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  2. That is because I just went through every event after and immediately before the attack on the Monastery by the knights of Seiros and she either never says it if Flayn and Steth survive (as I had not killed them) or it was never said at all. The very best they have is Edelgard talking about the Children of the Goddess several chapters later but nothing suggests she knows that Flayn and Seteth are alive nor that she gave any specific order to hunt them down. Conclusion: people are guessing or lying.
  3. This is how you do Scouts: You and your twin.
  4. To make matters even worse, according to the wiki, her insta death rate is 50%. Insta Death is not very common, but it’s still a pretty bad thing for Summer Okita’s survivability. With Avenger Nobu being arguably one of the worst SSR, and now Summer Okita, I’m starting to think DW has something against Koha-ace or against female Servants in general. Feels like the famously bad Servants are usually female while the top tier ones are usually male. Not to say the opposite doesn’t happen but still.
  5. This is so weird... I mean, not the video, which is pretty cool. But having this video and the one with Alfonse and Líf, both pretty cool, while the story and FB event as the same.
  6. It's not just that, her first and third skill also have pretty shitty demerits attached. First skill removed her own defensive buffs. This is at least sort of workable by simply using it before defensive skills... Third skill gives her a defense debuff.... that is treated as a buff so the only way to get rid of it is if then enemy has buff removal (which would also axe the beneficial parts of the skill). And no, her first skill's demerit does not remove it. Not very DAISHOURI of you, DW.
  7. I just noticed that the 3H main characters were added to the Member Badge options. What we need now are the Adrestian Empire, Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and the Leicester Alliance as options for the Allegiance (I fight for...).
  8. Hey all. So, after years of wanting to get into this series but bouncing off of my attempts to do so. I actually broke through my own mental stumbling blocks (to a degree) and have now finished some Fire Emblem games! I started with a copy of Echoes I picked up on impulse for cheap, and eventually cleared it on Casual Normal Mode and quite liked its... uniqueness. That made me want to try a game that still let you level up between missions in a pinch, but had the permanent death in it. I dusted off The Sacred Stones, and gave that a try. I probably should have started with that one, in retrospect, because I all but steamrolled the thing. Nevertheless, I'd like to make sure that my own obstacles to enjoying these games aren't only removed by the games that actually let you grind out levels. I'd like to try a game that has the permanent death risk, without any super easy level grinding... but not necessarily dive off of the deep end into some ultra-difficult hard game hell. So, I've come here to pose the question: What's a good "intermediate" Fire Emblem game for me to challenge next? I have, already in the house here, copies of Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, and Awakening. I also, in my GBA FE phase there, put out an order for a cart of Binding Blade. If the new Three Houses game is an option, I can likely pick that one up sometime next month. With all that said... where do I go from here?
  9. Looking at Summer Okita’s NP, it seems she’s stunned after it, sorta like vanilla Jeanne’s original NP. I mean, a command code can fix that, but some people are already claiming she sucks. Seems some players are unhappy with this year’s batch of Summer Servants in terms of gameplay, in the sense they are already assuming they’re bad without even giving a second glance. I know I did that with Summer Musahi. Considering how Merlin trended worldwide for a bit during Sunday, it feels weird that a male Servant is the most popular character in a Summer event.
  10. Yeah, I love her too, she IS so pretty! And Elincia is best girl in the series to me so I'm real happy she got such a beautiful alt. ^^ And I was surprised that happened with Frederick, though as I said, it was some annoying lag. Your Black Knight theme clear is awesome, btw! He's my favorite antagonist in the series.
  11. I like the substitutes like Laylea Linda and Daisy. Of the royal kids, Ares, Patty and Fee are solid characters.
  12. Didn't read a (surprisingly accurate)Twitter post depicting Three Houses characters as toilets with threatening auras. I don't understand Ashe and Annette, though.
  13. Oooh, seems to be so. Its just, Rapier hasn't said whether or not he has a system/format in place before this begins. That w/o world direction, just makes me weary about joining early. If there's a mass PM or Discord about organizing, please PM me to invite. I'll check through it at the least.
  14. finally fire emblem gives me the ability to kill both men and women
  15. The old system being the Gameboy Advance, yeah. But then you wouldn't be able to get all As in one playthrough on that. But like I said, that's been the norm since Awakening. Chrom aside.
  16. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't your example not allow for 3 weeks of delay? I recall only having Explore as an option during Week 1, and interacting with Jeritza's house causes a 3 week time skip (using up the rest of the month after rescuing Flayn).
  17. I think you just have to disconnect a bit the two things. The month system is just a gameplay mechanic that takes over the story, like the fact that you can spend 3 battle pointsto fight in the south, north and east of the continent in the same day. If you want to "RP" it just go directly in Jeritza's quarters asap I guess. Or you could say that they were looking for her the whole month, but the Manuela thing wouldn't make a lot of sense.
  18. Its the fact that I can confirm that many posts about Edelgard have been outright lies (which I can confirm by checking the events in the extras menu) when its really not necessary to do so to make a case against her. I'm simply annoyed at the dishonest nature that the conversation has taken for some members of this board. As I am starting on BL and have finished GD and CF I can confirm when I'm being lied to about two routes but likely won't notice if someone says something incorrect or dishonest about the church or Blue lions route, so at the moment I find myself antagonistic towards many first time BL players because they are the ones I can tell either haven't done CF or GD, or are simply being dishonest.
  19. @Zeo Hey, Lon'qu is back!!! That's a nice B!Roy you have there, I kind of want one but he never comes home. Galeforce shenanigans with raw power is really fun to watch. Lon'qu took quite a beating immediately which was scary. Very fitting Raven, the other Basilikos user, was the one to end the map. Awesome music choice, too. @mampfoid @Nanima @Rafiel's Aria @mampfoid @Landmaster @daisy jane @Ginko @Azuris So Linus time! Hmm Black Fang member, brother of the White Wolf.....how about a Wolf team theme (with Wolf tomes)! Team is neutral Nailah, +Def/-HP Velouria, +HP/-Def Rhajat and neutral 4* Ursula. Music is Freedom (Wolf Clan theme) from Battle Realms -Saw I had Nailah and Velouria. Didn't have Keaton though and I really wanted the White Wolf Lloyd to join this but his low Defense wasn't really good against this map with this team (although I at least already cleared this with him in the Kaiji Tang VA Emblem I did earlier in the thread). So the solution was getting the Wolf Tome users Rhajat and Ursula to join in (and Ursula was a fellow Black Fang) -Space control was really important in this map. Had to set Ursula to the right to bait opponents in their first turn correctly, while Nailah was dealing with the left side thanks to Velouria's support. She needed Fierce Stance, Drive Atk and QR to delete the mage. Fierce Stance and a rightly timed special was important to one shot the thief. -Linus and the red dragon was the most challenging and were left for last. I kept forgetting how to split them up in the end so had to do various combinations to make sure my team wasn't swamped thanks to Linus's Pivot. The mages were important in chipping them down from afar since the actual wolves were getting low in health and Linus was pretty bulky.
  20. Oh, so Boey is a bonus unit this season? Yay. I get to troll defence teams.
  21. Today
  22. @Zeo @Landmaster @[email protected] jane @Alexmender @SatsumaFSoysoy @Ginko @Nanima @NegativeExponents- @DLNarshen (it's Julius clear! Also forgot to tag you in the Julius GHB) So Jamke GHB. I was struggling to come up with a theme...then a thought while looking at the mark on his forehead- aren't there a few units with forehead marks? And thus, this clear was born! Team is neutral Julius, +Res/-HP Fae, +Spd/-Def Soren and neutral Aversa. All characters with markings on their foreheads. Music is Origin of Mind from the King of Fighters 1997. -That's right, it's a Forehead Mark Emblem! Soren, Fae and Julius have red marks on the middle of the forehead while Aversa has more spread out markings (tattoos?). -Draw Back was the name of the game here. Trees are kind of annoying to navigate, and with Aversa in my team, Jamke had to go FAST. Guidance was annoying, so I had this crazy idea to let Guidance work against Jamke as he warps right in front of Aversa. Out comes Fae + Julius to quickly delete the archer (with Atk support from Soren). -Sword cav annoyingly had more Res than I wanted, since my team would all hit Res. Had to make sure red mage targets Julius instead of Fae, since with Fury recoil she can't survive both red mage and cav. Fae needed Spd/Res bond for this to work, and Julius luckily would have his special charged to deal good damage to the swordie. Aversa also needed Aerobatics to help with the sword cav, but only after Soren uses Draw Back to completely block the blue mage. --- Now for a last minute clear, after unexpectedly (and finally) getting a Quan before the Drive Atk banner ended, I can finally do an Earth Emblem clear that I always dreamed of. Kind of fitting it's on a Genealogy map! Team is +Res/-Spd Quan (wields the 'Earth Lance' Gae Bolg,), +Atk/-HP Nanna (Has the Earth Sword in Thracia, which is like an Absorb Sword), +HP/-Spd Leo (Brynhildr creates trees) and +Res/-Atk Deirdre (she is the Lady of the Forest) Music is Avatar Kyoshi from Avatar: The Last Airbender. -Insert the usual 'forest maps are annoying for cav teams' complaint here. I wanted to quickly delete Jamke but he was hiding in the forests so Quan can't quite reach him (that's a little Quan tongue twister), so had to resort in baiting the other units somehow. Ended up using Deirdre and her massive Res to initiate with the mages, though I gave her -Atk self more oomph with the Fierce Stance seal to quickly KO the blue mage. -Technically Nanna would have liked using her Dazzling Pain staff more on this clear for AoE damage but for the Earth theme's sake, I used her native Absorb staff (also @Zeo's Serra made me want to use it more) to echo the Earth Sword she has in Thracia. Sadly Wrathful Absorb+ still quite isn't enough for this map so I used Dazzling to help do chip damage against Jamke. Plus AoE heals are fun to watch. She also helped with tanking the lance flier for a bit, blocking her from reaching Deirdre (thank goodness for Nanna's speed bulk). -Quan's Atk stat is amazing and I relied on him to hit hard, since the Leo/Nanna's Atk stats aren't amazing and Deirdre is -Atk. Gae Bolg Atk buff is quite nice to use actually, and his Drive Atk helped the team do a little more damage which is appreciated. Leo was mostly support with double Savage Blow since there wasn't much room to use Gravity tome shenanigans.
  23. He pretty much said any of us can do it.
  24. Azura is a great Arena unit, but not a good bonus unit. She can deal with red foes, but she can have some problems with blue foes, and she will have problems with green foes. I never used a dancer in Arena, but I can see that using a dancer that attack instead of dance sound... weird. You will have a better time with Sigrun. Just give her a Slaying Spear, so she can deal with Armored Units, and she is good to go. I could do it as well, but Alfonse was enough to make me get a good score to return to Tier 21.
  25. The Flayn chapter specifically is such a self-made problem, it's straight up bizarre. That being said, I do believe you get a (worthless) accessory and additional affinity points for both Flayn and Seteth if you do it early. Which isn't worth it at all, and I'm not even certain, I'll check on my next run. Outside of that, yeah, we could definitely have used a few mid-month chapters. Similarly, chapters that don't have you go back to the monastery in between could have happened a bit more often, post-timeskip especially. I don't think the system cannot work, the player just needs some novelty here and there.
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