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  2. From my understanding this is quite possibly the biggest mass killing in Japan in recent history. That cult gas attack from the 90s hospitalized thousands, but the casualties were much less than this. The exits were apparently barricaded by the perp. Honestly fuck that guy. My heart goes out to them. Apparently the Nichijou/Dragon Maid director died. A majority died from cardiac arrest. What a painful way to go.
  3. Have you read Shirer, man? It don't sound like you have.
  4. Welcome to the Forest, KelluPato! Wish you the best for your comics. Have a nice day and enjoy your stay!
  5. the most you can say about fascism is that economic policies are largely irrelevant the biggest care of a fascist state economically is making sure that factories are producing weapons for war and the facade of taking care of 'their own' (the Aryans) as opposed to the subhumans, even if this is just a lie and the 'pure blooded' are treated poor as well (because a fascist always wants to exploit others to do the dirty work). economics is not necessarily a strong principle that is held by fascism - if it serves best to be a corporatist, then that is what will happen. if it serves best to have state-controlled businesses, that will be what happens. the bigger emphasis is outward aggressive policy and inward scapegoats and ultranationalism.
  6. Yes. As much as I like challenge, these can feel a bit unfair and just force you to be overly cautious rather than thinking strategically. Or check guides for reinforcement turns. I'm fine with it if there's a good enough hint though, such as a comment from the boss. Then I can least move far away so that they cannot reach my units within the first turn. I can't remember whether Awakening had that, but some of the earlier games did anyway.
  7. Yeaaaaaah, this isn't the kind of news I ever wanted to see when coming home from work. No matter the reason this is absolutely unforgiveable. So many deaths lost in the most cruel of ways. Absolutely horrible. I wish the best to the families of the employees.
  8. Hmmm... So many Jugdrali actors and actresses in this game... 🤔 Probably means nothing. Also, I sure hope Cyril doesn't become the vessel of an evil dragon god that sacrifices children by forcing them to fight each other to the death.
  9. At least you can unmount if you want to have some variety but at the cost of some movement.
  10. 1. I absolutely agree with this, but they aren't into games like that, they just don't like waifu culture at all. 2. Yes I think a lot of this issue is that the majority of the spotlight imo falls on the weird side of the fans who are ridiculously hooked on the waifu anime aspects of the series. Which is just very very unfortunate because it robs many of what could be a great experience 😞
  11. That font size is a bit much don't you think. From what i can gather it is actually you who is not the target audience, otherwise these things would not have been done this way, not that it matters you do complain anyways (and whatever, i am not trying to stop you). EDIT: also FE is a old Franchise, assuming that most players are teens is kind of ridiculous, I am admittedly not.
  12. I like to have as much variety as possible, so I'm also a bit disappointed we're supposed to have most of them mounted in the end. I'm at least happy that for the most part they don't look ridiculous. But I'm not too happy about the shoulder pads of Great Knights. Mortal Savants and Dark Knights also look a little bit out of place. These will all feel like downgrades in terms of looks, but not terribly so.
  13. I loved him as Julius. He was really expressive despite voicing a SNES villain. Interesting to see how the VA will approach a colder character like Cyril. But that's yet another Yugdral VA getting a role in Fodland. I'm rooting for Ishtar's voice actress getting a part.
  14. I think Flayn is mandatory, as there appears to be some story event related to her, and we've seen her in the team in most if not every preview. On the other hand I have yet to see a playable Cyril apart from the IGN class video, so he might be a post timeskip join.
  15. Likely just the same as teachers and students not in your house, meeting some requirement in stats and/or level and recruiting
  16. Speking Of Cyril and Flayn how do they join? Do you chose one, and then later the other one joins? Because i keep seeing Flayn as a recruited char in almost all preview videos.
  17. Thanks for the support. My Laevatein is +5 right now. I didn't plan to +10 her, but I got 5 Laevateins in Hríd's Banner, and another one in the New Years Banner, so I decide... why not, right? I already spent some grails by doing a +10 Aversa and a +5 Winter Cecilia. I may +10 Xander as my next grails project.
  18. House Cordelia was changed to Ordelia, and Byleth has the church as her emblem during the support scroll.
  19. Yes. Yes it is. Extreme rightwing authoritarianism built around an ethno-nationalist myth of national greatness arising from racial/cultural purity, and some subversive outgroup being the reason why so great a nation built by so great a people has so many problems. The target group is deemed subversive and defined as adverse to the interests of the nation. The general population is whipped into a patriotic frenzy against them. The central purpose for which the authoritarian state becomes more and more authoritarian and wields greater and greater power is persecution of the target group. As the law defines the target group as lacking some form of legal status to live and work in the general population, such that they can be targeted for the mere 'crime' of their physical presence. The fascist state claims ever-expanding police powers to enforce its 'law.' Pervasive nationalistic propaganda glorifies 'law enforcement' and dehumanizes the target group and spreads the idea that supporting their persecution is your patriotic duty if you love your country and want it to be great again. The evermore cruel and inhumane treatment of the target group is normalized as regular law-and-order + celebrated as serving the national interest. For European Fascism it was 'The Jew' For American Fascism now its the Central American Migrant Thats what Fascism is. Its inherently rightwing in the sense that ethno-nationalism is a far right ideology. There is no such thing as "left-wing fascism" Extreme leftwing authoritarianism holds that the state should grow more and more authoritarian and gain greater and greater police powers to advance a far left ideology of confiscating private wealth + maintaining government control of resource distribution. We call that totalitarian communism. No. No it is not. When people tell me I am using the term fascism too loosely to describe Donald Trump and his politics my response is always: You know I am not playing fast-and-loose with the term because I'll be the first one to call bullshit when the term is used incorrectly, as it so often is, as a synonym for something that the user doesn't like rather than as a descriptor for literal fascism. ...and this is exactly the kind of stuff I'm talking about... A fascist state may(and often will be) one that is also a corporate oligarchy. But corporate oligarchy in-and-of-itself is not the essential characteristic of fascism. The US today functions as a fascist society, but not for the reason you have stated. It functions as a fascist society because it holds in the popular lexicon of mainstream political thinking that migrant populations are responsible for the nation's crime, corruption, and economic dysfunction. ...that laws criminalizing their mere physical presence in the country + the inhuman cruelty with which they are being treated under pretext of law enforcement serves some nationalistic greater good... ...that federal agents should have ever-expanding authorization to raid their communities, arrest them at their jobs and in their schools, haul them off to Prison Camps, separate their families, and hold them under whatever unsanitary and unnecessarily degrading conditions they see fit to inflict as punishment for them being in this country... ...and that advocacy for their rights + criticism of their treatments is a betrayal of one's countrymen--i.e. "Real Americans"--who will be made to suffer crime and corruption and economic hardship if such ever-expanding authoritarian police powers are not exercised against 'The Illegals.' It does not function as a fascist society because it is corporatist.
  20. read up above what zuibangde said, that should be reason enough. Byleth will still be in their mid 20's after the timeskip while BOTH Alois and Gilbert will be 50+ years old. For someone in the same age group as Blythe and the students, this is NOT something I'd be interested in. Which, the games target audience are TEENS anyways. What teenager wants to marry someone in their 50's? It is great that you don't see a problem with it, but guess what, you ARE NOT the target audience.
  21. Cyril strikes me more as what POR Sothe was, serious and a little bit cold. He seems to glare a bit in his portrait and tells Byleth to get lost.
  22. Personally I knew she was F***** trash, since day one, so its not suprise to me, Gender Bend Ricken/Hayato, i really dont like bratty kid characters, so maybe thats why.... Cyril gives me the same vibe too.
  23. To those people I’d like to point them in the direction of shows like Madoka Magica or Fate/Zero cause just because it’s “anime” doesn’t mean it can’t tell serious or dark stories. Hell the fate series started off as an eroge visual novel of all things. I honestly despise this kind of mentality cause it shows how immature those kinds of people can be
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