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Revival of Mafia Mafia- Day 3


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1. This is a NOC game. You may only talk outside the thread if your role PM allows it.

2. You may not post your role PM in-thread or quote host interactions. You may not post screenshots.

3. You must make at least 2 posts during each 24 hour period or you will be prodded. If you fail to post within 12 hours of being prodded, you will be subbed out or modkilled. If you know ahead of time that you will not be present during a 24 hour period, please state in-thread or in your role PM that you will be away.
3a. Rule 3 does not apply in the case of an unexpected or unplanned absence that was not able to be cleared ahead of time.

4. If you tactically modkill yourself to give your side an advantage, I will make sure that your alignment is worse off than before. If you are modkilled you cannot win. Just don't get modkilled.

5. Don't edit your posts. I probably won't modkill you for this unless you do it more than once.
5a. If you edit game-relevant content, I will modkill you.

6. Do not post during the night phase. I probably won't modkill you for this unless you do it more than once.

1. Death is definitely the end. Information may not be passed from dead players to living players. You may continue to post in-thread after your demise, but posts must be info-free and you may not spam the thread or distract from the game with deadtalk.

2. There are no items, and priorities have been decided beforehand.

3. Day Phase is 72 hours. Night Phase is 24 hours. Phases may or may not end early. If you intend to idle, please say so in your role PM. If you have not submitted an action by deadline, I will assume that you are idling.
3a. You have one 24-hour extension for the whole game. Phase will only be extended if over half of all living players vote for an extension.
3b. D1 will never end early or be extended.

4. You need a hammer to lynch. Hammer is 50%+1 rounded down.
4a. You do not need a hammer to lynch on D1. The player with the most votes will be lynched on D1.
4b. You may no lynch as many times as you want.

5. Actions will be made in the standard ##Action: Player format.

6. This game starts on D1.

7. There are no hidden players.

8. Do not abuse loopholes.

9. Inspection results may not be accurate.

10. You may not self-target.

11. Scum hunt w/ role or flavour at your own risk.

12. LYLO/MYLO will be announced.

13. If you are ever uncertain about anything, ask the mods for clarification.

14. Follow your role PM. If your role PM contradicts the rules in any way, FOLLOW YOUR ROLE PM.

15. Do not try to outguess/outsmart/meta the hosts. You don't know what the hosts know.

16. This is a game. Have fun, don't get too worked up, and try to keep it civil.
17. There is a non-zero number of vanillas in this game.

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Da Playerlist:



7. Elieson
11.Zeonth Junko Enoshima
12.Izhuark General Ciraxis


2.Gaius- Buddha, the Enlightened, Town Vanilla.


5.PB Faerie Knight- Yomiel, Angsty Ghost Trickster, Mafia Omniguard.

3.Boron-Naruto, Absurd Whiny Protagonist, Town Tracker

8.Shin-Frieza,Space Pirate, Mafia Self-Watcher Janitor



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Extra post just in case.

This is confirmation phase. I haven't sent role PMs out yet but will in 14 hours.  Just want to confirm that people are still in this.

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Shit, that was exhausting. VERY WELL THEN!

Day 1 begins. I can't stay awake till this time, so this is a 70 hour day phase.  With 12 alive, it takes 7 to hammer. Day 1 ends on the 19th of July, GMT 4:30.

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##Vote: Refa

This may seem preemptive but I'm pretty certain that Refa is scum this game. Looking at his posting record so far, there's nothing to suggest that he's even remotely town. There's not a single read at all, in fact, his posting has been pretty sparse in general. I would link a few quotes but the game's a little too long and difficult to process through right now. I might give it a try but I'll just paraphrase so far.

"I am scum and, completely unsurprisingly, Shin is really handsome." - Refa, this game

As you can see, it's a pretty blatant scumtell, he's trying to veil it thinly with a well placed and totally accurate complement, but as true as the compliment is, it doesn't excuse his obvious tells. I've actually found a hidden message within this quote, just look at my analysis and see for himself.

"I am Scum and, Completely Unsurprisingly, Shin is really handsoMe." - Refa, thIs gAMe


It took me a while to spot, but with enough effort, I was able to decipher it.

He's put in a secret message stating that he's scum, which is a pretty unfortunate mistake when there's someone as clever as me about. There's also the fact that he's distancing himself from his buddies. I would be hard pressed to find a post where he actually interacts with them in a meaningful way. I wouldn't be surprised if they flipped after he did, considering their limited interactions. In fact, his RVS antics have been especially dry, and you can usually tell from the way people post in RVS which team they're on. There was totally a mafia guide that said so and they're always correct so I have no reason to even justify my reasoning. 

In short, Refa is pretty much scum and if I'm wrong I was only saying what everyone else was thinking, the only difference is that I was handsome enough to say it. If anyone cares to disagree I'm more than happy to attack them for their opinion and not the reasoning that they presented. Also the number 6 is part of 666, which is fitting because it's both Refa's player slot and thus proving he's one third of the scum team.


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What the Shin x)

RVSeal of approval on that one.

For my part i thin SB. Is clearly scum... If mafia sucks why do you still play it ? Clearly 100% scumslip

##Vote : SB.

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