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I decided to try going all in for +10 Duo Lyn. 223 orbs later I get broken by Mikoto and haven't seen a single Duo Lyn, so I decided to stop instead of hoping my luck would turn around (923 orbs left at this point). My free pull was actually L Corrin, funnily enough. I sparked Seiros because by that point I'd already decided I was no longer going for the +10 and would only keep on until a pity breaker and I didn't have her already. 

I recorded my pulls (which I normally don't), so I might as well post them. A line break indicates a new session, the number is the star rarity.


CorrinL 5
Setsuna 4

Gwendolyn 3

Wrys 4
Lachesis 4

Azama 4

Caineghis 5

Chad 4

Brady 4

Jakob 3
Veronica 5

Serra 4

Felicia 3
Nanna 3

Jorge 4

Tanya 3
Lucius 3

Forrest 4

Legault 4

Serra 4

Wrys 4

Saizo 3
Serra 4
Brady 4

Gaius 3
Virion 4

Leon 3

Maria 4
Norne 4
Leon 4

Wrys 4

Klein 4

Legault 4

Lena 4
Maria 4
Mercedes 4

Maria 3

Nanna 4
Felicia 4
Maria 3

Spark Seiros 5

Lena 3
Kaze 4
Jakob 3
Seteth 4
Reyson 3

Priscilla 4
Serra 4
Ferdinand 4

Norne 3
Mikoto 5


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So, I decided to pull a little on the AHR 2021 banner and for some reason, blue nodes keep being hard to come by. However, I kept getting colorless nodes. Three pulls in, it was between red and colorless, so I pulled colorless and got L!Corrin. I hadn't intended on getting her and was even a bit annoyed. Kept pulling a bit more, and got my L!Dimitri! I'd thought that the rates were boosted on this banner, but it's just normal rates... o_O How did I manage to pull 2 focus units so quickly?! On top of that, Corrin is +spd. I have 39 orbs left (I started with around 60 I think.) Debating pulling a little more for Seiros, but I want to save orbs for when favorites get in/new seasonals/certain old seasonals.

Edit: Aaand I am down to 12 orbs. Guess that's that. May as well leave this banner alone; I learned my lesson. If I want to pull for Seiros sometime, it's better to wait for her to be on a mythic banner again.

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Hm... you know, I feel like I've come up with a new criteria for a "bad summoning session": when the Sparking hero chosen was actually a good choice to pick, despite continuing to summon after the sparking was met.
I picked Corrin as my freebie, and it turned out that was the smart choice.

I wanted Seiros for Dragon Wall on Halloween Grima and one spare (I dunno what to do with it, maybe Spring Myrrh or something), Dimitri for Odd Tempest on Brave Celica plus a merge for my +Spd -Def Dimitri, and Corrin cuz I just think she's neat (plus I supported her first in the voting gauntlet).
Dimitri appeared the perfect number of times to meet my needs, while Seiros was much more finicky (though she did appear +Res -Spd, waaaaay better than the +HP -Def I had been working with. Glad I never wasted skill fodder on that original copy). Corrin never appeared in a natural summon. At all. Meanwhile Lyn appeared 3 freaking times.
I want it on record I already had Duo Lyn from her original banner. So on top of the freebie everyone got, I summoned her 3 times. She never even had a better Asset or Flaw than the +Atk -HP I've been working with, again since her original banner. And it's not like merging her was ever on my mind, so what the hell am I supposed to do with 4 copies of these girls?

And the pity breakers. OH THE PITY BREAKERS. Actually they were really not that bad this time round. +Spd -Atk Erinys, +Atk -Def Fluorspar Selena, +Spd -Def Fiora (honestly the closest to a "dud" from these pity breakers), and a fodder copy of Lewyn (more Special Spiral is always appreciated).

Oddly... very few 4* Special Summons. As in, the only ones I got were Kinshi Hinoka and Brave Lyn.

Hm... I'm now at 607/625 units in my barracks. I'm filling up... might need to consider expanding again...

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One last dance. Farming Paralogue orbs as I go in order to afford the spark.

3* Tailtiu
4* Clair

4* Tailtiu
5* Ninian +Atk -Spd

5* CYL Eliwood +Def -Atk
3* Matthew

4* Kagero
3* Kaze
3* Reinhardt

4* Niles
3* Effie
4* Nowi

4* Shigure
5* Veronica +Def -HP

3* Kaze
5* Legendary Corrin +Def -Atk
3* Mae
4* Clair

4* Natasha

3* Cordelia
3* Azama
3* Matthew

4* Rebecca
4* Mercedes
4* Lachesis

4* Virion
3* Tailtiu
3* Florina

4* Roderick
4* Oscar
5* Quan +Atk -Res
3* Forrest

3* Jeorge
3* Virion
4* Sakura

4* Gordin
3* Maria
3* Oscar

5* Petra +Def -Atk
4* Ferdinand
4* Clarine

So, that's it then. A good number of 5-stars but Quan doesn't really count right? Sparked Legendary Dimitri, so it all worked out neatly in the end: I got Seiros on her debut banner, Lyn was of course free, and then Corrin appeared as the only focus unit during this session. Now I have one copy of each unit on the banner and I was also happy with Petra showing up to ensure there was no dangling pity rate to break. Ironically Dimitri took me over the barracks limit for one last time, heh.

This marks the end of my FEH journey. I might randomly read about updates now and then but I'm pretty confident I won't be actively playing again. Might drop in to grab the free Gatekeeper though. 😉 I'll see you guys around when the announcement for the next Fire Emblem game emerges.

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2 hours ago, Matrograde said:

Good luck today, everyone! I saved up enough currency for 80 pulls, so will post my results later!

Here are my pulls. I got my Ninja Lyn to +1, and I took Corrin as my spark. The only one I missed is Seiros, but I already have an anima LH, so I guess she is the one I needed the least.

AHR 2021 1.png

AHR 2021 2.png

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Got a bunch of SK!Dimitris, but what I really wanted was more Seiros for Dragon Wall, and I only got one of her available for fodder (I kept the neutral guaranteed copy in case there are dolphin guides).

I also got a few COD!F!Corrins. I think I should have just sniped only blue since I am not sure what to do with her outside of merges, as I do not really need her.

I think I might try for more Dragon Wall later in the week. I want at least two more or three more.

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I'm so pleased with how this banner went for me, and I won't complain about my luck for once lol. I had 180 orbs (the most i've ever saved tbh) for this banner, and it took just 168 to spark while strictly pulling only on blue or colorless. 

3rd summon: SK!Dimitri (+Def -HP)

10th summon: Seiros (new!) (+Atk -HP)

16th summon: SK!Dimitri (+HP -Spd)

24th summon: CoD!Corrin (new!) (+Def -HP)

29th summon: Seiros (+Res -Atk)

32nd summon: Maribelle (new!) (+Def -Spd)

38th summon: Duo Lyn (+HP -Def)

41st (Spark) summon: CoD!Corrin 

Oh and pulled a 3* Natasha for the first time ever at some point. Then additionally I pulled a 3* Altena, which was the last one I needed to make Altena my sixth +10 Hero (after Kronya, Sothe, Mordecai, Ena, and Tharja). Overall I was blown away by how well this went. Loose plans are to merge one of Seiros onto the other, fodder probably the neutral Corrin, and possibly merge one of Dimitri onto the +Def -Spd copy I already had, although I might possibly just fodder 2 Dimitris for Odd Tempest. 

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I got pity broken by like four or five SK!Dimitis now, as well as, Gatrie, Melady, and Anna: Secret Seller. Please give me more Dragon Wall.

- - - - - - -

Damn it. I give up. I just got pity broken by a dumb Fiora and another SK!Dimitri. Fuck color sharing.

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Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

The latest and greatest addition to my Corrin army! Seriously, I summoned three different varieties in the last week: my first of both normal male and female Corrin, then Dream Prince Corrin. I also have Bloodbound Beast Corrin.

I’ve been trying to get Child of Dusk Corrin since she first debuted (just after I started playing Fire Emblem Heroes), and I’m ecstatic to finally have her! I’m glad her Legendary form features her Nohrian outfit and not her substantially less interesting Hoshidan outfit.

Along the way I summoned:

Emmeryn, Natasha (one set of orbs; I separate orb sets with straight lines) | Sakura | L’Arachel (no colorless orbs, went for blue) | Sothe (my first Sothe) | Leon, Jeorge | Sakura (again)

Merlinus (my first Merlinus, I didn’t know he wasn’t 5-star exclusive. His profile page dialogue answers a long-standing question of mine about how to pronounce Eliwood—I was saying his name correctly all along.) | Merlinus again (two in a row)

Ninja-Friend Duo Lyn and Florina (wrong 5-star. +Attack, -Def is good, and I have a neutral version from the free summon to merge with them, so I’ll have +Attack!)

Niles, Tanya | Forrest

Child of Dusk Corrin after 15 summons! (+HP, -Res. Could be better, could be worse, but I’m not overly concerned with assets and flaws. I’m thrilled I finally have her!) Better yet, I still have 400+ orbs saved for a Fates banner, which will very likely happen in the near future.

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I've got everyone on the Null banner, so blue it is.

  1. 3* Reinhardt: No.

Grey on Weekly Revival 3 since I still don't have Veronica.

  1. 5* Genny: Another 4* Special! +Def/-Atk is awful, but I've already got a +2 +HP copy. Merge time.

And lastly A Hero Rises. I voted for Seiros, so blue it is.

  1. 4* Subaki: Not even close.

Well, I got something out of this session. Not that Genny needed another merge, but it's better than SI fodder.

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Got three red orbs in my free session for the spring 2020 rerun, decided to see if I could get Idunn from them since duos are fun. Got her in the second one!

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Got some weird interesting luck on today's skills banner.

Decided two pull the two reds and the one green orb that I got on my summoning session, as I didn't have either regular Mareeta or regular Edelgard.

The free pull was a dud Sophia, but the other two gave me Asbel and Karla! Didn't have either of them before. That was pretty wild.

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... Well. I was going to save orbs, but then Fallen M!Corrin showed up again as a focus unit. So, I spent some orbs trying to get him. Nothing yet. Time to replenish a bit before I try again.

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So, I was saving up orbs for the revival banner because I regretted not taking advantage of the spark last time.

The only interesting circle was the one that gave me m!Kris and Takumi, but that's still pretty good. I think I'm going to wait to see what our next mythic hero is before finishing the remaining pulls, but chances are I'm going to finish this banner to the spark.

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Got quite a few extra Spurn fodder! I am up to six extra Spurn fodder. I guess that makes up for my lack of Dragon Wall, although outside of SK!Dimitri, I am not sure who else to give Spurn to. I am really tempted to go back for more Dragon Wall, since Spurn is not available for dragons.

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Did my forty summons on the revival banner and got each of the focus units once plus Owain and Nailah. So I got another good haul and I still have 800 orbs saved up in case the next new heroes banner has someone I am interested in.

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Got a total of four Dragon Walls now, so I am content. Got pitybroken by Naila and Eliwood: Marquess Pherae. Also got four additional Shannas for a total of twelve now, which I am really happy about, so I feel more at ease passing Desperation around to new units.

I am a bit hesitant to pass Dragon Wall to WR!Myrrh since she seems a bit vulnerable, so I am just going to wait for a better dragon super tank to show up or until there is a better support unit for dragons and decide then. I guess Flayn is technically super good with her, so I will try her put in Mock Battle first.

Also need more Pulse Smoke.

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