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  1. The boss doesn't move and does set damage to all characters, there's really absolutely no reason you should die fighting it. Just use rescue drop strategies to attack and bring units to safety. And like Mir said, if the numbers aren't working out for player phasing, just enemy phase it. It's really not a complicated boss. Once you understand that it's not moving and has zero tricks up its sleeve aside from a single attack that deals rather high set damage, there's absolutely no excuse but a brain fart for actually losing anyone. Just only attack when you're sure you'll survive, and only end your turn with someone in it's range who you're sure will survive. Not even the bolting mages complicate things from what I remember, as they're stuck too far away the dragon to even hit anything. If you still have Nils alive, use his rings to boost your damage or crit.
  2. The IRA of the troubles were incompetent, bloodthirsty eejits who got far too many innocent people killed, even people on their own side that they were supposedly representing killed. Yet tat the end of the day their methods worked. There was systemic oppression and a suppression of democracy. Civil protests were not working. I'd much prefer they'd taken a leaf out of Michael Collin's book in the competency department, and having international pressure like what ended Apartheid in South Africa would be the ultimate ideal world, but the rest of the world really didn't give a toss. Except certain parts of America. And to the USA's credit they did a really great job overseeing the peace process. I'd much rather Clinton's administration was remembered for his mediation in Northern Ireland then some silly sex scandals. I've been to Mongolia and the Genghis Kahn love is very real there. It makes me mad curious to know how the more modern historical figures like Hitler and Stalin will be viewed a thousand years from now.
  3. Well, probably? It's not like a such a mug is wildly conforming to either gender streotype. I agree it probably was meant to be a man give the Arcanist class (swapped to Witch in Echoes), but of all the characters in the series to give a gender swap to, it's by far the most tame. Actually I wonder how the character was handled in the Novel. As far as I can remember, the manga skips over Fear Mountain entirely.
  4. A more sensible explanation would be that she's not blessing the land because of her sealing, but because of her madness (so that gives a much larger time frame for the desert to grow, still though something people should be a bit concerned about.). In otherwords Mila is too high to notice the guys thumb blocking out that portion of the map whenever she looks at the scroll deciding what part of the land to bless. Maybe my memory is coming from someone talking about the cipher card rather than it being in the game. Is that Mae or Genny? The hairstyle looks more like Genny, but it's as pink as Mae's and the overall attitude screams Mae.
  5. Eh, Napoleonic Wars. He did enough for it to be a plural. Yes, but I also support the country that surrounds your enclave for protecting their lands against you illegally crossing the border effectively locking you within the territory. On that issue I think the Native Tribes of the Americas should be given their own countries. I actually think this is something most Native Groups would prefer not to have, as they (or at least their leaders) get benefits in the current limited sovereignty situation (though I've never talked to any legit native Americans to source opinions), but I'd rather they be given inviolable sovereignty recognized internationally rather than being left at the whim of a government that could erase the remnants of their legal existence with the stroke of a pen. San Marino has managed to function as a tiny enclave nation since before the fall of the Roman empire, so it's possible. On the other hand I'm rather proud of the fact that I can name all the countries in the world and that would add like another hundred or so tiny ones to the list. Yes I'm Irish. So 800 years of on again off again occupation by a foreign power does colour one's view on what it means to make a bid for independence.
  6. It's nice to have a throwaway expalnation rather than nothing (well usually), but that is quite clearly a throwaway explanation. We're that actually the case, then people would be freaking out a lot more about it, because three years (I think that's how long it's been since Mila was sealed, maybe less, but certainly not more) is a crazy short amount of time for such a high level of desertification. That's like super worrying and should have been the first indicator to Celica that Mila is no longer around. (double post because I can't edit the post I made like two seconds ago)
  7. That is a really odd design choice now that you point it out. It's even really close to Mila's Temple. The desert is practically her own backgarden. Maybe she's...fond of sand? Or maybe it's a byproduct of the massive sluice going across the country? Does that make geological sense (I mean in a world in which we can conceive of a sluice that big spanning across an entire continent, seriously that's such a massive industrial endevour it puts the Panama Canal to shame if Valentia is meant to be anything other than a remote island *cough* *cough*) People have streaks. It's not common, but it's possible. Though makes one wonder what he'd look like if he grew his hair out. Really though I think it's just meant to be stubble colour. His heroes artwork has it a bit longer and a bit more maroon. This reminds me, I have a vague recollection of someone saying there's a pink pegasus in the game for some female's class change that's only possible with the Pitchfork. Can anyone confirm if this is true? I guess Mae would make the most sense, but it is possible my brain just conjured this idea up randomly. With all the back and forth between the two characters and this game not having traditional chapter numbers, I think you're going to have to drop a reminder of which map you're on, because I really can't remember now. You fought Desaix last time with Alm, right? Yeah, honestly while I don't hate her (because there's sod all to actually hate), I think Rinea might just be in the contender for the worse Fire Emblem Character in the entire series. She has about as much characterization as an average random chapter boss.
  8. Well yeah, but unless you're going up against a Dread Fighter or using Lukas (who has, I think, the worst class in the game by a pretty large margin), you probably are going to be doubling the enemy. I have no issue with combat arts in general, like I said I thought they worked excellently in Three Houses where I feel the stat lines work out better. Because rarely will the extra damage from combat art in Shadows of Valentia actually matter, as it's not about how much damage you do in any given attack, it's really about how many attacks you need to take down an enemy. There are of course exceptions with some combat arts that are so crazy good they probably will make a difference, like Tigerstance. Tempest Lance is a pretty good middle of the road combat art, but it still has the issues I've mentioned before with how it's tied into the weapon system. By the time you get Tempest Lance on a Steel Lance you're probably about ready to upgrade to a Silver Lance for permanent increase to attack and hit on every attack, and not just certain player phase ones. I think combat arts are great and a better mechanic than proc skills in most cases, but I do think there are some issues without how they were designed and implemented into Shadows of Valentia.
  9. An issue here though is that this frequently makes combat arts just not all that great. As if you're doubling your enemy then you're probably doing more damage. I think Ragnarok Omega is probably the best example of this, as not only does it lose Ragnarok's ability to double, but because it's not technically black magic it can't be used in conjunction with the mage ring to increase its range. Although Ragnarok's superiority over it's Omega counterpart is more something that pops up in the endgame and Thabes, as Ragnarok is usually so heavy that it's hard for Celica to double with it until she gains some points of speed. The fact that it's an art and not black magic also makes it an excellent method for killing Dread Fighters who are commonly the hardest enemies to deal with. You can also get it much earlier than the normal Ragnarok spell if you know what you're doing. So in short Ragnarok Omega is a perfectly balanced art with postivies and negatives compared to the Ragnarok spell...wait a second I was meant to be talking about how arts are bad in Shadows of Valentia 0.o Yeah, so stuff like Grounder or Penetrate I just plain never use because attacking normally is usually a better option. If an art isn't stupid powerful like Tigerstance, or allowing me to attach without getting a counter attack like ArchBallista or Windsweep, then it's probably just plain not worth using. The fact that it's tied to weapons and not the characters, and also that it takes time using a specific weapon (which by the time you're done you'll probably want to be upgrading that unit to a different weapon) also makes it harder to actually access a wide variety of combat arts. The design philosophy of rather high quality bulky enemies in low numbers also means combat arts aren't particularly well suited for three houses, as it's not always common you can use the extra power to kill an enemy in one hit and not eat a counter attack, and because it takes HP to use, it's pretty common where actually taking the enemy hit and killing on a second strike is more beneficial than the HP cost of an art. Double Lion is usually thought of as one of the best combat arts, but on paper it's' actually quite mediocre, being just Desperation (sure it removes the speed check and increases avoid, but you'll probably be able to double anyway and you'll probably be killing the enemy before the have a chance to fight back). But it's Desperation on Alm and that's fantastic, because Alm's a great unit. In short, Arts in Shadows of Valentia aren't terrible, but they're way more useful in Three Houses. Were I in charge (and with the benefit of hindsight), I'd either make arts like Three Houses classes, where in once you master a weapon you get an ability you can use even when not using that weapon, or I'd just make skills part of a units spell list as something they learn when they hit certain levels. This would make them more consistent and easier to access. Mathilda is always my Hit and Run girl and she can use that skill in conjunction with a Ridersbane. This would add a lot more defined characteristics to the Shadows of Valentias units which are defined very much by their class (or they're Clair, who is defined as a rather weak member of what is otherwise a good class). Already how good a mage is is more largely determined more by their spell list rather than their stats.
  10. One of the most (probably) unintentionally hilarious parts of Romance of the Three Kingdoms for me was reading about how Cao Cao's descendant feigned trying to refuse to take the throne three times in order to appear honorable when he secretly wasn't, while Liu Bei (or Xuande as he's known to me) sincerely refuses the throne three times before being convinced to accept it, completely without selfawareness a chapter later. Sure buddy, bet you have real valid sources on those two people being characterized completely oppositely for doing the exact same thing.
  11. Damn. I'm a bit disappointed someone else said it before me. Thabes from Shadow Dragon would make a pretty great Hyrule:Temple/Hyrule Castle style stage. The lay out of it is already in such a vertical way that it could be translated to Smash quite easily while still being recognizable. Though I reckon if we did get a Melee Fire Emblem stage then it would have been a generic one in the vein of Castle Siege and Arena. And I definitely don't think there was ever a chance of Roy getting a recognizable Elibe stage given the development time. If we were to ignore that, the arrows of light gaiden would maybe be the easiest to adapt, but the stage sort of sucks and visually isn't all that interesting to me (and would probably feel a bit too much like Thabes if we're imagining both getting into the same came). Arcadia I think could probably be the best stage and would represent desert maps in Fire Emblem. You could have it by an oasis and feature a few dragons showing up and maybe a sandstorm interfering with the fight. If they want they could even pull off the castle siege thing and go down into the water filled underground area with its vanishing platforms. Though all those design choices are kind of post-Melee in concept. Melee stages were really quite standard aside from a few scrolling ones and Brinstar Depths. Regarding Corrin, I see calls for the Opera House and that makes a lot of sense. Though personally I see more potential in Valla. If they actually commit to it and make it an interesting stage using the gimicks Revalation pulled with its Valla maps. Teleports and moving platforms and floating islands and drgaon veins and all that jazz. Though if we're talking DLC then chances are they wouldn't have ever committed to something like that. Half the DLC stages are very flat. I'm especially sick of the "Here's a generic battlefield, we've stuck some footage of the game in the background as a reference that doesn't influence the stage at all" philosophy.
  12. That's true, the Mexican-American war did happen slightly earlier. And I admittedly don't know a whole lot about it, but I'm somewhat sure that most of that territory was lowly populated wasteland. And large swaths of the people wanted to be part of the USA, granted that was due to them actually being (US)Americans who had illegally immigrated into the Mexican lands (which two hundred years later carries a hefty does of irony). And we can also go further back to the War of 1812, or as someone in this thread as named it, their attempt to conquer Canada, in which they made war demands that had already been met before the war had even started. So American Imperialism didn't just spring up out of nowhere, though I do think there was a bit of a change in policy in the latter half of the nineteenth century that was full swing by the time the Spanish-American war started. I have opinions on the other things that I could express, but like I said, I don't really want to get into a whole thing. On the subject of the whole time period of America, I will say Liberia doesn't get enough focus in discussions about the USA's history. To the extent that I expect most Americans who aren't into history aren't even aware of its existence. Which is a shame as it's pretty fascinating in how atypical it was as a colony (though I do think it was still colonialism and did more harm than good, but still a really interesting case of it nonetheless).
  13. Okay, time for an actual controversial hot take that will probably make some people hate me. The Confederate States of America were completely justified in seceding from the US and the following Civil War was not justified. This is not coming from the perspective of a lost cause racist southerner flying the wrong Confederate flag claiming the Confederacy was on the verge of fleeing all their slaves. They weren't. They were a bunch of racists who seceded so they could keep owning the slaves that were making them rich and they would have kept slavery going until we had spaceships if they could. But they still had the right to secede if they wanted to, as I believe any territory has. The precedent the North set there means that the federal government can freely invade any state today that might try to secede for whatever reason (of course it'd be unfair to depict the USA as the only nation to do such, nations have been violently trying to put down rebellions from people looking for independence since the birth of nations as a concept, but that's something I think needs to change with some more solid international rulings on how new states can be formed). Furthermore I think slavery was already very much on its way out. I don't think humanity suddenly grew enlightened three hundred years ago and collectively decided enslaving other humans was an intolerable wrong (of course I believe it is, but I have the luxury of living in the modern world). People did just change on mass and became more moral. Slavery persisted in various forms for thousands of years because it was the most effective way to do things, and changes in technology rendered that untrue, allowing the humans the capacity to be more moral about the whole thing. The American South wanted to maintain their power and position in the world, but it was a changing world that was making it impossible to do so. Slavery would have been abolished within a few short generations because it would become just plain economically nonviable. And while one might argue that any amount of time leaving people in slavery is too much time, I'd argue the hundred of thousands of people that died as a result of the pretty bloody conflict. Aside form some pretty crazy stuff going down in China at the same time, it was the largest war of the nineteenth century. And the last thing forming my opinion is that it was never really about getting rid of slavery for the North. They were far more concerned with preserving the union, but that moral high ground was pretty great propaganda. To the extent that it became what the USA has been about ever since. Fighting a war to further its own power base while claiming to do it for some moral cause is what the USA has been doing to this very day. In many respects the Civil War is where American Imperialism started (well at least for those of us who aren't Native Americans). But even if it had been purely, 100% about ending slavery for the North, I still think it isn't a good enough reason to invade another nation. As I don't believe anyone has the right to enforce their moral right on others using force. There's a whole host of countries that do absolutely abhorrent things even to modern day, but I don't think we have any moral right to invade the likes of Saudi Arabia or North Korea and kill thousands of people because we think we're right and they're wrong. The only exception to this would be some kind of active genocide situation wherein a nation is hellbent on wiping out a people completely. Now all that being said there is certainly an argument to be made that the South handled things quite badly and were the ones to fire the first shot of the war, but I think it's also fair to say they were under the impression that war was inevitable. The South had no intention, near as I can tell, to actually conquer the North. They wanted to be left alone to continue making money off slavery. So yeah, there's a really hot take for you. I expect people will disagree heavily with me, and that's cool. We can have different opinions, and I can acknowledge that my opinion is largely influenced by my own country's history, so I don't really expect to actually change anyone's mind. I will try to resist getting into an argument about it as I think I summed up my feelings pretty succinctly and I just know any back and forth response is very quickly going to devolve very quickly and result in getting the whole thread locked. I'm going to go sleep now and I'll see in the morning if that happens anyway. Also I'll toss out people don't talk about Haiti enough. Just in general.
  14. Maybe, but I doubt it as the Killer Bow still has high crit. Keeping the Brave Sword actually named the Brave Sword and not renaming it the Killing Edge is something I also categorize as "Honor (to Gaiden) before reason". Early installment weirdness is a thing, you don't have to keep it intact just for the sake of it. The Gaiden Brave Sword is not the same thing as the brave sword that has been established to be in almost every single game in the series. And if they did insist on calling it the Brave Sword then they could have given it something like Double Lion, wouldn't be any more broken than Hunter's Volley, which is Double Lion only from 5 tiles away. Yeah, but Shadows of Valentia doesn't have durability. And the game is kind of balanced and designed around that that idea with its singular equipment slot. So what else could they do other than HP in Shadows of Valentia? A mana system like Three House's magic? Summoning to bait them out is an option too. Really Wolf is the most dangerous thing here, the other archers, even the ones with the bows aren't all that strong. I think even Palla and Catria can take a hit from the ones with bows without dying immediately (just make sure to position them right so it is only one hit). But not from Wolf though, he's a bit of a beast who can probably double a large portion of your army despite wielding a steel bow. If you can forge the 2-3 ranged lance you can also enemy phase the unequipped archers with Valbar (it also comes with Defensive to shrug off enemy fire), though I expect you won't have the money for that since you've just got your killer bow.
  15. I don't find the Emperor class trivializing anything. I find it coming to late to be of any use at all. Armoured Lord is around for quite a while, but Armoured Lord super sucks. Emperor has better bases, but you'd have to be ignoring basically all the paralogues to see any use of it because it comes so late. You should absolutely have been qualified for Wyvern Lord long ago by the time Emperor is available. Yeah, I've seen people argue against giving Emperor magic because "The Bolt Axe would be better anyway", but it's not a good argument. Because Emperor is an underwhelming class. Giving it magic would be a flat buff for it. Bolt Axe might still be better than her magic list, but magic will not actually make her worse. So if it's not making her worse in gameplay, you might as well make it cooler and more distinctive. I'm quite surprised Armoured Lord even exists. Like, not in the usual way of the intermediate lord exclusive classes all such and should have been replaced with their endgame ones because Byleth already has Enlightened One by this point, but like why did they even go to the trouble of making Armoured Lord when they already had her unmasked Flamer Emperor design as a class present in the game's code? Well at least the existence of Armoured Lord made a million Edelgard alts in Heroes require less effort when she won CYL an they'd already used the Flame Emperor.
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