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My only complain about Tiki's resplendent pick is that it's dokkálfr, because in september we got 2 dokkálfrs in a row with Rhajat and Ursula. Meanwhile, 5 months since last ljósálfar resplendent (Nina).

To be fair, the dark colors from the dokkálfr matches more the Adult Tiki's original style, but still...

Honestly, being one of the fairy attires was, to me, the best pick for Adult Tiki... especially considering that Young Tiki got the Emblian Attire and no way we would have both Tikis with the same attire.

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4 hours ago, Diovani Bressan said:

My only complain about Tiki's resplendent pick is that it's dokkálfr, because in september we got 2 dokkálfrs in a row with Rhajat and Ursula. Meanwhile, 5 months since last ljósálfar resplendent (Nina).

Honestly, we didn’t need another Ljosalfheimr Resplendent either.

IS has two themes (Ymir and Vanaheimr) they could be using for females instead of the -alfar ones, yet they continue to not use them.

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Meet Some of the Heroes just added the hot springs units. Is it finished retroactively adding Fates units? I don't remember any of the retroactive additions involving seasonals before.

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According to the Legendary/Mythic Heroes schedule, we have 4 colorless heroes scheduled for February (not counting the remix heroes): Arval, Fomortiis, Gotoh and Gullveig.

So unless they move someone to another month, looks like one of them is on the Anniversary Hero Fest.

I will already say it here, that I don't expect Gullveig to be the one of the Hero Fest. No way that will happen in my opinion. My guess is Arval or Fomortiis.

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I completely forgot that I didn't get around to doing an analysis last night because I was tired.


With the Resplendent boosts, Ephraim's stats are pretty good, but not amazing, coming out to 53/45/34-/44/33+ with max Dragonflowers.

His exclusive weapon grants him +8/5/5/5, a guaranteed follow-up, offensive Null Follow-Up, and 7 HP regeneration per attack, which is actually not bad despite its age, given that it's comparable to Arcane Downfall.

Because Garm grants a guaranteed follow-up and Arcane Downfall doesn't, it lets him run Special Fighter 4 in his B slot, which arguably makes him a superior Close Save option to either Dedue or Ludveck, who have better base stats than he does, but don't have exclusive weapons, though he'll still fall behind Brave Edelgard, Valentine Gustav, and Mamori for the role (as well as Young Hector, though Hector would prefer to keep running Far Save). Arcane Thrima, on the other hand, would give Dedue and Ludveck more bulk at the cost of having to rely on allies (or Sol or Aether) for sustain.

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Well, the silhouettes are out. And I was all... "Is that Claude with antlers?" Given the hair, it could be Golden Reindeer Claude with antlers and yet another bow.

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He's not my favorite Wolf but aside from Constance he's probably the best suited to go attend festivals. 

They're not in the silhouettes but I think Clanne and Framme would work great as Christmas elves. Or at least winter envoy little helpers. 

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If the right silhouette is Balthus (or even if it isn't since Fodlan seems inevitable regardless), then we could be getting Yuri here too since his JP voice actor voiced Febail not too long ago. And while it was further back in the year, Hapi's JP voice actress covered Vanessa.

If the left silhouette is Yunaka, then Citrinne is a possible other Engage rep as her JP voice actress just did Isadora. And personally, a Constance & Citrinne Harmonized duo would be pretty hype.

And yeah, we should be getting a Harmonized Hero on this banner theme again. Otherwise, how else are we supposed to get the obligatory FEH Duo Hero for New Year's?

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It's Claude. The hair matches him better, he's wielding a bow with a star on it, and is wearing reindeer antlers.

Since the harmonic is expected to be from Three Houses and it's not likely Claude of all three house leaders would be the one to have the most alts, I suspect Edelgard and Dimitri will also be on this banner, with Dimitri leading the harmonic.

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The next Hall of Forms has been datamined:


Yune, Summer Micaiah, Summer Elincia, and Desert Nailah

There's a Grail unit again!

Following the usual pattern, this Hall of Forms should add all skills through Veyle's banner, including:

  • Bonus Doubler 4
  • Dazzle Far Trace
  • Flow Refresh 4
  • Rockslide Dance 3
  • Atk/Res Tempo 4
  • A/S Rein Snap
  • Atk/Res Ploy 3
  • Joint Close Guard
  • Cross Spur Spd

Of these, Dazzle Far Trace, Atk/Res Tempo 4, and Atk/Res Ploy 3 are the only ones that are particularly notable.

Bonus Doubler 4 is generally going to be inferior to skills like Prime and Distant Solo, Rockslide Dance is generally inferior to Firestorm Dance, and A/S Rein Snap is usually inferior to S/D Rein Snap.


As far as what to grab on the Forma units:



Yune [+Atk / +Res]
Chaos Manifest [unique] / [whatever the best inheritable weapon is right now]
Ruptured Sky
Still Water 4 / Fireflood Boost 3
Sabotage A/R 3
Atk/Res Ploy 3

Unfortunately, we're one month too early to get Flared Mirror as an option, but we're just in time to get Atk/Res Ploy 3 as an alternative to Chaos Named. You can still grab Flared Sparrow if you want, though.

Otherwise, this is basically your typical Sabotage-Ploy build.



Summer Micaiah [+Atk]
Moonlight Drop / Atlas+
Ruptured Sky
Still Water 4 / Fireflood Boost 3 / Remote Mirror
Sabotage A/R 3 / A/R Far Trace 3
Atk/Res Ploy 3

Unfortunately, we're one month too early to get Flared Mirror as an option, but we're just in time to get Atk/Res Ploy 3. You can still grab Flared Sparrow if you want, though.

Sabotage A/R 3 is probably not going to replace Prescience, but it's arguably the best inheritable skill in the slot. However, you can also run Remote Mirror + A/R Far Trace and get a similar effect as Prescience, but also granting Canto.

Atlas is there for novelty.



Summer Elincia [+Spd]
Whitewind Bow+ [Spd]
Deadeye / Ruptured Sky
Flared Sparrow / Remote Sparrow / Atk/Spd Prime 4
Brash Assault 4 / Desperation 4 / Escape Route 4
Atk/Spd Oath 4 / Spd/Def Hold

Elincia already has Whitecap Bow, so there's obviously no reason to get it again.

Flared Sparrow is the best offensive A skill, as usual, but Remote Sparrow is safer if you aren't running Brash Assault 4, Desperation 4, or Arcane Darkbow on her. Atk/Spd Prime 4 is an option because it's extremely easy to get 3 non-stat Bonuses with Whitewind Bow for the maximum +9 Atk/Spd boost, not because of Close Counter because she obviously don't have the bulk for combat on enemy phase.

Unfortunately, Assassin's Strike was just released, so we can't get it yet, but these are the next-best options for the B slot. Obviously, don't run Desperation 4 with Arcane Darkbow, but Brash Assault 4 is perfectly fine to run with Arcane Nastrond.

Atk/Spd Oath 4 is the better option for the C slot if you don't have another source of stat bonuses on your team, but Spd/Def Hold is better otherwise, especially if you're planning on running Atk Oath Echo.



Desert Nailah [+Spd]
Royal Hatari Fang
Aether / Galeforce
Distant A/S Solo / Atk/Spd Prime 4 / Atk/Spd Finish 4
Counter Roar 4 / Beast Sense 4
Atk/Spd Pledge / Atk/Spd Oath 4

Pretty much all of these choices are down to preference.

Distant A/S Solo doesn't play nice with Oath 4, which can be a problem if you're using that. Atk/Spd Prime 4 has the issue that Nailah doesn't have easy access to non-stat Bonuses, being able to really only get 2 on her own (Atk/Spd Pledge + Atk Oath Echo).

Counter Roar 4 grants more sustain with its passive regeneration effect and is generally a bit safer since it also inflicts -4 Atk on the opponent in combat in addition to its 30% damage reduction being a fixed percentage instead of dependent on a Spd comparison. Beast Sense 4, on the other hand, has the advantage of granting +7 Phantom Spd to counter the same effect on an opponent's Dodge 4 skill in addition to keeping her permanently transformed for her Canto and Tempo effects. Beast Sense 4 is also a bit harder to get than Counter Roar 4, if that matters.

Atk/Spd Pledge is obviously better if you're planning on running Atk Oath Echo, but it also has the advantage of granting +1 Special charge rate without having to tie up the A slot with Flash Sparrow and works well on a Galeforce build, especially since it can't be stopped by Guard and can only be stopped by Tempo. Atk/Spd Oath 4, on the other hand, grants teleportation if you aren't planning on running Atk Oath Echo.

Let me know if I completely forgot about a good skill. It's hard to remember all of the new ones since they're usually too difficult to get extra copies of for me to actually play with, and so I forget they exist.


EDIT: To keep things together, here's a list of all of the non-Legendary/Mythic Heroes that have recently been available through non-rerun Halls of Forms, including this upcoming one, ordered by the units' release dates, in order to get a pulse on what's likely coming in upcoming Halls of Forms:

  • Phantom Thief Leila (August 2022)
  • Summer Micaiah (June 2022)
  • Summer Elincia (June 2022)
  • Bride Lilina (May 2022)
  • Fallen Ninian (May 2022)
  • Skasaher (April 2022)
  • Tinny (April 2022)
  • Karin (March 2022)
  • Spring Delthea (March 2022)
  • Cath (February 2022)
  • Desert Nailah (January 2022)
  • Desert Karla (January 2022)
  • Winter Artur (December 2021)
  • Ninja Igrene (November 2021)
  • Fluffy Hat Lakche (September 2021)
  • Pirate Lifis (August 2021)
  • Luthier (June 2021)
  • Echoes Palla (June 2021)
  • Young Innes (April 2021)
  • Miranda (January 2021)


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6 hours ago, Diovani Bressan said:

Affinity Auto-Battles is such a brain dead mode...

Honestly in my opinion, that’s probably for the best given how frustrating most of the other modes are these days (specifically all of the PVP ones).

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Wow, I can't believe Ratotoskr is already getting kicked all the way back to August. Assuming they don't move her up in the schedule between now and then, is that the longest a new legendary or mythic hero had to wait for their next rerun?

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The next Resplendent Hero is Nifl Ilyana:


Which is by a gigantic margin the most recently released unit to get a Resplendent outfit, given that she's from after CYL 4.

Despite having a modern stat total with Dragonflowers, her stat spread is now out of date, so it makes sense to give her a bump, but i hope they don't do this for units this recent that don't actually need it.

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"Diovani, stop wanting Book 3 units for Resplendent Heroes. There are so many Book 1 & 2 units that deserve more! Book 3 don't need to happen yet"

Well, have this Book 4 unit then!

Jokes aside, she looks fine. But, really? Why that jump?!



What the heck?! A Celestial Stone as the final Christmas Gift?! Not even Summoning Tickets for the Legendary Banner, like we always get?! Geez... Yunaka was the worst Christmas Host we had and even though that has nothing to do with the character... That kinda makes me dislike the character because not only she was the face of FEH when we got a bunch of mediocre gifts but also a couple of glitches as well, like the no FEH Pass working and the No Double SP bonus during weekend.

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...seriously? Jeez, this month has been full of objectively bad decisions for Heroes. Yes, Ilyana getting a Resplendent now is objectively bad and I will fight viciously on this hill, and quite frankly I'm a little disgusted by this decision. She's doing a leapfrog on not just the remaining Book I and II units, but every other unit up to CYL 4 and even some after. That's ridiculous. Straight up, it's an absolutely objectively bad decision and should not be happening right now. Especially, especially when there's far, far more prominent characters that are still somehow waiting, like Catria, Leo, Zelgius, Ayra, Mist, Soren, Joshua, Lute, Camilla, and on and on I can go.

This was done so they can have an excuse to spam more Three Houses stuff since it's running low on choices for New Heroes banners and probably won't get two a year anymore, I promise you. Get ready for Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, Petra, Hilda, Hubert, Mercedes, Annette, both Byleths, Brave Edelgard, Brave Dimitri, Brave Claude, and Brave Lysithea to all get Resplendents, because they're coming sooner than you think, possibly all just this upcoming 2024.

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