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I decided since my luck has been horrible to give the legendary banner another pull, and to my surprise got extra copies of Ashera and Plumeria. Should I plus one each of them or are there some units that would like to feed off of those skill sets?

Wow! Did another pull and got a double Celica. I think it is time to stop, especially since this brought me to about that 8% finally.

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4 hours ago, jameslove001 said:

Should I plus one each of them or are there some units that would like to feed off of those skill sets?

Lull Spd/Res from Ashera and Atk/Res Rein from Plumeria are both decent skills. However, both have the issue that many of the units that want the skill already have it, so there aren't that many units that can make use of it.

Lull Spd/Res is usable on fast magic (tome, staff, and dragon) infantry and cavalry that don't need to run Desperation in their B slot because they already have a survivability effect on their weapon, which isn't that many units, and a good number of them already have the skill. Cavalry also have the issue that S/R Far Trace (Near Trace for dragons) competes for the skill slot and is generally better outside of countering niche enemy builds (like that one guy running Bonus Doubler Doubler Doubler Nowi in Summoner Duels).

Atk/Res Rein only has use on slow magic fliers. A lot of the ones that aren't outdated already have Atk/Res Rein by default, which really leaves just the two flying Micaiahs and the slow flying dragons.

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Apparently a certain someone wants to be my new favorite OC, because he showed up twice on the mythic banner.

I've definitely pulled some mythic and legendary units on their debut banner before, and I've definitely pulled more than one copy of mythic and legendary units on their reruns, but I can't think of another time when I'd pulled the debuting legendary or mythic more than once on their own banner.

EDIT: Wait, now that I think about it, Hel's already done this on her debut banner lol. Well, I did appreciate her as a villain too. Either way, I guess Askr wants to get on my good side or something.

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I have a running joke at work, where I ask new employees to draw a couple for me. The joke is "virgin fingers," based on how when you go to Vegas if a table hears that someone has never played craps before and is about to throw, they all run to the table. So today, I had Stegosaurus (which is my favorite nickname for a coworker ever) do the new banner and yesterday's. One draw on each banner - Flavia & Micaiah.  He brought the luck with him.

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Well, still no Askr, but I did get Medeus. Maybe I should start saving orbs for Askr's rerun at this point rather than throwing them at this banner anymore.

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Well, I officially have all the TMS characters now (including two Mamoris) without ever actively going for them.

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The first of the daily banners flopped when the circle didn't even have a single orb of the focus colours. Bad omen for the Hero Fest but I continued on.

Green and grey for all eleven rounds of Hero Fest. It was a horrible start as with eight tickets down, all I had to show for it was a Deirdre +Atk -Def. Fortunately the only pull on the 9th ticket was Ascended Fjorm +Spd -Res. The very last pull of the session was a CYL Claude +HP -Atk, a fairly ho-hum merge into my freebie one but he at least makes the 5-star rate look passable.

All said a rathe underwhelming return for 24 pulls on a Hero Fest banner but at least the one good unit is properly good - my first Far Save unit ever, and with a good nature. My orbs have once again been completely cleaned out and I'm now 50:50 on whether to spark on CYL or to just take the freebie.

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I think I am going to stop on the Hero Banner - 16 pulls and I got

Fjorm - x3 (+HP, -Def; +Atk, -Res; +HP, -Res)

Laegarn (+HP, -Spd)

Guinevere (+Spd, -Res)

So, actually, do I merge the Fjorms, do I save one, do I draw again and try for a +Spd? Any advice?

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26 minutes ago, jameslove001 said:

So, actually, do I merge the Fjorms, do I save one, do I draw again and try for a +Spd? Any advice?

As as Ascended hero, you can add +Spd to her for free. Just take the +Atk copy, go to the Ascend Traits option and add Spd to her. I would personally also merge at least one of the spare copies into the +Atk copy. Whether you invest in her any further depends on whether you feel like you'd use her a lot, whether you have a Near Save unit prepared, whether you plan to use her in Arena, etc. I know that foddering off Far Save to Brave Hector is pretty meta currently for example.


EDIT: That reminds me that I've forgotten to ascend my Celica that I got last month, heh. Easy to just completely forget these things.

EDIT 2: I remember now you expressed some interest in merging up Ignatz in the other thread, so perhaps save that last Fjorm for him.

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Laegjarn was my only missing unit from the Hero Fest, most of my early sessions refused to give me colorless but I got her with a couple of tickets to spare. Also picked up an extra Takumi, and my first copy of Atlas.

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Time for more pulls, starting with blue on Weekly Revival 33.

  1. 4* Peri: No.

Red for Weekly Revival 54.

  1. 4* Arthur: Or not.

Grey for the Push banner.

  1. 4* Kaze: No.

Red for the daily Wrath banner.

  1. 3* Draug: No.

Grey for the daily Moonbow banner.

  1. 4* Mercedes: No.

Green for the BHB banner.

  1. 3* Raven: No.

And lastly the Hero Fest. I've got Fjorm and Nifl already, so let's see if I can get Laegjarn with the tickets.

  1. 4* Gaius: No.
  2. 4* Kaze: No.
  3. 4* Kagero: No.
  4. 4* A!Tiki: No.
  5. 4* Ogma: No.
  6. 3* Jeorge: No.
  7. 4* Tanya: No.
  8. 3* Jakob: No.
  9. 4* Tanith: No.
  10. 3* Leon: No.
  11. 4* Soleil: No.

That was incredibly disappointing. Not much else I can say.

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I decided to spark (because I am an idiot and didn't pay attention that it was a subscription only spark banner...thus I didn't spark), and here is what I ended up with on the banner in 40 pulls - 

Fjorm - x4

Muspell, Laegjarn, Nifl - x1 each

Guinevere, Grima, a Balthus that will get me to +6, and (funny to me, because I didn't get here on the Bound Hero Banner) a Flying Nino. 10 out of 40 being 5* units, and a unit I am currently building. I'll take it.

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Counted Balthus as 5* on accident
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43 pulls from the Hero Fest:

  • 1 Muspell (+1 spark)
  • 1 Ascended Fjorm
  • 1 Neimi
  • 1 Flavia

I originally said I'd pull for Muspell and spark for Fjorm, but since I got a Fjorm while pulling, I sparked Muspell instead. These 2 copies of Muspell get him to +10, so now all four units from this banner are +10.

4.7% focus rate is below average, but 9.3% 5-star rate is a bit above average.

Neimi is now +5. This is my first copy of Flavia.

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The Null banner gave me a 4* Mathilda. As for the Rally+ banner...

  1. 3* Bantu: No.

And since I'm bored, one more circle from the Mythic banner. 126 orbs on hand.

  1. 4* Soleil: No.
  2. 4* Cain: No.
  3. 4* Shigure: No.
  4. 4* Mustafa: No.
  5. 5* Medeus: Alright! +Res/-Def is good enough for purposes.

That went well. Fortunately I got an actually new unit and not just a merge like I was afraid of.

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Free +Atk -HP Tibarn, neat. My previous copies were +Res and +HP. Maybe it's finally time to build my dual Galeforce birbs.

(Naesala is +9 but with completely base kit because I'm lazy)

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Forgot one of the dailies, so now I'm annoyed with myself. The Bonfire banner gave me a 4* Draug, so let's see what the Joint Drive banner offers.

  1. 4* Klein: No.

Now for Weekly Revival 13.

  1. 4* Forrest: No.

Red for Weekly Revival 34.

  1. 5* Tibarn: Very nice. +HP/-Res is mediocre, but I've already got a +2 +Atk copy.

And obviously grey for the TT banner.

  1. 3* Thea: Wow...

That last circle was absolute nonsense. Three blues and two greens on an all-grey focus banner...

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Got Duo Nina in 10 orbs, +Spd -Atk because it seems every unit I get these days has that exact nature for some reason. I don't have fruits at hand right now but Nina's now first on the queue as she offers me more value than S!Nifl and Nailah. 

Nailah was a free summon I got on the Null skills banner and I got S!Nifl trying to get more S!Eirika copies (didn't get a single one...). Both +Spd -Atk. 

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Got a +Res -Def Duo Nina as the freebie somehow, neat. Then followed up with two useless pulls, but still a good result.

That was followed up with a free +Res -Atk Nailah on the daily banner. Which is alright, I have a +Def -Res copy she can combine with. Suspiciously similar luck to Alex above. 😮

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I don't understand my cursed luck.

144 pulls so far:

  • 0 Nina (+1 spark)
  • 3 Leila
  • 0 Cath
  • 0 5-star Sothe
  • 1 4-star Sothe

And pity breakers:

  • Awakening Anna
  • Lilith
  • Marianne (first +Atk copy)
  • Julian

Dismal 2.1% focus rate and 4.9% 5-star rate.

Most of the orbs came from anniversary rewards and the anniversary orb packs, so I've only scratched my budget for this banner so far (and it looks like I actually have more than I expected, but we'll see if my luck improves). Going to bed for now. Probably won't have time to pull more until late tonight.

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I pulled five green orbs - Got a 4* Sothe and calling it quits since I have like 60 orbs going into CYL. I guess 23 orbs isn't bad.

Edit: I didn't see the Form banner drop - I got Fallen Lillith. Huh. 

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Had one of those miserable sessions where luck just decides to hate me. 200+ orbs to try to get one Leila.........but she never showed up. just a bunch of pity breakers (5), and two orbs left in my account. bad enough it made me chuckle.

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