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Rate the Unit, Day 36: Harken

Thor Odinson

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Rate the Unit, Day 36: Harken


- Ratings are assumed to be on LHM and HHM. Also, they should be based on when the unit is first available.

- Votes need some explanation regarding their gameplay performance to be counted (unless they fall into the general parameters of the average rating, but reasoning is still strongly encouraged on those even if you just wanna quote people) — incredibly low scores or high scores without proper justification will not be counted. Don't put in some random text thinking it'd count as justification. Put in at least a little thought and give REAL reasoning.

- Numbers for votes, please - not something like "Marcus/10", etc.

+/- ≤1 point extra regarding personality/appearance is okay, but no more.

- Votes out of 10, or something proportional to it. Makes it easy to calculate, please and thank you~!

- Make votes easily visible, please~! ##Vote:

- Every ranking phase ends approximately at 20:00 EST. Do the math for your timezone.

Scores (in ascending order)

Wallace: 1.12

Wil: 1.85

Bartre: 2.78

Rebecca: 2.84

Dart: 3.86

Karel: 4.01

Dorcas: 4.19

Rath: 4.28

Canas: 5.07

Eliwood: 5.34

Louise: 5.52

Guy: 5.71

Farina: 5.95

Erk: 6.01

Lyn: 6.07

Matthew: 6.17

Serra: 6.27

Geitz: 6.50

Legault: 6.55

Lowen: 6.71

Lucius: 6.94

Oswin: 6.98

Hawkeye: 7.21

Isadora: 7.24

Hector: 7.63

Heath: 7.67

Fiora: 7.99

Kent: 8.17

Priscilla: 8.38

Raven: 8.39

Florina: 8.41

Pent: 8.60

Ninian/Nils: 8.80

Sain: 8.83

Marcus: 9.63


Man. Harken. 's much as I think Karel's hotter (Harken's pretty hawt too, just I like long hair guys :B), Harken's actually a lot better at fighting aka shit that matters more as a unit. His base speed is enough to ensure doubling on most enemies in HHM bar the fastest kind that doesn't appear much, he's got double Bs, which although means no silvers yet means he can reach them quickly anyway and also gives him access to a nice array of axes. He comes with a free Brave Sword, only one in the game, and he's an excellent user of it. He does extremely well on CoD with a shot of pure water/barrier and handaxes. He's got the usual "no horse or flight" issues that comes with his class, but his lategame combat and the lack of a need for a crest is pretty awesome. Oh and he's pretty durable too. Overall a very solid unit.


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Ah, Harken.

As a character, I hate his guts, like I said 30 minutes ago in the Karel topic.

But otherwise, he's actually really damn good.

Under HHM terms, he has smexy bases for a Hero. He hits like a truck and takes hits like a Knight, all while moving 6 Move. He comes with B Swords and B Axes, and can actually wield lighter axes without AS loss thanks to 11 Con.

He comes with a buttkickin Brave Sword.


Flaw #1: He shares this with almost every other unit. He's not Marcus.

Flaw #2: He shares this with plenty of people: HE CAN'T FLY

Flaw #3: Also shares with many people: NO MOUNT

Flaw #4: He has pretty mediocre growths. But with bases like his, growths are unimportant.

With the amount of kick he has, He deserves a 9/10. But we have the character thing, which costs him 1.0 points. Come on? His very emo-y attitude grates at my nerves. And his portrait is annoying to me.

Final Score: 8/10

See, THAT'S a decent rating, people. Learn to give reasoning.

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8/10 Great base stats, no mount kinda hinders him but not much.

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8/10. Awesome stats, and comes with a much better weapon than Karel, whose weapon is limited to a class that's not even that good at all in FE7 (and Lyn).

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Arrives out of nowhere, sickeningly good. Amazing bases, but no mount or staves. Still, that isn't exactly crippling, because man he is a great fighter. Besides, I like his personality and class significantly more than Karel's. 9/10, although part of me wants to make it 8.5.

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He comes with great bases that allow him to hit hard, hit twice, and take plenty of hits. He has decent enough growths that he can grow even stronger. He comes as an enemy, so he gets HHM bonuses. He's also recruitable by a lot of your units, making him easier to recruit than most enemies. He also appears by you completely the chapter objectives, making it more natural to get him instead of Karel. He comes with B rank in both weapons, allowing him to use up to Brave and, soon, Silver. Speaking of, he comes with the only Brave Sword in the game, which is reason enough to recruit him even if you don't plan on using him. His high Con allows him to use most Axes with low/no AS loss. He even has a Fire affinity, making any support he gets great because of the attack bonus.

Downsides? He's a walking unit, and since the desert chapter is before his recruit chapter, he'll have no advantage over a mounted unit. To me, that gets him a -1

So 9/10.

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Harken's this guy whos all suicidal and junk. He and Isadora have the hots for each other. The last remaining knight of Pherae who hasnt joined your team yet but will.

This guy...lets see.


Brave sword.


Good bases.

Supports with good people.

Axe use. (unst)

Yeah man.


Can be outclassed by Raven. (odds of that arent very high though.)

Speed is not fantastic.

Harken's pretty cool. I havent used him a whole lot but i have used him before. Hes especially good if you have an extra slot on your team. Dat Brave sword!


(Biased rank: 6/10 mostly because i dont really use him very much but i love that Brave sword so i try to get him anyway.)

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He comes in with good bases, B-ranks in Swords and Axes which reek of Brave Axe and Brave Sword, and later can get both A's in both allowing him to use Silvers, being the better bit? He has 1-2 range courtesy of Hand Axes, which is way better than Light Brands on Karel.

Also his support pool contains usable characters; most preferably supporting him with Isadorable which gives him additional AVO and full CRIT! Lowen can give in some full ATK and CRIT, Eli and Marcus can give off either +ATK +AVO +DEF (Eliwood) or +DEF, +AVO (Marcus). Although giving him Vaida will be kinda slow.

Good weapon flexibility paired with a good support pool alongside good stat bases nets him a....


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Seriously? All this love? Well...let's see...

Considering the upcoming chapters include BBD and CoD, where mobility and placement is extremely important, Harken will likely lag behind your massive squadron of mounts/fliers (minus Vaida and Farina of course).

His stats are more than acceptable. His weapon and weapon ranks are beyond stellar. He makes swords look good, and a B in axes puts him mere battles from Silvers.

But. He is the top filler, even A team material. If Marcus, Kent, Sain, Hector, Florina, Raven, Pent, and Ninian, plus the others you trained (and obligatory thief), thatneed to be snuffed off and replaced with Harken.

Dat axe though...yumm.

So handsome...and from Pharae.

Honestly, I gave him a 6.75. I've never had a game where he was essential to my performance, but if I drafted him, I would abuse the hell out if him.

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In the end, Harken may have great stats but all he really is is a non-mounted, 6 MOV combat unit who's role can be filled by any number of units who joined 10-15 chapters earlier. He gets the 4.5 for having good stats and can chuck around hand axes well, but he comes too late for me to care about another good combat unit when I likely have a whole team of them already.

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