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just free-pulled my second-to-last levin, now i only need one more and he'll be +10 +10

i hope i can get this last copy with the TT's orbs

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Let's see if I can get a good red on the Special Spiral banner.

  1. 3* Athena: Bleh.

As for the Double Special banner, grey is certainly front and center here. I want to reserve orbs for the upcoming New Heroes banner, so I'll take whatever greys are in the first circle. 156 orbs on hand.

  1. 4* Lukas: All of the other orbs were red.

That was supremely annoying. One more circle then.

  1. 3* Kagero: Eh.
  2. 4* Brady: Decent SI fodder.

And that's it for now. Maybe I'll come back, maybe I won't.

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I got Harmonic Tiki!

+HP -Atk...

Not sure how I wanna handle the rest of the halloween banner, since the unit most desired has been summoned, but I'm wondering if my first use of Trait Fruits is gonna go to Tiki and Ninian...

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Back to pulling for dragons, turns out there was more orb rewards than I expected.

3 Red, 2 Blue (This could be jackpot.)

4* Donnel (Not like that it won't. +Res/-Atk), 4* Peri (You know what, Blue focus until it happens or I'm pitybroken yet again. +Atk/-HP)


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Well Halloween banner has been pretty good, I pulled 2 Xanes sadly both +def but I am happy to have him, 1 Tiki+Ninian which proves Tiki still loves me since the came in the first circle and 1 H!Grima.  I wanted the king of Goldloa as well, but my orbs need a rest and I have plenty of red armor dragons.  Special spiral banner gave me the +atk Lewyn I have been waiting  for my free pull so I am happy. 

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Back up again for it.

3 Colourless, 2 Blue (It'd be a shame to miss Dheginsea)

3* Shanna (I've had none for ages. +Spd/-Def), 3* Lukas (I could stand to have less of him. +HP/-Atk)

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Well, since the next banner is 3H, which I have no interest in, back to Double Special Heroes. 151 orbs on hand.

  1. 4* Camilla: Meh.

No greys that time. 146 orbs left.

  1. 3* Lissa: Feathers.
  2. 3* Leon: More feathers.
  3. 4* Kaze: Iceberg fodder.

Disappointing. 133 orbs left.

  1. 3* Chad: Meh.
  2. 3* Gordin: Ugh.
  3. 4* Forrest: Eh. Heavenly Light for somebody?
  4. 5* Harmonic!Mia: Excellent! And +Spd/-Def makes her a much better master copy than the +HP copy I'm running right now. For fun, the last green orb.
  5. 4* Bartre: Figures.

For a total of 47 orbs I got a great merge for Mia to make her +2 with a +Spd superboon. Not bad at all.

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I decided I dont really wanna pull from the Halloween banner anymore and that I'll just trait fruit HarmonyTiki, since -Atk really doesn't do her any favors.

But I did summon a bit from the seasonal revivals hoping for HarmonyMia. Got YoungMereic twice instead, +Atk at least.

Always good to add to the pseudo-Firesweep gang, kinda wish I had Mia... eh whatever, that'll just be some weeks I dont score as high in Resonant battles.

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I remember us hyping up Duo Hector last year.

Powercreep has come so far huh?

2 each Blue, Colourless, 1 Red

3* Seth ()

Now for this year's.

2 each Red, Blue, 1 Colourless

4* Mordecai (), 4* Donnel ()

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Trying to pull Keaton (trying to +10) or Igrene (fodder) but the banner has been probably the worst for me in terms of seeing the colour of the orb I want. I'm at 3.50% and have seen 7 red orbs in total (spread across 5 summon circles). I've literally went three summon circles in a row with 0 red orbs...like....come on.


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I managed to get more orbs.

I predict more trash.

2 Red, 1 each Blue, Green, Colourless

3* Clair (What do you know, I was right. +Atk/-Spd)


Edit: got some more

3 Colourless, 1 each Red, Blue

5* Perceval (EVAL!!!!!!! 

I SWEAR TO FUCK, I AM CURSED FOR TWO MONTHS. +Res/-Atk, DO YOU SEE?), 3* Sophia (Fuck this banner. +HP/-Res)

I hate seeing Perceval as an enemy, turns out I hated summoning him too.

Edited by Dayni
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Well uhh... I summoned Ylgr for free.

Also +Def -Spd Flayn, the most desirable unit on this banner! But uh... Ylgr to.

EDIT: Less awkward is getting Brave Edelgard! -Atk +Spd is horrid on her, absolutely disgusting, but hey she just needs to be fed to my neutral Edel and life becomes good!

Edited by Xenomata
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Time to go through the banners, starting with the Halloween revival. Red for Hector and Lilina.

  1. 3* Soleil: Feathers.

Now Weekly Revival 12. Can Lucina get a merge?

  1. 3* Henry: More feathers.

And now for the Goddess's Servants. Hoping for Flayn like I imagine most everyone else is.

  1. 3* Forrest: Meh.
  2. 4* Saizo: No.
  3. 3* Jakob: No.
  4. 4* Felicia: No.
  5. 4* Sakura: No.

Fates apparently didn't approve of this 3H banner. Oh well.

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Blew 100 orbs on the 3 houses banner.

6 copies of Seteth, 2 of which were 5 star. Fantastic. One of my favorites from 3 houses, glad I got alot of merges for him so easily.

1 Catherine, IVs are nothing special. But nothing harmful either.

1 random Tsubasa. Uh sure game. Thanks I guess?

Probably going to spark a 2nd Catherine and fodder the first one I got. Then just use the neutral one.

Edited by Faellin
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Wtf is with my damn luck today?!


I got most notably:

1 x Fallen Berkut (pity breaker Lucina's revival banner)

3 x Lancina (Focus unit Lucina's revival banner)

1 x Leila (Pity Breaker Goddes' Servants)

1 x Flayn (Ticket Summon Focus unit Goddess' Servants)


So in one day I got no fewer than six five star units with only two total pity breakers.  Wtf?!

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Shamir showed up; +Def, -Res. Nobody else, but I did get another copy of Sothe. Can't have enough L&D3. Meanwhile, Klein. I need so much Death Blow 3 for the slow, high attack, mostly Brave units. Flayn was my guaranteed pick. Damage reduction support and Rescue+ are way better than fallen Mareeta 2.0 and a demote, albeit, a damn good demote with Seteth's support capabilities.

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Coming in with only ~70 orbs means a long wait before the spark, but that should be enough to use all my tickets or close-to.

3* Valbar
4* Felicia
4* Hana
3* Clarine
3* Reinhardt

4* Sakura
3* Gaius
4* Maria
4* Echidna
4* Frederick

3* Jakob
(skipped four blues here, don't mind opening one or two a round but not four)

5* OG Claude +Def -HP
3* Adult Tiki
4* Mordecai
3* Mae
5* Catherine +Res -Def

Well then. At first I thought it was CYL Claude and was happy. Then realised it wasn't and was a bit disappointed - he's new but doesn't really help me at all. But then Catherine showed up and I'm happy again. Her nature ensures I'll need to continue pulling red but I was always likely to do that anyway.

5* Lilith +Def -HP
3* Florina
4* Lena
4* Jeorge
5* Flayn +Def -HP

Whoa. This is probably the best run I've had for a couple of years. Out of tickets and only seven orbs left so it'll be a while before my next round, assuming I go for the spark. I probably will as I'm already 21/40 and still want Shamir after all. Incidentally, I only just noticed while typing all this up that three of the four 5-stars are +Def -HP. Figures.

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Did a straightforward 135-orb spark for Flayn. Got a second Brave Claude, but nothing else interesting, not even a Seteth. Hopefully he'll show up soon.

Went in with 136 orbs, so I only had 1 left at the end, although that was before starting the new story chapters.

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My tickets got me my first Fallen Tiki AND my first Flayn. No Seteth’s just yet, but I am thrilled with the other two! Both -HP +Spd as well.


Tried for H Ilyana for funsies: I got a Dozla after a 4% rate as well as a dupe Fallen Berkut shortly after. Dozla is +HP -Spd lol and Berkut is -HP +Def. Warding Stance... doesn’t seem all that helpful so I might just merge him. 

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