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  2. Hi there ! The patch looks awesome and all, but do you have a version with only the Thieves promotion into Assassins in it (and 40 uses for the Rapier) ? It's my first playthrough of FE6 and I want my Thieves to promote, but besides that I want to keep the game as vanilla as possible. Thanks in advance !
  3. The question was which units needed which blessing, no mention was made about who should be in a team together. The units i listed were the ones I recommended as being light/astra blessed. I don’t know how you got the idea that that would be a team comp, it lacks a bonus unit anyway.
  4. I just want REmake 3 and FF7R to enthrall me like they did when I was a kid. I know they won't, but I can hope. Aldo, deets on the next FE would be nice. Other than that, I'll just keep banging my "WHERE'S DRAGON'S DOGMA 2?!" drum outside of the Capcom offices. Now that Itsuno's been working on a mystery project since DMCV came out, I'm hoping we'll hear about it.
  5. I realllllyyyyyyy hope that none of the new winter units entice me! I plan on diving in for Winter Robin first and foremost, followed by saving up for NY Hrid. If I get Robin early, I’ll spend a few orbs on the double seasonal banner currently going on. I don’t have either of the green units, Bride Sanaki and Dancing Elincia, so either one of those would be amazing to have—Elincia in particular! Other than that, I’m excited for all the orbs we are getting! I also really hope they bring back the free random 5* seasonal thing again. It was really cool getting my first VA Lyn that way. Hopefully my Y1 is bit luckier though lol. Fallen Delthea is a GHB I completely ignored beyond the first difficulty, so I’m ready for that as well. Also, grand conquests is like my least favorite event lol. So I’m sad to see that, but I’m pumped for hall of forms!!
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  7. Mr. 90s Anime Villain went down pretty easily to the usual squad. It took a few tries due to not knowing the reinforcements, but all in all not a hard GHB. I'm impressed by the Venin Edge-Savage Blow combo though. It did about as much damage as the rest of the enemies put together, which should also show how wimpy most of Kempf's troops were in the face of L!Ike and Julia.
  8. ah yes, it's that time of the year where absolutely 0 new heroes banners are planned but instead of them we get a bunch of oh-so longed armored units once again hey intsys, can i just skip december?
  9. One game having avatar worship doesn't excuse Corrin of doing the thing, it just proves that IS can't make an avatar without fellating the player. I'm of the opinion that Robin was the best avatar as his praise is generally appropriate for his accomplishments. Naivete is often a trait attached to heroines whether one finds that intrinsically feminine or not. In that category we have Celica and Eirika who carry this hard and even Micaiah has a slight taste of it when she allows Jerod to leave to bury his friend instead of capturing him. I'm not sure why, but people are more forgiving of ignorance and making mistakes when it's a woman, as that's part of their maturation, where a guy will just be labeled an idiot for the same things. Not me though, I consider both Corrins idiots.
  10. ...yeah. I was thinking of tutoring when exploring the monastery. Weird, I don't think I've had issues with them not showing up before in seminar but then again I rarely use it so maybe I just never noticed.
  11. It works. It actually works. Really damn well, too 😄 DW. It happens to everyone. Especially with how the whole world is going full idiot nowdays people need to vent. In 2 days English Trump will most likely take full control of the UK, so you might see some of us political here as well...
  12. Another strong run from Serra and Fae. I was surprised you went to take on Yune right away but getting rid of those debuffs right away is a solid strategy. Eliwood got in his fair share of damage to keep Serra safe, too so she could keep spreading the chip damage. But this map was overall just a solid snack for Fae~ Matthew take a moment to get started but he starts running through the enemies as soon as Yune goes down. Nice of him to have a double does of dancers this time around. Eliwood impressed by being able to hold his own and not just cheer from the sidelines. I was wondering why Ninian had to take that big hit from the Theif. Was it just to get some chip damage on him? I am guessing since Eliwood does KO with perfect damage on the next turn. Luckily for them both, Matthew is on his way back to save them from those final foes~ Well done clear!
  13. Tried some re-sized images, but man they're ugly, I think I'll just put full size images inside spoiler tags instead, now that I've realized it's a good idea. Ch. 1:
  14. Unfortunately, he doesn't just run away after getting hit like in Thracia. Map Hard & Lunatic Infernal Infernal Enemy Stats Kempf Lancer Axe Armor Green Mage Red Archer Reinforcements
  15. Wow, so many banners! Glad to see Hall of Fjorms again. Hope we get more stamina this time. :- )
  16. Looks like I will finally be able to finish merging my FH!Delthea on the 20th when her GHB returns. Also hoping those two Tempest Trials have some good seals since it has been some time since I upgraded any of them.
  17. Chapter 2: 5/14 Man early game H5 is not draft friendly. So everyone went forward, with Darros recruiting himself on Turn 1 so he could choke-point the island and die. I have Cord choke the top bridge on the left side on Turn 2 since the pirate moves first, which prevents a cavalier from attacking Cord so he instead suicides on Caeda while the second cavalier can't attack anyone. This also causes Castor to move two spaces to the left of the second cavalier so that Caeda can recruit him and kill the second cavalier at the same time next turn. Turn 3 Jeigan and Cain bait the pirates near the boss to move. On Turn 4, Jeigan, Cain, and Ogma all just move towards the boss (Jeigan and Cain using a vulnerary) instead of attacking any of the remaining pirates while Marth gets the money from the village. All of the pirates kill the undrafted meatshields except for Wrys and Abel. Jeigan chips the boss with the Silver Lance, and then Wrys uses the save point so that Cain (or Ogma but I used Cain since he's more important long-term) can finish off the boss with a Steel Sword crit.
  18. The main issue I have isn't the weekly content, but the daily one - i.e. Aether Raids. All the other modes can be completed by battling for one day a week, ARs can't be. As a result, it's about as big a chore as the rest of the weekly modes combined. I'll ignore the daily Arena quest because doing Arena daily instead of weekly is a net loss of just 600 feathers.
  19. Father/Child Support Conversion Grima & Morgie (Morgan F) Support C Morgie: Whew, I'm beat. All of that studying is going to pay off I know it! I'll beat Morgan and Mum and Dad! Grima: ...Arrogance will lead to your downfall. Morgie (surprised): DAD?! Grima (sighs): Do not be so sure of victory, for you are at your most vulnerable when you think nothing can stop you. Morgie (frowns): What's that supposed to mean? Grima (exasperated): Exactly what you think it does. You would do well to learn from your mistakes, lest that make you no better than a worm rolling in the dirt. Morgie: Well that's one way of looking at things I suppose...say Dad, can I...ask you something? Grima (groaning in annoyance): As long as it doesn't pertain to the ridiculous things your mother does, or why you forgot her, perhaps I may answer. Though you'd do well not to pester me so. Morgie (sighs): I guess. But I...kind of wanted to know what it is about Mum that makes her...well...her, you know? Grima (scoffs): That is a pointless question to ask me, you should ask her that. Morgie (sighs sadly): Yeah, I guess so… Grima (looks thoughtful): Even so I would avoid asking any of the so-called heroes that question. The responses are both inaccurate and blown out of proportion. For now, however, there is a tactical meeting your mother insists might be of some use to you. Morgie (exclaims loudly): Oh that meeting. Thanks Dad! (races off) Grima (watches her before heaving a sigh): What makes her...her hmm? Heh, you must know as well as I what the other worms whisper about her. Truly it is impossible to even believe a human like her exists… ~*~ Father/Child Support Conversion Grima & Morgie (Morgan F) Support B Grima (fast asleep under the shade of a tree): ...zzz… Morgie: Hey Dad! Grima (still asleep): ...zzz… Morgie: DAD! Grima (groans in annoyance): Must you pester me? Morgie: Mum said it was lunchtime and- Grima (hums thoughtfully): Did she now (gazes up at the sky) heh, I suppose it is. Though why are you so excited, this had better not be another pitfall ploy, you know she's banned you three from doing so. Morgie (pouts): Aww it was only one time Dad! Besides no one got hurt because Reflet saw it coming! Grima (growls softly): And if she had not and foolish worms were hurt? I can't imagine your mother would be so soft about it then. I would have been sure to put more than the punishment she did. Morgie (winces): But no one got hurt! Grima (glares): That is not a sound reason to create a pitfall. It might seem fun but it will always come back to your mother and I. The other worms have little else to do than spout ridiculous nonsense, do not give them more to go on about. Morgie (deflated): Yes Dad. Grima (sighs): Your mother has enough on her plate as it is, you would do well not to increase her workload. (mutters) Not that it matters since worms will talk and still find some complaint or another, not least of all that useless worm who calls herself a commander. Morgie: Pardon? Grima (scoffs): It is nothing. Come, let us join your mother and brother Morgan. Morgie: Sure. ~*~ Father/Child Support Conversion Grima & Morgie (Morgan F) Support A Grima (sitting quietly after the din of battle has faded to himself): What makes Chloey, Chloey? Morgie: Hey Dad, the enemies are all gone. Grima (lost in thought): … Morgie: Dad? Grima: I heard the first time. (grumbles softly) As if the obvious needed stating. Morgie: So- Grima (sighs): I distinctly recall you asking what made your mother, herself. Morgie (surprised): I...I did? Grima: You did. To be honest I wasn't sure how to answer, since there is an indescribable thing that makes Chloey, Chloey. Your mother has a way of defying explanation, which is why I said to ask her. Morgie (looks thoughtful): I guess I hadn't thought of it that way. Still, why is it that only Morgan remembered her and not me? Grima (frowns): Who knows. It's like trying to remember things that this frail body refuses to all me to recall. Perhaps we should start a war to cheer ourselves up. Morgie (shocked): DAD! Grima (snorts): You're just like her, you really can't take it in jest can you? Morgie (laughs nervously): Right...it's a joke...of course Dad… Grima (ruffles Morgie's hair): You take after her, most certainly. Though you three are the only tolerable humans. Those other worms however… Morgie: So should we go see Mum then? Grima (smiles softly): We should indeed, come now, I am sure she is most anxious to ensure that we are in good health (to himself) Gods know she's unique in that way. Too bad those other worms don't listen to her well enough.
  20. ...Are you thinking of Advanced Tutoring in Explore? I'm thinking of the Seminar option. Being too low in comparison to Byleth shouldn't have mattered to Hubert, since my Byleth had E+ Bows and E Reason. (Her Lances would've given Bernie pause). I successfully got seminars from them with randomly filled participants by using Renown to push them to B main/C sub (D sub on Hubert, I haven't pushed his bows to C before).
  21. See of this was Fire Emblem: Code Geass version, after disposing of Rhea/the Church, Edelgard would make herself the worst tyrant ever to bring factions that normally wouldn't unite together to defeat her and achieve world peace. Thankfully, Edelgard is a much better character than Lelouch. And she stays dead if you kill her, though she does beg you to off her for similar reasons, I guess (her death would be the thing that ends the conflict she started)
  22. Mjolnir's Strike is the first event I've actually felt interested in keeping up with in a while, so I'm down for a permanent thing. Also, did nobody else read the whole 'early numbers indicate tens of millions of troops' bit? That's just one Askr, meaning just for one Summoner, even with us firing into each others' worlds it's going to take longer than one week to kill them all, and I assume Second-Mjolnir-Wielder can respawn them, this is probably going to be ongoing at least until we find some way to beat her down. As for the Banners, hoping for next version of Brave Redux or whatever it is, the next event I have any real interest in is Valentine's because I need that Roy on my main account.
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