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  1. 26 turns on Marth embarks 0.o Were you training Wyrs to 20/20 via dodging or something. What difficulty was this on? EDIT: Is that over 7 hours on chapter 4 :0 The way you play Fire Emblem baffles and frightens me.
  2. Well I'm sure they felt it did. But...okay I'm not going to blame the budget, since cutscenes would be hired out other animation studios and they clearly decided the budget for those stupid nukes that aren't even part of the story deserved two separate animated segments. This was probably just a result of poor management and a lack of clear vision for the game than it was a money or time issue.
  3. At this time both polls are equal between randomized brackets and seeing Ike and Eirika win. Well we'll wait a bit longer to see the randomized results, but let's figure out of the Ike can beat Eirika as we repeat a Tellius vs Magvel match for the second time in a row. Day 13: Eirika vs Ike (Path of Radiance) ROUND 1: Iron Weapons ROUND 2: Weapons, no skills ROUND 3: Skills and weapons Ike wins 2:1 Join us tomorrow for Eliwood vs Lucina. Can Lucina avenge her father by being victorious against another Elbian foe?
  4. That's essentially saying "as long as the primary audience isn't aimed at adults." Things are, thankfully, changing for the better, but it's irritated me to no end that the western animation industry has been convinced adults would never watch a cartoon unless it was marketed as a comedy. I think the pinnacle of this is the show I'm finishing off right now, Final Space. I dont know what form its original material takes, but it comes across as a show that desperately and obviously wants to be a serious space opera, but because it's a cartoon aimed outside of the child demography it's forced to present itself as a comedy which really brings it down.
  5. Oh wow. I was hoping Whalhart would get some kind of armour support to refeeence his armour knight status. But I really can't complain with what he did get. I know where my grails will be going. Is he the best axe cavalry in the game now? I do t think he has much competition outside of Plegian Morgan.
  6. I know you're not actually challenging anyone to come up with reasons here...and for the most part I agree with you...but I still have something to say for each of them so... I'd say him becoming King is the whole reason he exists. The wanted someone to take charge of the kingdom, but they also wanted Fjorn to continue to be playable and maintain the idea that the Fjorn fighting in your army is a real person and not a summoned hero like the others. Same reason the Giantess takes control of the Kingdom in the most recent book, only she's more of a character there. Of course I doubt anyone would have been pushed too much if they just ignored this issue entirely and just had Fjorn remain playable without justification. But eh, at least it justifies her a bit more to be in Forging Bonds stuff. So, yeah, Hrid could have been implemented better, but I think they shoved him in for a specific reason. Hey, at least she weirdly has the Lord Class. That makes her noteable. You know he was so poorly implemented, I didn't even realize it was the same character at first. It was only upon finishing Torna I remembered the old guy and wondered why he wasn't in Torna only to realize they had mentioned every single obligatory detail about him and added nothing else (which is kind of Torna as a whole). What he does bring to the table, however, is the Darkness element for the party, which no other blade has and is kind of needed for the gameplay. Course there was nothing stopping them from just inventing a new blade for Adam that had the darkness element, but Torna was kind of low effort fan service all around. Why bother to create anything new when even if you do, fans will just complain about the stuff that was referenced before being absent?
  7. Well he didn't see much need to add clothes to Arglas's wardrobe (nor Shulk's if everyone plays Xenoblade like me!).
  8. I don't really watch anime any more. I used to in the past, but in the last few years I've found little of interest. Last one I really tried to get into was Jojos and that was mostly due to people on Serenes mistakenly thinking my user name was a reference to the show. There is a new Digimon out though, so I might give that a chance some time, provided an English dub surfaces.
  9. Okay and I'm back. It seems people are in unanimous agreement that Alm and Edelgard should refight, so I'll line that one up for after we're finished the the first round. Until then I'll add a new option to the poll asking if people would like the future brackets to be randomized or to continue in their current fashion. But for now, let's get down to Day 12: Ephraim vs Eirika For the record, the community believes Ephraim will have a sure victory. Let's see if that's true. ROUND 1: Iron Weapons ROUND 2: Weapons, no skills Ephraim wins 2:0 Join us tomorrow for Eirika vs Ike (Path of Radiance)
  10. I hope Aversa gets a sol effect on her weapon as a refine. Not only does Aversa's Night have a Nosferatu effect in game, but it would sync well with her current set up. As it is Aversa just kind of hangs around the back lines inflicting panic, but if she could keep her HP topped up while attacking, she could get into the action and attack (though sadly the unit will never be all that useful to me due to inflated enemy HP levels in non PvP modes).
  11. Mythra's certainly more confident, but she's also one not to deal with bullshit or to get a sense of satisfaction from people oogling her. Though, somewhat amusingly, given that they're actually artificial in this case, the reason why they look like that in universe could be interpreted as being the same as in our universe, namely they were intentionally deisgned to be that way by their creator (although Myrtha was the one who created Pyra...so I'm not sure what that says about her).
  12. Yeah, it's a bad skill for armoured units. And for non armoured units it generally takes too much investment to reach. Only unit I use it on is Felix as I want him to actually be able to use his relic.
  13. Yep, you're absolutely right. In fact it's this very conversation that brought my attention to how prevalent this trope is in the series. I find it very frustrating that they actually introduce the notion of diplomacy here but don't actually try to discuss any terms based on the actual situation. It's just "I'm right you're wrong" "No u". Not even a suggestion of "You're surrounded and our victory is assured. We will let you keep your crown if you return the occupied lands and downscale your military." "I refuse because even though I'm surrounded I can turn I to a monster to win." No pairing is an option too. It might be me misreading your feelings, but it seems that despite the inundation of supports, you actually seem to be enjoying them
  14. Armour ranks give the weight reduction ability which no d of pushes you to give them shields.
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