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Some times there are those units who you are just not meant to have. Last year, i think i probably spent over 160 orbs on Bridal Micaiah, and she never showed up. This year, i had 65 orbs on hand, went all in, and still got nothing. The wolf lady did show up, she was my alternate target, but still. I've made my peace with this unit, time to just move on.

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70 orbs on deck, I try to pull micaiah along with rafiel as backup, and all I got were another base claude, two healers on 4star specials, and rafiel. But after "sacrificing" my mythic banner orbs, I finally pulled her, with an atrocious -atk +hp iv. Still worth it, she's a good edelgard counter which seals my aether raids offense for the week.


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I kinda tried for Lysithea again (not very hard mind you), but the game decided what I REALLY need is a free +Def -Spd copy of Dedue.

...perfect asset and flaw, my current Dedue is -Res but has a refined weapon, yet I see no reason to merge... hm, what a conundrum...

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Free Fallen Julia on the skills banner, woo! She's -Atk +Def, not that it matters much when I have the one I sparked last year. I'll most likely merge her into the neutral one, her fodder isn't all that awesome nowadays but she's still quite strong if properly enabled. Atk/Res Solo 4 is extremely niche as most units would rather have Atk/Spd Solo, and Panic Smoke can be useless if the enemy doesn't run visible buffs (or you're screwed if they are running Unity skills). 

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Time for more pulls. Grey on Bridal Beloveds...

  1. 3* Jakob: No.

Now for the CYL4 banner. Green since I use Edelgard the most.

  1. 4* Cain: No.
  2. 5* Yarne: You're on the wrong banner, buddy. +Atk/-Res is excellent though. Welcome to the barracks.
  3. 4* Nino: No.
  4. 5* B!Edelgard: Two free 5*s! +Atk/-Spd is also excellent, but I'll stick with my current +Def/-HP copy for that tanky super-asset. Merge time!
  5. 3* Laslow: Expecting Lysithea was a bit much...

That went superbly. Now for the Odd Wave banner. Red to see if I can get M!Byleth.

  1. 4* Florina: No reds in that circle.

So far so good. I've got 51 orbs for the Fallen banner, so here's to another Morgan.

  1. 3* Jakob: No reds or greens...

Not a good start. 46 orbs left.

  1. 4* Ogma: No.
  2. 5* Fallen!F!Morgan: There we go! Finally a merge for my baby girl, even if she is a bit purple. +HP/-Def is poor, so merge fodder for my current +HP/-Res copy. I'll take the rest of the circle for fun.
  3. 3* Nowi: No.
  4. 3* Kaze: No.
  5. 4* Mercedes: No.

I can finally leave the Fallen banner content now that both Morgans have at least one merge. Combined with Yarne and B!Edelgard, today was a good day.

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679 orbs, I hoped I could finish Yarne. All I needed is 4 merges.

126 orbs left I got...

2 Yarne

1 Shamir

1 Fallen Lyon

1 Asbel

1 Jill

1 Brave Ephriam

1 Rhajat

1 Rinkah

1 Julian

Over 3 months of saving down the drain for just 2 copy of the unit I actually wanted and 6 PITYBREAKERS IN A ROW!

This is why every banner needs spark.

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11 hours ago, Xenomata said:

Yay freebie Sabotage Spd fodder!

...what, whose Ewan?

It is a fish. Two of my Flayns gladly gobbled up that fish and gained new power.

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Fallen!Mamui's the only unit I don't have from the VG, so blue on the Part 1 banner.

  1. 4* Caeda: Only reds and greys.

Blue again for Part 2 since my current Ylgr is -Spd.

  1. 4* Sully: No.

Grey for Weekly Revival 13 since Veronica is the only Brave I don't have yet.

  1. 3* Legault: No.

There were 3 more greys, but I don't want Veronica that badly. Finally the Mythic banner. I've got 65 orbs, so I'll take one circle and leave things at that.

  1. 3* Seth: No.
  2. 3* Peri: No.
  3. 4* Roderick: No.
  4. 4* Kagero: No.
  5. 3* Legault: Go away.

There goes 15 orbs down the drain. Oh well.

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240 orbs spent on the banner. Sniping Colorless.

3 Corrins
2 Claudes
And a Freyja in the one circle that didn't give me Colorless.

Not gonna complain since that's an amazing haul. I didn't even have L!Claude prior.

But man does it hurt. I guess getting the Goddess of Order was just not meant to be.

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Well, I did something stupid. I don't even care too much about the units on this mythic banner (Ashera I'm mildly interested in) but I was already running off of having pulled stuff in another app and so I blew 120 or so orbs trying to get Ashera just off of a "eh, sure" instead of a "I need this one!" Lesson learned: I am not allowed near the banners if I've been playing gacha beforehand. Especially since I'm at 10.5% on the pity rate. Almost want to keep going since I spent so many orbs already. Stopping as soon as I pull a focus unit, if I don't just start saving orbs again.

Anyway, before that, though, I finally got Fallen M!Corrin! 2 of him, with minimal investment! Yay! One's +atk, one's +spd. Not sure which to go with, but I'm happy to finally have him!

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Forgot to do my free summon on the weekly revival banner, so I did it today and got Helbindi! Then got Ashera in about 50 orbs, and moved to the bride banner. Spent about 210 orbs with no luck getting Catria yet, but I did get Juno and Shanna, plus an off-focus Rinkah and duplicates of Lewyn, Pent, Brave Edelgard, Myrrh, and Grima.

My plan is to keep going as I pick up more orbs, until I get Catria or otherwise break my pity rate, or the next New Heroes banner launches since I'll most likely want to start working on sparking for Nott. Maybe I should have drawn that line at one of the earlier pity rate breaks, but whatever. It's probably fine.

What as definitely a mistake was unnecessarily picking a blue orb on one my first sessions. This ran long enough for me to get Juno before Catria without needing to go out of my way, which I'd been planning on trying for, but forgot. So that was a waste of 4 orbs, whoops.

Also caught myself almost repeating the mistake I'd made in March and going back to the mythic banner I'd finished with rather than the seasonal one I'd moved on to. Fortunately I noticed it in time. Downsides of 3 AM insomnia summoning, I guess.

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Haven't really summoned anything excited the past few months. Doesn't help that most of the new units they released were characters I either didn't like or didn't wanted to spend orbs for. Which is why I was surprised when I got this on my free pull earlier last week.




Well, I have all of alts of Micaiah now which I find funny since I got of them from either free summons or pitybreakers. At least all versions of her are fun to use thanks to her weapon and are all different colors.


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I swore I wasn't going to spend anything until the New Heroes, but alas... couldn't be helped, I'm missing a bunch of the heroes on Ashera's banner. I really need Legendary Azura, my +10 Tharja just isn't very good without her. 

Had awesome luck on the CYL4 re-run. Free pulled both Hilda (+Def -HP, likely NFU fodder) and my first ever copy of ES!Lysithea (+Atk -HP no less), which just leaves Lucina as the last brave hero I'm missing to date. 

Decided to break my word and go all-in on the mythic banner; just too good an opportunity considering I was lacking all its focus heroes except Peony and CoD!Corrin. 

After spending about 100 orbs, I got: PF!Nino (+Spd -Atk, likely fodder), my first ever copy of Freyja (+HP -Spd unfortunately), Dedue (+HP -Spd, now trying to decide between Duo Idunn or Brave Hector who should get A/D Near Save), and then in Dedue's same circle I got another Brave Celica (+Atk -Spd, likely fodder). 

At this point I might save a little before the new heroes, but it's tempting to keep pulling on just blue and colorless at least. 

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14 or so orbs later and I got an Ashera. So, I feel a bit better about all that pulling I did on this banner. Also, I free-pulled Bride Ninian, so that's cool. Ah, and I spent 4 orbs and got my first original Ryoma (the only Ryoma I was missing) so that's also neat.

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Time to go through the backlog before the midpoint banner. Starting with red for the Form banner.

  1. 4* Raigh: No.

Blue for Bridal Belonging.

  1. 3* Clair: No.

Blue again for Bridal Bloom.

  1. 4* Shanna: No.

Blue for Weekly Revival 14.

  1. 3* Shanna: Fine.

And grey for Bridal Blessings.

  1. 4* Lucius: Not quite a woman...

No lucky free 5* that time. Maybe I'll get something from the tickets tomorrow.

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I sparked another Lysithea on the 3H banner (also got one more copy of each), then the banner hit. 

I was kinda feeling bad, but I'm a huge Tellius fan, and then I yolloed Ashera on the ticket. Fantastic! 

Now I can spark Palla knowing I will still have a decent amount of orbs.

When is the CYL banner?

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Nothing crazy so far, I got a Nephenee from the 4 star rate and a pity breaker Duessel (+Res -Hp). Duessel is pretty badass and is a pain to face so he's quite welcome. 

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