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Me: Man, 800 orbs is within sight!

FEH: Hey, want to spend some orbs on the CYL 5 Revival banner?

Me: ...Bob Saget...


The banner didn't fully give me what I wanted, but it did give me some stuff I needed, so it wasn't a complete waste. I was hoping to pull at least one B!Marianne before the Spark, but that didn't happen. Still the banner wasn't too unforgiving. I got:

4*+1 Vanilla Ryoma (new)

Gatekeeper (Pitybreaker - old)

4*+1 Idunn (old)

M!Kris (old)

3* Karin (new)

1 4* Seteth (I still need one more)

1 4* Orochi (I still need one more)

1 3* Knoll (I still need one more)

1 3* Felicia (I still need a few more)

Sparked B!Marianne (I still need a few more)


Most of this helps me get to where I need to go, and I'm positive I'll be able to clear out my primary and secondary merge projects by the time CYL 6 ends. Since I'm just a few thousand feathers away from 800k, I may possibly finish a tertiary project or two as well! Looking back over my units, I may start wanting to consolidate some other Brave and 5* units into future merge projects. I have at least 4 extra B!Marth's in my storage, alongside about 3 Vanilla Marianne's and B!Dimitri's. Flayn is another character that may be fun to have working in the background. These projects would be secondary to my long list of Heroic Grail and Potential merge projects, but they could give me long-term options. 

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I already have a +10 Brave Eirika and a ton of extra copies, so I pulled every color other than blue, went for the spark, and cleaned my pity rate afterward.

At the spark, I had enough copies of Gatekeeper to get him to +9, but I sparked Marth instead because I was sure the game would spite me with another copy of Gatekeeper while pulling to clear my pity rate (and if not, on some banner soon afterward with the number of him I've gotten as pity breakers). And then I got Gatekeeper, Yuri, and Eirika on the session that cleared my pity rate.

70 pulls:

  • 1 Marth (+1 spark for a total of 2), now +7
  • 1 Eirika, now 14 copies past +10
  • 4 Gatekeeper, now +10
  • 1 Marianne, now +4

Pity breakers:

  • Bernadetta, now +7
  • Fallen Ike, now +10
  • Yuri, now +3

10.0% focus rate. 14.3% total 5-star rate.

Well, at least this makes up for the steaming pile of garbage that was my attempt to grab another copy of Duo Micaiah.

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A lot of banners this week. Blue for Weekly Revival 23.

  1. 4* Donnel: No.

Grey for Weekly Revival 49.

  1. 5* Lethe: Sure, why not. +Res/-Spd is horrid, but I've already got a +1 +Atk copy. Merge time.

Red for Bridal Grace.

  1. 4* Stahl: No.

Grey for Bridal Beloveds.

  1. 4* Emmeryn: No.

Blue for Bridal Belonging.

  1. 5* Bridal!Pent: Nice! +HP/-Spd isn't so nice, but it's not like he's a top-quality unit anyway.

And grey for the CYL5 banner. I've already gotten everyone on it, but Marth and Eirika have merges while Marianne and Gatekeeper don't.

  1. 3* Brady: No.
  2. 3* Gordin: No.
  3. 3* Altena: No.
  4. 4* Sheena: No.
  5. 3* Gaius: No.

That went very well overall. Now back to trying to get a merge for Harmonic!Roy. 63 orbs on hand.

  1. 4* Marcia: No.

Not a good start. 58 orbs left.

  1. 4* Python: No.
  2. 3* Vyland: No.
  3. 3* Arthur: No.

45 orbs left.

  1. 4* Barst: Reposition fodder.

40 orbs left.

  1. 4* Luthier: No.

4.25% pity rate...35 orbs left.

  1. 4* Soren: No.

30 orbs left.

  1. 3* Barst: Reposition fodder.

25 orbs left.

  1. 4* Vyland: No.

20 orbs left.

  1. 5* Arthur: Huh, neat. +Def/-Spd is pretty awful, but whatever.
  2. 3* Rath: No. I'll take the red and blue in this circle for fun.
  3. 5* Perceval: Okay? +Atl/-Def is good, so I think I'll merge my current +2 neutral copy in. +3 now.
  4. 3* Raigh: You're not Sophia.

I ended up getting Arthur (FE4) and Perceval as pity-breakers for 60 orbs. That could have been worse, but since I'm out of orbs again I think I'm done with this banner.

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I am so fucking glad I had a massive backlog of casted StarCraft II games to watch to give me the patience to get through the combination of this piece of shit banner and my broken air conditioner.

It took 308 pulls to get my first 9 copies of Myrrh and 141 pulls for the last copy. Literally a full one third of my pulls were for the last fucking copy.

Total 450 pulls:

  • 10 Myrrh (+1 spark), now +10
  • 11 Caeda, total 5 spare copies
  • 12 Byleth, total 12 spare copies
  • 3 Byleth, now +10
  • 1 Dagr, total 14 spare copies
  • 1 Neimi, now +3

8.4% overall focus rate, which is below average by less than 1 pull, so close enough.

At the very least, I did manage to hit all of my goals of getting +10 on Myrrh and Caeda, getting a bunch of Byleth for fodder, and also hit my stretch goal of getting the other Byleth to +10, which happened entirely off of pity breakers, 2 of which were during the slog of pulling for the final Myrrh.

Somehow, I'm not actually over gacha budget for the month... yet. But I only have enough left for a spark on the next New Heroes banner. (My monthly budgets start on the 15th of the month.)

I hate Legendary/Mythic Hero banners.

Also some really weird pulls from the 4-star SR pool where I got 2 of a bunch of things:

  • 2 Ylgr
  • 2 Selkie
  • 2 Petra
  • 2 Ephraim
  • 2 Brave Hector
  • Tana
  • Ike
  • Dimitri
  • Sumia
  • Lethe
  • Morgan
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200 orbs onto the legendary banner got me:

3 Myrrh

2 female Byleth

1 Caeda

1 Claude

1 Eliwood (spark)

Definitely a good haul on my part. Since I got my top priorities with female Byleth and Caeda off this. And Eliwood just seemed like a perfect choice to spark as a 1 off copy

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Luckily I'm not too excited by L!Myrrh, so I can preserve my meager orb supply. Blue for the free pull.

  1. 5* L!Caeda: Hey, finally a free 5* from one of these banners! +Spd/-Atk is way better than my current +Res/-Atk copy, so merge time.

Very nice. Now for the other banners for this week. Blue again for the Glimmer banner.

  1. 4* Bartre: Not even close.

Grey for Weekly Revival 8.

  1. 3* Lachesis: No.

Red for Weekly Revival 24.

  1. 4* Effie: No.

And lastly blue for Bridal Bloom.

  1. 5* Bridal!Ninian: Wow! I was expecting a 4* Special at best, but she was flat-out a normal 5*! +Def/-Res is trash, but she's a dancer anyway.

That went extremely well. Two useful free 5*s means I'm probably going to have rotten luck in the near future...

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I got freebie Hubert from his Revival.

Last week I got freebie Hector from... one of his revivals.

As for the bridal banner, I managed to get Bride Sophia on the 36th summon, which was seriously appreciated considering I was about ready to use it on her. I used the spark on Harmonic Roy.

...that's about it for me. There really hasn't been that much worth summoning from lately. I certainly appreciate the chance to let my orbs build up before the summer beauties hit me right where it hurts...

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My dilemma on whether to spark on the New Heroes banner pretty much solved itself immediately. Decided to initially snipe grey and green for the ticket rounds then play it by ear afterwards if I got nothing. Well, that plan didn't last long as the free summon was Letizia, +Atk -HP even. Then with the first ticket, got Ascendant Florina with the fifth summon overall, though +Def -Spd is not ideal. But hey, she's more for the teleportation novelty rather than raw combat effectiveness. She's not going to get fixed because the rest of the tickets (which came pretty fast, just two stamina pots got them all) yielded nothing, so the final damage was 24 orbs for the two units I wanted from the banner, plus I got my first Florete since the freebie.

Nothing from the daily 3H banner.

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60 pulls from the New Heroes banner to grab the spark and then clear my pity rate. Sparked for Florina. No focus units:

  • Ascended Joshua (now +3)
  • Fallen Edelgard (now +10)
  • Asvel (now +3)
  • Charlotte (now +9)

40 pulls from the first Three Houses banner. Sparked for Sothis. Apparently, this is where all of my luck went:

  • 3 Winter Sothis (+1 spark for a total of 4 copies, now +10)
  • Female Kana (now +10)
  • Charlotte (now +10)
  • Helbindi (now +6)
  • Surtr (spare copy)
  • 2 Jill (now +8)
  • Dorcas (spare copy)


Now if only they'd release Lull Def/Res for Kana.

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What a weird banner! Not bad, just weird. I got some things I wanted, but nothing I really needed. my 5*s were:

Ascendant Florina on the second pull. Huh! 

5* Osian in the same session too!

A 4* +1 Vanilla Mia

A 4* +1 Vanilla Nephenee

Fallen Gustav Pity-breaker (boo!)

Sparked Letizia


Most of my other pulls were the Usual Suspects of Altena, Gordin, Miranda, and Merric. Really annoying, as I was hoping for at least one Seteth, one Kaze, and/or one Knoll. Still, I'm not too upset. I'm a stone's throw from 850k feathers, and I'm closer to 700 orbs again than I thought I'd be...although I did have to break into my daily orb stash and do this month's story chapters to make be where I am. It's not a major setback by any means, and I should be able to summon New Heroes again when the Three Hopes crossover banner occurs, but it's a little annoying. 


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Time for more pulls. Any blues on the Reposition banner, since I've got 108 orbs on hand.

  1. 4* Lukas: No.
  2. 4* L'Arachel: No.
  3. 4* Clair: No.

Darn. Well, it was worth a shot. Green for the BHB banner.

  1. 5* Lewyn: Okay! +HP/-Spd is horrid, but I already have a +2 +Spd copy. Merge time.

I would have preferred a free Lilith or Farina, but that's good too. Blue for Weekly Revival 25.

  1. 4* A!Tiki: No.

Green for Weekly Revival 50.

  1. 4* Reyson: No.

Grey for Bridal Blessings.

  1. 4* Mercedes: No.

Grey again for Three Hopes banner 1.

  1. 4* Eirika: No.

And lastly green for Letizia's banner. I would spark, but I need to keep my orb supply intact in case something really attractive comes up.

  1. 4* Felicia: No.
  2. 4* Tethys: No.
  3. 3* Cath: Reposition fodder.
  4. 4* Nino: No.
  5. 5* Hilda: A nice 4* Special and a new unit for once! +Def/-Atk isn't great, but she'll do nicely in the barracks.

Nothing outstanding this week, but getting Hilda for free is certainly nice.

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Man, I didn't expect to actually try to summon anyone on this banner, but here I am having spent 80 orbs or something (plus the free summon and the tickets) and still no Letizia. I'm going to have to figure if it's worth it to keep trying. I'd like to have her around, and her debut banner is probably my best shot at that, but I wanted to save orbs. Mrgh.

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Decided to pull until I get both a copy of Mercedes and the spark. Ended up getting Mercedes on the pull 54 with a total of 56 pulls. Also managed to get merges for Neimi, Catherine, Dedue, and Fallen Mareeta on the way.

This puts me at a total of 3 copies of Mercedes with the best copy being the neutral copy from the spark (the other two have an HP Asset and a Def Asset).

I think I'm going to go for the spark on any of the Three Houses banners that has a Special Hero that I don't already have at +10. It's not worth pulling past the free pull on any of the other banners for me.

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I continue to have every ascended hero, it seems. Although Florina apparently decided that +def -spd was a good nature for herself ...

Also got a random Shinon in that same session. Sure, let's just put him with Selena as the weird off-focus units I got this banner, along with the Mia.

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This game is seriously spiteful.

I decide I'll pull on the New Power banner to see if I can get a better Asset for my Flora.

I get Flora in 19 pulls.

Not only does she have the same Asset as my existing Flora (HP), but she's also just exactly identical with the same Flaw (Def), too.

Seriously, game?

Oh, and I also got a Brave Marth in the same session as my 20th pull. That brings him up to +8.

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Decided to go ahead and keep pulling and I finally managed to get Letizia! She's even +atk! I went ahead and finished off the wheel, too, and got my first Brave Marth and even a Sain! Also, I got a Fallen Berkut (merge) as my free pull from the new refines banner. Nice! Now, I need to save orbs again or there's no way I'll be able to try for Axe Valor this year...

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I was originally only going to pull until I reached the spark on the Rhea banner, but I ended up getting 5 copies of Rhea before the spark and then decided to just pull for the remaining 4 copies to reach +10. No +Atk copies, so I settled with using my existing +Res copy as the base. Figures that 5 of the 9 copies from this banner were +HP.

Total 180 pulls:

  • 9 Rhea (+1 spark for a total of 10)
  • 2 Catherine (now +8)

That comes out to a 12.5% focus rate on the first 40 pulls, which is well above average, and a 4.3% focus rate on the remaining 140 pulls, which is average. Overall focus rate of 6.1%.

Also a decent number of other 5-stars:

  • Sonya (book)
  • Male Byleth (now +6)
  • Green Olwen (book)
  • Othin (will be +5 once I merge them)
  • Fallen Lyon (now +6)
  • Nagi (book)
  • Yarne (now +5)
  • Niime (would be +1 if I merged them, but I'm keeping her as Menace fodder)
  • Brave Marth (now +9)
  • Helbindi (now +7)
  • Kaden (now +7, new +Spd merge base)
  • Female Kana (book)
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A bunch of banners, a bunch of pulls. Starting with red on the New Power banner.

  1. 4* Tharja: No.

Grey for Weekly Revival 9.

  1. 4* Tethys: No.

Green for Weekly Revival 26.

  1. 4* Luthier: No.

And Three Hopes banners 2-5. Green for banner 2.

  1. 4* Hawkeye: No.

Red for banner 3.

  1. 5* Ewan: Sure. +HP/-Atk is bad, but I already have a +1 +Def copy. Merge time.

Blue for banner 4.

  1. 4* Thea: No.

Green for banner 5.

  1. 3* Hana: Or not.

Well, I got another free 5*. Sooner or later this lucky streak is going to end and I am going to hate it when it does.

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43 pulls on the Bernadetta/Dorothea banner:

  • 1 Bernadetta (+1 spark for 2 total)
  • 2 Dorothea

7.0% focus rate is obviously well above average.

Also yet another a random Gatekeeper pity breaker and yet another female Kana. I seem to be getting a ton of them now that they're both +10 (or at least Gatekeeper would be +10 if I could decide on a merge base). Also another Jaffar. I get him a lot, too.

Bernadetta is [+Spd, -Def], which is perfect. Neither Dorothea is better than the one I already had (old one is +Res, new ones are +HP and +Def). I only had one copy of each before this banner, so both of them will now be +2 once I get around to merging them.

Now I'm a bit annoyed that the ranged Special Training Map was yesterday and I have to wait another 4 days to level up Bernadetta.

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40 pulls on the Ashe banner:

  • 1 Ashe (+1 spark for 2 total)
  • 2 Ingrid

Also Ascended Ishtar and Farina as pity breakers and Brave Hector and Tibarn from the 4-star SR pool.

7.5% Focus rate is slightly below average.

Ashe is +Atk, which is better than my existing +Res copy. He'll be +2 once merged.

None of the others are better than my existing merge bases. Ingrid will be +3. Ishtar will be +2. Farina will be +4.

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There's almost too many banners to keep track of. First, green on the TT banner.

  1. 4* Libra: No.

Grey for the Rally banner.

  1. 4* Miranda: No.

And now for the Three Hopes banners. Red for 6.

  1. 4* A!Tiki: No.

Red again for 7.

  1. 4* Knoll: No.

Green for 8.

  1. 4* Libra: Really?

Blue for 9.

  1. 4* Silas: Reposition fodder.

Blue for 10.

  1. 3* Gaius: No.

And finally time to try for Harmonic!Edelgard to keep my collection topped off. Hopefully 210 orbs does the job.

  1. 4* Jeorge: No.

Not a single red...

  1. 4* Mamui: No.
  2. 3* Silvia: No.

201 orbs left.

  1. 5* Valentian!Palla: Nice, especially with +Atk/-Def. I've got a +HP/-Def copy to merge in now.

That was a good pull. 196 orbs left.

  1. 4* Sophia: No.
  2. 5* M!Byleth: An okay 4* Special. +Atk/-Def again, but I think I'll keep my current +Spd/-Atk copy.

Very good luck, but not the kind I want. 187 orbs left.

  1. 5* Harmonic!Edelgard: There we go! Much sooner than I expected. Full neutral is good enough. Now for the rest of the circle.
  2. 3* A!Tiki: No.
  3. 4* Fir: No.
  4. 4* Oscar: No.
  5. 4* Saizo: No.

That went so well I'm going to try one more full circle for the fun of it. 167 orbs left.

  1. 3* Silvia: No.
  2. 3* Tanith: No.
  3. 4* Lilina: No.
  4. 4* Tanith: Really?
  5. 4* Hawkeye: Darn.

I ended up wasting 20 orbs on a worthless circle at the end, but I still got Harmonic!Edelgard plus merges for Valentian!Palla and M!Byleth in only 63 orbs. I doubt I'll come back to this banner since my luck is clearly being stretched thin as is.

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I've "lost" a fair few orbs from barely playing lately, even if it's temporary like forgetting to do any of the Legendary/Mythic Hero Battles, which I had about 5 sets to do. But I couldn't resist having a flutter at the summer banner, and I'm glad I did, even with the caveat that I was pulling pity-breakers galore. Well, it's barely a pity break when I never got above 3.25%.

Out of 26 pulls sniping Red and Green, I had no streak of more than five pulls without a 5-star, I got the following, all but one being new to me:

+Atk -HP Dedue. My third copy, I haven't even foddered one off yet and here he is to deny me his boss.
+Atk -HP Rhajat. Surprisingly new to me, but of limited interest.
+Atk -HP Constance. The pull directly after Rhajat, and not the three identical natures, wow. She was one of my top two wanted units out of the AHR event so it's just as well now she didn't even place. Only my second red flying mage after Aversa.
+Atk -Res Igrene. Y'know I've never actually looked at what she does, didn't even know she was a special spammer.
+Res -Atk Harmonic Edelgard. Figures the one unit that breaks the +Atk run is the focus unit. Not going to bother fixing it as her main job is probably going to be to carry the armour team for the monthly 10th Stratum armour quest, red has always been my weakest colour for armoured units.

I wanted Dimitri more than Edelgard here for the rare Axe Cavalry Galeforce potential, but I'm getting out while I'm ahead.

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