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Guess i'm done with the halloween banner. A pity rate of 5% broken by a  -atk laegjarn. And here I was thinking I couldn't be more negative about the gen 2 oc's.

I'm glad Seteth is the demote since my orbs stash is empty after the Dhegninsea hunt. At least I got a 4 star xane and a extra for hexblade fodder.

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Weekly revival where I have two and kinda the other unit.


4* Est (Worest. +Res/-HP)

This new banner's kind of amazing.

3 Colourless, 1 each Blue, Green

4* Seteth (FREE SETETH YES. +Spd/-Def, that's a fine start, looking forward to more.), 4* Sothe (LaD. +Atk/-Res), 4* Jakob (This can go away. +HP/-Atk), 3* Legault (So many daggers. +Def/-HP), 4* Camilla (Another one +Res/-HP)

3.25%, I'm happy to not worry about getting no Seteth at least. (4* Brazen Atk/Spd, this banner is blessed I swear)

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so apparently the game hates me, as i got literally 0 blue summoning stones in the new church banner (desperately hoping for at least 1 seteth to use in arena), and got a Myrrh and an OG Olwen (no green stones) as pitybreakers while trying to get my last Levin

but hey, at least i managed to +10 Mordecai

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Got a token for the next circle.

2 each Red, Colourless, 1 Blue

4* Cordelia (Yet another 20K for Galeforce button. +HP-Spd), 3* Nanna (nananananananananananana 3*! +Def/-Spd), 4* Brady (Did you know I wanted to make him +10? This is my third copy. The pools are to blame. +Def/-HP), 4* Fir (Here is another unit I have no use for. +Spd/-Def), 4* Chrom (I have so many. +Spd/-HP)


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I was trying to decide between saving up to do all 19 summons for the spark at the same time, or just spending the orbs as they come in. Went with the latter decision...

...which was fully vindicated by the first summon of the day.

5* Catherine +Def -Res
3* Fir
4* Arthur
4* Tanya
3* Thea

Fifth 5-star in the last three circles, including two runs of back-to-back ones. I think this makes this the luckiest 5-star rate in any banner I've seriously invested in (which is to say, discounting the three out of four summons I got out of the 2018 brides banner). Opposite nature of the first copy too. Will hold off on the merge until the spark in case a third one pops up.

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I got a Flayn, then my guaranteed Flayn, and a pitybreaking Shamir to reset my rate back to zero.

I wish I got more, but one Flayn for each season should be enough for now.

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The run continues.

4* Olivia
5* Seteth +Atk -Spd
4* Laslow
4* Fae
4* Hawkeye

Pretty happy with that given the nice boon even if he's the demote. Still don't have a 4-star one so I'm not sure whether to keep opening blues or just leave it until I get him "naturally" from the general pool. Anyway, that completely drained my orbs and my orb-granting quests so I'll have to wait until the next major orb-giving event before doing the final nine summons for the spark, which will almost certainly be Shamir as she will complete the set. Even if I do get a Shamir before the spark it'll probably still be her to make both of the BFFs +1 each. Another nice thing is that as I'll end up with a 3.5% rate by the spark at worst, there is now zero percent temptation to go beyond the spark.

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Got a Catherine (Fodder, was neutral), (Shamir, Neutral, also fodder though I really like her. =[ ..... ) and a Gerik as a pity break. Also great fodder! 

No Flayn, but I can reach T27 anyway so she's not a need per se.

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Let's go again.

3 Red, 1 each Green, Colourless (Where's my blue?)

4* Sakura (Definitely not my intended target. +Spd/-Res), 3* Soren (Please just go. +Spd/-Atk), 4* Sylvia (Once again, another one. Neutral), 4* Marth (MARF! +Atk/-Res), 3* Palla (Once again, better than what I could get. +Def/-Spd)


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Between all the free orbs and the Forma Soul pack, I summoned enough to get the Sparking unit, which I used on Shamir (powerful conditional Firesweep weapon? Sign me up!)
...I also summoned Flora.
...I already +10ed her...

...on the bright side, she does have 3 separate and equally good fodder skills, so no harm done overall.
Got Seteth to, not really good assets but I am happy to see that his 4* skill is Brazen Atk/Spd.

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Well I did 11 pulls on the Chruch banner which gave me a Velouria and a Fiora(my first) and nothing else good, but at least I don't have a pity rate which is better then some of the new heroes banners this year.  I decided to give it one last try for Duo!Hector since I missed him last year and I got them in 24 orbs which is great!  

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Oh hey B!Camilla's in a banner.

2 Colourless, 1 each Red, Blue, Green

4* Tanya (Nice. +Atk/-Spd, Now it's a matter of this or the +Spd to make a base out of)

Back to the Seiros banner.

3 Colourless, 1 each Red, Blue,

3* Kaze (Could be worse. +Res/-HP), 5* Flayn (Let's get some FISH +Def/-Atk, OH COME ON HOW MANY -Atk IN TWO MONTH IS), 4* Brady (Nice. Now I've gotten two in as many circles. +Spd/-Res), 4* Donnel (I want Swift Strikes, not pothead. +Res/-HP), 3* Cain (It's WoM. +Atk/-Res)

Another -Atk 5*, I am cursed right now.

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So, this has probably been the most free pull 5*s I’ve gotten within a month:

September 29 [Ranulf & Lethe BHB]: 



*obligatory “DC refines when?”*

October 6 [Tempest Trials]:



Is it bad that this one actually pissed me off? I had not even done anything with the free Resplendent copy before this pull (and have still done nothing with my now two 5* M!Robin manuals).

October 10 [New Power]:



Was not +Atk or +Spd, but I’ll certainly take any free merges I’m offered.

October 15 [Special Spiral]:



She has not been foddered, because she got +Spd/-Def. The temptation to fodder her will always exist, of course.

Today / October 23 [Tactics]:



Same deal as the Rhajat, only this merge scrubbed away a shitty flaw (-Spd).


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Took a few days to compile the orbs for another full circle - the penultimate one of this banner - but the luck train doesn't stop.

5* Helbindi +Atk -HP
5* Seteth +Spd -HP

4* Tethys
4* Seteth
3* Ares

Helbindi ain't Shamir, but he's new so fair enough. Seteth showing up twice at 5-star before his first appearance at 4-star is remarkable and I now have the choice between Atk and Spd boons.

After a barren two first circles, my last five circles on this banner have yielded two, two, one, one and then two 5-stars in them. It's almost a shame that I'll be getting the spark and thus ending this chapter after the next round, heh. Might stretch it out to two circles if more than one blue appears next round though, as +2 Seteth is more than I needed.

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The next weekly revival's really nice. B!Ephraim, Brunonica, either would be nice.

2 each Red, Blue, 1 Colourless

3* Nanna (Well, I wasn't expecting to be lucky. +Atk/-Res)

Back to the church banner with my last token too.

2 Blue, 1 each Red, Green, Colourless

3* Oboro (Oh boo! +Def/-Res), 4* Seteth (Another one! +Atk/-Res, OHO. I have +Atk and +Spd? Here's where the fun begins.), 3* Emmeryin (Also nice. +Spd/-Atk, Okay, this might matter, another unit I'm trying to figure merges for.), 3* Cecilia (If this was Echidna, this circle would be fantastic. +Def/-Atk), 3* M!Morgan (his fodder could be worse. Neutral)

3.25%, 15 pulls left for the spark.

Edited by Dayni
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Got a duplicate Brave Ephraim from my free pull on today's revival banner! Planning on using him to finally give Special Fighter to my Winter Jaffar, although Bold Fighter has had its advantages.

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Man, I really wanted the Micaiah/Sothe duo since I didn't get them during their debut summonings, all I've gotten are three Mia/Masked Lucinas. I'm giving up, my orbs are too low and I don't know what the Legendary Hero for this month will be.

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Huh, looks like a weird enough banner theme.

(I suspect the left side's already won out)

2 each Green, Colourless, 1 Blue

4* Chad (I mean, I've had worse. +Def/-Res)

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So, this BHB is one which has two units I don't have.

Guess which one I'd rather get.

2 each Red, Green, 1 Colourless (Well that made it easier)

5* Bernadetta (Bernie's here! Neutral, considering the amount of -Ark I've pulled since August, I am sad to say this is fine)

Meanwhile, at the church banner;

2 Colourless, 1 each Red, Blue, Green

4* Seteth (Good, that's +2. +HP/-Spd), 3* Wrys (Ho hum. +HP/-Spd), 4* Gordin (...... +Res/-Def), 4* Cherche (The shearche goes on. +HP/-Atk), 4* Ares (Nice. +Spd/-HP)


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Sadly no extra 5-stars on the final stretch to the 3H spark but can't complain about the full house in the end, even if I did end up going a few summons over on impulse because the first circle had 3 blues when I needed four summons to get the spark.

3* Forrest
3* Athena

4* Legault
4* Gaius
4* Palla
4* Catria
4* Shigure

Took Shamir as planned for the spark. So 43 summons done all up, for eight plus one 5-stars, a pretty healthy return. Two Catherines, two Seteths, the sparked Shamir, one Flayn, and three off-focus pulls in Claude, Lilith and Helbindi. That wraps up my serious summoning for the month, possibly for the year, as I go back to power-saving mode3.


BHB banner:

3* Norne
4* Gordin

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Time to go through the banner backlog. First, Tactics. Red for Catria.

  1. 3* Olivia: Feathers.

Now Weekly Revival 13. Grey for Veronica.

  1. 4* Lachesis: More feathers.

Now the VG banner. Grey again for Velouria.

  1. 4* Camilla: Or not.

And lastly the BHB banner. Grey for Bernadetta.

  1. 4* Roderick: Nope.

Disappointing. Anyway, I need to keep saving orbs for F!Morgan's return in December.

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BHB Banner's free summon gave me an Innes (my first).

24/40 in the Church banner, and I got a Flayn and a Julian. Will gun for another one on my road to the spark summon.

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I have been summoning in the Church Banner, trying for more Seteth copies.

I changed my +10 Lance Flier project, from Altena to Seteth... and Altena knows about that.


She is like... "NO! You WILL +10 me!"

With this lovely pitybreaker, I have 10 Altenas... only one copy, and feathers, missing.

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