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I think the screenshot of my last Nina pull perfectly sums up how this banner went for me:


I don't think I've ever been hated so much by a banner that wasn't a Legendary/Mythic Hero banner.

454 pulls, including the ones from the previous post:

  • 5 Nina (+1 spark)
  • 4 Leila
  • 1 Cath
  • 0 5-star Sothe
  • 2 4-star Sothe

And new pity breakers, not including the ones already in my previous post:

  • Hugh
  • Ferry
  • Lysithea
  • Bernadetta
  • Duessel
  • August
  • Fallen Dimitri
  • Volke
  • Dedue

2.2% focus rate and 5.1% 5-star rate.

If I had gotten exactly the average number of 5-star pulls, I would have all of the above and a +10 Nina and 2 more pity breakers. But no, this banner hates me. Probably karma for my luck on the summer banner.

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The Form banner gave me a 3* Palla. Can I get a free Fallen!Julia from the Solo banner?

  1. 3* Tanith: Nope.

As for the Thieves banner, I'll try red for Leila.

  1. 4* Ogma: Nope.

I really can't be bothered to spend any orbs, so I'll leave it at that.

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Spent about 75 orbs on the Ninja banner. I got a 4* Ninja Sothe and a few units for my merge projects. I'll spend 50-100 more orbs at the end of the month after CYL, but I want to save up for the Mythic/Legendary banner in October, as it's speculated to have both Askr and Otr, two of the three FEH OCs that I don't have yet. (The third is Nifl, but I'm hoping to snag one during CYL if I can.)

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I had a vague idea in the back of my head that Erinys was a unit I wanted at some point, so I spent 8 orbs to open the three blues on today's daily banner. And hey, Erin yes. +Res -Def.

Doesn't really matter because actually on review, her base kit needs too much work to bother with. Maybe if she turns up in a HoF.

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The Iceberg banner gave me a full blue circle, so I'm going to take all of it. 214 orbs is enough for me to spend some.

  1. 4* Est: No.
  2. 5* Farina: Yes! Stealing your sister's spot, I see. +Def/-Spd is bad, but I've got a +1 +Res copy already. Merge time.
  3. 4* Nowi: No.
  4. 4* Miriel: No.
  5. 4* Benny: No.

That was interesting. No current focus unit, but rather one of the previous ones. Now to try blue again on the Rally banner.

  1. 4* Shanna: No.

Red for the Remix to see if I can get L!Eirika.

  1. 4* Ogma: No.

And now for Weekly Revival 14. Red since Ryoma's the only launch unit I'm still missing.

  1. 3* Palla: I guess not.

And blue for Weekly Revival 55.

  1. 3* Mordecai: No.

Another merge for Farina is good enough for today. Now to await the New Heroes banner.

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"hmm, a Pent to get G Duel Infantry for Deirdre would be nice......" *free pulls Pent* !!!!

Free pulled fallen Mareeta, then spent 4 orbs for the last red on circle and hit the jackpot and got V!Palla!

Got ascended Idunn with about 10 pulls in remix banner, i'm happy summoner.


But the Thieves banner......that banner is killing me. I'm over 300 orbs on it i'm sure and i still can't get Leila. I got Nina and Cath, I got 2 fallen Lilith, but no Leila. I don't know if i should continue. I'm literally out of orbs, and pity is at 4.75%. I want to break the pity just to end the misery, and i do wish I could get her, but i have lost so many orbs already and i have nothing but the paralogues i have saved for emergencies (literally all the hard and easy modes). Luck knows how to hit a summoner.

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So I did make some attempts at Nina & Kagero like I said in that banner’s topic, but boy do I regret doing so:



So in addition to this being my pitybreaker (I don’t like Anna even on my best days, and this one has also aged exceptionally poorly as a unit), I feel like I didn’t even get colorless stones in like half of my summoning sets (like this one).

So yeah, I ain’t spending anymore orbs here after this spit in the face. If this banner theme gets the one and done treatment (because, for a seasonal banner, it apparently did really poorly on its debut day), it definitely won’t be missed by me.

Anyways, here’s another super cut of my notable pulls (in chronological order) because I don’t think I’ve shared any of them starting with the second summer banner. If I remember their asset/flaw combos, they’ll be listed:

  • 5* Summer Lyon (+Res/-Def); New
  • Nils
  • Summer Eirika (+Spd/-Res); New
  • Ronan (+Def/-HP); New
  • 4* Special Kliff
  • 4* Special F!Kana
  • Ascended Celica (+Def/-HP); New
  • 4* Atlas (+HP/-Atk); New
  • Summer Thorr & Loki (neutral); New and Sparked
  • 4* Special Valentines Lyn (+Atk/-HP); New
  • 4* Special Celica
  • Ymir (+Res/-Def); New
  • 4* Special Jaffar
  • Malice
  • Ascended Fjorm (+Spd/-Def); New
  • 4* Masque Sothe (+Def/-Res); New
  • 4* Kamui (+Def/-Atk); New
  • 4* Special Elise
  • 4* Special Silque
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This is more about UPCOMING pulls than current. I wasn't super thrilled about the CYL banner (I mentioned on that thread I might pull for Chrom since I don't have Eirika) so I am wondering if it is silly to actually save up to get Tibarn and Vika since the Pirate banners will probably have terrible percentages. Thoughts? I like the idea of having Vika and Maurim ready for when Tormod finally makes it into the game. But if the percentages are terrible and the likelihood of multiple pulls is so low, it may not be worth it.

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IT IS OVER. after i don't know how many dozens of pulls and hundreds of orbs, Thief Leila FINALLY showed up! She's even -ATK, the signature flaw in my most wanted units; warmed my heart, it really did.

pity breakers for the banner:

1 thief Nina

1 thief Cath

1 Gatekeeper

2 fallen Lilith

1 Azell

Never managed to get Sothe. im slightly playing with the idea of trying for him, since i never thought i would have all the rare units in the banner it would be perhaps be cool to have them all anyways.

13 hours ago, jameslove001 said:

This is more about UPCOMING pulls than current. I wasn't super thrilled about the CYL banner (I mentioned on that thread I might pull for Chrom since I don't have Eirika) so I am wondering if it is silly to actually save up to get Tibarn and Vika since the Pirate banners will probably have terrible percentages. Thoughts? I like the idea of having Vika and Maurim ready for when Tormod finally makes it into the game. But if the percentages are terrible and the likelihood of multiple pulls is so low, it may not be worth it.

Vika being a 4* focus she may show up easily. So that goal shouldn't be too hard to achieve, may be within 40 or less if you're lucky.

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Farmed up all the tickets, which took a while because Seliph was being a greedy bugger and taking all the points for himself. He got to almost 3500 points before I managed to get all the tickets...

And I kinda regret doing so, flopped pretty hard on the actual summoning. 55 summons in, doing only full rounds, and only one lone 5-star exclusive unit to show for it. Fortunately it was a focus unit, being CYL Tiki +Spd -Atk. I now have a hanging 4.75% rate and less than 10 orbs to rescue it, that hurts.

That said, I did pick up a good selection of 4-star SR units along the way:

CYL Micaiah +Res -Spd
Fallen Tiki +Atk -Def
Nagi +HP -Spd
Ophelia +Atk -Def

Made a late decision to use the spark on Chrom, mostly on the basis that he has most novelty value in his skillset.

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  • B!Byleth (+Atk/-Res)
  • B!Seliph (+Atk/-Def)
  • B!Marianne (+Spd/-Res)
  • Yarne (4* Special) (+Res/-Spd)
  • Letizia (Neutral)
  • B!Chrom (Spark) (Neutral)
  • B!Tiki (Free) (Neutral)

I was not planning to spark, but after Byleth and Seliph showed up on the first wheel, I felt obligated to blackout the banner. I'm going back to hunting for Florid Knives now.

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266 pulls from the CYL banner:

  • 9 Tiki (+2 spark)
  • 1 Byleth (+1 spark)
  • 0 Chrom (+1 spark)
  • 0 Seliph (+1 spark)

And pity breakers:

  • Jill
  • Letizia
  • Fallen Gustav
  • Sara

3.8% focus rate is almost exactly average. 5.3% total 5-star rate is quite a bit below average.

Those are my first copies of Letizia and Gustav, which is cool.

But my luck with Assets is awful. None of my copies of Tiki were +Res. Letizia is +Def. Gustav is +Spd.

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Guess Marianne heard me saying I've never seen her before, because pull 65 was CYL Marianne +Atk -HP. Thought it was all over red rover after that pull, but it turns out I forgot that off-focus pulls don't fully reset the pity rate anymore. So I still had 4.25% hanging. And I unwisely farmed more orbs to go all the way to 80 orbs. Which added zero 5-stars of any description. Sparked Byleth and I'm done for now since all the low-hanging orbs are gone.

I'll probably stick all the orbs I get over the next week or two to try to break the 5%, watch me get through the next 40 pulls with no more focus units. However I think I'm done with grey hell so I'll be a bit more selective going forward.


Summary: 80 pulls, CYL Tiki, CYL Marianne, 4x 4-star SR.

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I only care about Tiki out of this CYL batch, so green sniping it is. 

Used the story orbs and a few I had saved up to try for B!Tiki. Got a bunch of Balthus, and in a circle with two greens I got a +Atk Shamir and a -Spd Astrid. Getting two pity breakers in one circle made me a bit salty, but I've wanted Astrid for a while now so that's a win in my book. 

I got a +Atk -Def Tiki on the next circle so the overall summoning season was a success. I may try and keep sniping greens until I reach the spark for Tiki merges. 

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Today has been a PHENOMENAL pull day for me. Probably my best, if not in the top three ever. (I probably and weirdly still count Say'ri's banner as #1, as I was able to naturally pull three of the four featured units and then Spark for the fourth.) 

To be fair, my luck started yesterday. On Pent's rerun banner, my free pull - and only green orb in the circle - net me Pent, which was awesome! I had one of those "this is going to be Pent" feelings, and it came true. 

During CYL proper, I was musing to myself about how much trouble Ascendant Idunn was giving me and how I'd probably need to actually use mine, and lo-and-behold, my first pull and my free pull net me another Ascendant Idunn. This really set the tone for the rest of the banner. Not counting the four free Sparks, I got:

Ascendant Idunn (see above)

Vanilla Shinon (Old and BLEGH. Shinon is one of my least favorite characters in the franchise, so I'll probably fodder him off for a skill.)



Annette (new)

F!Dimitri (old)

4*+1 Vanilla Laegjarn (old)

4*+1 Vanilla Lyn (old)


B!Byleth (in the same spark as the one above no less!)

Galzus (new I think)

Valentia Est (new)


Constance (new)

B!Byleth (again)

B!Byleth (again in the same circle)


B!Dimitri (in the same circle as the above B!Byleth!)

4*+1 Dream Male Corrin (or whatever he's called) (old)

4*+1 Vanilla Ike (new)


4*+1 Forsyth (old) 

F!Gustave (old)

Wolf (new)


...yeah, I got a LOT. That's probably all of my luck for the year in FEH right there. In total, that's seven Brave Byleths, three Bravel Seliphs, three Brave Chroms, and about 15-16 other 5* in total. That's probably all of my luck for FEH this year. 

In addition, I spent an extra 40 or so orbs on the Ninja banner just to kill some time between my main first summoning batch and my main one (and so that the preferred character during Forging Bonds would change), and I got N!Nina! I don't think I'll go back for N!Leila this year, as I have about 100 orbs left over from the summoning that I want to go to October's Legendary/Mythic banner so I can snipe for Askr and Otr. (I'm hoping to build up to about 300 orbs, assuming Marianne on a Dancer banner doesn't throw all my plans out the window.) Those three, a Vanilla Loki, and Nifl are all I need to have a full set of Vanilla FEH OCs. I'm so close! 

The 3* and 4* pulls were mostly fodder, with a scant few being useful for future 5* merge projects and potential projects. The rest were scrapped for feathers, which gave me an extra 25k or so feathers. (Which was good because I messed up on one of my merge projects and accidentally turned an extra unit into a 5* one.) I was able to complete 4 projects that way, but none of the 160 units I pulled today were a Kaze, Seteth, or Knoll, all of which I only need about one more for. Still, I can't be too upset about the results today. 

Overall, I'm VERY pleased about today's results, and I'm excited to see how next year turns out!

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Just went up to the 40 summon mark on CYL. Doing full clears

  • 1 brave Tiki (opening summon ring no less)
  • 4 star special Shannan (my first from the newest demote wave)
  • 1 Yuri
  • 1 fallen Lyon

Since my priority was just a single copy of Chrom, Tiki, or Seliph so I could spark and free summon the other 2. Mission accomplished. I could kind of care less about going for Byleth here

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I'm going to take Chrom as my free pull since I've gone for the blue unit in every CYL so far and see no reason to stop now. That aside, I'll go until one spark and see what my luck brings me. 262 orbs means I can afford to spend that much.

  1. 5* B!Seliph: What do you know?! He's even +Atk/-Res, which is excellent.
  2. 4* Gwendolyn: No.
  3. 3* Gwendolyn: Really?
  4. 4* Norne: Eh.
  5. 3* Sakura: No.

That's a nice start to the session. Circle 2, 247 orbs left.

  1. 4* Oboro: No.
  2. 3* Roderick: No.
  3. 4* Cecilia: No.
  4. 4* Kaze: No.
  5. 4* Brady: No.

Circle 3, 232 orbs left.

  1. 4* Ferdinand: Reposition fodder.
  2. 3* Gwendolyn: No.
  3. 4* Frederick: No.
  4. 3* Saizo: No.
  5. 4* Tethys: No.

Circle 4, 217 orbs left.

  1. 3* Kamui: You're new. +Res/-HP is meh though.
  2. 4* Subaki: No.
  3. 3* Altena: No.
  4. 3* Python: No.
  5. 4* Merlinus: Reposition fodder.

Circle 5, 202 orbs left.

  1. 4* Olivia: No.
  2. 3* Jagen: No.
  3. 5* B!Tiki: Hello! +Spd/-Atk is horrid, but better than nothing.
  4. 3* Soren: No.
  5. 5* B!Byleth: Yes! Making good use of my pity rate on this circle. +Atk/-Spd is the exact opposite of Tiki, and acceptable on her.

A very nice circle. Now it's just merge-hunting. Circle 6, 187 orbs left.

  1. 4* Lilina: No.
  2. 4* Erk: No.
  3. 3* Olivia: No.
  4. 4* Beruka: No.
  5. 3* Maria: No.

Circle 7, 167 orbs left.

  1. 4* Mamui: No.
  2. 4* Selena: Reposition fodder.
  3. 4* Valbar: No.
  4. 3* Rath: No.
  5. 3* Wrys: No.

Circle 8, 147 orbs left.

  1. 4* Guy: No.
  2. 4* Eliwood: No.
  3. 3* Lukas: No.
  4. 3* Serra: No.
  5. 4* Serra: Seriously?

I was planning on getting Tiki as my spark, so that's that. However, I do want to try to kill my pity rate, so I'll keep going. 127 orbs left.

  1. 4* Erk: No.
  2. 4* Scathach: No.
  3. 5* Apotheosis!Anna: Nice! +Def/-Res is decent enough for melee infantry.
  4. 4* Sothe: No.
  5. 4* Jakob: No.

And that's that. I ended up doing an extra circle to break my pity rate, so ultimately I spent 155 orbs to get one copy each of Seliph, Tiki, Byleth, and Apotheosis!Anna, sparking for another copy of Tiki. Very nice, all things considered. I think this is the first CYL where I've gotten everyone just off the original banner run.


Blue freebie #6. That worked out very well in conjunction with my pulls.



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At the point where I am debating to push for the spark. 25 picks in and I have (in order) Silque, Fallen Female Morgan and Ascended Celica. In what I feel to be particularly cruel teasing I have picked up like 12 colorless pulls (not that I am pulling for Byleth, it is just weird to have that many colorless pulls with no luck). My free pull was Chrom.

Edit: CYL was rough. I literally got the three mentioned above. Nothing else. I decided to spark Byleth for some reason (I didn't have a strong feeling for anyone in the banner). And then the Dodge Banner was very kind and I got Fallen Ike on my free pull...so done with that banner.

The ReMix banner wasn't much better - I got Thrasir and then sparked Idunn for Arena purposes.

Edited by jameslove001
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The good: Free Kris from the skills banner (no reds to pull). Just a merge but still.

The bad: 85 pulls into CYL, still just the one focus unit, some 60 pulls ago now. 0 orbs, 5.25%.


EDIT: Or maybe not a merge, I didn't look at her skills. No idea who'd want Fury 4 + Spurn though.

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