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Folgore Rangers Mafia -- GAME OVER


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Eliedon: Refa-5, Horita has escaped. Recruit 6 forumgoers with awesomeness.

Curse you, Folgore Rangers!

Curse you, Folgore Rangers!

Curse you, Folgore Rangers!

Mighty Cursin' Folgore Rangers!


1. This is a NOC game. You may only talk outside the thread if your role PM allows it.

2. You may not post your role PM in-thread or quote host interactions. You may not post screenshots.

3. You must make at least 2 posts during each 24 hour period or you will be prodded. If you fail to post within 12 hours of being prodded, you will be subbed out or modkilled. If you know ahead of time that you will not be present during a 24 hour period, please state in-thread or in your role PM that you will be away.

3a. Leniency will be granted in the case of an unexpected or unplanned absence that was not able to be cleared ahead of time.

4. If you tactically modkill yourself to give your side an advantage, I will make sure that your alignment is worse off than before. If you are modkilled you cannot win. Just don't get modkilled.

5. Don't edit your posts. I probably won't modkill you for this unless you do it more than once.

6. Don't post during the night phase unless your role allows you to. I probably won't modkill you for this unless you do it more than once.


1. Death is definitely the end. Information may not be passed from dead players to living players. You may continue to post in-thread after your demise, but posts must be info-free and you may not spam the thread or distract from the game with deadtalk.

2. There are no items, and priorities have been decided beforehand.

3. Day Phase is 72 hours or hard hammer. Night Phase is 24 hours or whenever all actions are in. If you intend to idle, please say so in your role PM. If you have no submitted an action by deadline, I will assume that you are idling.

4. To lynch at phase end, a player must have 1/3 of all possible votes ROUNDED UP or more. To hammer and end phase immediately, a player must have 2/3 of all possible votes ROUNDED DOWN or more.

41. If the minimum number of votes required to lynch is not met at phase end, there will be no lynch. You may no lynch without penalty or limitation, but if the minimum number of votes to lynch is not met two day phases in a row, the game will end in a universal loss.

4b. If there is a tie, no one will be lynched.

5. Actions will be made in the standard ##Action: Player format.

6. This game starts on D1.

7. There are no hidden players.

8. Do not abuse loopholes.

9. Inspection results may be inaccurate.

10. There are a nonzero number of vanilla townies in this game. There may or may not be duplicate roles.

11. If you are ever uncertain about anything, ask the mods for clarification.

12. Follow your role PM. If your role PM contradicts the rules in any way, FOLLOW YOUR ROLE PM.

13. Do not try to outguess/outsmart/meta the hosts. You don't know what the hosts know.

14. This is a game. Have fun, don't get too worked up, and try to keep it civil. If I get complains from 1/4 or more living players about the same player, said player will receive a warn. If I continue to get complaints, that player will be force-subbed.

Exclusive Mechanics

1. Everyone has a character name and a post restriction. These PRs are OPTIONAL and there is no penalty for failing to follow your PR.

2. You may claim your PR and character publicly if you like with no penalty, but I don't suggest doing so. Just a fair warning.

3. Don't scum hunt by flavor. This is lame.


8. scorri Manix

10. Elieson

11. BBM

13. Illuminate/JB


3. Sho: Forces of Evil godfather strongman full cop -- lynched D1

14. Rapier: Folgore Rangers vanilla name changer -- lynched D2

16. Xinnidy: Folgore Rangers vanilla -- killed N2

15. Doofina/Lucina: Forces of Evil ??? - lynched D3

2. Darros/Frog: Folgore Rangers alliance cop -- killed N3

12. MancerNecro: Folgore Rangers doctor -- lynched D4

5. eclipse: Folgore Rangers mason -- killed N4

7. Baldrick: Forces of Evil hooker -- lynched D5

1. Shin: Folgore Rangers mason -- killed D5

6. Shinori: Folgore Rangers roleblocker -- killed D5

9. Kay: Folgore Rangers vengeful -- lynched D6

4. SB j00 CR: Forces of Evil redirector -- shot D6

Relevant Links

Day 1

Night 1

Day 2

Night 2

Day 3

Night 3

Day 4

Night 4

Day 5

Night 5

Day 6

Night 6

Day 7

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[spoiler=D1 flavor]The day had started off normally in the city of Serenes Forest. The denizens had been going about their business as usual. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary.

And then, everything came to a screeching halt when the Forces of Evil sent three monsters to wreck havoc upon the city. The Fat Shota Sigurd (FSS) Mecha, the CrabRod, and the Hawk monster terrorized the Forest by chasing ice cream trucks, destroying crab sticks, and warping denizens around. It didn't take very long for the Folgore Rangers to arrive. With help from their allies and the Folgorezord, they were able to defeat the monsters and restore peace to the city again.

But one thought was on their collective minds: the Forces of Evil had to be stopped. The sheer frequency of attacks on Serenes Forest in just the past three days alone was starting to become ridiculous. They agreed to meet in the Folgorelair -- which was located in Imp's wine cellar -- tomorrow and went home for the night.

The next day, everyone met at the Folgorelair for discussion and immediately realized something was wrong. Why were there so many people present? Weren't some of these guys on vacation? It was then that you all realized that you've been infiltrated! Enemies lay hidden amongst you and it was your duty to figure out who. If only you guys didn't forget who was supposed to be here and who wasn't. Curse your incompetence!

A friendly reminder for everyone to reread the rules and mechanics so you guys won't get yourself modkilled and the hosts won't be annoyed in postgame.

It is now D1. This phase will end in 72 hours, on March 2 - 5:00 MST. This is:

March 2 - 2:00 PM Hawaiian time

March 2 - 7:00 PM Eastern time

March 3 - 12:00 AM British time

March 3 - 8:00 AM Singaporean time

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Hey, this thread is late. Also, the hosts are lame for not making me Apopeclipse. Instead, I'm. . .uh, not Apopeclipse.

##Vote: Shinori

Get your rear in the canon.

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Hmm, interesting. Especially since Darros is nowhere to be seen.

Alas! No soul hath told me that the thread was up! Instead I hath been playing Chrono Trigger Flames of Eternity! And before that I hath been doing calculus. Such is my life!

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Well that's kind of the nature of PRs if I know a thing or two from mafia.

I probably don't but whooop.

Also Spindas are cool even if Apopeclipse is a villain. :T

Hmmm. . .how should I put this. . .

If Darros speaking in semi-archaic English is a PR, then it is one that won't interfere with his ability to build/defend against cases. He can get his point across. Mine. . .not so much. Thus, I will be completely ignoring my PR, for the sake of the game.

(it's not as bad as a past PR that said I couldn't post at all during the day phase, but this is one PR that will get in the way of scumhunting, if used as-is)

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AAAAND WTF is going on. :facepalm:

I'm starting to get some interesting reads. I also think that Boron needs to ping people in IRC.


##Vote: scorri

Come out and play~!

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My archaic speak is a PR not, I hath been talking like this since I hath changed thine name. It can be tiring, but I hath kept it up.

Also Shin is quite a jerk. Voting me back was cruel!


##Ribbit: Lucina

Darloing where art thou?

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Totally, Baldrick.

@eclipse: I understand what you mean. In a sense, it's a good thing these PRs are optional. My PR, while vague in meaning, is more likely to mess up and go against with my wincon, but the host said I could interpret it as I like, if I am to use it.

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