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Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

Mystic Arcanum

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Arctic Mafia



1. Fenrir and SB are the hosts of this game and reserve the right to edit these rules as necessary. Any changes made to the rules will be announced in the game thread.

2. This game is NOC. Communicate in the game thread only, unless a host specifically tells you otherwise.

3. You may not speak during the night phase unless a host specifically tells you otherwise.

4. You may not speak to dead players. Do not speak to non-players who aren't listed as hosts/IOs.

5. Taking screenshots or quoting outside communications with the host, real or forged, will result in an instant modkill. This applies to Role PMs, night results and any other form of communication.

6. Do not edit your posts. If you somehow slip up with this, contact me immediately and tell me what you changed.

7. If you are modkilled by any fault of your own, you lose.

8. If you attempt to gain an advantage for your faction through your modkill, measures will be taken to prevent this from happening.

9. If you don't post for 24 hours, you will be prodded. After several prods I will attempt to sub you out or modkill you if that isn't possible. Please inform me ahead of time if you are going to be absent.

10. Be civil. If you feel as though things are getting out of hand, please contact me and I will handle the situation if necessary.



1. This game starts on Day 1.

2. Day 1 will last 72 hours, and Day 2 and onward will be 48 hours, while nights last for 24 hours. These may be bent slightly for the sake of host convenience.

3. The player with the most votes at the end of the phase will be lynched. 1/3rd of the votes (rounded up) are required to lynch. 2/3rd of the votes (rounded down) hammers and ends phase early. Ties lead to a No Lynch.

4. No Lynch is a valid vote target. If two day phases end in No Lynch, the game will end in Universal Loss.

5. *YLO will not be announced.

6. You will be informed if you successfully targeted a player, and you will be informed if your action was redirected, and you will learn who your new target was.

7. To vote, use the following format: ##Vote: <USER> and to unvote use ##Unvote.

8. If 1/3 of the the living players ##Vote: Extension during a Day phase other than Day 1, the phase will be extended by 24 hours. This can only be done once.

9. Mafia members can communicate over Discord while they are alive. After they are dead, they cannot contribute to the discussion.

10. This game is cardflip, meaning that when a player dies, all that will be posted in the game thread will be their role, alignment, flavor, and a picture.



1. There are 13 players in this game. All of them are on the playerlist.

2. There are only two alignments in this game, the Town and the Mafia.

3. There are 10 townies. The Town win condition is as follows: "You are aligned with the Arctic. You win when all members of the Antarctic have been eliminated and at least one member of the Arctic remains alive."

4. There are 3 mafia members. The Mafia win condition is as follows: "You are aligned with the Antarctic. You win when your faction has achieved parity with the Arctic or nothing can prevent the same from happening."

5. There is at least one Town Vanilla in the game.

6. The safeclaims for Mafia members have been selected through RNG. Character claims have no bearing on alignment.

7. This is not a bastard game. Everything happens for a reason.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Living Players (9):

@Kaif (Formerly Ampharos)



@Jester's Gestures (Formerly Refa)



@Baldrick (Formerly Vi-astra)




Dead Players (4):

@Ichigo, Antarctic Goon, was lynched Day 1!

@Magnificence Incarnate, Arctic Vanilla Townie, died Night 1!

@Mitsuru KirijoArctic Vanilla Townie, was lynched Day 2!

@Athena_57Arctic Oracle, died Night 2!

Important Links:

Day 1 Start!

Day 1 End! (Subs: Refa -> Jester's Gestures, Ampharos -> Kaif, IchigoAntarctic Goon, lynched!)

Night 1 End/Day 2 Start! (Magnificence IncarnateArctic Vanilla Townie died!)

Day 2 End! (Subs: Vi-astra -> Baldrick, Mitsuru Kirijo, Arctic Vanilla Townie, lynched!)

Night 2 End/Day 3 Start! (Athena_57, Arctic Oracle, died!)

Edited by Fenrir Aesir
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“For seventy-two hours these thirteen animals will play a game so intense that no sane creature would subject itself to such a trial. In the harshest game on the Internet they will find a way to either come to a compromise or die a slow death at the hands of their enemies. This is the incredible true story of a town’s journey to bring their Antarctic aggressors to their knees: Arctic Mafia.”

-The Narrator, March of the Townies. Probably.

It is now Day 1. Day 1 ends in 72 hours. With 13 alive, it takes 5 to lynch and 8 to hammer.

Edited by Fenrir Aesir
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The forum software recently updated (and it's pretty mediocre, so PLEASE READ these tips that will definitely help out)

- SAVE YOUR POSTS (IN A SEPARATE WORD EDITOR) WHILE TYPING THEM. When typing into the reply box, the software often says something like "saved most recent draft" while typing. However, myself and a few others have had occasions where we accidentally returned to the previous page while typing or going to another one while finding a post, and having a post we spent a good amount of time working on completely be lost when returning to the thread.

- Using the return key will double space your lines; use return + shift to single space paragraphs.

Makaze's ISO Script <-- This is an ISO script Makaze made for those who are interested. The site does not have a built in ISO script. Another way is going to a user's profile and searching through their latest posts, but Makaze's script is a clean and elegant solution (you will need to download Tampermonkey on Chrome or Greasemonkey on Firefox to use). Contact the hosts for help installing.

- Vote Counts will also be done by Makaze's Votal script.

- Spoiler/collapse tags are as follows: 


Here's an example of what they look like when used:

  Reveal hidden contents

BBM can't read.

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Makaze's votal script is working, probably, and Fenrir wishes to use it! The script requires a specific formatting. Votes not in this format will NOT count, so be sure to vote in the specified format.

For those who have already voted, please revote using this syntax (note that the user must have their name linked and colored, or else your vote will not count. See this example below of me lynching Serious nooB on how to properly vote. :tangerineglasses:


To Vote:
##Vote: @SB.

To Unvote:

Edited by Iris
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4 minutes ago, Ampharos said:

iris if that's blue then you should probably look into getting your eyes checked

Blue Skies is the best theme :ok_hand:

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Day 1: Automated Votals from #1 to #17

Ampharos (1): Magnificence Incarnate
Refa (1): weinerboy
Shinori (1): Ampharos
SullyMcGully (1): Shinori
Not voting (9): Athena_57, Bartozio, Ichigo, Mitsuru Kirijo, RADicate, Refa, SullyMcGully, Vi-astra, xnadrojx

Phase ends in 71h20m. Hammer at 8.

Vote history:

Ampharos (1): Shinori

Magnificence Incarnate (1): Ampharos

Shinori (1): SullyMcGully

weinerboy (1): Refa

<Beta v2.0.4>

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Just now, weinerboy said:



2 minutes ago, weinerboy said:

^ Above post v scummy...

I agree, Amy's post was very scum motivated. Sakura Forest? Pshaw. However, I think picking the obvious third place is more likely to come from misguided town whereas picking the safe second place like you did is more scum motivated.

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