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So many pulls. I'll order them per CYL banner to make it easy. Also note: I got a 4* Ares from the kids banner. 

CYL 1: Fodder, -Spd B!Lucina (will probably keep her just to stop having to change my current B!Lucina's blessing every season) , fodder, fodder, fodder, fodder. 

CYL 2: Fodder, Leo, Fodder x4. 

CYL 3: Fodder x5, +Spd B!Camilla. This one's the best banner for me, Camilla is the unit from CYL3 that aged the best and can create some disgusting Restore traps for AR-D. 

CYL 4: Fodder x6.

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CYLs 1 and 2 gave me nothing of note RIP getting Veronica back.

CYL3, however, gave me this: 



Asset/Flaw: +Res/-HP

and this: 



Asset/Flaw: +Atk/-Spd

I believe this is also the second time that I got Camilla off of a CYL3 Hero Fest.

But CYL4 saved the best for last:



Asset/Flaw: +Res/-Def

I really regretted not sparking for this legend of a man. 

That -Def is unfortunate of course, but I’m nonetheless thrilled to have Duessel.


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Holy cow, these free summons worked out stupendously for me, which was especially cool because I had exactly 1 orb before, now I have 6 lol

CYL 1: Nothing much other than 4* Est, who will be my ninth merge.

CYL 2: 5* Brave Ephraim (+Spd -Def but still, he was the only focus of CYL2 I didn't have); 5* Brave Hector (+Spd -Atk but doesn't matter because I immediately merged him onto my +Spd -Res copy to fix that flaw)

CYL 3 and 4 I forget which was which exactly but: 5* Dorcas (new!, +Atk -HP), 5* V!Catria (merged), 5* Erinys (new!, +Spd -Atk), and finally 5* Eldigan (+Res -Spd, merged onto my neutral copy). 

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First, green on Weekly Revival 8.

  1. 3* Echidna: No.

Grey for CYL 1 since Lyn's the only one without a merge.

  1. 4* Sothe: No.
  2. 4* Jakob: No.
  3. 3* Gaius: No.
  4. 4* Priscilla: No.
  5. 3* Lissa: No.
  6. 3* Lucius: No.

Nu luck that time. Grey again for CYL 2 since I don't have Veronica.

  1. 3* Jeorge: No.
  2. 4* Jeorge: Really?
  3. 3* Jeorge: Wow...
  4. 4* Emmeryn: No.
  5. 4* Kaze: No.
  6. 3* Ogma: No.

Still nothing. Grey again for CYL 3 since I don't have Camilla.

  1. 4* Brady: No.
  2. 5* B!Camilla: Finally! +Res/-HP is fine, so this is more than acceptable. Now to see if Micaiah can get a merge.
  3. 4* Nino: No.
  4. 5* Mamori: Here's a surprise! +Res/-Def could be better, but she's so tanky the flaw doesn't particularly matter.
  5. 3* Cecilia: No.
  6. 4* Legault: No.

And lastly CYL 4. I actually have everyone here, so green to fix Edelgard's flaw.

  1. 5* Sword!Reinhardt: Another 4* Special. Naturally he's -Atk like my previous copy, but at least he's +HP instead of +Spd.
  2. 4* Camilla: No.
  3. 3* Lex: -Atk, so Reposition fodder.
  4. 4* Libra: No.
  5. 3* Ares: No.
  6. 4* Palla: No.

That went reasonably well. Only one focus unit, but Mamori is a nice pull herself.

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I'm pretty sure the Magvel banner is trolling me at this point. I've done 80 pulls so far pulling all colors except green, and the only Focus characters I've gotten are 2 5-star Lyons, who is the only 5-star Focus character that doesn't make it easier to pull the other 5-star Focus characters (as getting any other 5-star Focus character means I can stop pulling that color).

No Tana. No Eirika. No Larchel. Not even any 4-star Lyons. Seriously, what the hell.

Hubert and Leila as pity-breakers. (And Karel, Leo, and Delthea as Special 4-stars.)


Free pulls on the CYL banners got me another merge on Veronica, and that's it. (And Ayra as a Special 4-star.)

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Gah, used the arena + allegiance battle orbs on the FE8 kids banner and got a +Spd Keaton. At the very least his fodder is pretty neat. He'll live for now so I can SP grind Leanne, but afterwards he'll be Special Spiral fodder. 

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Freepulled Sigurd, lol.

Second new legendary freepull after Lif.


Anyways made a big summoning session today:

From all the tickets I got a B!Micaiah, EchoesCatria and B!Lysithea. Though furthermore I spent almost 200 orbs into the latest brave banner. Besides free Catria and Lysithea I got B!Dimitri, (Regular)Claude, Shamir, another B!Lysithea and B!Edelgard. Can't say I was too impressed with the result. The pitybreakers aside of Claude were great though. That Edelgard came in with my literally last orb. My goal was to pull about three copies of her, but oh well...next time. Also still waiting for a +atk or +spd Lysithea.

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incredible luck in a bit more than 50 orbs

2 LSigurds (one is +atk -spd, the other +spd -atk, kinda ironic), a +hp -res LChrom (meh, i'd have preferred Seiros) and the last normal Sigurd i needed to +10 him

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I'm feeling lucky, not to mention missing the majority of its units, so I'll take one circle from the Legendary banner. 124 orbs on hand.

  1. 3* Selena: Reposition fodder.
  2. 5* Mirabilis: +1 for her! +Spd/-Def is awful, so merge fodder for my current +Res/-Def copy.
  3. 4* Hinata: No.
  4. 4* Fae: No.
  5. 5* Duma: Took him long enough to show up. Unfortunately he's also +Spd/-Def, but he's still my second Anima Mythic.

That went very nicely. A second Anima Mythic, a merge for my first one, and some nice SI fodder.

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I'd like to say I spent no more than 50~ orbs on the Legendary banner; I was just at 0 orbs like yesterday it seems like, but with Mythic Hero Battles and quests, etc, plus probably like 15$ I spent inadvertently... Hard to say, except I need to rein in my spending. 2$ here and 6$ there sounds so innocent until it adds up...

Legendary Banner: Mirabilis (+Res -HP, ended up merging my +Atk copy onto her so she's at +1 +Res now); Duma (new! and now my third Anima mythic, +Res -Def); RK!Olwen (second merge); Asbel (new!, +Def -Res); and finally a second copy of FL!Lilina (+HP -Res, I could merge onto my existing +Atk copy, but I might fodder for Pulse Smoke instead).

"Now, time to save!" I say, but always neglect to follow through with. It's tempting to pull some more because I'm still missing F!Selena, Thrasir, QoV!Celica, Eleonora and obviously FHK!Sigurd too. But probably quit while I'm ahead. 

EDIT: Did one more circle and got QoV!Celica (+Def -Atk)! Bad IVs but I'll take it anyways haha

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The legendary banner gave me a Draug, meh. 

On the child banner I keep the pity breaker streak. Now it was a +Def Say'ri. IS needs to release Kestrel Stance 2 on a demote soon, as I have a few ideas on who to give Kestrel Stance 3 and Close Call to.

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CYL hero fests treated me pretty good. I got 1 Green Miccy, 1 Bector, and the last two copies I needed to +10 Bravemitri. Legend banner... I netted 2 Seiros, an Eldigan special, and 2 L!Lilina. On a side note, I've pulled 3 L!Lilina and they've all been +Atk. I'd say it was ~100 orbs well spent.

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I completed my Archanea kids collection!


I had extraordinarily good luck in summoning on this banner! I summoned young Marth on my first summon (first summon paid with Orbs, not first free summon) AND summoned Palla, Catria and Est a few summons later! Along the way, I summoned Lethe (who I also really wanted) and a second Duessel.

I already had Minerva (bought with Grails), Caeda (from months ago) and Merric (who I gained from the free hero event at the beginning of 2021.)


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This has been an odd day for 4* Special summons... also just a kinda bad summoning day in general. Glad it's over though.

I wanted Sigurd and Duo Eirika. Not much to ask, except it actually kind of is apparently, because the game certainly made its opinion heard: I don't think I've ever summoned so many 3* units, and not even ones with good fodder as 4* units. I actually had to elect to get rid of some units I've been saving "in case I ever decide to build them" as if that'd ever happen with someone like Chad or Bantu...

In terms of 4* Specials, of course it was mostly Reds because I was primarily sniping Red today. I got like 2 Karels and Grays, a Ryoma, a Zelgius, and a Lene. Pretty much all merge fodder (weird to think Panic Ploy is not a skill worth talking about anymore), and one of them even gets to join my ever-expanding list of +10 units... oh shoot when was the last time I showed off my +10 units?

Anyway, did I manage to get the units I wanted? Yeah, but not without some buyers remorse. Duo Eirika took an ungodly amount of time to appear (I seem to remember the focus pity rate going up to 4.5% mostly off sessions where only one or two red orbs appeared, if any at all) +Def -HP. Could be worse.

Sigurd... oh Sigurd, yeah I wanted LegLilina, but I didn't need 2 extras of her plus Mirabilis and another fodder Seiros.
Lilina ended up Neutral +2 merge, and Sigurd was summoned +HP -Def. Funnily the same asset/flaw as LegSeliph. Heh... some things are just genetic I guess. Gonna have to trait fruit that, cause I do not see myself doing much more summoning after this, yet still needing Sigurd. Gotta think about "Grettings CYL! Nothing to report!" after all. Hopefully this is enough overpowered units to get me through future Abyssal content. I swear it's just getting worse and worse...

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Well my luck with the legendary banner has been lucky, but like, in an unlucky sort of way. I don't really care for Sigurd, I like his art, but that's about it. The only interesting units to me are first Mirabilis because she's a dancer with debuffs, and a lot less interesting at #2 is Thrasir, but really because everyone says she's good, kinda one of those you just get when you can. No other interesting choices as I already have them (like Lilina) or i don't care about them. WELL.

first 4 summoning circles, snipping red for Mirabilis:

2nd circle: Sigurd, +Spd.

4th circle: Sigurd, +Atk

I should be happy, i know, i really do. I am, I'm sure i am, somewhere. BUT, please, just ONE mirabilis is all i ask for.

next, ~58 orbs:

4*: Alm - already have a copy, so just a merge

5*: Lilina - i don't need more copies of her, but i do like her, so the more the better as they say.

4*: katarina - my first copy, a nice surprise.

5*: Thrasir - YES. The first of my targets, no clue how to build her but she seems to have good skills already.

4*: Deirdre. YES YES YES. My first copy, also my favorite. Will try to build her up and see what i can end up.

I mean for about 100 orbs that's just objectively got to be some of the best summoning sessions I have ever had, but it kinda stings i'll have to wait until some other day for another shot at mirabilis, i don't know how much more i will be able to invest in this banner but my priority now is holding onto my orbs.

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I managed to pull a Mirabilis, a Legendary Celica, and a Brave Celica. With the Brave Celica, I now have all 4 CYL2 units. Nice.

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