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Serenes Forest's Teehee Thread


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1 hour ago, Dayni said:

Well I hope it goes well.


2 hours ago, Sooks said:

Good luck with that! I hope it goes well.


1 hour ago, Dayni said:

I see we're back to that old chestnut.


1 hour ago, Acacia Sgt said:

Nono, for him it's the Hockey Stick.

Oh well, at least I got my money's worth for the bonk: Two for the price of one!



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19 hours ago, Acacia Sgt said:

Oh, was Rome the one used for the original meme or the one that spawned the meme?

Well, if you're among the ones who subscribe that something's alive so long we remember them... then yes, the "Glory of Rome" continues to endure to the day.

Dunno if it's the original meme, but I think it's the only variant that I've seen. Actually, there's an ancient version/precursor with The Rock blocking vision on a nude woman, somebody asking for a non-photoshopped version, and somebody else posting just The Rock's face. Probably 10 years old at this point.

I really don't want to overthink a silly joke like this, but boobs have been around since long before Romulus was counting birds. ;):But to be slightly seriously, I do appreciate that Roman cultural influence is pretty omnipresent around the world. But so are boobs.

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Man... I'm so content right now.

Remember Bloodstained Curse of the Moon 2? The game I've occassionally been bringing up for the last, what, 8 months? It's finally done. After roughly 39 hours of pain, breathless laughter, artificial difficulty, failing jumps because we landed on each other's heads, cursing Iga's entire ancestry, "let's play something else to relax"es, utter bafflement at Iga's incomprehensible design choices and cheesing every game mechanic we possibly could, my friend and I have finally, finally defeated this game. On legend, too. Highest difficulty all the way through. We toppled the giant of giants.

Iga is a fucking genius. Every single time we thought we had the game figured out, Iga completely changed gears and dropped an entirely new brand of bullshit on us. And he managed to do this while also recycling the same 8 damn levels over and over and over again. And we just kept falling for it and playing the game again. Again, and again, and again, and each time, he somehow managed to pull a massive troll and keep things interesting.

Holy shit, what a grueling experience. Made more grueling by the fact that we only played once a week, and being together, we were talking and fooling around and didn't focus as much as if we were alone. But if anything, that just makes us prouder that we managed. We learned nothing and sucked our way through this game. I'm happy with that result and so is he.

10/10 would recommend. It's an absolutely hilarious co-op experience.

4 hours ago, Shrimpolaris said:


tag yourself

The lamp.

3 hours ago, Newtype06 said:

Yeah. He won an Oscar for it

I mean, it's arguable how much "acting" went into that role, but I'm sure he totally deserved that still.

It truly is such a major tragedy that the movie industry has lost this amazing genius, this absolute god of a man, this, this actor. Such crap that he gets less roles because of something so petty as the heinous crimes he committed.

Fucking PC culture, I swear. This is totally Amber Heard.

I'm not bitter. I'm not bitter.

2 hours ago, BrightBow said:

What's with all those creepy pale-white Three Houses characters anyway? Are they vampires?

You mean the Slitherers? Or... Actually, everyone else. Three Houses's characters are super pale, come to think about it.

1 hour ago, WraithReborn said:


Yes, old man, yes! Bureaucracy!

1 hour ago, Shrimpolaris said:

Champions league final time!

Oh, is it football season already?

1 hour ago, Acacia Sgt said:

I can't believe I ended up having a "Lugh vs Lilina" debate with someone... but it's happening all the same. lol

Lilina is better because she's fun. Lugh is really boring. Such is my sentence.

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34 minutes ago, Saint Rubenio said:

I'm not bitter. I'm not bitter.

I mean, I give credit when it's due. And Depp is innocent

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41 minutes ago, Newtype06 said:

I mean, I give credit when it's due.

Yeah, fair enough, but... I dunno, maybe it's just me being cynical, but when people say stuff like this online, often it feels like what they're really saying is "I don't give a fuck how many lives are ruined by this monster, my unending worship of this celebrity is more important." I'm not saying that's you, far from it, but... Sheesh. People, he didn't find the cure for cancer, he's an actor. Acting is not mindlessly easy, but it's also not so incredibly complicated that good actors need to be preserved like they're one-of-a-kind chosen ones, regardless of the cost. There's tons of actors out there. If a good actor is casted out because he's a disgusting criminal, then I say, good. Hire someone else instead for your movie. Everyone involved in the making of it will have a better experience for it.


And Depp is innocent

Oh, I have no idea about that. I'm not following that case. Frankly, I couldn't care less. The only reason I brought up the name is that, when I was looking up the new charges of sexual assault that Spacey is currently facing, I saw comparisons being made to Amber Heard.

I thought they sounded pretty damn disingenuous. Like they're saying that, since this one person is a mean liar, now everyone that goes against a celebrity for this kind of stuff is automatically also a mean liar. That's a rather dangerous way of thinking. Innocent until proven guilty, but you can't just instantly dismiss anyone that goes up against a celebrity as a money-seeking opportunist either.

Edited by Saint Rubenio
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I managed to kill Lynch in chapter 7 for the first time. It was difficult, I needed a few resets, but... Well, on the other hand, on the good run Kirin got move. Speaking of, she killed the guy. Got another point of strength from it. I never would've expected that the generic cleric girl would become my favorite character in the game, but since the LP this chick seems determined to force me to think of her that way. With move levels. Lots and lots of move levels.

Then I tried to take on the developer of the game and failed miserably, because I'm still a peerless tactician of many battles and some victories, as we all know. Luckily, my hilariously RNG-blessed Condor dodged a slash from him, so I was rewarded for my brilliant plays with survival.

...Though honestly, I think I would've let my godly Condor die for the sake of Kirin's move level.

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Okay, done with the Ivarstead stuff, save for the delivery quest. Finally it's time to climb up to High Hrothgar... but that's for next time.

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13 minutes ago, lightcosmo said:

MOV growths are one of the worst ideas 776 had next to FCM, lmao.

Ehh I don't think I agree. Move growths are fun. Sure, not the most balanced or intelligent of funs. A move-blessed enough unit - or even, dare I say, units - can completely break the game, but realistically, the chance isn't high enough for that to happen naturally. Actually, it's not high enough to matter at all outside of rigged runs - and if anyone gets close at all, the player's going to remember it fondly precisely because of how unlikely it is.

Most of the time, move growths will simply give the player a sweet dopamine rush when they happen, and that unit goes on to be just a bit more useful and just a bit more dear to the player's heart. It won't break the game. And unlike FCM, everyone has a chance to get blessed. It doesn't just arbitrarily benefit some units over others, it can happen to anyone!

So yeah, I'm afraid I'm for move growths, personally. They add to what I consider to be FE's single greatest strength and what keeps me coming back to FEs I've already beaten multiple times: Army building. Just as it's fun to try out different army compositions, watching units perform differently over multiple runs or throwing everything at your favorite bad unit to turn them into an unlikely hero, it's also fun to see the lucky one get blessed with the coveted move gain. So is my humble opinion, at least.

Still, I'm interested in hearing your view on the matter. Why do you dislike move growths so much? Please, do elaborate.

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