems Finland too. Norway not so much it seems, so being an icebox country doesn't necessarily equate to a bounty of mineral wealth. Nonetheless, Sweden is cold and rich in mineral wealth, facts. ...Now don't ask me for a historical desert country that relied on sodium exports! The Mali Empire (not to be confused with the modern country) of West Africa fits that profile, complete with Islamic culture (but being Sub-Saharan, it wasn't Arab). Yet Malian NaCl came from mining, not letting saline water evaporate. Although mineable deposits of GaronSpiceโ„ข๏ธ indicate saline water once existed there a long time ago. And... But enough of this.๐Ÿค“๐Ÿ˜› I'm a little surprised you went through with this whatsoever. I already told you that you didn't need the upgrade to complete the game or anything. And technically, I believe it's possible to skip the trading sequence in OoS since the final reward is information and the game doesn't check to make sure you have the Phonograph on hand if you try to follow the path in the woods to get the sword upgrade.
  17. Hey, I was part way through act 4 of SoV on citra and lost my save. I don't really feel motivated to restart the game from the beginning. Is it possible to download someone else's save to play from? If so, any idea where I could find one? Thanks
  18. Well got the Master Sword and have entered the Ancient Tower. The walkthrough mentioned nothing that you could get the Master Sword here if Linked (it mentioned all the other Linked bonuses so this is a glaring omission).
  19. Okay, so, I went to the Underground Warehouse to fight the Lilith. Didn't got the Mind restoring item to drop, but I managed to reach level 50. Then I went to fight Wind Demons to get their Mind restoring drop. Unlike the Lilith's, it's the 50% one instead of full restore. Still, since they're faster to take down and, if my calculations are correct, I now have a 5% chance to get it to drop (with Venus/Mandragora DSS), I figure this is going to be my most efficient way. I think I'll aim for... around 30 of them. In order to Summon cheese the Battle Arena. Got seven for now, but I'm calling it a day. Been playing for hours, hahaha. Will resume my grinding tomorrow. For now... time to write!
  20. Bro the Oracle of Seasons walkthrough on ZeldaDungeon is so ass. I was following the trade sequence for the Master Sword and then the walkthrough just King Crimsons after the Lava Soup and is like "yeah just give the Phonograph to the Deku Scrub". There's still like five more steps.
  21. Yeah it's tedious but I'd say it's a pretty valuable map in maddening if you're not cheesing it. Doing it the hard way gives you mountains of exp. Mostly because there's a TON of cavalry reinforcementsโ€”all of them with no void curse. (And you can easily defeat them if you keep them on the bridge via corrin's vein of flames.) Leif and his group doesn't move at all until you enter their range so you can take your time. Maddening exp gain is very low so this is a great way to catch anyone up that's behind in late game.
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