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Those freebies were a boon! I didn't get anything from them, but it extended my summoning session. Not a bad haul for 125 orbs~

1 Dimitri (Yas! +Atk, but I think i'll keep him with +Spd and he's +5 nowūü•į)

1 Plumeria (+Atk/-HP, and she's new!)

2 Gatrie (Also new! And inverse natures of Atk/Def. 

1 Peony (Knew it would happen. She's now +7)

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Did my free pulls on the two winter reruns. 2019 gave me Winter Marth on the last ticket! (+Def/-Atk, but I don't care.) 2018 gave my a duplicate Osian, with +Res/-Atk compared to my original's +HP/-Def. I'll have to decide what to do with him at some point - a merge and better nature for my favorite is certainly tempting, but Mirror Stance 3 is solid fodder.

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Holy this is either the luck from Hilda or Chrismas luck.

I got a merge or fodder Plumeria, my first Winter Sothis and my first Winter Ephriam.

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A bunch of free tickets is never bad. Starting with Gifts of Winter, looking for W!Eirika.

  1. 4* Clarine: Feathers.
  2. 4* Felicia: Feathers.
  3. 5* W!Eirika: Yay! Finally an armored healer for those niche occasions where I want one. Full neutral is decent for her role.
  4. 4* Effie: No.

A good start to today's pulls. Now on to Glorious Gifts, looking for a merge for Marth and Elice.

  1. 4* Rebecca: No.
  2. 4* Saizo: No.
  3. 3* Setsuna: No.
  4. 3* Brady: Meh.

And now for L!Lilina's banner. I'll just take whatever reds I get since I still need to rebuild my stockpile. 34 orbs on hand.

  1. 4* Chrom: No.

Only one red that time.

  1. 5* Plumeria: Awesome, another Astra hero. +Res/-HP is fine for a dancer.

A nice pull, although I have so many Astra heroes already.

  1. 5* Reginn: Merge time! +Res/-Def isn't great, although it is a superasset at least.

Yet another Astra hero, yet another one-red circle.

  1. 4* A!Tiki: I guess hoping for Lilina was expecting too much.

Now that I'm 2 for 3 on red heroes, I'm going to push my luck a bit and do a few more pulls.

  1. 3* Lilina: No, no, no.

That was a blatant snub, Feh. 29 orbs left.

  1. 3* Selena: Reposition fodder is always needed.

24 orbs left.

  1. 3* Gordin: No.

19 orbs left.

  1. 4* Palla: No.

14 orbs left.

  1. 4* M!Morgan: No.

Probably shouldn't have spent those extra orbs, but I still made off very well. W!Eirika, Plumeria, and a merge for Reginn is more than satisfactory.

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OK Hilda's tickets were magic for me.  I got a L!Lillina from the legendary banner, a duo!Marth and C!Ephraim all with the tickets!  I am now a little scared to pull on the NY banner with all the luck today in getting the units I wanted with the tickets.  I also gathered the last 20 orbs I needed for the 40 pulls to get harmonized!Altina as I pulled Sephiran and Hilda earlier and Bernie doesn't interest me I finished this years Holiday banner.

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Since Hilda gave us tickets I figured I could spend some orbs on the legendary banner and see if I get at least one five star unit while using up the freebie summons and this is what I get.




Fodder galore! I don't plan to use any of these units so now I have fodder for Pulse Smoke, Atk/Spd Rein and Swift Sparrow 3/Lull Spd/Def. Though then again I guess I could run double Reginn in Aether Raids and not be forced to use Altina ever again if it works like that. Didn't think I would top that Double L!Corrin pull from last month.


Gifts of Winter didn't offer me anything of note but one of the tickets for Glorious Gifts gave me a Yarne. Maybe I will use him for Resonant Battles are maybe he will just be fodder since I already use Cordelia and Cherche to deal with that mode for me.

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Rate up is a lie...

Man fuck this banner. I wanted Duma since I don't have him, but 4 of him? Really? 2 Peony and a 11,5% bonus and multiple pulls on Red giving nothing but 3*s then hitting one without a single Red and of course triggering... at least it was Edelgard.

All my 400 orbs down the drain and extremely salty. Random Fae and Claude on the other tickets did nothing to reduce it either, as everything except Fae and first Duma was just merges.


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Had 145 orbs, the banner was good, we had tickets, decided to spend them all and got some really good stuff. 

  • Neutral B.Edelgard (hope I can get a boon in the future but still happy)¬†
  • LeLillina +Atk -Spd (perfect nature, she is a fun unit to use and happy I got her)¬†
  • Jill +Res -Atk (a character I like but the bad nature tempts me to fodder her to Felix that needs new toys)¬†
  • LeCelica +Spd -Def (an amazing boon so I merged my old +Hp into her).

Overally really good pulls. However, Plumeria being pushed back in July for some reason tempts me to continue but I will try not to pull anymore as I impulsively spent 15 more orbs today. Will focus on Dragalia for now to save. 

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Got a Winter Fae and a Duma thanks to ticket pulls. Then tried a bit more for the new Winter units and got a Winter Bernie. Done with pulling until the next new banner. 

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Since it was Christmas, I had the opportunity to splurge a bit and acquire winter Bernadetta. The downside was that I needed the second spark to get her:



Along the way to 80, I also picked up more 5*s than I thought I would:



The Berkut and Claude were used for merges because the former was +Atk (which in addition to being a super asset, my original Berkut was -Res) while my original version of the latter was -Atk and I wanted that shit gone. The other three currently sit as manuals while I decide on what I want to do with each of them.

As for what my tickets (and free pulls) got me, they turned out to be glorified toilet paper and as such I got literally nothing of note. Also, Hilda never showed up again on A Festival Miracle (so I ended with just three Hildas).

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Alright, Luna banner first. I don't have Ced, so green it is.

  1. 4* Rath: No.

Weekly Revival 22, aiming for Lyn.

  1. 4* Tharja: 4 red orbs in that circle.

No interest in the New Year's banner, so back to looking for Lilina with 30 orbs.

  1. 4* Stahl: No.

25 orbs left.

  1. 4* Hana: No.

20 orbs left.

  1. 4* Soleil: No.
  2. 4* Ares: No.
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Oh hey, another banner with Ced. Him and his dad have been very persistent in avoiding me, but maybe this time will be:



....And the gacha is now officially fucking with me. 

Oh well, that bumps Julia up to +3. Not bad at all for what will probably be my final free pull 5* of 2020.


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Free NY!Plumeria, nice! She was the one I wanted the most from that double banner so now I can keep going for W!Hilda merges with no regrets. Plumeria is +Hp -Atk which is a shame, but as a dancer it's no biggie. 

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I'm pleasantly surprised by all of the tickets for the New Year's banner. Time to use them up. Going green to see if I can get Peony and Triandra.

  1. 3* Nino: Meh.
  2. 3* Klein: Meh.
  3. 5* NY!Lethe: You're not bad either! +Spd/-Atk is a fantastic asset and awful flaw, but then again her Attack isn't great to begin with.
  4. 5* Lugh: Okay. Nice to have you, although +HP/-Atk isn't as good as Lethe.
  5. 4* Virion: No.
  6. 3* Niles: No.

I'll go through the other NY banners when I get all of the tickets. Now to clear the backlog. Winter's Envoy, green again for better odds.

  1. 4* Mustafa: No.

And the TT banner, grey since I don't have Velouria.

  1. 5* Velouria: What is up with today? And +Atk/-Def is actually very solid. I've got Kaden and Selkie, now I'm just missing Keaton himself.

Lastly, back to L!Lilina's banner with 65 orbs.

  1. 3* Olivia: No.

No quick 5* sadly. 60 orbs left.

  1. 4* Henry: No.

4 grey orbs in that circle...55 orbs left.

  1. 4* Silvia: No.

50 orbs left.

  1. 4* Palla: Meh.

45 orbs left.

  1. 4* Eliwood: No.

40 orbs left.

  1. 4* Lon'qu: No.

35 orbs left.

  1. 3* Bantu: No.

30 orbs left.

  1. 3* Laslow: No.
  2. 3* Lilina: Double no.
  3. 3* Ares: No.

That was absurd. 17 orbs left.

  1. 4* Soleil: No.

53 orbs later, absolutely nothing of value. Figures I'd get lucky everywhere except the one banner I spend orbs on. Still 8 free pulls giving me 3 free 5* units is some incredible luck. Hopefully I at least don't have to leave the Legendary banner with a pity-rate.

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New Year! New tidings of luck! New... Eleonora... on a banner with a 6% focus unit rate...
...heh... yep, new tidings of luck! I'm sure my base Eleonora will appreciate the... merge... help me...

New Year Plumeria +Atk -Def AND New Year Lethe +Atk -Def (who I already have Neutral, so flaw doesn't matter) in the same session, so new tides of luck ahoy!

I still think the banner title looks like uwu special heroes

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I spent some orbs into the legendary banner. I got plenty of new units (Lilina, Bramimond, Dimitri, Plumeria, Celica and lots of Edelgards), but they all had a terrible nature. I will keep Bramimond and change his nature once I can since he's the most useful of these three for sure. Edelgard is +7 which is pretty damn great considering I only pulled her from two banners with not too many orbs. As for the NY Banner I will keep my tickets since I'm not really excited for it right now. Only green and blue look promising although I have Lethe already and don't really need another copy of her.

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Happy new year everyone!!!!!

2021 Banner:

I spent orbs following each ticket on green and red. Shooting for a copy of the Duo, no Lethes, and hopefully at least one Kaden, wouldn’t mind my first Anna.

4th ticket - duo Peony!! Neutral, too.

~30 orbs later: My first Kaden after sniping only red lol. 4* too, -HP+Atk so I lucked out. I’m done here. My luck with 4* seasonals have been horrid lately...

Fire and Ice Banner:

Well, only need Fjorm and Laev, so tickets are going there.

1st ticket: Ny Laev, +Def-Res. NICE! That’s a good pull!! I would love Fjorm but I think I’m done here.

NY 2018:

I have everyone. No preference between Takumi and Azura merges.

Last ticket: +Spd-Def Surtr lol. I have 2 SS4 ready to go now... maybe Stahl will get one?

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Did my free summons for the new banner, spent 55 orbs pulling red/blue/colorless and got both Kaden and Peony in the fourth session! Kaden is 4* and an unfortunate +Def/-Spd, while Peony is +Res/-Def. From there I switched to just blue, but I got forced into colorless for my last session and got my first Merlinus as well! He's only 3*, so I don't plan on upgrading this copy, but still, nice to catch back up on common units.

I also got a neutral NY Laevatein from my tickets so far on the Book 3 banner! She was my last missing unit from it, too.

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Got pity broken by RS!Lethe and RS!Selkie, and got 3 NYSH!Peonys and 4 NYSH!Plumerias. Also got a Shanna! Pretty good haul.

Also got HNY!Azura along with another Shanna in the Happy New Year! Focus.

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Huh, Kaden's really showing up for me. I got at least 2 5*'s of him and at least 2 4*'s. I'm still kind of pulling, though, since I haven't gotten a +spd one yet. I do have a 5* +atk one, though. If I can't get a +spd one, that's the one I'm going to build, but I really am hoping for a +spd one. Since he's a 4* unit, I figure I may as well keep going as I get the orbs for him. Kind of wanting to get a Christmas Tharja, though, just so I can get R Tome Valor.

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2021 begun and my luck has already changed. The tickets gave me a Duofonse +Def -Hp really good nature and an amazing unit. Might give him flowers as he can be really good for every content. I kept pulling for Plum and I got a +Atk Bramimond so he now is my new base he is +2. Also Lilina is +1 as I got a merge and finally in my last orb. 



THE ASTRA SAVIOR IS HOME. Finally I got her, the RNG gods favoured especially when considering she will arrive in June again. She also has a neutral nature. So now I have all the mythic fairies with a neutral nature so I am also happy about this. 


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