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  1. Rather than break the count in the thread, I'll squee over your avatar/sig here.  Also, the tag was a compromise, since the Trails-themed title lost out to the current thread title.  Olivier does rule!

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    2. Starman


      I would like to believe she would win
      Might be more because he big brother wouldnt wanna hurt little sis

    3. Starman


      Also i feel like i'm wasting your time when you got something better to do and i wanna say that i'm sorry

    4. eclipse


      Nah, you're not wasting your time.  I like chatting about FFXV!

  2. Your avatar is adorable~!

    1. MrSmokestack


      It's d'Eon from FGO.

      You ever played Fate?

    2. eclipse


      Yep~!  I think I posted my FC in the topic somewhere.  Ironically enough, d'Eon's my main shared unit!

  3. I approve of your sig. :P

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    2. Ebony


      Messiahs are cool - I have a soft spot for them due to the character who uses them. I don't know, I typically grow fond of clans in general after reading the lore. It's fun.

    3. eclipse


      What's your opinion of Luard the Walking Disaster? :P:

    4. Ebony


      I don't know how to feel about Luard. I won't lie when I say I like the design, the playstyle is interesting, it's just not for me. Also gave me a Hell of a time looking for advice for any non Luard based Shadow Paladin decks.

  4. And in other news, your sig is really sweet.

    1. Raven


      :D Are you familiar with the game/character? I haven't got it (yet) but I plan to play it eventually. B2 is simply a sig-worthy character.

    2. eclipse


      I'm not sure how she plays a part in NieR: Automata, nor do I have that particular game.  I'm familiar with NieR, which was part mindfuck, part action RPG mixed with bullet hell, and all ear candy.  One of the best video game soundtracks ever IMO.

  5. I can answer the avatar question here.  Her name is Sara Valestein, from Trails of Cold Steel.  She's a teacher who challenges her entire class to a sparring match, with hilarious results.

    1. Christianguy7


      I actually want to pick that game up. It looks fun.

    2. eclipse


      It's for the Vita, and it's FUN!  I also recommend Trails in the Sky (both of them), on Steam.

  6. I might be deliriously happy about your current avatar. :P:

    1. Refa


      THANKS I just finished SC.

    2. Refa


      Also because he's great, definitely one of my favourite characters in the game.

  7. ONE MORE POST, then you can join the five-digit club!

    1. Elieson


      Huzzah! 10k FOR THE WIN!

  8. ##Vote: Marth for a happy birthday!

  9. Happy birthday!

    1. Frosty


      Thanks clipsey!

  10. Do you ship those two? I sure don't! :P

  11. I adore your avatar~!

    1. saisymbolic


      OMG! Thanks! I freakin' love the game this dude came from~! XD

  12. Happy birthday, I'm totally on time! :P

    1. Integrity


      close enough~


  13. Happy birthday! It's still Sunday here!

    1. Sunwoo


      Haha, thanks eclipse!

  14. Happy birthday~!

  15. Happy birthday, try not to get blackout drunk!

  16. Happy birthday~!

    1. Freohr Datia

      Freohr Datia

      thank you eclipse!! :D

  17. Alas, the link in your sig goes nowhere!

    1. Christianguy7


      Yeah, i don't know what went wrong, I'll try and find the original page, and see if i can fix it.

  18. Happy birthday~!

    1. Esme


      Thank you~!

  19. Your sig is amazing.

    1. Zephias


      Pls. It's something I threw together to have something there :3

  20. Aww, the shota's all grown up! Happy birthday, and remember that the best booze is the one in the gravy!

    1. Roxas


      ok i just saw this wtf does this even mean

  21. Happy birthday~!

  22. Happy belated birthday~!

    1. Iris


      thank you eclipse!!

  23. Happy birthday~!

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