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[FE4] Rate the Unit XXVIII

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Rules (Borrowed from whomever made them first with modifications)

- Ratings to be assumed from when a unit is first available.

- Votes need some explanation regarding their gameplay performance to be counted (unless they fall into the general parameters of the average rating, but reasoning is still strongly encouraged on those even if you just wanna quote people) — incredibly low scores or high scores without proper justification will not be counted. Don't put in some random text thinking it'd count as justification. Put in at least a little thought and give REAL reasoning.

- Numbers for votes, please - not something like "Sigurd/10", etc.

- Personality / Appearance may be taken into account, but only +/- 1 point at the most.

- Votes out of 10, or something proportional to it, please!

- Make votes easily visible, please and thank you!

- Every ranking phase will end on the next day at approximately 10:00 PM (or 22:00), EST.

-Second Generation Note: Assume that Substitutes are done on a Subs-only run. Any "not ________" will not be accepted.

Units and Ranking (Least to Greatest):

First Generation

Diadora: 1.19

Ardan: 1.39

Tiltyu: 2.00

Briggid: 3.71

Claude: 4.42

Azel: 4.63

Jamka: 5.25

Midir: 5.47

Dew: 5.68

Holyn: 5.90

Lachesis: 6.13

Noish: 6.15

Alec: 6.17

Beowulf: 6.40

Aideen: 6.57

Ayra: 6.79

Levin: 7.87

Fin (First Generation): 7.88

Fury: 8.25

Cuan: 8.41

Lex: 8.83

Ethlin: 9.15

Sylvia: 9.50

Sigurd: 9.96

Second Generation

Roddlevan: 3.33

Skasaher: 6.00

Celice: 9.54



The difference between her and Skasaher is that she inherits automatically from Ayra. Usually, this can give her a better start than her brother, especially if he has a non sword-user for a father, like Lex. If Celice doesn't have the Hero Sword, Lakche does. She can ORKO at base, like her brother, but she'll probably have more swords to do it with.

Statwise she's a little behind on her brother, but when they're both wrecking everything it really doesn't matter too much. She also promotes to Swordmaster, which gives her Continue, something she'd like very much when she already has Pursuit and the Hero Sword.

Without a horse she's going to fall behind early on as well, but she's still a fantastic choice for earlygame, and can easily wreck the shit out of a lot of enemies.

7.5/10, this includes a bias point.

Edited by Octavian
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Lakche is my goddess compulsory 15/10

Right. -3 for foot unit movement like I always do. That's really her only issue. Goddammit FE4 give us harder enemies so that epic overkill offense actually makes up for not having horse or something oh well

Won't have issue with exp either and is very resource-efficent. Say you're not going to efficient this so you're actually gonna use the foot units. Toss her any sword and she's fine. Plus she's even harder to screw up than her brother. Dads just pile on growths on to what Ayra had anyway. So she's even pairing-efficient.

Oh and since she always gets inventory from mom with A->A rank sword transfer you can always pile swords that Celice can't fit/ran out of money for into her inventory. This is useful for the swords you'll get really late otherwise.

7+1 full bias because she's my goddess.


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Ponies are invaluable, Delmud does the killing job far better then Lakche because he always has something to kill. However, she has some good uses, if she has Elite her combat is great forever anyways. But I feel that like her mother, she's just another unit.


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She-Skasaha. She'll often be a little quicker than him, and continue is nice. However, being ponyless does her no favours!


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She's better than her brother and more consistent due to easier inheritance. Going Jamka or some crazy thing won't screw her since she gets mom's stuff. She's quite literally Aira++. Dodges well, strong offense, okayish defense to pretty good depending on dad (Lex!Lakche isn't exactly what I'd call super fragile, after all)... and no horse. Confound that lack of a horse! But what are you going to do.

7.5/10. Like I said, a little better than her brother.

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3/10 so overrated i don't get it

More people play for fun than for LTC. And when you're playing for fun, Lakche is possibly your best non-Holy weapon user. Personally, I don't get this thing people have with FE4 where characters without a mount automatically suck. Yeah, a mount is obviously preferable to no mount. But A rank Tactics in FE4 is 400 turns, not 250. If mounted characters or characters with Warp/Return/Rescue can help you get to 250 turns, good for them. But, at least, for me, that's not the goal in most of my playthroughs. So Lex!Lakche with her amazing offence, decent defence, and good swords gets an 8/10.

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8/10 extremely useful early on but starts to fall in usefulness as time goes on . She was still fairly good until the final part of chapter 10 in which point she started to suck . I'm not one to care about move or turns and such so her lack of move doesn't count against her . +1 because she's extremely cool . Wish I could even more bias points because she's one of the most badass characters in fire emblem history .

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Another footie that doesn't do very much that matters but doesn't take or need anything from working characters to keep being a decent extra body. Same rank as what I gave Skasaher and Rod (and soon Rad) even though she does often get better inheritance and recruits a J-axer

I figure these rankings are designed to be, "Score these characters by the ways you play, whatever they are" and then giving them a basically meaningless democratic average for fun. People can argue legitimately if they say something like, "Ayra is critical for LTC" or "Daisy is a combat monster" but if some facts fit your stated or implicit criteria that's the end of the discussion.

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-6 for not having a horse (do remember that I play on outrageous turbo mode these days), +1 for having epic offense, -1 for not having anything really special (like Shanan or Sety) to make me get over her lack of horsie

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My second favorite swordmistress, first one being Ayra. What can I say? She kills things more often than not, impossible to mess her up and inherits whatever Ayra was carrying. I don't care about the lack of horse for Lakche so 9.5/10. That's including bias.

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Situationally a great unit. Awesome offense, great inheritance, blahblahblah. Doesn't reach all the battlefields. Even if you don't play for LTC, not having a horse keeps you from getting to a lot of fights. I mean, there are still times where you want to rush from one place to the other, with or without aiming for the lowest turncount possible. And the difference in this game between mounted and not is huge.

3.5/10. Superduper offense without reaching fights=sadface.

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Oi, Octavian, question for the future. Should all children assume optimal pairing(s) to prevent stuff like "DewTiltyu trololol Arthur is useless and his horse won't even come for a long time", or should all pairings be taken into account?

Take Lester for example. Without Midir or Jamka+Pursuit for a father, his usability takes a nosedive while his sister, due to staffbot and inheriting everything she needs from Aideen, isn't nearly as fussed about who the father is. Should we assume only Midir when rating Lester, or should his lack of flexibility in fathers be a point against him?

It's a nonissue with the swordtwins since they're extremely hard to fuck up, but same can't be said of many other children.

Edited by Luminescent Blade
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She maybe a foot user, but she is by far my favorite non-magical foot unit. Pretty solid unit who is very hard to mess up by giving her a bad father. Also, she gets Ayra's weapons so that means a hero sword in her first chapter.

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People can argue legitimately if they say something like, "Ayra is critical for LTC" or "Daisy is a combat monster" but if some facts fit your stated or implicit criteria that's the end of the discussion.

I literally laughed out loud for your Daisy example. Thanks.

Anyway, Lakche is Skasha lite, at least when it comes to durability, as the advantage of her Continue only comes post-promotion, which means the only thing the twins are still doing for the team is clearing arenas and keeping their XP contribution going. 4/10.

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:Lakche: I think Lakche is good. She is pretty good with Lex as the father, due to Elite and the holy blood bonus. She also is good due to the swords her mom passes down. Not to mention her mothers holy blood. Honestly I've never had a bad Lakche.


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