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Go ninja, go ninja GO!

2 Blue, 1 each Red, Green, Colourless

4* Palla (I wanted Zihark I've never been disappointed to see Palla before. +HP/-Def), 4* Chad (It's another Chad +HP/-Res), 5* Lancevarre (OH MY GOD I HAVE HEADPHONES ON I NEVER SAW HIM COMING +Spd/-Def This is stellar), 5* Lancevarre (WHAT THE FUCK THIS IS GETTING OUT OF HAND NOW THERE ARE TWO OF THEM +HP/-Def), 4* Boey (Echidna would have made this an amazing circle, please more Echidna. +Res/-Atk)


I'm happy to get these, though a Zihark was what I expected two Navarres was a pleasant surprise, I now desire a lance infantry that I could actually get to +10 to have this (though this is really sad for my It's Curtains fodder).

1 hour ago, Xenomata said:

...oooooh boy, Ashnard would kill a nation to have this skill...

I feel like Ashnard would get along with Duma.

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So I had my usual terrible but not bad luck on the Halloween banner. Wanted to catch at least 2 Grima Wolves so that I would have at least 1 Dragon's Ire for fodder. Hey I got 6 5*'s out of this. BUT. Fallen Lyon, Grima Wolf, Brave Micaiah, Ossian, Sue, Yarne, and as of today and the last pulls I had for this banner a Sutr. My overall pull rate was somewhat better than average for what I had, but Green wise I only got 1 new unit and none of the fodder is what I want or was seeking. I mean I didn't even get a Xane despite opening colorless whenever there were no greens(which was far more often than I care to think of).

Anyways with it ending today, I do hope everyone got at least some of what they wanted out of that banner!

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11 hours ago, Mercakete said:


You're tempting me to spend orbs to see if I can get a Zihark. Stahp.

Seriously, grats, though. XD

thank you! ❤️  and hee hee, do it - as you know, he's a demote so at the very least it shouldn't be quite as painful as a full 5*.

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Oop! After my last post yesterday, I spent 10 orbs after completing my first few rounds of the TT — got my first 4* Zihark at -Atk +Spd, and the very next stone was a -Atk +HP Duo Lyn!!

I got the two I wanted!! Except those IVs... are oof...

Oh well, I’m happy! I’ll promote Zihark eventually (it only took 4 months for Summer Life, so I hope it’s quicker this time lol), and Lyn will always be strong regardless.

I can now save the rest of my orbs for Kliff in a few days...

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Got two Bernadettas, one Lysithea, one Annette, one BE!Micaiah, one Ranulf, and one ANF!Dimitri.

I picked Lysithea for my guaranteed summon.

I want to get another Lysithea for Time's Pulse, but I think I should save up Orbs in case Triandra is released at the end of the month.

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Weekly banner free pull: 3* Gunther. Bleh.

Revival banner free pull: +Atk -Spd Lysithea. Boi, she went from -Atk to +Atk which means she's an even better nuke! It also means that rather than going for pity I'll just use the tickets and dip. 

I decided that I'm going to build Ninja Hana with a Player Phase leaning skillset (+Spd Deck Swabber, Swift Sparrow 3, Spurn/Close Call/Repel, Time's Pulse, Galeforce, Flashing Blade seal). I still need the B and C slot for her so I hope to get another Lysithera with the tickets and then hope that Say'ri/Kris/Mareeta appear on a skill banner or something.

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So, I decided that since I have most of the Halloween dragons, I need ALL of the Halloween dragons. So, tried pulling for Halloween Myrrh. Got a bunch of feathers. 'Kay. I guess this also means I need Halloween Nowi at some point.

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I wanted merges for either Lys or Annie so badly, and I got something... but nothing I really wanted.

  • 2x Ced
  • Anna
  • Ferdinand (pulled the blue when Ced was shown)
  • Owain

Could have been way worse with a Luke, BlueOlwen etc., but still none of the both before the spark is sad.

In all the excitement I totally forgot about these tickets; used them too late, so I spent way more than 150 orbs for this.

I sparked Lysithea, so Annie and her are +5 now.

Edited by Kasumi Yoshizawa
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Oh look, another chance to not get Hardin.

2 Colourless, 1 each Red, Blue, Green

4* Cordelia (I have too many copies. +HP/-Atk)

The ninja banner, another chance at Lysithea... Oh boy I feel like I'm making a mistake.

2 each Red, Blue, 1 Colourless

4* Roy (No thanks. +HP/-Atk), 3* Fir (Launch units sadden me. +Atk/-Res)

2 Red, 1 each Blue Green, Colourless

3* Ogma (Ognah. +HP/-Spd), 3* Ares (This is fine. +Def/-HP)

2 each Green, Colourless, 1 Red

5* Lysithea (YES! Not much pain, I'm happy to see her. +Spd/HP, even better.)

Now just to spend the last two tokens, see if I get Annette.

2 each Red, Colourless, 1 Green

3* Cecilia (I hope the game knows I'm remembering how long it's been since I got any Echidnas. +HP/-Def)

2 each Red, Blue, 1 Colourless (Bernie fodder?)

3* Lena (That's not so bad, yeah. +HP/-Spd)

So, I got Lysithea, I'm happy.

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I forgot about the Summoning Tickets from Forging Bonds, so I went back into the focus and got another Lysithea. I tried to break the pity rate, and I got M!Kris.

With enough Lysitheas to start my second Infantry Galeforce team, I was motivated to go back to In the Moment focus to grab a few more focus units. I got enough ITM!Ziharks to get him to +Spd+5+0, merged my ITM!Navarre to +Atk+2+0, and a third copy of ITM!Lyn [+Atk, -HP] which I think I will keep separate from my main copy. Also got pity broken by Ophelia, which is nice.

Edited by XRay
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I will start saving for Altina, but I need one more Disarm trap(larum banner when?), one Time’s pulse and 4 Geese when he returns.

I am 23 summons in and got a third Velouria, which is funny, because I need TP for her. I got a EWan, which sucks balls. Not even nice fodder, and he is not new. 

Last one is a +Spd Catria, which is awesome. She’s a project on the backburner, she is now +2.


Hopefully I can get a Lys before the spark as well.

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First, Weekly Revival 15. I hate Reinhardt, but Olwen and Hardin already have merges, so red it is.

  1. 3* Athena: Moonbow fodder.

And now for Harmony Amid Chaos. I'll see if Annette can get a merge since I don't need anyone else.

  1. 4* Reyson: Meh.
  2. 3* Marth: Feathers.
  3. 4* Tanya: Meh.
  4. 4* Barst: Reposition fodder's always useful.
  5. 4* Lucius: Ugh.

So much for that.

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On 11/8/2020 at 12:16 PM, Fire Emblem Fan said:

It took more orbs than I'd wanted, but I finally pulled a Duo Lyn! And she's Atk+/-Res to boot. I'd like to try for a merge or two, but I also want to wait and see what comes in the next New Heroes and Special Heroes banners.


that is the same IVS as mine 🙂 she's very fun. 

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Which of the ITM units would you guys say are the most useful? I had 14 orbs today and just for laughs i went to roll red and hit jack pot with Laevetin on my first pull, probably my luckiest pull in any game ever. I would like the duo Lyn though; any tips on making some quick orbs? I already played through my normal paralogues and most of the normal stuff on the story side. My best team is also too weak to attempt those monster 40+ missions.

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Impulses are good, follow them more often.

I got +Atk -HP Ninja Lyn! She was the only reason I kept summoning on the ninja banner (...that and hoping Zihark would appear with not +Res, which he never did...), so between her and my +Def Laev I think I can call it quits now! This was... overall a good banner for me, I got two units I didn't even have before this banner, a spare Spendthrift Bow+, plus the three ninja girls and even a spare set of Ninja Katana.

...now to wait for when they add a Ninja Bow that I need to summon for...

Edited by Xenomata
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Didn't mention it but my last ticket for the 3H Revival was another +HP Lys...why are they like this to my IP team units?

Also got a free pull +Atk H!Nowi, so that was awesome~ Still a long ways away from +10 but it was good to get a merge after having to skip last year

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So while I did get Lysithea, it required me to use the spark on her (unlike Larcei) as the only 5*s pulled within 135 orbs + free pull and tickets were a Bernie dup (still not +Atk or +Spd) and an Adrift Camilla dup:




Annoyingly, I'm left with a 4.25% pity rate on Harmony Amid Chaos 2 Electric Boogaloo but I don't think I care enough to try and break it. Seteth didn't show up either and neither did any Forrest copies but that goes without saying at this point.

On the legendary banner, I also managed to acquire Dimitri (+Def/-Spd yay super flaw) without spending too much....but not before getting the blue focus unit I already had:



Now, I just want a copy of Zihark and then it's probably back to saving as long as I don't fall for the siren song of either ninja Lyn or Atk/Def Rein fodder.

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On the one hand I still don't have Micaiah.

On the other hand Elise merge.

2 Colourless, 1 each Red, Blue, Green

4* Catria (Nahtria. +Spd/-Def)

Edit, to avoid doubleposting, Chill banner goes here.

2 each Red, Colourless, 1 Blue (Kliff?)

4* Valbar (I mean, it's an SoV unit. +Atk/-HP)

Edited by Dayni
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