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Green for the Smoke banner since I don't have Ced.

  1. 3* Balthus: No.

Grey for Weekly Revival 4.

  1. 3* A!Tiki: Or not.

And again for Weekly Revival 16.

  1. 3* Leon: No.

Green for the Spring Festival banner.

  1. 4* Altena: No.

Grey for the TT banner.

  1. 3* Rebecca: No.

And back to trying to get something from the Legendary banner. 52 orbs on hand.

  1. 4* Eliwood: No.
  2. 4* Miranda: No.
  3. 4* Mathilda: No.
  4. 4* Oscar: No.
  5. 4* Chad: No.

Really, FEH? 32 orbs left.

  1. 4* Femui: No.

Four greys, none of whom I particularly want...27 orbs left.

  1. 4* Palla: No.
  2. 4* Eliwood: No.
  3. 3* Abel: No.

This is ridiculous. Up to a 10% pity rate now, 14 orbs left.

  1. 4* Cordelia: No.
  2. 4* Roshea: No.
  3. 3* Nowi: No.

91 orbs and 23 units later I still have absolutely nothing, not even a 4* Special. Why is it whenever I actually like a lot of the units on a Legendary or Mythic banner I never get any of them?

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Me, on the Null Follow-Up banner: I guess I'll buy some orbs to grab my first copy of Nyx.
The game, two weeks later on the kids banner: Let's pity break this guy with a copy of Nyx.

Goddammit. And she has the exact same useless Asset (+HP).


Anyways, as usual, my luck on color-sharing characters is comically lopsided.

140 pulls:

  • 4 Mia (+1 spark for a total of 5)
  • 1 Soren
  • 2 5-star Ilyana
  • 9 4-star Ilyana
  • 1 Ike

5.7% Focus rate is pretty good, though the expected value is inflated by the fact that red has two Focus units. However, I'm pretty sure this is still above average, which should be somewhere around 5.0% based on the colors I was pulling.

I would've liked to have gotten another copy of Ike or two, but I suppose I can't really complain about a +4 Mia. It's probably better to have one unit with more merges than two units with fewer merges.

But I got my +10 Ilyana, which is what really mattered. Now to figure out how to actually build her because her stats are so wonky.

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Just one round and perhaps that's one round too many. Four pulls got me another Nina, when I'd just recently banished my +2 Nina to the reserves. Time to head to the TT to earn the orbs back.

Actually a bit of an odd feeling, I think it's the first period this year where I've been around but there are no banners of interest to tempt me.

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My favorite banner seasonal, my favorite game series (Tellius), my favorite male main lord.

I got my Christmas present early and I'm happy about it.


My free pull!

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I'd saved up about 180 or so orbs and was hoping to have some left over for the fallen banner that will (hopefully) be coming next month. However, it looks like Briedalblik has other plans.

Summoning went weird. XD Notable summons:

- Original Keaton (+atk, -res, but I already had one of him so he got manual'd)

- Original Lysithia x2 (including my first one of her, both with the same bane and boon that I can't quite remember right now)

- Volke (also my first of him. Guess he's already keeping an eye on Griel's kids)

- Young Mia x3 (the first I summoned of her was not only my first focus unit of the banner, but also +spd/-HP)

- Young Soren (I immediately fed the poor thing and now he's +Res)

- Young Illyana (I actually only just so happened to get a neutral 4* of her, rather than having been aiming for her)

So, the one I wanted the most is the one I'm still missing. XD Here's hoping for Young Ike and Mist soon! (Whenever it is I can grab more orbs. I still have some monthly missions I can do, at least, and as the TT+ goes on, I'll naturally get more orbs that way.)

Man, I've never been trolled by color sharing like this before (except for that one Legendary banner that one time.) Yet, I can't say my luck was bad since I got some units I hadn't had before, and several focus units. Still... Urgh, if only the sparking wasn't locked to the Feh Pass! Oh well. Guess I just need to persist, snipe red, and hope Ike and Mist show up.

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After midnight reset: oh boy new child units! They sure do all look strong, even the demote! I'd be fine even getting one of them... SO JUST GIVE ME ONE PLEASE I'M $100usd DEEP ALREADY ohey child Soren! +Def -Res... not good whatsoever, but I do have one of the Tellius Tots now, so... okay. Also young Ilyana in the same session.

Just now:  ...I'm bored. I'm gonna do a quick single session and see what i get. Okay that's adult Tiki, and another Young Ilyana, oh cool DuoIke! Alright that's Kaze, and then we have Young Mia to cap off the session. And nobody has any notable assets or flaws.

Cool, cool session. I need to go punch a wall with my head now, if you will excuse me...

Edited by Xenomata
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I was weak, having accumulated over 200 orbs once again and knowing I could spend some without risking my CYL re-run spark, plus having no other banners worth pulling on last week or the next. So I had a little flutter on red on the child banner, and actually did get a +Def -Res Baby Ike for the cost of about 40 orbs (plus the dozen I spent back when the banner launched). So not punished for my moment of weakness this time, phew. Gotta admit I've generally been able to pick up just about any Duo/Harmonic hero that I've actively looked to get, with the one exception being Summer Byleth.

I might be in trouble if the upcoming New Heroes banner is something worth sparking on, but looking at all the Ascended banners released thus far, that seems unlikely: the only one I'd have sparked on given the opportunity would be the Laegjarn one. It's a bit of a shock seeing that I have a grand total of 8 CC orbs available to claim though, so that safety blanket is now pretty much completely gone.

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*Sees Focus: New Power banner*

"Oh, I already have a Ylgr, Selkie, and Tibarn, so I don't need anythng. I guess I'll go for Blue"

*Summoning Circle is all Red and Colorless*

"I guess I'll pull a Red. Maybe I can get another Knoll so I can work towards my 5* +10 Merge project!"

*Pulls Tibarn*


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The game keeps making a liar out of me. I didn't think I'd spend a meaningful amount of orbs on the Double Seasonal banner, but I don't have a grey mage and this seemed the best opportunity to get one. So I figured I'd pull until I got a focus unit, with the one standout target being Harmonic Lysithea. And it worked, even if it took 80 orbs to even get that first focus unit.

+Def -Spd Lugh : Whatever, fixes my old copy in the reserves I guess.

+HP -Spd Harmonic Lysithea : Unfortunate bane but nothing to do done about it.

+Atk -Res Summer Freyr : Got him by finishing the 7.5% circle. I know nothing about the unit but I assume this is good.


The final kicker though is that I didn't actually realise she was a cavalry mage. I thought she was a flier for some reason. No bad thing of course, just ...yeah. Doesn't help that their description reads "Exceptional women working together to fly across the world in one night, delivering gifts along the way!" I don't see much flying going on here. Incidentally I didn't know Freyr was a cavalry unit either, but in that case it's because I've never had cause to think about him at all.


EDIT: In hindsight I got off lucky as now that I'm reading up on the other units, Igrene and Artur are worse than I thought  and Julia looks horrifying, so I'm happier with Freyr than with any other second unit I could have gotten short of another Duo/Harmonic.

Edited by Humanoid
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46 pulls on the Double Special Heroes banner:

  • 2 Igrene
  • 1 Lysithea (+1 spark)
  • 1 4-star Levn

6.5% 5-star summon rate, which is basically spot-on average.

Igrene was already +10, so both copies are going to be used as Duel fodder. Bride Fjorm would like to get C Duel Flying 4 since it's the best skill for boosting HP.

Lysithea is now +3. Still haven't pulled a copy better than neutral (both of which were sparks).


6 hours ago, Humanoid said:

+Atk -Res Summer Freyr : Got him by finishing the 7.5% circle. I know nothing about the unit but I assume this is good.

Freyr is literally just red Zeke, but with +6/0/6/6 on his weapon instead of Distant Counter.


6 hours ago, Humanoid said:

EDIT: In hindsight I got off lucky as now that I'm reading up on the other units, Igrene and Artur are worse than I thought  and Julia looks horrifying, so I'm happier with Freyr than with any other second unit I could have gotten short of another Duo/Harmonic.

I don't really see any problems with Igrene or Artur.

Igrene's only real deficiency is the fact that she doesn't have Duo Lyn's Galeforce Duo skill or the Slaying effect. In exchange, she gets Grimoire's teleportation effect, and she has more Atk and less Spd. The lack of the Slaying effect could be an issue, though we're getting more units that can fix that for her, like Duo Chrom. Her teleportation effect makes her better suited for Summoner Duels than Lyn due to the the fact that Galeforce Duo skills are complete crap there.

The only other real issue with Igrene is the fact that her base skill set is garbage, but that can be fixed.

Artur is literally just green Henriette. After Dragonflowers, he has +0/+0/+0/-1/+0 compared to her. The only real difference between him and Henriette is the fact that he's weak to a different Chrom. He also has a garbage base skill set, but that also can be fixed.

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@Ice Dragon As a cheapskate, I like my premium units to be more ready-to-use out of the box and I didn't initially know that Igrene was one of those units with a Duel skill as ballast, even if I accept that the absent B-skill is of marginal value due to the lack of good options on fliers. Therefore compared to the free Ninja Lyn, I'd have to invest quite a bit to get her to a similar level and I don't really have much incentive to do so. I see she has higher BST and better mobility, but still I suspect if I got her, I'd get her to level 40 then never use her again (especially as I don't play the competitive modes anymore). At any rate, I'm happy with Ninja Lyn and Pirate Hinoka as my ranged physical fliers for now.

As for Artur, it's true that I don't have any Far Save units right now so he is somewhat more interesting and provides a genuine new mechanic to toy around with. But yeah, looking at all the Far Save units currently in the game, his base kit indeed seems the weakest as you point out. As using Save skills would mostly be a novelty experience for me, I'm happy to wait until I stumble on one more ready made, and I see Fjorm fills that criteria and is in the general pool. There's a parallel in that I've pulled two Dedues without really trying, and even haven't picked anyone to pass the skill along to because I haven't really been motivated to build a Save team in general. (I have read up a bit on the long-running debate on whether Brave Hector is better for Near or Far Save)

Ultimately it's just a matter of resource management and as I'm playing more casually than ever, I have less reason to invest in depth as opposed to the units I really want.

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Here we go again. Blue for the New Power banner.

  1. 3* Altena: No.

Green for Weekly Revival 17.

  1. 4* Gunter: No.

Blue for Weekly Revival 46.

  1. 4* Sully: Not quite...

Red for the Double Special banner.

  1. 4* Hinata: No.

Red again for the new child banner.

  1. 3* Ogma: No.

And because I'm a sore loser, back to the Legendary banner with 77 orbs.

  1. 3* Raigh: No.
  2. 3* Bantu: No.
  3. 4* Femui: No.

Up to a 10.5% pity rate now. 64 orbs left.

  1. 3* Eliwood: No.
  2. 3* Lukas: No.

The game is deliberately taunting me now. 55 orbs left.

  1. 3* Selena: Reposition fodder.
  2. 3* Abel: No.
  3. 4* Jagen: No.
  4. 3* Florina: No.
  5. 3* Mercedes: No.

The appearance rates must be bugged...35 orbs left.

  1. 3* Seliph: No.
  2. 4* Sophia: No.

26 orbs left.

  1. 4* Thea: No.

21 orbs left. One more circle.

  1. 3* Hinata: No.
  2. 5* Thrasir: Only took me 38 pulls! At least she's a new Mythic in an element where I'm sorely lacking them. +Res/-Atk is bad, but at this point I'm not surprised.
  3. 3* Legault: No.
  4. 3* Forrest: No.
  5. 4* Linhardt: No.

What an absolute ripoff of a banner. 41 units pulled got me exactly one 5*, although at least Thrasir is the one green unit that I actually wanted. It figures that whenever I like most of the units on a L/M banner the game plays hard-to-get. I'm also pretty sure the 3* rate is bugged, because I was consistently getting more of them than everything else.

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I got nothing from the children banner or the ones that came after it. 

As for the legendary banner, it certainly was a close one but I managed to spark L!Sigurd. After so long I can finally start doing the super duper cancerous Sigurd+2 Notts comp to make my AR-D more threatening during dark season. Now I just need to remake my Light teams from scratch to put them up to standard with their Astra counterparts. 

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Just got my final summons in for the legendary banner, and overall I got a great haul in just 30 summons

  • 1 Sigurd merge
  • 1 Lilina (+attack as well) and was my highest priority this banner
  • 2 Chrom (2nd highest priority)
  • 1 Seiros merge (I may not be an AR tryhard or anything, but she's still a pretty good generalist unit outside of that mode)
  • 1 4 star special Luke (Yes I plan on fully investing in him, so every merge counts)

Ullr and Nanna are other 2 I would like. But i'll have to wait for a rerun.

Edited by Faellin
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Help I'm being stalked by Phina

Seriously, it would've really been nice if I could've just gotten young Eirika for a free summon.

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My hunches tend to be right pretty often, now that I notice. I felt I had to use 5 orbs on the Double special banner, and got H!Lysithea out of it. Not a great nature (+Hp -Spd), but I'll probably end up buying the Trait Fruits from the stone shop to fix her. 

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I finally got Young Ike and Mist! They're +atk, too! -spd, though. I also happened to get my first original Innes. Yay! I may have gone after Young L'Arachel, but I need to save up orbs for the fallen heroes next month (and if they wind up skipping that for some reason, then I'll just have that stockpile ready for whatever else, including, hopefully, Summer Adult Tiki for Axe Valor!)

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Actually screw it, with the New Heroes banner being an absolute damp squib, I wanted at least one good thing from the rest of April so I'll pull on the 2021 child banner until I get something. Either Tana or L'Arachel would be ideal since it seems Duo Eirika doesn't have much going for her compared to Duo Ike, but I'll take any of them. Kinda interesting that Ike aside, I consider each of these 2021 units to be better than their 2022 counterparts.

40 orbs later and I have a +Atk -Spd Young Tana, so that worked out fairly well. It will be exceedingly hard to get a merge to eliminate the Speed bane but hopefully she turns up as a manual one day. Or maybe as a Forma, though losing the Atk bane would be a bit sad. If Hero Fest and the CYL re-run weren't around the corner I'd consider pulling more but I've just dipped under 100 orbs so I'm very much in the danger zone now.

P.S. I do need a Near Trace for Walhart but no chance of giving up a unit who fits my playstyle so well. I believe she might even be ideal as a Galeforce unit to play off Thorr?

Edited by Humanoid
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Help I'm being stalked by Mikoto. They keep on coming with +def -HP or +spd -HP too.

That said, I did end up pulling Ascended Ishtar within 20 summons, +atk -def too, so that was nice. Also +spd -res Kliff. But no Scathach ... don't be a repeat of Luthier please.

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51 pulls, pulling until I get one Focus unit after the spark:

  • 1 Ishtar (+1 spark)
  • 2 Tinny

And a bunch of pity breakers:

  • 1 Perceval
  • 1 Silque
  • 1 Ronan
  • 1 Julian

Total 5.9% Focus rate and 13.7% overall 5-star rate, both of which are well above average.

Ishtar is still cursed to never be +Spd as I still haven't pulled a +Spd normal Ishtar in the 18 copies of her I've gotten, and this Ascended Ishtar is +Atk. (I have pulled a +Spd Dancer Ishtar, though.) The Tinnys are +Def and +Res, so nothing really noteworthy.

Perceval is now +7. Julian would be +5 if I bothered to actually merge all of my spare copies. This is my third Ronan, but he's being held in skill fodder limbo.

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Ascended Ishtar & More free pull:



Asset/Flaw: +HP/-Res

Yo, let's freaking go.

The tickets didn't yield anything else of note, but that doesn't matter. Tine was the only I really wanted to have.

Anyways, here's another pull dump since I haven't posted in this topic for a while.

Unlikely Friends



Asset/Flaw: was +Res/-Spd, trait changed into +Atk/-Res because screw that original combo

Other notable pulls: Asbel
                                    first Cath (3*, but +Def/-Atk)
                                    Mute Soren (+Spd/-HP)
                                    4* Kid Ilyana x2 (+Spd/-Atk and +Def/-HP)

I'm still not done with this banner as I have yet to claim my spark (11 more pulls to go, and the spark is going to Ike & Mist). Hopefully I can get either a +Atk or +Res Ilyana along the way.

Legendary Nanna banner
Notable pulls: free pull Legendary Lilina
                          Ullr (new, +Res/-Def)
                          4* Special Tibarn
                          Legendary Sigurd
                          4* Special Surtr
                          Legendary Nanna (sparked)

Spring 2022
After getting Spring Maria, 4* Spring Henry and Nagi in my first set (pulls I did previously post here), I went back for Delthea and the spark.
The results: Spring Delthea (+Def/-Res)
                      Pent and Jill in the same set (the Pent also happened to be +Spd)
                      4* Special Hector (base, not CYL)
                      Spring Sonya & Tharja (sparked)

Other miscellaneous pulls
CYL Marianne (from Eir's Remix banner, was +Spd)
Galzus (+Spd/-HP, blocked me from his Ascended daughter)
Nyx (free pull from that Null Follow-Up banner last month)
4* Special Winter Fae (my first one of these, pulled from the Hares at the Fair revival)
4* Special Ike (free pull from the Sunday that had both of Genny's Weekly Revivals)
Summer Freyr (new and +Atk/-Res, free pull from this month's Double Special Heroes and a possible apology for the Manuela that I got as my free Year 5 seasonal)

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Alright, blue for the Lull banner.

  1. 4* Odin: No.

Blue again for Weekly Revival 5.

  1. 4* Benny: No.

Grey for Weekly Revival 18.

  1. 4* Norne: Reposition fodder.

Green for The Start of It All.

  1. 4* Balthus: No.

Blue for Childhood Encounter.

  1. 3* Miriel: No.

And finally grey for the New Heroes banner.

  1. 3* Lena: No.
  2. 4* Setsuna: No.
  3. 3* Est: No.
  4. 3* Frederick: No.
  5. 4* Saizo: No.

*sigh* Still no luck at all.

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I got uncharacteristically lucky on the Ascended Ishtar banner. I managed to summon Ishtar and Arthur, and now I'm out of free summoning tickets. I'm tempted to spend some orbs to try for Tine, but I'm not sure. Maybe I'll just go ahead and keep saving orbs.

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The tickets for the CYL 1~4 didn't do much for me. The best I got was a +Res -Spd Genny, a +Spd OG!Celica and a +Hp Idunn. I'm saving the CYL 5 tickets for later because I wasted a few orbs on the FE4 banner and I'll need to rebuild a stash to spark for B!Eirika copies. If I get lucky I'll get the last 5 merges on this Hero Fest. 

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